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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines 600 million xrp move My goodness it wasn't me usdc has a Sharp drop but boy do we got some news To counter all that and it involves an Nydfs boy You're Gonna Want It coinbase Tells the SEC come at me bro and then we Got the Federal Reserve Governor issues A warning that crypto could go to zero And what about the UAE Central Bank is It equaling Ripple xrp well somebody Wrote that beautiful intro we're gonna Find out [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.05 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency good morning it is off by Two point or two percent this morning we See Bitcoin coming in right now 21 700 Plus ethereum 1492 and change it wants To be 1500 bucks tether market cap is 68.6 billion they say Xrp is 36 Cents it's off by 3.8 percent In the last 24 hours and 7.8 percent in The seven day somebody call somebody no I don't know that's the market we're in This morning and you know what if you Want to have crypto in an IRA I have Found as a customer and certainly They're a sponsor but I've found as a

Customer first that it was I trust that Does it the best and if you want you can Click the link underneath the video and Check it out for yourself you can roll Over your 401k your 403 b and everything Else that they offer but let me tell you Something as a retailer investor you Can't get institutional custody but you Can't it I trust because that's how they Do it they're compliant there is no Co-mingling of funds they don't have Access to your funds because it has to Be held in institutional custody and This is the one place you can get it While you're buying crypto that's Tax-free click the link underneath the Video Whale alert reported large amounts of Xrp movement made by crypto Wales over The past 24 hours this number is Staggering ladies and gentlemen 592.25 Million xrp worth 222 million dollars in different Transactions now it is anonymous Transactions so I'm not going to go into The article because we don't know where It goes I happen to believe that this is A constant shifting of funds to deal With the growing on-demand liquidity Which we're not able to see as a result In price as of yet and truthfully maybe That statement's wrong too Because maybe the resultant price is That it is 30 some cents

We're going to talk about some Information here in a second the federal Governor is warning crypto can go to Zero We're going to talk about in just one Second hang in there Then there's this reminder here the IMF Has criticized El Salvador decision to Adopt Bitcoin as legal tender several Times in the past the authority has Asked El Salvador to drop Bitcoin as a Currency and I don't know about you but That's the friendly I don't say don't Come back to me because I said I told You so and I did this is how many more I'm I'm telling you I'm warning you is There going to be here right okay all is Cool in the Western Front as they say Right okay we're gonna see how this Shakes out I want you to listen to these Next few pieces of information here Usdc the second largest stable coin by Market cap has seen a sharp drop in the Circulation Supply over the past weeks As markets experience correction now What's interesting is Is that at the same time New York Department of Financial Services Nydfs ordered crypto infrastructure firm Paxos to stop issuing the stable coin Binance USD Oh Really What's interesting about this article

Here is that if you go into this article It says actually the usage of binance USD is up and USD tether is up Comparatively to Circle and isn't that Interesting because those two Are nowhere near considered to be as Regulatory compliant as Usdc we shall see though right however Paxos will no longer issue binance USD Stable coin check it out ladies and Gentlemen The New York Department financial Services order paxos to stop issuing Binance USD we will be reviewing other Projects in those jurisdictions to Ensure our users are insulated from Further undue harm a binance Spokesperson told the block that's What's happening And you see the writing on the wall I can't I tell you what Right here Coinbase can see the writing on the wall With the recent settlement with Kraken Over its earn program Paul gerwall here from the uh from Coinbase himself you can see the Original tweet here from Paul right Chief legal Officer says SEC has made a Number of misinformed assertions about Staking over the past few days and asked A number of misguided questions let's Set the record straight Point by Point

There's a lot of fun to cover I'm not Going to go into that whole thing I Think we understand that the SEC is Obviously going rogue and doing whatever They want and by the way no one on Either side of the aisle has actually Stopped them yet Foreign Man says here coinbase's top lawyer is In a rare combination of MIT engineer And smart lawyer he says coinbase's Staking program is not a security since Coinbase is a public company there is no Way he would make this statement if There was any chance coinbase would Settle if sued by the SEC met a long man Says good I love that all these lawyers like Better law man John Deaton and others Are really really calling out what they Know even from the legal analysis the Sec's actions are completely out of line But again no one in Congress is stopping Them which suggests to me that they're Doing the bidding of Congress for both Sides remember where's all this coming From from the SEC I believe it's coming From regulatory capture and I believe It's coming from the fact that there's More donor money coming from the banks Than there is to crypto and that donor Money goes on the right side of the i o And the left side of the aisle and they May stand on a soapbox on one side of

