Ripple XRP Clarity Imminent / Crypto Industry SEC Targets Indefinitely???

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and Kansas City did win Um and the uh Patrick Mahomes ankle did Look good so Um he he uh was able to pull it off That's kind of what I thought was going To happen check this out Robert Kia Kiyosaki the guy that wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad this is the second tweet I've Seen where he's calling for a giant Crash giant crash coming depression Possible fed forced to print billions And fake money by 2025 gold at five Thousand dollars silver at 500 and Bitcoin at 500 000 dollars why because Faith in the U.S dollar fake money will Be destroyed gold and silver God's money People uh Bitcoin people's money take Care well I agree I think Bitcoin will Do well I I do agree I think gold and silver Could even do more than that uh but Don't worry I'm but also xrp we'll get To that Um That's why I glint's my sponsor I've got Gold is is definitely going to be a big Part of of this this new system I think Um so I have Glenn as a sponsor I buy Gold in my Glenn account I also buy Physical gold the link to that will be

In the top of the description then we've Got bit boy here check this clip out I One thousand percent agree with him guys Xrp is gonna be the number one coin for The next Bull Run with the number two Coin in 2017 it was the most popular Coin for sure this 2025 cycle xrp will Be the largest xrpr winner helmet and The bull market this guy loves to tweak The xrp Army that's funny Um check this out they're they're the uh There's a campaign going on against Bitcoin and proof of work look at this He just forgets to tell you this is a uh This is an ethereum commercial is what It is but he he forgets to tell you that Xrp solved the problem before Theory Even existed So what makes cryptocurrency such an Energy hog well it comes down to three Words proof of work Traditional old school money is created By a central institution that validates It and distributes it but cryptocurrency Relies on a network of computers to do This called miners these miners create New money and then verify transactions With the proof of work system it's Essentially a lottery that miners enter By attempting to solve a very Complicated calculation the calculation Itself is completely important play the Whole video but the point is is that He's telling you about the Bitcoin use

Of power he's a thousand percent right About that but he says that the answer Is ethereum the answer is um is the Proof of stake but he forgets to tell You about the consensus mechanism which Xrp so you know more more narrative Check this out from Stefan Huber he's Always at work yes he says the SEC is a Criminal organization now this woman Right here worked at the ICC she says uh I was at the SEC and started working in Crypto in 2017. So she was there under Jay Clayton and Bill Hinman and check this out somebody Says were you allowed to hold any crypto Assets when you were at the SEC and she Says yes So think about that These guys who got with Andreas and Horwitz and all the law firms and Intentionally set out to get Bitcoin and Ethereum a free pass were allowed to own Bitcoin in ethereum while they were Engineering the free pass So that they could all profit from it Think about that And and and these guys have the gall to Go after all these companies over this And that it's crazy then uh Stefan Huber Puts this out he said did you know that The argument of Chinese control over Bitcoin and ethereum was not raised by Ripple but by John Ratcliffe the U.S Director of National Intelligence before

The lawsuit was filed it was literally November 2020. folks one month before The lawsuit was filed he uh sent Jay Clayton a letter John Ratcliffe did Um and he basically here it says Regarding his concern over China's Leading position in global drive digital Currency dominance Jay Clayton Completely ignored that now so let's Give you a little reminder that JP Morgan works with I spelled consensus Wrong works with consensus and ant Financial Used company here it is right here and Today as consensus Quorum it's used by Hundreds of Enterprises across multiple Industries We launched link the world's first bank LED peer-to-peer Network Helping institutions exchange data Quickly and securely reducing costs and Delays and unlocking new opportunities To monetize data our coin systems team Built a Next Generation payments Network That powers instant transfer and Clearing of multibank multi-currency Assets 24 7. there it is ant financial And then Cowboy crypto who is the Official Cowboy of the digital asset Investor Channel Um he pointed this out just so happens Ant Financial senior VP laming chin is Also ex-shearman and Sterling for over

