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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you Today crypto CEO says legislation is Coming this year in the U.S we're going To talk about it you're going to hear From them and xrp the chosen one Somebody wrote that beautiful intro [Music] [Applause] [Music] Perspectives with Brad kimes come on in [Applause] Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it is a 1.32 Trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is off by Point three percent good morning Everybody Bitcoin right now 30 300 plus Up eight point four percent of the seven Day and off by half a percent on the 24 Hour look at this ethereum over two Thousand dollars here up twelve point Nine percent on the seven day but off by Point nine percent this morning tether Market cap 80.9 billion plus yeah we're watching it 51 cents per xrp it's off by 1.1 percent On the 24 hour and 2.7 up on the seven Day if you're not aware of it ladies and Gentlemen check this out link two is Running a special right now where they Put link two bucks in your account if You want to get linked to itself poly

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Clarity for uh crypto assets and other Broad issues here too but nevertheless Stewart down to Roddy when it comes to The SEC versus Ripple case reminds Everybody a couple days ago here that The SEC lost five out of its last six Cases in the Supreme Court now that Seems like to me a nice little reminder To the SEC you sure you don't want to Settle are you sure you don't want to Settle because it was a most recent loss By the SEC and the Supreme Court again Right so we'll keep watching it we Should have a ruling any day literally Any day and I couldn't be more excited To get that rolling Here we see a highlight here from Paul Grewal which is the chief legal officer For coinbase it says adjusted 60 Something words SEC commissioner Hester Purse has managed to articulate all that Hits awfully close to home here today's Commission is this is her Hester purse's Words from the SEC today's commission Tells entrepreneurs trying to do new Things in our markets to come in and Register when entrepreneurs find they Cannot the commission dismisses the Possibility of making practical Adjustments to our registration Framework to help entrepreneurs register And instead rewards their good faith Within enforcement action today's Commission treats to notice and comment

Rulemaking process not as a conversation But as a threat John Deaton says 100 agreed Hester purse Every member of Congress should receive A copy of commissioner purse's recent Dissent her words are the words of a Sitting commissioner not a Critic like Me or a business entrepreneur like Coinbase powerful and it really really Is and you're going to hear from a CEO Danelle Dixon in a second and she is Very optimistic that we're about to see Some legislation over the next six or Seven months here But remember this in July this year in Just another two what three months Fed Reserve will launch the most Significant financial innovation in its History fed now this 24 7 instant Payment infrastructure has all the Hallmarks of a cbdc precursor however is To tokenized Dollar even needed and Remember Ripple is a partner working Partner collaborator with the fednow System and it doesn't mean they'll use Xrp right But you know what that's to go if they Need to now for domestic liquidity it May not be as necessary but who knows You may find there may be a use case That sneaks in there somewhere but even If it doesn't What I believe is happening with fed now Is a couple things one I believe it is

The government sector looking to get Itself in place before the private Sector gets any real Clarity that's Number one and number two I believe it's About organizing the domestic liquidity With this new Financial Innovation so They can draw on it for a large Cross-border payments and I do speculate That xrp will play a part in that role Or why would Ripple even help Foreign Here's Danelle Dixon right here I'm sure There's others that would disagree but I'm sure you know uh I can't even today We're going to get past it here's Danelle Dixon and you need to hear this And she's very optimistic that we're Going to get something on stable coins By the end of the year and the reason Why is because we don't have a choice if We even want to if we want to have a Voice in this we have to get it done This year take a listen to this Quick Clip here We're here in Washington I'm assuming You're having conversations around this How optimistic are you on the regulatory Front here in the US so I feel like we Need to get something done here in the U.S in order for us to really set the Standard if we want to set the standard Which I think the U.S government is Going to want to do that so I'm very Optimistic that we're going to get

