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Welcome back to the show everybody check It out we sat down with Molly L Moore For an incredible conversation about Ripple and xrp and all things around it And I tell you it was a great Conversation and over the next few days We're going to be releasing that in Segments so you can see that Conversation take place I want to shout Out Molly Elmore for an incredible Conversation and all she does for the Community and the digital perspective uh Mastermind Group which she's a big part Of there as well so shout out to her but Before we do I want you to know that We're going to discuss some of these Topics where we you know uh the sec's Fighting for xrp to be a security full Disclosure I say it in a video here but I want to remind people I personally Believe xrp is a currency so when you Hear us discussing this we're really Trying to discuss it with an open mind About how the SEC is fighting to see xrp As an asset as a security and not our Own personal opinion so that's really What some of this conversation is about Today I hope you enjoy it I hope it Gives you some you know real thought Exercise to really go over some things If you have any great points to add Please put them underneath the video We're looking forward to hearing from You somebody wrote that beautiful intro

[Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody if You haven't checked them out it's my Sponsor glint I was a customer first Gold is security Glenn it's key and it's No joke it really is Gold's key there's No question about it if you don't Believe me click the link underneath the Video try it out for yourself you won't Stop once you start it's a beautiful Thing take control of your finances and Do it with God's money it's gold you can Do it right there would help let Clint Help you all right let's get started With this it's going to be a great Conversation ladies and gentlemen shout Out to Molly Elmore here we go enjoy Second you know one of the other things Is is that you know when on the channel I've had to entertain the notion because Of the lawsuit that you know xrp is or Isn't a security and personally myself I See it as a currency I always have But because I'm an investor and I'm not Afraid to look at the bad good outcomes Of something you know I'm forced to you Know try to be as objective as I Possibly can right and you know if it Were to have a bond designation because We know it's not a share because there Are Ripple shares to the company right

So but companies all the time will Create bonds to do expansions to their Company so if the SEC were to win on Something like that issue then I could See that if that were to be the case or Something close to it then I could see Countries in central banks holding this Bond in a liquidity pool and I could Eventually someday see a stable coin Being issued off of that pool and off of That uh Bond should it go that way and Then you have a stable value coin or Stable coin however you want to call it Or Global stable coin that could be Price set right because I ultimately Believe that the price has to be set if It's going to make its final destination To serve as a bridge currency to the World and the reason I believe that is Because if you don't have an absolute Price then why would the banks use it I Could just continue using gold that Fluctuates every day or I could continue Using the US dollar that fluctuates Every day the liquidity's there I can Make it Would you Peg it which means You want the value to be tied to another Asset like gold maybe you could Peg it To Gold but that does mean that somebody Has to defend that Peg well I'll tell You what the peg is Again The xrp Ledger Is the decentralized exchange with all The liquidity of all the exchanges of

The world that's a formulated price now Let's say that that price formulated Comes to one two three four five right You know I mean well I could choose to Just keep it at one two at a stable Price Right while it floats at one two Three four five on the back end but It'll never be guaranteed any less than One too right so because it won't go to One two three four five because three Four five is the collateral Headroom on The back side that it could never hit a Dry pocket that price is always Guaranteed and no matter what fluctuates If you get enough water in the pool the Water will only move this much right you Know what I mean so if who guarantees That price though I don't get who that Who doesn't well it's a decentralized Exchange everyone who uses the exchange Is going to have to put up collateral so Let's look at the FX market right so Xrp's perfect bridge for FX all the FX Currencies of the world now currently Right now you don't need it to be the The bridge between the Euro and the Dollar because there's enough liquidity Between those two currencies but it Works really well in lower corridors and More exotic corridors right So as you're building the currency what If the central banks when they launched Their cbdc say hey you know what we're Going to plug into our private version

