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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and let's watch this thinking Crypto interviewed uh CEO of polysun Jack McDonald watching the note of Tokenization we're seeing a lot of folks Now talking about tokenization uh BlackRock CEO Larry Fink and many Bank CEOs as well uh it's surprising it's Almost like something happened and it's A change in the air and everybody's Talking about tokenization of asset Securities and whatever may be on the Blockchain which is exciting uh but it Seems like the industries uh to your Point the adoption of blockchain the use Cases are being discussed now I'm I I'm Not sure that uh our listeners would Necessarily agree with this but I think There's a growing sense that particular Particularly among the Trad Phi Um uh professionals out there that History may show that cryptocurrency was Really a proof case for the underlying Technology of DLT and blockchain Technology that really paved the way for Tokenization and if you think about the Tam or total addressable Market Broadly speaking Other asset classes then crypto is where The real the real juice is here in terms Of just whether it's equities or credit

Instruments or or real assets real Estate Etc and to your point there's been some Very uh well-known prolific Proponents of tokenization and I can Tell you we could knock on the door to The 10 largest asset managers in the Planet or the 10 largest you know Global Custodial Banks and all of them I'm Confident 100 would want to have a Conversation around tokenization and to Get our view of what Changes will take place I was with one Of the largest asset managers in the Industry two hours ago and they said What's your three to five year view What's your 10-year view we've got a Whole team of people here trying to Understand what impact that's going to Have about our on our business both from A distribution standpoint how we create These products how we distribute them And then what the downstream impact is To our business from just a middle and Back office Perspective and we didn't talk about Cryptocurrency for an hour and it was All about this tokenization we have a Product and a service an atomic net that Has a blockchain in our Forum we do Essentially focus on Atomic settlement How awesome is that so I'm a big bull on Uh poly sign my sponsor link to has poly Sign on the platform but let's focus on

Ripple because uh I want to read Something to you that this is from link To it says there is greater uncertainty Today surrounding availability and Pricing of Ripple stock on the secondary Market than there was a year ago the Summary judgment that will be rendered On the on the SEC versus Ripple or Settlement versus Ripple legal action This year has caused Supply to tighten Existing Ripple shareholders are not as Willing to part with their shares and That today's depressed prices given that The SEC legal action is nearing judgment When Ripple proceeds post-judgment to Formally prepare for an IPO these Supply Constraints will become more severe the Same events described above are Increasing demand for ripple investment We've seen this on our own platform but Also in the broader Market with Institutional Capital this will mean More competition for apply and more Upward pressure on price since we know The window is closing on favorable Supply and price conditions and since We're facing stronger Ripple demand from New and existing customers we want to Ensure that as many linked to customers As possible are able to invest before The window shuts for good which is when Ripple files for IPO so they say Effective Thursday today February 23rd We'll be limiting the total number of

Ripple investment orders we accept to a Maximum of 30 per day And I'm assuming that's at ten thousand Bucks I'm not I'm not sure how that Works when the daily maximum is reached We'll curtail availability until the Following day note this is not a limit On the amount of each order but on but a Limit on the total amount of orders will Accept per day Oh wow so things are getting interesting Now all right moving along I found out This morning that Joseph Lubin had Blocked me and I to be honest I'm Surprised that it took him this long Because I'd block me too if I had helped Whales disguise their identities in the Ethereum Ico I would block a lot of people in the xrp Community if I had done that because Everybody knows what went down well the Reason I even discovered this is uh Fred Raspoli had tweeted this yesterday Calling xrp Community for help in our East uh d uh lawsuit okay I'm looking For all the videos where an S any SEC Official is asked directly whether Ethereum is a security please include The source Link in your reply so help Him out and give him all I was going Through this and I was looking for Videos to give to him there's one and I Was just showing him some of the things You know what I found is and this is

Shady as it can be many of the videos That we uncovered Many of the videos the sound has been Like part of the sound will be taken out I don't know if that's just some glitch On Twitter or if that was by Design and Intentional It wouldn't surprise me at all if it was Intentional but um so so many of those Videos Um you have to go back and find the Original Source on YouTube uh to get the Real the full clip well this morning I Decided I would do just that I was Inspired by Fred raspoli and I saw when I was doing when I was looking around I Found this clip of Gary Gensler in front Of Congress to uh sitting beside him I Believe is Lowell Ness who was Andrews And Horowitz attorney who was the guy Who was charged with getting Bitcoin and Ethereum their free passes so I decided To take Gary's words and splice in Joseph lubin's disguising the whales Listen to this you want to talk about Absurd against the backdrop of the SEC Going after everybody except Bitcoin and Ethereum right now watch this I think uh Director Hinman at the SEC said it right It's about information asymmetry give an Investor enough information so they can Take the risk government shouldn't it's Not a nanny government we're not but the Investors can take their risk as long as

