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Welcome back to the show everybody we Got the G20 crypto regs you're going to Hear from the India's president by the Way and boy oh boy are you going to want Every bit of it IMF still talking about Banning crypto Russia payment system is Ready I'm going to show you the report Warren Davidson pushes back on the bis Augustine Carstens and John Deaton filed Amicus brief filing in the California Case Ripple against zakanov or zaching Off against Ripple and you know what He's living in the attorney's head you Won't believe what's going on in there Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.11 trillion dollars at point six Percent we are up on the market this Morning good morning Bitcoin 23 100 plus Ethereum sixteen hundred bucks and a Little change there we see tether market Cap at 70.8 billion they're saying my Goodness my goodness xrp 37 Cent we're Going to keep an eye on it ladies and Gentlemen let's get into this It's Clint Baby by save send and spend Gold instantly with glint that's exactly Right let me tell you something this is A remarkable thing if you haven't done It or checked it out for yourself you

Need to check this out you know I'm Telling you this is a great way for me To accumulate my gold Holdings I love it And I love knowing that I've got it not Only on my phone to watch but I got it On a MasterCard debit card should I need To use it and I've given examples of That you know what I'll do it again soon And post an example so you guys see just How easy it is no doubt about it let's Take a look right here we start with This DJ Peter bass shares this remember November 2022 approved by the SEC Question mark we're talking about stably USD stablecoin officially launched on The xrp Ledger and by the way side note Shout out to corium which stably is Building on corium solo genic and corium Gonna have a presence at the xrp Las Vegas 2023 Event in May 5th May 6th Might want to get your ticket before It's gone by the way but you know what That's a little side note I wanted to Share there but stably USD stablecoin Here seattle-based web repayment Infrastructure stablecoin as a service Provider is proud to announce this was In November 22. uh the launch of stable USD known as dollar sign usds under the Ticker dollar sign USD on The xrp Ledger A decentralized blockchain now what's Important about this is that it says That stable USD is a regulatory Compliant and USD backed stablecoin that

Supports xrp Ledger's objective Providing a scalable and sustainable Blockchain for tokenized assets and Global payment settlement Stably USD is also xrp Legends first Natively issued U.S based stablecoin and The first product released as a part of An ongoing collaboration between both Stably and The xrp Ledger and we know That stably if you or maybe you don't But stably is also interoperable with Different networks and protocols and Ethereum being one of them as well so That is really leaning into Interoperability and speaking of making Things more interoperable and more Functional we'd say when shows us here Shout out to The xrp Ledger Labs team Accepting an nft transfer offer for zero Xrp straight for zum then to view the Nft using one of the viewers built by Other ecosystem developers he says that Is one week away how about that one Shout out to we'd say in the team there And then Emmy yoshikawa here shares XLS 20 in nft standard on The xrp Ledger a Truly democratizes the Creator economy By enforcing automatic royalties and Making it trustless xrp Ledger makes it Possible because both tokenization and Decks are implemented at the protocol Level versus smart contracts now let's Go to this The Crackdown is happening on a global

Level for crypto and crypto exchanges Ladies and gentlemen is not just here in The U.S This here Canadian agency the Canadian Securities agency to be exact uh says That exchanges crypto exchanges have 30 Days to register with the Canadian Regulator very quickly here because I Want to read this if a CPT which is a Crypto trading platform is unable or Willing to provide an enhanced Pre-registration undertaking the CSA Which is Canadian Securities agency Expects it will take an appropriate Action to off-board existing Canadian Users and impose restrictions to prevent Canadian users from accessing its Products or Services how about that one That was in their recent press release So that that is the Gary Gensler of Canada up there but you know what look I Think we see look the next few pieces of Information to me are showing me that I Think this next year is going to be very Very pivotal for the globe not just the United States when it comes to crypto Exchanges and Regulatory framework Fatf you say the financial action task Force shout out to Michael Branch where This one give him a follow the fatf says Delegates from over 200 jurisdictions Have agreed on an action plan to deliver Or drive timely Global implementation of Financial action task force standards on

Crypto assets don't believe it it's Still true it's coming ladies and Gentlemen there's more evidence right Here the basis of coming Global crypto Rules will be formed on a new synthesis Paper and this is by the G20 and the Financial stability board ladies and Gentlemen and the IMF as well and I'm Going to show you more evidence of that You're looking at the president right Now of the G20 as she sits right here Now let me just move quickly because we Have a clip that I'm going to show you In just one second as well international Monetary fund managing director Crystalina georgieva says crypto needs More regulation but added she would not Take off the table Banning those assets If regulation fails or too slow to Implement well I shared the article it came from crypto News here and shout out to them but I Tell you it is really Troublesome when You think of what she's saying here Right now look I know that you know Crypto broadly is not money I know it Has a 20 plus thousand uh cryptos that Are out here there's not 20 plus Thousand use cases but to say you're Going to consider and not take out a Outright ban this is what she said here IMF executive board provides guidance This week to help countries develop Effective crypto policies While most

Executive Board of Directors agreed most Of them That strict bands are not the first best Option thank goodness however but that Targeted restrictions could apply a few Thought outright bans should not be Ruled out Crypto assets should not be uh granted Official currency or legal tender status In order to safeguard monetary Sovereignty and stability said Crystallina georgieva I tell you The eight day highlight El Salvador you Know I don't know how this goes but I'm Concerned for the people down there that It doesn't end well This is the president here in India it's Nirmala Sithraman and she talks about exactly What's happening here let's take a Listen There was a seminar on policy Perspectives debating the road to Policies consensus on cryptocurrencies This seminar was also of great interest For most members who participated that Was held on 23rd February Uh It was to deepen the discussion around Crypto assets and to Foster better Understanding of the broader Implications of crypto assets Then he continuing the theme of crypto There was a panel discussion

