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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines gasparino talking About U.S default and a downgrade oh my Goodness central bank purchasing more Gold you're going to want to know about It we got Chris Larson is going to Explain to us how Ripple net is going to Replace Swift we've been saying it forever but I'm gonna let you listen to him say it We got Quincy Jones today James Wallace From Ripple we got The magic behind crypto and the crypto Winner it may be a crypto miracle for Xrp somebody wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.07 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency we're up by 1.1 percent Bitcoin 21 800 plus ethereum 1500 plus And we see tender market cap at 68.4 Billion they say and it's a 38 Cent xrp We're off by 6.9 percent on the seven Day hello everybody's awake on this Sunday and if you're not you're about to Be Charles gasparito shares with us here Shout out to him breaking Wall Street CEOs tell me they're going uh growing Increasingly anxious about speaker McCarthy's debt ceiling strategy to go To the brink of default in order to get

The White House concessions listen to This they believe it will lead to Another Bond rating downgrade Market Volatility developing uh look a Downgrade is not good no matter what and With the level of debt that we are Facing which I believe is insurmountable By the way This is not headed to a good place I do Not believe this ends well I think it's Time for a reminder and David Morgan Gives it to us shout out to him as well At the end of 1925 the price of an ounce Of gold was 20.63 At the end of 2020 an ounce of gold sold For 1893.66 Over that 95-year period the precious Medal returned 4.87 percent compounded Annually gold is up 94 times in terms of Currency Foreign You know uh look I mean you guys know I Was a customer first this is why I'm Stacking my pennies next to their Dollars another Central Bank Croatia This time purchased nearly two tons of Gold in December worth more than 101 Million dollars this goes along with China and Russia and other countries we Reported doing exactly the same thing I Stacked it look stacking my pennies next To their dollars is what I do with Glenn Right I'm that's my version of what the

Central bank is doing That's how I'm doing it I'm just trying To do what I see them doing I'm doing it To scale it's a very small scale in my At my house but nevertheless I'm still Doing it to scale that's the thing link Underneath the description for glit and Get your gold put it on MasterCard debit Card and have it on your phone it's Amazing Check it out for yourself Listen closely here I have said this many times he who has The gold makes it the rules But I've also added to that he who Controls the payment rails runs the World And as of late we know for a fact we Have been watching countries like Russia And China and Iran and others come Together to absolutely work around the Payment rails that exist today to move Money And that is Swift I want you to listen Very closely here as Chris Larson here From Ripple explains That Ripple net is in fact to replace Swift and before I play the clip let me Show you this Now take a look at that right there I put this together a long time ago But this is what I believe when we hear Brad garlinghouse and others at Ripple Talk about building doing the work head

Down shoulder to the grindstone building The digital Market infrastructure for The world this is what I think of Is that Ripple net the digi new digital Version or arm of Swift Poli-sign I believe these are my beliefs My opinions right they're not it's not Financial advice Polycine I believe the new digital Version of the dtcc and if it's not the New digital version of the dtcc then I Believe it sits in front of the dtcc to Help capitalize or or tokenize all the Capital markets And quite possibly that's why I believe Ripple could end up becoming a central Bank because I see them operating sound Monetary policy on an asset that they Can control when every month when it Comes out who gets it how much goes on The back end and how much they buy back Off of the secondary market and redirect To on-demand liquidity Which does not involve speculation at All Now With that being said now let's listen to Chris Larson say this and this is from a Few years ago but you need to hear it in Context of where we are today Stay With Me So from what I understand uh Ripple Solves two problems one of the problems Is the problem of expansive and

Sometimes impossible Remittances between countries right or Like it's a difficult remittances Between countries and the other one is The exchange rate Optimizer exchange Rates is there any other also problem That Ripple solves yes I'll put I'll Probably put in a little different Perspective an important to note Ripple Is Building applications that sit on top of These open source Technologies like The Xrp Ledger which is open source Available to everybody okay Decentralized and ILP same thing open Source Everybody can build on it nobody owns it Decentralized but Ripple as a company Builds an application okay called Ripple Net ripplenet does two things two main Things one it replaces things like Swift And correspondent banking so really at The heart of how why cross-border Payments are so Antiquated so expensive And also are so prone to error and when There's so little transparency into okay I sent my money it hasn't been received For days where is it right you can't Answer that in today's system so Ripplenet allows you to get that instant Two-way communication instant delivery From sender to the receiver Without errors because it's Atomic uh It's uh with certainty so that's one

Kind of key solution and then the other Solution is using and then the other Solution is using Xrp using a digital asset which we refer To as on-demand liquidity so how do you Also get rid of this problem of the World having trillions of dollars tied Up in liquidity because payments take so Long and then you know either you're Using a correspondent which is very Inefficient that experience or you're Having that to be big enough to have Money placed all over the world xrp Through this on-demand liquidity makes It so a Enterprise doing cross-border Payments only has to hold local currency And that's it and then everything else Can be utilized on demand to reduce Those balances and therefore the costs And the risks and and the capital needs That you have today's Antiquated system That's Chris Larson now I don't know About you boy but I'll tell you as a YouTuber you can get attacked out here For talking these kind of positive Things there Chris Gotta be careful Then there's this guy Shout out to digital assets Professor For sharing this clip here we're talking About Quincy Jones this young man is so Brilliant I tell you I've been fortunate Enough to have him on this show a few Times and I want you to hear what he

