Ripple Swell , Settlement? & XRP Heading Towards $5.85?

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[Music] Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff okay everybody there is tons to Cover today and the first thing that I'm Cover I wanted to make sure everybody's Aware um the cool guy I got him to do This update for me he he says da is Currently working with a private Attorney to engage X Twitter they are Very interested in getting to the bottom Of the suspension especially in Identifying the individual responsible For this this is assuming that this was From someone or whoever at Twitter or Who would have been responsible for Flagging me or whatever okay okay so We're trying to get to the bottom of it And um in my uh when I when I if I get Specific details the only people I'm Telling are the people in my private Group that's D Because uh they supported me uh when This happened and so but trust me on This if I find Out who it Is I may I may uh follow through on that Okay Now check this out egag crypto xrp the 7 To 12% uh dance xrp targets tend to Overshoot by 7 to 12% offering both a Blessing and a curse I discussed this on October 25th check out the screenshot

Where I highlighted the Insight that's October 21th 25th the Silver Lining is That this overshooting occurs during Price surges but the downside is that it Also takes place during Market downt Turns take a look at this um 6 uh my Chart 65 cents level where it overshot By a whopping 12% for a smoother ride in the short Term I believe xrp should retest the Breaking point but don't forget about That 7 to 12% Difference okay so this is the breaking Point is 55 cents I think uh I didn't Even look but I think we're let me pull It up on my phone and sit here and look At it I think think we are at a 67. 677 c Xrp um so now let's look at what Um here's what is okay let's look at What dark Defenders saying hi all let's Have a look at the smaller time frames Which are 4our after reaching 73 cents Xrp had the corrective action and just Checked where it had had the support yes 66 cents which is key so now we're at 67 Right now you can see the correction ABC In zoomed area it will not it will not Last too long but he will breathe there Very short-term targets are 87 cents and A105 xrp is heading towards a188 and $585 afterward afterwards have a sunny Day #f Freed all right I like the sound of what

He's talking about okay moving along Uphold team is going to be at well 2023 Which starts Tomorrow all right folks don't Underestimate this uphold partnership With ripple come On I mean this is huge and guess what on Link to platform you can get you can get Link to shares you can get uphold shares You can get Ripple shares you've got it All I have it all I I own some of all of Those you can also get poly sign Shares That window is going to close before you Before you know it we're living through Some fascinating times but check that Out so then we've got this look at Hassan alanazi The xrp Surge is not just A round of applause for ripple swell Conference there's a settlement to close The Ripple issue once and for all Looming on the Horizon W I hope he's right then we got David Schwarz who is at Ripple swell Here's he took that picture of the uh Logo there uh as you go in and then he's Got this Video that is pretty [Music] Cool Pretty neat all right um and then today Okay at 1:00 eastern time today you're Going to be able to go to um this YouTube channel you just go to bis's uh

Uh go to their their Twitter handle X Handle on day one tune in regulator boot Camp you're going to have Brad Garling House you're going to have Gary is going to be there my question I Keep asking is after we've we've gone Through three plus years of Gary Gensler Uh doing everything he can to run crypto Out of the United States and now Chris Brummer and the DC F Tech week are going To invite him to hang out there what in The world does that mean that either Means that all the world's a stage or it Means that these guys don't know how to Handle guys like Gary Gensler unless their unless their goal Is to put him up there in one of those Uh dunking booths like Ry Ryan selus did With with Brad garlinghouse now that's Different put Gary up there in a dunking Booth that would be worth watching um Then we've got the guy that does Ripple Drop from Ripple um did this video over In um ripin Kuwait Ali Bank of Kuwait This is um I can't remember his name What's the guy that does the the Ripple Drops this guy anyway check this out rle Regionals here in Dubai some of our Customers are doing exactly that and we Embedded the uh uh the payments through Our channels which is mobile banging our Internet banging and our uh branches so This is our normal mobile app the moment I continue it's actually started now

Going to Ripple blockchain now me as a Customer either I decline or accept so I'm I'm going to accept the payment Depends in the network speed but we have Done Wow all right wow is right and you know The other day we got this DFC Champions Do buy hiso Global crypto Hub with Approval of xrp under its virtual assets Regime then we've got this guy look at This this is an interesting tweet Breaking news in a bombshell move that's Set to send shock waves through the Energy and crypto sectors Saudi Arabia Confirms extending its massive 1 million Barrel per day oil production cut Through December plus they're pioneering the use Of xrp for oil trade settlement stay Tuned for how this game changer unfolds Now I have not confirmed this but I like The sound of it that part of It um then we've got this blockchain and Fintech are fast evolving environment And U connect brings researchers and Academics together to connect with the Industry indry to drive Innovation so This Uber connect is Basically um a university blockchain Initiative and here's the link to U Connect I wanted to show you this look At all the people that are involved in This look at the some of the uh people That are here involved there's somebody

From Ripple University of wa water University of Toronto Del University Carnegie melon DEC Institute um this is fintech society uh National University of Singapore um you see Berkeley Rutgers University of Luxembourg does University of Wyoming college of law Does this I mean all of these different Academics and people involved in this Folks this look like something that's Going to not succeed not to Me then check this out nothing to see Here keep on moving they're trying to Connect all the economies together wake Up what more can I show you all I can Say is the xrp community is going down In history in the history books well you Got that right watch this video it's Great interoperability of economies Connect more than 200 countries and Particularly their payments and Securities infrastructures with each Other to enhance each other's Understanding the ability to connect the Diverse economy that's CEO of Bank of America You 200 or so countries in the world and And make sure the payment system works And then we're creating a Level Playing Field across all the cryptos used as a Sort of universal bridge and blockchains Are what provide that Level Playing Field so that and the liquidity IND

Digital assets could be applied to Actually make that much more uh Democratized in a LEL playe I don't know What that music is I'm going to stop There because I don't know if somebody's Got copyright stuff check this out in Tom Square New New York C City this Ido Farino guy got It boy you can tell crypto means Business let's see what else I have here I should have um then this was another Thing I don't know if if these things Are going to have copyright but I'm I'm Going to let you watch that on your own Time and I'm going to see what else I Have here that I wanted to show digital Euro Association DEA member Ripple Becomes the tech partner for the National Bank of Georgia's digital gel Pilot project Ripple is a leading crossb Payments Network that helps financial Institution why is the digital Euro Association seeming seemingly promoting Ripple so hard I think we know the Answer to that then here is a crazy clip With Michael sailor if you'd like to Look at it um and then I'll end with This this is Elon Musk saying that There's a this is a uh big deal of Course he's very against censorship Although I've been kicked off of his Xplatform for one month or so never had An explanation never um hey you did this And therefore you're kicked off nothing

My question to Elon Musk is very Simple just take me for example why Would Anyone anyone put their money on what He's wanting to be this this Universal App this everything thing out that's Going to be like the bank of all banks Why would anybody put their money on the Xplatform if he can just push a button Or his CEO can just push a button and turn you Off because they feel like it or because They don't like something you Said you can't put your money somewhere Like that and that is where I'm going to Go with this if I remain kicked off Because that's the Truth now I'm going off into the Group and it Is we're we're we're covering things I've never been able to talk about on This channel but I'm I'm talking about Them in there and a lot of them are Disturbing a lot of them are Are I call it the danger zone for a Reason um you're welcome to the party But just be ready for what you're going To see if you come in um enter it enter It your own Risk thanks for listening I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please

Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that if you go To Today we spoke about the Titanic we Spoke about the Petro dollar preventing World War III Rothchilds Rockefellers All kinds of things that you just can't Talk about out here on YouTube Thanks for [Music] [Music] Listening [Music]


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