Of The xrp Ledger which means for our Digital CBDs wholesale to work back end Banks don't trust each other We have to put up a certain amount of Physical cash a certain amount of Physical gold that never leaves to Represent that digital value of that Central Bank digital currency guarantee Guarantee that value well the bricks Things are they all have their pile of Assets that they're using to back the Currency that's a hundred percent what I Believe we're watching happen with the Disassembling of the Petro dollar and The birth of the xrp ledgers utility Using xrp as the new commodity of the World being the water and liquidity of The world that's what I believe we're Watching happen And that's where you would get a stable Price from is that collateralization of These private ledgers that would all Plug in and work to one another on the Back end this way you're guaranteed a Stable price and then off of that Collateralized backed cbdcs because That's where you would have the cbdcs Agree to go back behind gold or other Assets right to give the confidence to This new digital system you would have This new confidence brought to the System because gold is God's money right So you know that's how you're going to Have that whole thing where you

Understand it's like okay we can use This then I can clearly see from The Ledger here on the private Ledger that We're all using in the G7 G20 because Those are the largest economies in the World those are ones that really count And I think when they roll their cbdc's Out they do it back to back I don't Think they do it like well one did it This year and one will do it two years From now I think when they do it they're Gonna have to do it pretty much back to Back because there's that wholesale Connection back in right that's what's Really going to matter So I think in order to do that you Collateralize it the confidence is there Because if not you're just talking about Hey take my cbdc it's digital code it's Just poker chips poker chips another bag That's the whole reason to have a bridge Currency because Banks know they don't Trust each other as much as they don't Want to give up King of the mountain for All the fees that they make on the Friction of the system they know Ultimately there's going to be a day of Recording coming and it may come this Year it may come next year who knows When it comes but they're going to be Forced to move to this new model in Order to bring confidence back to one Another in the wholesale back end of This system and the only way to do it

And you're going to use a digital cbdc Is to collateralize it with real Physical assets and that's the first Step of moving from a debt-based system In the world to a asset-backed system in The world we hear the IMF and World Bank Talk about also much So in this whole I'm loving this like Casino analogy I can because I can Visualize it it's wonderful what is poly Sign in the casino analogy I think poly sign in the back end is Dealing with tokenizing the liquidity Providers right and tokenizing the Liquidity providers and the people that Have things they need to settle every Day so it's the entire Capital markets It's everybody that needs to settle Stocks and bonds but they want to do it More efficiently they want t plus zero And they want absolute custody well they Can do it at Poly signs the way I Understand it if I've got that Understanding right you know I mean then To me it sounds like a newer more Efficient version of the dtcc or maybe It works in tandem like in the front Face and it converts everybody as it Goes through then it goes to the dtcc Which would make a lot of sense to me Too it's like the fir that last stop Before going to the new digitized side Of the depository trust Clearing Corporation

You got to get the poker chips If you're going to get in the casino you Got to go to the cashier and get the Poker chips and in order to do that you Got to tokenize the capital market and Get your poker chips and then you can go In the casino and do what you need to And if I decide I'm playing against you At a roulette wheel and I win I don't Want your poker chips they're useless to Me so I need to get your poker chips and Immediately convert them into my poker Chips and then I I go to poly sign to Cash out To leave the casino 100 that's how I see It yeah or in a custody in there until You or to yeah because I did really well At the casino so I don't want to get Robbed in the way home so I'm going to Keep them in my vault at Poly sign because I'll need to come back Tomorrow to play And then someone else is going to go Tomorrow and they're not going to have A lot of money so they could borrow my Stash I could rent it to you Which is kind of like a bond Alone and I you I will charge you a fee Because I'm smart I bought a whole lot Of these poker chips now I can actually Get passive income or income from my Stash of poker chips sitting in the poly Sign Vault absolutely or there we have It ladies and gentlemen I'm going to

Stop it right there again for clarity When we have this conversation about About I see xrp as money but I also see The SEC in this case doing what they can To have jurisdiction over the asset Because I believe they understand the Very very very real use case of this Asset and there's nobody that Understands it any better than all of us Then Goldman Gensler I've played the Clip many times when he was the Professor at MIT explaining exactly how Xrp was a bridge currency and what the Role of it is and how it is to work in The world I can only hope that he Doesn't get his way and that XR p is Found to be a virtual currency and Allowed to move forward into the use and Adoption not only around the other side Of the world as it is now but certainly Here in the United States as well I Believe it is key in order for the United States to remain a Innovation Leader in the fourth Industrial Revolution that is the internet of value Not Financial for me or anyone else it's Just our digital perspectives I'll catch All to you


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