Talks about and now think of this from Where we've come from Chris and Chris Larson and what he has said and Understanding how Chris Larson sees Ripple net in xrp functioning in the World the way Swift does and then Replacing pre-funding accounts around The world Now listen to this and understand this This notion this idea of how big the Idea or size of the market really can be The best way to look at that with xrp is Well xrp if you look at the entire Liquidity in the market now I think it's Only like 50 60 billion dollars worth of Uh worth of value in the in the xrp Ecosystem and I hate like sort of Comparing it to this the biggest thing That you really want to look at is well What are what's everything that you plan On seeing on xrp add up all those assets Together whether it's currencies bonds Stocks blah blah blah whatever and you Don't want to look at the actual value You want to look at the overall volume Happening on those networks and you want To sort of anticipate what the future Volume may be you got to remember the Volume on these networks now are high But they'll be higher on xrp because They'll be faster more efficient it'll Be cheaper you see what I mean you'll End up getting you'll end up getting a Exponential effect of being able to do

More transactions for cheaper on the Network because it's able to do it more Efficiently more efficiently than it was Able to do it before so that's sort of The way you really want to look at it And I won't even really look at it and Try and price I would look at it more in Terms of like market cap because it's One of those things where it's liquidity In the market and market cap is just Going to be determined based off how Much liquidity is in the market based Off the assets on it based off the Volume based off of all that and it's One of those things where all of these Ecosystems not even just xrp but all of These ecosystems are going to have uh Comparable market caps to a lot of the Financial ecosystems we see now mostly Because those those old ecosystems are Going to reside on these new public Chains does that make sense Yeah it sure does and he goes on to Break down just how big these markets Are but you get the point of it right I think you do Then there's this reminder I took a Caption from James Wallace the head of Central Bank engagement for ripple Shared out to Kurt Mo for you Good to see you uh hope to see you in Vegas too by the way Which central banks are you working with James Wallace answered back at that

Particular I think it was a conference Or an interview might have been uh on uh Tony's uh Thinking crypto shout out to him as well We're working with many of them he says They're mostly under non-disclosure Agreements Um so I'm not at Liberty to share the Details we're working with each Continent apart from Antarctica Who else could say that We're working with each continent as far As central banks are concerned apart From Antarctica and I don't know about Any central banks in Antarctica but you Know Hugely promising what I see Happening Here in developing Then there's this thread right here and Shout out to JV for kicking all of this Off he shared a thread here just very Quickly just a level set here he was Making the uh he was sharing a tweet From Daddy lender here who was really Making the argument that clearly that is An investment contract that meets the Howie test between xrp however Bill Morgan here And shout out to Bill He's seeing this and reading the tea Leaves from the legal analyst side and I Think he's got it spot on and I think That's why we've heard uh Jeremy Hogan We've heard John Deaton shout out to

Both of those gentlemen Say that this ruling might not be just One solid ruling it may be a ruling Based on you know things that were done Before the creation of Ripple net and On-demand liquidity and then a ruling on Those things thereafter so we have to be Prepared for a wide ruling and range of Things to happen here but he says in Response to people thinking that it was A that it falls underneath a security Designation Bill Morgan says I don't Think there's ever I've ever seen a Piece of information that's that shows Better how buyers of xrp in the Secondary Market are not in a common Enterprise with ripple I think this is An excellent example Bill's making here Ripple sales of xrp these days are at Least uh these days at least according To Ripple are only related to on-demand Liquidity this is why I make a big deal About that on this channel he goes on to Say money it earns from these sales are Not pooled with monies paid by buyers of Xrp into secondary markets the sales are For a consumptive use as far as I can Ascertain and he's absolutely right the Xrp from these sales is used as a bridge Between currencies and transfers that Take seconds So it's not being held by participants In these transfers as an investment they Do not expect profits from the use of

Xrp what they expect are lower cost Faster transfers it than traditional Means of cross-border payments Ripple's Contemporary sales of xrp for use in On-demand liquidity basically satisfy None of the prongs of the Howie test I don't think you can make it make it Any more clear I completely agree with Everything he just shared there Then I thought this was really really an Interesting tweet here knowing that we Are in the middle of a crypto winner is It cold out here David Swartz shares this here and this Is what my take is of it not his but Mine Everything is a matter of perspective David Schwartz says for the lobsters in The galley the sinking of the Titanic Was a miracle I say to you If the crypto space And the cascading effects of FTX and the Regulatory vagueness and approach of Regulation by enforcement or the SEC is In fact the crypto winner and the Titanic Then maybe just maybe the SEC versus Ripple case and xrp becomes the lobsters In the galley And what we see is the sinking of the Titanic and this crypto space as we know It may turn out to be the miracle for Xrp

Which actually has real use case and Ability for the world and the shape of The scene that we're moving into that's What I see Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else ladies and gentlemen that's going To do it for me make sure you hit the Like And subscribe leave a comment below Head on a swivel you just never know Maybe Michael S Barr the architect Of dodd-franked Act which brought us him and the Architect of fsoc which can deem things Systemically important Maybe just maybe now that he is the Federal VP Board of Governors Maybe just maybe he's got the knowledge To understand to not be scared of this Technology but how to help government Understand how to best use it I'll catch all of you on the next one


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