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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I watched my 17 year olds Baseball game last night he went deep to Center field if he had hit that ball That ball had to have been 300 and maybe 300 and uh 30. I can't remember it was deep but it Was the center dead center field if he Had hit it to left or to right it's over The fence it would have been a three run Shot this kid's bigger than I am now He's about six I think he's passing 6'4 about now I'm I Think this kid's gonna be anywhere from Six five to six six and he is a he works Out two times a day this kid's a monster Now I'm about to send you a picture of him Um put a picture out there never really Put one out I don't think you've seen I Think I showed video of my this is how Long I've been doing this now five years Ago When he was just a little kid it seems Like he's playing Little League And this is when I started this channel Time Flies doesn't it all right John D I Wanna those the the clips I played from Yesterday where John Deaton was

Interviewing with link too I got some More clips from that and I just wanted To reiterate just how close we are this Is John's timeline on when this the Judge's decision comes this week next Week certainly uh within 30 days all Right okay Then there was this clip this is a great Clip it's 300 I'm not going to play the Whole three minutes but I do want to Take you to about here so he kind of Tells you how he thinks this thing's Gonna end he's basically in this clip Says that he he's con he's 100 confident Ripple would win it at Supreme Court and On appeal and so And so he's making the point that for That reason he knows Gary Gary Gensler Does not want to go that far because he Wants the trophy for himself well here's What he says at the end about how he Thinks this is going to turn out know That you're really really likely going To lose on appeal but can get a Political win right now what do you Think Gary Gensler is going to do and What I mean by a political win is the Best thing the SEC would have if they Lose is the threat of appeal and so do I Think they will threat to appeal it Should and what would happen they would Use the threat of an appeal to try to Negotiate a settlement post judge Torres's decision where they get to say

Okay Ripple will give we'll waive our Appeal we'll agree the judge Torres his Decision that secondary market sales are Not Securities and that uh your uh Ongoing and future sales are not Securities if you agree to pay 25 Million dollars pick a number right and Ripple may very well entertain that and Then Gary guess who could say yes Millions and millions of dollars but More importantly if he gets to go after His other targets and present day and That's and that's why I think that's What I think Charles hoskinson was Pissed off about I think Charles Hoskinson heard Whispers of this thing Going in this Direction that's the issue And so Um Ellie uh Terry said that they are Even beefing up the crypto enforcement At the SEC Now today even though a year ago they Doubled the SEC crypto enforcement and So why would you appeal it take the risk Of the loss you know when you could get That political win and various guess who Doesn't care about the law he doesn't Care about Investors he cares about Himself and his political ambition so so That's all right so you can kind of see Now Um there is a link to who is one of my Sponsors there is Ripple on the platform And as he said I mean it's literally

Days weeks by the end of the month kind Of thing when he thinks this is over and I believe I mean I'm assuming that that Once this is over Ripples probably gonna head to IPO and They're gonna they're gonna it's gonna Be a lot tougher to get those we shall See all right Um Jack moellers who I call him the kid We always see the CNBC trotting this kid Out and it's never made any sense to me He's always in a hoodie it's almost like They're marketing well Remember who these people are never Forget who these people are they are no Different than Gary gentzler they work With Gary Gensler I mean it's not a Coincidence that Gary Gensler only goes And does interviews with them he goes on And they they set it up for him remember These are the same people that Jay Clayton went to and became a contributor Instead of them asking him any questions About eathgate He became a contributor and I'm assuming A paid contributor at CNBC these people Are always on the same team so you have To ask yourself the question Right in the middle of the the banking Problems and the banks going down and All why would these people be proper be Enter inviting some young kid that Represents Bitcoin out onto the unless Unless they had some kind of a plan to

Make this the this is what it feels like To me because they did the same freaking Thing to Sam bankman free they build This up and then once it all falls apart They say well see you can't trust all These kids and this this this upstart Stuff they don't know what they're doing We the Federal Reserve and the and the And the banking system it's all it's Been around for 100 to 200 years it's Here to protect you You can't trust it it's almost like Setting them up to I mean what's the old Saying uh uh they set Um Uh they build you up and then they take You down I mean that's how that's how it Works Um and look the kid he's got his own Company I'm not saying anything bad About the kid other than the fact that It just something doesn't feel right About this whole thing it's going to be Fun watching him learn his hard lesson Though because here's what he said back On in November 2020 after years of Watching CNBC fast money interview Interview idiots like Roger Veer and Promote like VCH and xrp there Is something satisfying about this Interview he's taught this is an Interview with the Cyber Hornet Michael Saylor Embarrassing and there's another one I