On leveraging National Payment Systems To enhance cross-border payment Arrangements did you hear that part Six then he continuing the theme of Crypto There was a panel discussion on Leveraging National Payment Systems to Enhance cross-border payment Arrangements it also had inputs on what Happens to the cryptocurrencies which Banks have bought out like the way India's Reserve Bank has also come up With uh Pilot for both retail and for Wholesale use of crypto currencies that Is CBD Central Bank driven currencies Then there was an a third event in which Crypto could play a role that event was The SME financing and Bridging the Gap Which was also organized for the Delegates so all of them Have been well attended well received And there's a lot of discussion about it Bridging the Gap that is just Interesting Bridging the Gap of Central Bank digital currencies that's just I'm Trying to search my mind to think of a Digital asset that works as a bridge Currency between things like Central Bank digital currencies it'll come to me On the debt vulnerability The IMF World Bank and the Indian Presidency co-chaired and hosted a

Meeting of the global sovereign debt Roundtable on the sidelines of the Meeting The objective of this Debt Roundtable is to bring together a Diverse group of stakeholders to share Their views and to coordinate and Collaborate on global debt policy issues There you have it and debt policy issues To boot I tell you it sounds like They're working on the whole thing isn't It Foreign What a year we got in front of us I'll Tell you that then there's this Be right here And I think it was shout out to 801 We'll get to that in a second a report From the bank of Russia here and it Talks about their National payment System and development strategy for 21 To 23 and I can tell you in short it is 801 xrp shout out to him uh it's ready And I'm not going to read you the report And he has an excellent tweet here which You can find on my page I will retweet It for him right now and I'm going to Tell you it doesn't say rip or xrp But however what it does say is it does Say that they are ready and they are Ready in a way to work with ISO 20022 They are ready in a way to work with Real-time gross settlement system they Are ready in a way to work with the uh

Real-time payment system I mean every Thing that we have discussed over the Last five years Russia's payment system Is ready to work with all of the other Payment systems of the world that's Where this is And it's quite interesting that all of The world is in such a direction that The current is going everybody's Swimming the same way It's up to us here but however I Wouldn't count them out I'm a glass half Full kind of guy take a listen here Uh you've been actually dubbed the Crypto congressman and so I think it's Your take uh representative on the bank Of international settlement saying hey The Battle Is Over crypto lost and That's it Well look I I think your previous guest Uh highlighted it is it really a war Between crypto and Fiat not currently uh But there are people like August Carson's Augustine Carstens who uh are Making it that way and frankly uh the Bank of international settlement which Is the central bank for the central Bankers they're trying to put out a set Of standards that normalizes Central Bank digital currencies and not just any Version of them the creepy surveillance State kind that China has and so if we Follow this guy's vision for the future Of money I mean it's frankly it's pretty

Dystopian Uh you know there's things I certainly Disagree with with Warren Davidson on But he's got it right here it is pretty Dystopian and it is pretty scary however What I would say is is it's not just Fiat against crypto right it's the Legacy banking system against Innovation That's what the real fight is right they Know that they're making so much money And power and control over the friction That is in the system today That if they change and there will come A change because it's going to take two And once two financial institutions and Banks start using the new technology There will be a domino effect I believe That can not be avoided there's no Question about that now let's take a Look at this and change gears here this From Jim filing right here John Deaton's ruffling feathers ladies And gentlemen Those of you that have been in this Space know that there is the SEC versus Ripple case and there was also before That was actually brought was the Zakanov versus Ripple case Well John Deaton has filed a motion for Amicus brief in the zakanov versus Ripple case and you know what it is Scaring the Daylights out of the lawyer In that case representing zachanov Because John Deaton is coming with 75

000 plus of his friends ladies and Gentlemen that's right xrp holder Zachanov is claiming he well and he held Xrp for two weeks at the time turnaround Sold it for a loss and it's like him and Four or five people saying that xrp Should be a security because of it he Didn't have full disclosure well now That John Deaton spotted Amicus brief With 75 000 plus of his friends it would Appear as Jim filen has said here that John Deaton is officially taken up Residence in the California attorney's Head ladies and gentlemen and what do we Mean by that well I'll tell you what we Mean by that this lawyer goes as far as To cite John Deaton's daughter and his Girlfriend and trying to discredit John Deaton and the other 75 plus thousand Xrp holders claiming that is because he Has family members and a significant Other in this case that that none of it Is legitimate and neither is obviously Mr Deaton they're trying to make the Claim here first of all look can we just Say that this is the kind of this is Just a peep in the window of what John Deaton is doing for all of us Let us not forget this guy is taking a Beating every day like waves crashing on The beach and he's getting nothing for It and I tell you what you will have an Opportunity to ask him questions and Meet him at May 5th May 6 at xrp Las

Vegas and so many other incredible People do not miss this opportunity to Just meet him and say thank you Because I know I'm looking forward to Doing that myself look that's going to Do it for me make sure you hit the uh Like And subscribe leave a comment below This is not Financial advice it's just My digital perspectives I'll catch all Of you on the next one


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