Seven years and X Simpson Thatcher for Over 10 years Bill Hinman worked at both Firms Chen was also standing next to Jack Ma and Bill Hinman at the Alibaba IPO and ant Financial is the parent Company of Alibaba there's Bill Hinman Laming chin uh forget who that guy is Um and there they are Couldn't make this stuff up if you Freaking tried folks Um and that's you can go to jpmorgan's Website it's called Onyx that's their Their blockchain platform Um okay so now now today we're getting This the U.S SEC is planning to to sue Um stable coin issue or paxos which is Behind the Pax dollar Finance USD tokens Over the over the ladder stable coin the Wall Wall Street Journal reported and Then you got this from CZ binance uh Busd a thread in summary busd is issued And Redeemed by paxos and funds are safe Who all right we're informed we were Informed by paxes they have been Directed to cease minting new busd by The New York Department of Financial Services paxos is regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services Busd is a stable coin holian and managed By paxos as a result bus SD market cap Will only decrease over time paxos Checks up paxos will continue to service The product and manage redemptions taxes Also assured us that the funds are safer

And finally And fully covered by reserves in their Banks with the reserves audited many Times by various audit firms on the Alleged SEC versus paxos lawsuit I have No information about it other than Public news articles the lawsuit is Between the ussec and paxos I'm not an Expert on U.S laws but personally agree With Miles logic here And um this guy says they've labeled Busd and unregistered security ensuing Paxis but how on Earth it's a stable Coin considered a security when it Clearly doesn't meet the Howie test Criteria so you got an investment of Money in a common Enterprise with the Expectation of profit see this is the Third one here uh from the Howie test is Why this doesn't make any sense the the Stable coin things because with a stable Coin I think it's pretty clear there's No expectation of profit because it's Stable it's not for the purpose of Making money It's for the purpose of preserving your Wealth maybe like if you wanted to park It somewhere so that it didn't go up or Down but it's literally has no Expectation of profit I mean that doesn't make any sense And Gary gets don't think for a second That Gary Gensler does not know that it Doesn't meet the Howie test and this is

The reason Congress must stop Gary Gensler and this this Crusade this guy Says update pack says receives Wells Notice Um as per previous Source Wells notes Are being sent to stable coins first Then exchanges what is a Wells notice It's a notice notification issued by Regulators to inform individuals or Companies of completed investigations Where infractions have been discovered It usually takes the form of a letter Which notifies recipients both of the Broad nature now we can do large longer Tweets the broad uh nature where the Where was it of the violations uncovered As well as the nature of the enforcement Proceedings to be initiated against the Recipient Well so I had a question hey Gary Getzler Hester Pierce when does JP Morgan get a Wells notice over the JP Morgan coin Isn't that a good question against the Backdrop of what I showed you earlier Um Folks I'm hope what there's a very real Scenario here Where this lawsuit this xrp lawsuit I mean think about it all all of crypto Is literally being attacked right now There is a very real scenario That this lawsuit that is resolved here

Imminently between Ripple and the SEC Frees xrp And leaves the rest of crypto Under This Cloud of uncertainty There's also a scenario where the Lawsuit frees xrp and the rest of the Industry and that it that everything is Able to thrive but here's the problem Even if you Ripple could come out from this lawsuit But my question is this let's say Because from what I can tell The SEC and all these government Agencies now they ignore the law and Rulings and everything else so they're Ignoring what the Howie test actually Says so just because Ripple wins the Lawsuit and there in the clear does not Mean that he's going to stop the Lawsuits against these other places so Without having a lawsuit resolution all These these companies themselves are Still going to be under a cloud even if Ripple wins and it looks like an Industry win from where from my Perspective I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that I don't see Even if even if it's a total win for xrp And we're all in the clear with our xrp I don't know that even if it even if the

Judge meant for it to be an Industry-wide win it's not like Gary's Gonna stop he's going to keep filing Lawsuits So it's almost like all of the when you Really think it through it's almost like All of the companies involved in crypto They either have to have a congrat Congress to pass a law or they have to Go through an entire lawsuit themselves Maybe I'm wrong I'm not an attorney I'm The digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor I can't remember if I Already did this Oh this for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family When's J.P Morgan coin when are they Getting the wells notice Foreign


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