Something on stable coins by the end of The year the reason why is because we Don't have a choice if we want to have a Voice in this we need to get it done This year when you say the US government Who are you referring to is this a Congressional question is this the SEC Cftc question is it the Biden Administration and directives coming From the White House I mean who Realistically is in charge well we've Actually already seen the Biden Administration indicate at least on Stable coins that we need to see Something happen there so I feel like That's already been a directive from the The White House and the administration And then we do need to see in Congress We need to see them take that and run With it and create something for us so They're in charge of the legislation With respect to stable coins in my Opinion and we need to see it because Once we see stable coin legislation We're going to see adoption of more by Digital assets of more companies that Are in the web 2 space which is Essentially what I think we want we want If we want a strong US dollar and we Want a strong US dollar globally U.S Dollar stable coin is a way to see that Happen you are uh Danelle at Stellar Behind the development and growth of This technology and this industry

Um does it have to be in the U.S or why Are you so U.S Centric seeing as other Countries are so much friendlier to the Crypto industry than the US seems to be Well I love the fact that other Countries have actually taken a lead on This and but I don't want us in the U.S To be forgotten because I think it's a Really important place where we have a Lot of innovators and a lot of Developers who are already really Focused on this Tech stack and we want To see them be able to get their Technology out and make it more utility Focused and usable so I just don't want Us to stay so far behind in the US that We lose sight of what the value is which Is actually really getting these Technologies to the US consumers as well And to be honest if we don't do Something in the U.S we're going to be In this bifurcated world where we have Legislation outside the U.S that's more Friendly to crypto we're going to have Companies being outside the U.S and We're still going to have the issue Where U.S consumers are going to want to Leverage this technology so what are we Going to do in that scenario so I'm Optimistic only because I don't think we Have a choice what a great point she's Making but I want to take you to this Next part watch this we also have folks That are using this for cross-border we

See a lot of it happening we're in Colombia they're preferring the usdc the The dollar in Colombia and they're Leveraging that to to count against Inflation there so these are things that We're seeing happen and what we need to Do is have operators come to DC and be Able to tell their story of what they're Developing stop talking about the Technology start demonstrating the Utility this is what we've been doing For a long time but honestly it hasn't Been that sexy when all the trading use Cases and all that were going on but now Let's focus on the real utility that's How we win this and what a great point That is let's get you know that is a Fancy CEO way of saying elegant way of Saying let's get past the speculation of Trading these things and start talking About the products that actually solve a Problem that's what I'm hearing and boy Do I like that when Danelle Dixon put it Right there and it seems to be very Fitting ladies and gentlemen because you Excuse me U.S Congress to introduce a New draft bill for stable coins for the Uh excuse me One second Let me try this again U.S Congress to Introduce new draft bill for stable Coins failure to register as a stable Coin issuer could result in up to five Years in prison and a fine of a million

Dollars Issuers out of the U.S would have to Seek registration to operate in the Country and listen to who they say would Oversee these non-banks ladies and Gentlemen The draft puts the Federal Reserve in Charge of the non-bank stablecoin issuer Such as crypto firms like tether and Circle this gets interesting ladies and Gentlemen this is how you bring them Into the fold and we know the usdc has Been waiting for a moment like this and Look who ends up joining the U.S Congressional committee yeah you can't Make it up we've been watching this for A long time Circle executive is joining The U.S congressional Committee hearing On stable coin payments and legislation You know look I'm excited about this Because we know that poly-sign is geared And set up and compliant for the Regulatory framework to custody digital Assets no doubt about it so there's that Foundational layer of custody then we Know circle is set up to serve inside a Regulated framework to issue a digital Dollar right at least on the retail Facing side We know if U.S Congress gets legislation Done for stable coins payments and Things of that nature then what are you Talking about here you're talking about Two very key components custody being in

Place Stable coin legislation being in place And then they work out in the back end What the rest of these things do and Believe me SEC is going to continue to Play whack-a-mole until we get there but There was a key point that Danelle Dixon Talked about and it's talking about use Case and getting beyond the speculation Of the Assets in this market but getting To use case and that reminded me of this Little clip I saw here from ISO goat Take a listen to this very quickly here Technology they are designed to run as The banking infrastructure in this Country in the whole in a whole country Mojo Loop is designed to run as a Banking infrastructure in a whole Country And they are deployed across several African nations they're working their Way through Asia right now and we've Worked with them to put Rafiki inside of A module Pub instead of the module Software so that an entire country can Get connected to the IntelliJ with the Push of a single button so the entire Country can get connected to interledger With the push of a single button Well I'm reminding you if you're not Aware that Mojo Loop is a partner with Ripple and have been right more Financial inclusive future and then that Brings us to this because now we're what