The eye I would say this isn't right but What have they actually done Take the money Let me tell you what John Deaton's done This is what taking action looks like Right He's not just on Twitter complaining and Doing these things he's taking action And it's gotten to the point now that He's not just representing 75 76 000 xrp Holders oh no It's gotten to the point now he's Representing the entire retail crypto Industry don't believe it it's still True What they have done is forced the SEC Through the library case to actually Admit That xrp and other Technologies are Actually nothing more than software code Xrp like gold Bitcoin B repels whiskey And orange grows can be offered and sold As a security whether Ripple Founders Violated Securities laws at some point Is irrelevant at salutely That's what that taken action looks like Brad garlinghouse reminded us going into The weekend here about how other Countries around and we know who they Are we are talking about Australia United Kingdom United Arab Emirates South Korea and Brazil just to name a Few That are providing guidance and

Legislative guidance to this nascent and Industry and it is welcome here in the U.S but I tell you first we get this U.S federal reserve Governor Christopher Waller has warned crypto prices could Fall to zero at some point don't be Surprised and don't expect Taxpayers to socialize your losses when That happens the federal Governor Stressed in other words don't expect to Be bailed out when it happens to you Oh that's right Christopher because your Bailout money is pertaining to Airlines And Banks correct yeah that's that's What I thought too Yeah not the people that actually pay Taxes that put your ass in there to do What you're doing And I know you're appointed and I know The Federal Reserve is actually a Separate part of the government but I Think we all understand the Salient Point you're doing the bidding of other People and not serving the people all The people that's the point and this Fear-mongering may actually not just be Fear-mongering It may actually be real Going back to the IMF that we just Covered a moment ago Warning El Salvador You shouldn't adopt Bitcoin as money This article goes through here and Basically suggests this if you buy

Crypto assets and the price goes to zero At some point please don't be surprised And don't expect taxpayers to socialize Your losses he added if people want to Hold such an asset then go for it Because he says to me crypto assets is Nothing more than a speculative asset Like a baseball card If people believe others will buy it From them in the future at a positive Price then it will trade at a positive Price today he described if not its Price will go to zero Referring to cryptocurrency As baseball Cards is not a good thing But that's why I happen to be interested And invested in xrp Because I believe no matter what crypto Doom will it you know uh ensue I believe That xrp because it has on-demand Liquidity there is a very real use case Happening here and whether it would go All the way down to one cent or what Have you it will not go to zero in my Eyes not Financial advice Because there's real use case happening Right now and has been happening for Years And that's where I feel like I've got a Place to stand that's high ground at Least until we get a ruling on this case That tells us exactly what xrp is at Least in its past to present and what It's going to be in the future may be a

Legislative move but nonetheless Everybody should be looking very closely At their portfolios in A Moment Like This Central Bank of United Arab Emirates Let's see if we can connect some dots Today ladies and gentlemen with all the Doom and Gloom United Arab Central Bank is planning to Launch a central bank digital currency For cross-border payments domestic use As a part of its first of its newly Launched Financial infrastructure Transformation known as the fit program Well that is very interesting Now we know that Ripple has a Relationship with U.S or UAE Exchange Partners we've known that for a while That's 2018. we also know that Ripple Has a deep relationship with uh rack Bank out of the UAE right and obviously The other connections there as well but What interested me was this right here Back in October of last year not that Long ago UAE Central bank's pilot sea Bank digital currency transactions and It goes through and it says Central Bank United Arab Emirates said on Wednesday October 26 last year is has completed Its world's largest pilot of Central Bank digital currency transactions with Other Regulators including the People's Bank of China's digital currency Institute the project Enbridge

Demonstrated faster cost effective and Secure cross-border monetary settlements Using central bank money Identified as a G20 Economic priority oh boy well there's a Couple things here I want to get into This Identified as a G20 economic priority I Have said when we see the G7 G20 really Get into this game of digitizing money That's when you know there is really no Turning back here and you're seeing Evidence in this article from just a few Months ago the other reminder is Project Enbridge and you know where we're going Now You obviously need to have some some way To interact cross-border so I think the Bis call this a multi-cbdc model Um the the one of the ideas is you use a Sort of a neutral Bridge currency to go From one to the other similar to the Model I explained earlier with our On-demand liquidity So we know that Enbridge at least RP Ledger and on-demand liquidity in the Complement of what Ripple offers Is a pilot of Enbridge one more time Here now let's let's get this the way we Need it yeah you obviously need to have Some some way to interact cross-border So I think the bis call this a Multi-cbdc model Um the the one of the ideas is you use a

Sort of a neutral Bridge currency to go From one to the other similar to the Model I explained earlier with our On-demand liquidity Um but the the core offering really is Is not Exile there's no xrp involved It's it's the native token is the cbdc That's interesting yes it is interesting That was James Wallace if you haven't Heard it before from Ripple head of Central Bank engagement Does it guarantee no and what would I Expect I would expect all central banks To build their own private Ledger system And maybe API side chain into the Ripple Private Ledger for central banks itself That seems to me to be the right way to Go about it to where everybody has Control over their intra interbank Transfers without the world and other Central banks seeing what they don't Want them to see and still provide the Functionality the use case scalability And security and efficiency of a brand New Financial system Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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