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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and why wouldn't we start it Out with the official cool guy what's up Fam you were Brave when others were Scared you were confident when others Doubted everything We surrounded ourselves with some of the Brightest Minds some of the best people The hard part's over hang in there and Persevere he forgot some of the coolest People let me see somebody's that's uh From uh Oh let's see that's from My son sent me a text okay here we go So look at this intraday volatility Levels on the UST Market U.S treasury Market have surpassed those of the great Financial crisis of 2008. That's not good folks now look at this One year ago silicone Silicon Valley Bank was worth 40 billion dollars today It was just sold for 500 million dollars That's a 99 drop in value now folks how Many times have we heard all these Politicians like Elizabeth Warren Use the percentage drop it that crypto Has gone down I've been through five or Six of these downturns and each time Most of the crypto loses about 85 to 90 Percent of its value and then it comes Back roaring back once things pick back

Up but that's the same stuff that Elizabeth Warren and people like her Have used to try to condemn crypto and Here it's happening with with the Fractional Reserve banking which is the Real risk and so these people there is No honor in these people they use Whatever they have to to fulfill their Agenda and who and their masters who They work for and that's what they care About that truth doesn't even factor Into these people now You got to see this because this this Discussion is now in your face we've Been talking about it for years now But now it's in your face and you need To see this announce this week that Russia will begin using the Chinese Yuan Folks it's not about green candles it's Not about your favorite well it kind of Is but it's it's this is this is what Crypto is really about this is what's is For all the marbles all the money and It's about the world Reserve currency And it always has been and this poor guy He thinks that Bitcoin can somehow Fulfill this there's many reasons it Can't but I know one that could help to Bridge us to this new Probably not one world one world Reserve Currency but a basket maybe a global Reserve digital currency one of many Maybe xrp can be something like the Swiss franc like what Chris Larson said

But watch this to understand what's Really online this week that Russia will Begin using the Chinese Yuan uh for International payments instead of a Dollar so Saudi Arabia is also in talks With Beijing to do the same thing Speaking of Saudi Arabia meanwhile they Are in talks uh with Iran as well to Consider an economic alliance with China And Russia and they can even be joining The bric countries which is an acronym For these countries here Brazil Russia India China and South Africa these Countries all have emerging economies so What happens if our economy and the US Dollar are no longer the world's Dominant currency former assistant Treasury secretary and host of the Monica Crowley podcast Monica Crowley is Here to weigh in Monica great to see you This morning uh let's start right there What happens if these emerging economies Move away from the US dollar towards the Chinese Yuan Well good morning will it's great to be With you and it's really hard to Overstate exactly how catastrophic the Abandonment of the U.S dollar would be As the world's Global Reserve currency Look since the end of World War II the Dollar has been the safe place to go and It's been backed up by a couple of Things it originally was backed up by Gold but President Nixon took us off the

Gold standard so there's no hard asset Backing up the dollar anymore for the Last 50 years but also it's been backed Up by the strength and economic power of The United States and the fact that oil Has always been traded in dollars if That were to end that would mean the end Of the U.S dollar look that there's a Perfect storm happening right now will The the world's Reserve currency being That having that status has been a real Privilege but we've abused the privilege By wholly Reckless monetary and fiscal Policies over many years certainly over The last couple couple of years which Has really devalued the Dollar on top of That now you do have this perfect storm Of Biden's weakness his war on American Domestic energy production the Ukraine War and as you point out because of all Of these things we've got America's Enemies led by China forming a new Economic block and all it would take at This point now because we're at this Pivotal moment will is for Saudi Arabia Who has indicated that they're open to This to say you know what we're going to Be open to considering other currencies To trade in oil if that were to happen There would be a complete implosion of The global economic system but certainly The American economic system and if that Were to happen you'd be looking at Sky High inflation just raging Weimar

Republic kind of inflation if you think Inflation is bad now just wait but more Importantly we would lose our economic Dominance and we would lose our Superpower status Monica the world's Reserve currency said it's a privilege For the United States for the dollar Listen close to what she just said now Folks because a lot of people a lot of a Lot of Americans have never really Experienced anything really bad if this Happened it would when she mentions Weimar Republic they had wheelbarrows of Cash going to buy a loaf of bread that's What she's talking about And I'm not going to play the rest of That because I want to show you a couple More things first of all CNN covered the Same thing and as you know they're Pretty fake news then this is the Kenyan President right here watch this For the people who work numbers I am giving you free advice that those Of you are holding dollars you certainly Might go into losses you better Better do what you must do because this Market is going to be different in a Couple of weeks Oh I don't know if that's an old video or Not but um he's right either way And then there's this from real Vision Today Saudi Arabia and UAE will buy Kenyan oil with Kenyan shillings instead