Mean I think that guy's got some loose Screws as well but so here they are they Have and and I said the same feds he's Talking about now think about this Well just listen to what he what he says Here and remember as you listen to this Do you think that the FED is going to Listen to this And not say okay Like the government's going to tell me How the dollar is inflating based on a Basket of instruments like my Netflix Subscription or my Caesar salad doesn't Actually tell me how well the dollar is Doing or how much it's being devalued Miami real estate does Bitcoin does Bitcoins up over 50 this year yeah You're telling me that the dollar is not Inflating you're out of your mind I'm Not listening to that the the fed and The whole monetary system is based on Trust and they constantly they Constantly uh break that trust it'd be The equivalent if there's a fire outside Of my house I smell the smoke and Someone saw me no no it's just a bunch Of teenagers putting on a bonfire okay But I hear one one siren I hear one Police siren yeah are you sure it's Bonfire yeah yeah it's a bonfire now I Hear ten Sirens 100 Sirens now my whole Community is running out I'm not going To get up and look outside the window Kelly and see what's going on I don't

Believe them for a second you've got to Be absolutely crazy to believe the Federal Reserve right now they're full Of it and I don't have to because I own Bitcoin there's no one that could Deflate my instrument I get to hold it Saving it I know the monetary policy I Sleep like eight years folks there's a Reason that CNBC is having this kid on To talk like this And it's and the reason has nothing to Do with them loving Bitcoin it has to do With this kid being a poster child for Something I'm telling you this this sent My antenna up big time because here's The dirty secret the feds he's talking About they know exactly who Satoshi Nakamoto Nakamoto is and he is a very Naive young man they will kill it if it Becomes anywhere near the kind of threat That he thinks it is and then this is The other part of the interview and I Said unfortunately I think they are Building this kid up the way they did Sam bankman freed remember who these People work for remember this do you Remember any of this Sam bakeman freed Is really becoming the industry's Lifeline during a crisis lately I'm Fascinated endlessly fascinated with Sam Binkman Freed's role in all of this You've been now described as the JP Morgan if you will of the crypto Business a lot of people have called you

The savior of crypto the patron saints Of crypto the Michael Jordan of crypto JPM do you know us do you think that That was by accident no freaking way now This this goes into it too today they're Saying that George Soros is having Health problems and I said does this Mean his plans to destroy America are Shelved for a while until his heirs can Get up to speed on the Dr Evil plan well Remember this Now remember Sam bankman these people Propped Sam bankman freed up folks they Were told to prop Sam Beekman freed up That didn't just happen remember this Congressman Tom emmer claims that SEC Chairman Gary Gensler knew about FTX of Course he did they all did remember this Bombshell exclusive Biden's SEC chair Gary Gensler deleted key details of Meetings with George Soros Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi I didn't mean To say her name I meant to say a President's wife a former president's Wife George Soros and lunatic whack job Crazy person One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Nancy Pelosi well Gary Gensler was Hiding meetings with George Soros why Would you be meeting with George Soros George Soros has made his name by Destroying countries currencies Remember this I remember this this Remember when the Luna collapse happened It was before the SBF collapsed and

Coindesk ran this that this was a Soros Style attack remember this bit boy who Was all over the SBF thing that boy went And he he made the comment Um that that SBF Alameda was behind Every single crash so if you remember There were several crashes like Celsius And Luna and all these now so you got Gary getzler hiding meetings with George Soros who specializes in collapsing Currencies And then you've got him meeting with FTX You got CNBC propping up FTX like he's The he's the face they won on crypto Then they destroy it First first there's all these collapses Like Luna which was a Soros style attack I mean come on folks come on are we Kidding here I don't feel guilty because I'm engaged this is your name [Music] Part of the reason he is so rich is that The Soros hedge funds are All right and of course the the sound is Deleted on some of that stuff okay and Then I go to this folks because Ashley Prospered put this out Satoshi Nakamoto Is anonymous not to Homeland Security We've got we've shown you the video he Or they hold approximately 1.1 million Dollars in Bitcoin currently worth Approximately 27.5 billion at any time The wallet could be emptied creating Huge cell pressure and loss of