They get enough information Just to make it easier to disguise Um I went in such a regulatory regime Affect the functionality of the ethereum Network I think that uh and Mr Ness Raised this question earlier there's Friction right now because we don't have The beneficial ownership Securities laws Say we have to have full and fair Disclosure and we have to keep track of Anybody who owns the security You can buy 50 000 units just So it's not being scared people with an Enormous energy improvements Um So if you are a real if you want to plan On investing several million U.S dollars With Um then you can do that in the multiple Identities but I believe that it's Important to track beneficial ownership For all the reasons about illicit Activity and taxing Um But we won't be required Purchasing So Gary thinks that everybody's supposed To disclose everything and he's going to Sue everybody but he thinks this is fine The the SEC could go and find out who These disguise whales are today make no Mistake the problem is they probably

Already know who they are and that's why They don't want to go find them Um and it's sickening it is it's Disgusting they these people are Destroying our country they're Destroying the rule of law because they Have no allegiance to the law and that's Not my words it's the judge's words These people are I mean it this is You know we know what it is it's about It's it's the uh fox is in the hen house We know exactly what this is These people are sick they don't give a Rat's butt about you me protecting Investors I don't even think they care About their own country anymore I think they care about dollar signs and That's it and protecting their friends So they can keep the racket going Now here's this from coinbase earnings Report we may determine not to remove a Particular crypto asset from coinbase Spot Market even if the SEC or other Another regulatory regulator alleges That the crypto asset is a security As long as it's built on ethereum right Brian Armstrong Winery list xrp when do We get our flare our flare Then coinbase put out this mysterious Tweet everybody's been trying to figure Out yesterday and it said it was a blue Dot and it says 2 23 and then it's Nothing but a graphic of a blue dot and I don't know what that means some people

Were saying wao and I don't know what That means but we'll find out I guess Today a billion dollar deal by binance Us to buy assets from crypto lender Voyager could be harmful so the SEC is Keeping binance U.S from buying these Assets And this makes sense now remember who Gary was letting buy all the different Assets like block fine he was letting Sam bankman freed an FTX bobbin so this Is just a continuation of the foxes in The hen house right he I made a comment Here Gary would let Sam bankman freed Buy the um by the the Voyager assets From his uh parents house while he's Playing video games before he would Allow binance to buy them So and then yesterday if you remember David Schwartz upset a lot of people he Got a lot of people worried because of Some of his comments and he had changed His Banner we had gone through that Yesterday will you send Mubarak says my Biggest worry is that Ripple is given a Special carve out and approval use xrp In odl but at a price of not giving xrp Clarity for retail use cases this would Force them to choose between their Vision and their survival is that what Joel Katz meant Well turns out that Joel Katz apparently was just playing with Chat GPT And he those were not even his words on

In in his thing where he um he had asked Chat GPT to create Um this story okay and this guy was Basically good grief the poor guy just Had written a surprisingly confident log Line to have some fun following Reinhardt Kate's screenplay success so He was kind of kidding here I mean I Think he just kind of was writing a Story and Um So anyway Everybody's on edge these days so I Guess you know now this is interesting Right here because Stefan Huber who's Mr Huber now he says this is huge try it Yourself so so he went into Um chat GPT and he put does anybody Remember the art there was an article a While back where investigating whether Former official paved the way for crypto For there was an article that didn't Give a lot as I recall but what does This article report on what he asks and He's this was an article about a Potential investigation into Bill Hinman And what he did with ethereum so chat GPT answers this the Bloomberg article Published on June 22 2021 reports the SEC is investigating whether a former High-ranking official of the agency used Their position to benefit a Cryptocurrency company so Bloomberg had Put this out but it was just a nothing

Article and also the Wall Street Journal SEC Watchdog probes agency's handling of Cryptocurrency Market okay so the Entrance was that there was an Investigation but Stefan Huber who's Mr Huber pointed something very interesting Out that I had even forgotten right here The whole conversation with chat GPT Unchanged and from the beginning the AI Talks about an ongoing Inspector General Investigation into Bill hinman's speech On ethereum remember when the SEC denied John Deaton request for waiver because There might be an investigation in other Words I think what he's getting at is Were these articles just put out there Because Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal we know that they're That Wall Street Journal is where Gary Gensler Does all of his op-eds did these Organizate and we know our country is Completely corrupt now did these news Organizations put out these articles to Provide cover so that the so that John Deaton could not get his hands on what He was asking for here they in other Words hey oh we can't we can't release That because there's there's there's a Potential investigation here's the Article right Is that what went on here I don't put Anything past these people folks John Deaton doesn't either he says um this is Eleanor saying Republican leaders renew

Call for Gary Gensler to comply on Outstanding requests from Congress okay Will he comply and John Deaton says no He won't comply the financial services Committee may not even get him to Testify before it Then he makes a prediction Prediction uh Gary Gensler will testify Before the Senate Banking Committee Remember Elizabeth Warren and he says Because Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown will protect him Elizabeth Warren Is the one that feeds him feeds get Gives Gary all the answers to the Questions remember that and gives him All the questions before the hearing Um he is likely to send his enforcement Director to testify before the financial Services committee That's that's called coward folks okay So John Deaton is predicting that Gary Gensler will not even testify This is how corrupt our country now is Folks I can only hope and pray for my Children's future I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family That hope and pray that these dark Sick corrupt forces are removed from This country otherwise we're all doomed Folks


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