Am I doing I'm talk I'm talking about Use case I'm not talking about speculation here Danelle Dixon's right This moment we're in is is really where The conversation needs to change and say Let's let's stop talking about Speculation and trading these things Let's start talking about the value Protocols and the networks that actually Solve a pain point for an industry or People itself right and that's what We're talking about here this is Stephen Witt co-founder of And he's going to tell you exactly What's going on here so so especially What we are doing now with the interwork Alliance and that we are basically uh Like building a solution solution According to to the standard set by into Work and that we collaborate with each Other to set standards and have Blockchain technology isn't like an Audit accounting tool that that's the Most yeah that will blockchain has the Most added value as an accounting uh Like uh tool basically for us as well it Provides transparency in the market and That's why we're utilizing the Technology in our Solutions as well Because it brings brings uh yeah Transparency to the market basically Ironically and certainly in some circles Has a huge degree of mistrust as a

Technology I mean I I'm still so Surprised again cop 26 the only mention Of blockchain as a uh an Innovative Solution in in sustainability was be as You know the worst for the environment And the least clean Um what are your thoughts yeah Why we we chosen to work at BLT is on The xrp lecture instead so we looked at The right like uh way to to to issue and And and and implement the token taxonomy Framework on a carbon neutral uh Blockchain and there you have it talk About use case ladies and gentlemen That's where the that's where the Conversations changing here in the US And I can feel it and I don't know if You are but I certainly do And when it comes to Value protocols That have use case obviously The xrp Ledger has massive use case and has had Use case successfully solving problems For remittance companies around the World just to prove it to the regulators And the governments It is in place to serve the world's Needs going forward in a carbon neutral Way It's amazing where we're positioned Right now and I know it's very scary Waiting for a ruling on the case but I Find it very hard to believe that the Judge is going to come out and say that The xrp token and secondary market sales

Are securities if that's the case then The Orange is in the how we test or Securities how can it not be right so This is getting very interesting and I'm Not saying that Ripple won't still have A journey ahead of them because the Ruling could be split in a manner such As that but we'll see and I hope not I Hope there's Clarity from jump for Everyone involved but let's take a look At what may happen once we get a ruling In the case some positive news and maybe Even Clarity for xrp going forward First we start with egg grad crypto says The flipping Zone we're looking at this Red area right here and if I could just Click on this very quickly here the Demand and Supply Zone explicitly shows Why xrp pump is facing strong resistance Around 58 cents that's a key point also The final wake-up line is playing a Major resistance so far however once xrp Flips the supply zone right in here Where we touch what we're below now Right but if we get up above that and Flip it to support where we're bouncing Off the top of this instead of hitting Our head on it and falling back We get above that He's saying that it'll be a clear signal For a major pump a clear signal not a Guarantee revisiting the white uh Whitish box here down in this strong Zone within the realm of possibility

Better not to do so it says xrp Army Stay steady xrp will melt faces and That's not all ladies and gentlemen Dark Defenders come out here and told us To watch out hi there all based on our Precious wave Trend we discussed Wave 3 Lately after the green indicator we had The following 720 times in 2017 62 times In 21 and with a shake first and it says And then who knows what it will be Basically in 2023 he says he trusts Ripple I trust math I see where xrp is Headed to Cheers you take a look at what He's talking about the 720 times here in 2017 from uh .00525 all the way up to 382 and then Here we saw uh 10 times here to 196 from 17 cents I remember watching all of These and I held through it all and I Tell you I will be taking some profits For myself that's not Financial advice But if we go to where we're sitting at Right now at 30 he's looking at 33 cents As the bottom where we we spent so much Time at but if we look down here at the Bottom below what he's showing you is These points that suggests there could Be an indicator that suggests a huge Breakout like what we've witnessed in The history of xrp in past so if we look At this and see those moments that this Could potentially end up being one of Those as well we don't know for sure but We know that we have some fundamental

News we're waiting on that could Certainly send this thing off just how Far we don't know but it'll be exciting To watch Once it finally does hopefully Right not Financial advice or me or Anyone else just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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