Confidence what happens then does anyone Really believe that Homeland Security After meeting with the four satoshi's Where this thing could affect monetary Policy does anybody really believe that They would not immediately have reported Those findings to the fed the White House Congress asking ccftc every other Government agency dealing with Finance And this is the key Point Bitcoin will Either be allowed which is possible It'll be allowed to live or it will be Killed they all know who Satoshi is make No mistake about that so the question Becomes If the plan is to kill it I'll tell you what I would do if my plan Was to kill Bitcoin at the right time I'd do exactly what they're doing and You know what else I'd do I'd be I would Who would I who else would I consult With other than George Soros who's the Imminent expert at destroying currencies He's the man and we saw him Glenn back a Few years ago that he would he'd go out George Soros would go out and Bash Bitcoin and then he was buying it while He was bashing it so this is the game They play and I'm just telling you Nobody else is telling the truth about Bitcoin all they're talking about is the Surface BS like oh this is down to the Banks and But you how do you go to down with the

Banks when you can't ignore a video Where Homeland Security is admitting That they went and met with with the Four satoshi's and these people don't Even want to acknowledge the video and That's the tell And let me let me reiterate I don't want Anything to happen bad to bitcoin or Ethereum or anything else I want all These things to to live and I and I am As look I'm no fan of our federal Reserve and what the government has done To our money I'm on the same page with The Bitcoin Maxes as far as that goes The problem is That's not how this story ends because I'm 49 years old when I was when I was a Teenager I would have been Jack maulers On steroids and I would have thought That those kind of things are possible But that's not how this thing they'll Bring out the tanks and the guns as Brad Garlinghaus has said before before that Kind of thing is allowed And so as an adult I know that we have to put our dollars Beside or our pennies beside their Dollars it's like Brad Kahn says because That's the smarter play Now and then Robert Kiyosaki who is a Bitcoin guy they're they're getting Right over the target here and they Don't even know it the fact that we hear Rumors that Australia and New Zealand

And Japan are moving in that direction It's just more Nails in the coffin of The western Gemini it's a big deal it's A huge deal and yes if all of a sudden The majority of the world is trading in A new settlement currency and the dollar Is rendered uh worthless Um either the U.S has to Pivot and do Something of their own with the gold Back like we talked about before a gold Back international monetary fund special Drawing rights or we'll get with the Game in order to trade with the majority Of the world it will be in a new Currency And here's the point folks the world Reserve currency status is on the line That's our entire way of life And we are supposed to believe that the USA didn't have a plan my igloo in south Georgia is still for sale if you believe That I believe they've always had a plan Just by coincidence right in the middle Of this banking crisis fed now instant Payments are coming and cbdc's will Follow and the FDIC Insures up to they've created a new Symbol that looks like the infinity Symbol per depositor per FDIC insured Bank then Jeremy Hogan had put this out Ripple finally filed the voyage Voyager Bankruptcy judge's decision the judge Uses abnormally strong language stating That the U.S Regulators themselves

Cannot even agree on the CRI on what Criteria criteria to use in deciding Whether crypto is a security Fair notice We are getting close And then xrp crypto will 420 million xrp Bought by Massive whales as price braces For next move And then Eleanor tarrett she says what a Coincidence Um just finished writing an article About the Ripple versus SEC government Case on a train to D.C I walk off the Platform at Union Station to see that Crypto means business and then she says So I learned this evening that the SEC Building is actually connected to Union Station that's some strategic product Placement from Ripple right there I'm The digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family You gotta look a little deeper on this Whole Bitcoin thing because it doesn't Make sense At the same people who are all about That Federal Reserve and and the QE this QE that and all that same people all of A sudden they're propping up some kid in A in a hoodie to act like Bitcoins Legitimate no it's more like they're Making fun of Bitcoin and setting Somebody up is what it

[Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]


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