Of US Dollars and then this person drops This graph in here and look at the this Graphic in here and this is what so many People in the United States like I said They people in the United States have Not been through anything that they Can't imagine they're I can't remember What the it's like a paradox or Something that they call it but it's That it's the idea that because Somebody's never been through something That they think it'll never happen but If you look at history history shows us That nobody holds the world Reserve Currency status forever And so we're at that moment now I've Always believed and I've been told too I Won't say who but two or three years ago I was told That xrp was created To prevent World War II and to replace The Petro dollar I call xrp the Great Compromise So that all these we go over to a Digital currency system and it's the Bridge it's a it's it's a compromise Shawna Russia you go to China Russia and You say okay we understand that we've Squandered our uh we we squandered the World Reserve currency status so what We're going to do now is let's all let's Have a shared basket we can all get Along we don't have to trust each other We have a shared basket of currencies we

Have a bridge currency Xrp and the whole system changes over it Makes sense imagine nodes on satellites Like China has to gets to put them on Their satellites they get to put them Underground Russia gets to do the same They have them spread across their Country nobody has to trust anybody Anymore it would be a world where you Didn't have to deal with this anymore so For me it's xrp and gold that's why Glint's one of my sponsors the links in The top of the description uh about Physical gold I buy I buy gold in my Glenn account so that I can have this Debit Mastercard and if if that what That woman just talked about if we go to A Weimar Republic type situation if this Happens like that overnight you better Hope you have Really for me xrp on my ledger gold in My Glenn account and physical gold so The way I see it is if it really hits The fan I'm ready links in the top of the Description on glint now let's talk xrp So John Deaton is so right here of every Digital currency out there xrp has the Most attractive risk reward ratio in my Opinion the judge's ruling is coming Down within the next few weeks maybe This week If the SEC wins what's the downside from 45 cents

Gripple appeals and we get a status quo In other words like Brad garlinghouse Said We're already operating as if we've lost I mean right now And then he says Ripple wins and made Clear xrp isn't a security upside The upside is tremendous in that Scenario Now The the chart guys are seeing something Going on here by the way This guy says xrp is now going for 50 Cents again which it is trying uh we Don't know if it's going to get there or Not is it 46 46 cents right now but look At what they're saying here dark Defender is one of the guys that does Charts he says xrp engines at Full Throttle and then egrag crypto so uh the Power of the FIB Circle but down here if You go through all of this stuff down Here He says two dollars and thirty cents is Coming by the end of April 2023. now That is one of the more bold tweets that I've seen this guy do hope he's right Um and then we've got this Pro-crypta and pro Bitcoin Democrats are Lining up to voice their opposition to Their own party's stance Democrats are On the verge of driving their own voters Away and losing support from this Important new voter Block in my opinion

It could cost the Democrats the 2024 Election there's no doubt about it this Will be the dumbest political move by Any party in the history of voting in my Opinion in the United States And even a congressman is hopping on the Fire Gary Gensler movement Warren Davidson Um who I think he's one of the guys That's supposed to be bringing us a new Day which I still haven't seen Um and then there was this Finance I even saw this on CNBC binance Crypto exchange binance and founder CZ Sued by the cftc over regulatory Violations so I've said it for a while what I didn't Understand is everything I've ever read From ethgate until operation choke point The SEC and the cftc are working Together including meeting with FTX so For some reason I don't understand why But crypto seems to be giving Caroline Fam from the cftc a free pass when she's Involved in operation choke point as you Can see here But yet she's going to DC uh fintech Week and sitting on stage and they're Treating her like she's she's a friend Of crypto but not according to what We've seen in the past I can't remember Who tweeted it but they said that all of These agencies are involved in operation Choke point 2.0 so it's not just the SEC

So I'm still wanting someone to explain That to me I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that the cftc Was also involved in ethgate they were Also involved in meeting with Sam Bankman freed of cftc of Um meeting having planning sessions with Sam bankman freed they're involved in Operation choke point 2.0 so Why are they not why are they being Treated like they're a friend to crypto I can't figure this one out and Caroline Pham used to follow me she doesn't Follow me anymore so apparently I made Her mad but I mean that's a that's a Legit question for people in crypto to Be asking Thank you Foreign


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