Ripple CEO/GC Settlement Negotiations? & XRP Price Zoom Out

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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I wanted to give a little Perspective this morning I happen to see This um this is from Perry Ann boring's Um Twitter thread and I happen to see This it says we survived the crypto Winner 2018. because in what's been Going on in the last year Um or so everybody's all freaked out Like this is uh oh this is so much worse Than than it's ever been and that's just Not true I don't care what's going on FTX uh Genesis all the different things It's been a lot worse than this I've Been through I think four or five of These like at least since 2013. but this Lady right here is saying is a thousand Percent correct but it's not just Millionaires she's saying millionaires Are made from buying in a bear Market All of the smartest and the and the Wealthiest and the um There there there's a couple of things That are done by these people I've Learned this just in markets in general But the way they play the games very Simple this is I remember this like it Was yesterday this was from August 6th 2018. Goldman Sachs puts this out

Goldman Sachs Bitcoin is never coming Back This is the kind of stuff we were that We saw back in 2018 it back then it Wasn't a quest it wasn't that um it Wasn't who's going to go bankrupt in Crypto it was weather crypto itself was Going to make it and that's the that's Where we were back then and so when I See this and then another thing this is Today's market it's a little over a Trillion back then we were down as low As a hundred billion I remember that now That was a time when we had to put our Big boy in big girl pants on hence That's how I ended up with the stupid Logo that I have that actually I think It's funny but uh a guy made that for me Um and uh it's a pair of big boy pants It's literally a pair of big boy pants And um so you can that's how that came About is um that I was telling bill you Got to put your big boy pants on you Don't have to understand this is a very Risky situation what everything that We're involved in here I always believed that crypto was never Going to go away and I still believe it Um and I think that I've been I think We've all been proven right on that but That's what we were facing back then I Just wanted to give everybody some Perspective there now check this out Um I love this new feature that Elon

Musk has done on Twitter when you type In xrp the first thing you see is what The current price is makes a lot of Sense now Um I wanted to cover a couple of the Apparently xrp I think it hit I didn't Even look let's see how high it hit uh In the last 24 hours It went as high as 41 almost 42 cents Okay so let's look at what these guys Are saying here's the egrag and crypto Xrp FIB Circle so it's it is a clear Penetration for FIB Circle 0.61 cents Anytime xrp touches FIB Circle 70 cents Will be the most critical point in this Run because either xrp will be rejected Heavily or pump heavily I'll keep Updating this chart and he's a permeable Okay so am I now dark Defender says um Xrp has broken the 39 cents resistance We have important Milestone at now at 44 Cents this resistance is one of the most Significant milestones for xrp Here We Zoom out to see 2017 versus 2023 Similarities check this out so here was 2014 resistance 2021 resistance 44 is Apparently key look where that arrow Goes at 44. two dollars and 20 cents That looks pretty cool I like the looks Of that now Let's move along now Bill Morgan is one Of the attorneys in the xrp community And he's retweeting this from uh chip it On the Chain a quote from Brad

Garlinghouse recently to the extent we Can find constructive path forward with The SEC we of course want to find that There's no scenario though when when we When we're going to set up to settle Unless there is absolute certainty about What xrp is going on a go forward basis Bill Morgan says kind of what my thought Pattern is Plenty of room in the in the In that for flexibility in settlement Negotiations I don't get the pessimism About settlement not happening before Decision on summary judgment Brad's Recent comments are messaging and Posturing they must be about to start Serious talks folks this is how I'm Thinking about this until I will stand By this until I see completely redacted Hinman documents I believe this thing Settles and I'm no attorney I'm just Telling you what this what we've seen Brad remember we don't ever see Stuart El doradi come out but once this thing Was wrapping up we started to see Stuart El doradi come out and do some Interviewing we've seen him do some Tweets we've seen Brad garlinghouse Address the potential of settlement and He and he talks about it in a negative Light now folks what this reminds me of Is uh you remember the movie A Christmas Story when they go shopping for Christmas trees well my dad was like

Ralphie's dad growing up my dad always Wanted to negotiate these guys love Going to use car lot to try to negotiate On a used car or a new car they just Love the game well make no mistake there This is a game okay anytime that as much As going on here is on the line it's a Game it's a negotiation it's all that Kind of thing so I still and and I Believe look as as hard as the SEC Fought to hide that Henman stuff it's Got to be bad now I could be wrong maybe It's not as bad as we thought but my gut Has told me all along that these guys Were up to no good and that it's all Proven in there remember some of the People on that list the Freedom of Information Act list do you remember Some of those names those names go all The way to Mike to Mark Andresen folks Of a16z the people that were having all Of these conversations there's a lot of Powerful people that could not possibly Want them to have this out and I had to Have those conversations shown to the World and how this SEC operates in all The Shady ways this was Stuart El doradi When and and for some reason half these Videos the sound has been cut out of Them on this one it's cut right when he Starts talking about but you can hear The first yes or no any settlement on The table We said publicly since day one that this

Case settles if the SEC makes clear that Ripple sales and distributions of xrp All right and basically he says what They've all said which is you've got to You've got to give us Clarity on xrp That it's not a security going forward And we'll settle We'll we can seal those Hinman documents And I'll see what I don't I still don't Know is if that judge I'm I'm assuming The judge decides soon whether or not Those documents that if the judge Decides that those documents are going To be unsealed That's when you're going to see Something in my opinion now like I said That could be a total chess move on the Part of the SEC and there's nothing in There but I don't believe that not based On what Brad garlinghouse said and I I Believe he keep Brad going house keeps On bringing up how awful the things in Those documents are and so it wouldn't Surprise me at all if we get a Settlement because of it now listen to What this guy says He's talking about all the speculation The cartoon monkeys that went on last Year Focus on what matters remove the herd Mentality STX So I'll tell you what happened back in The Bull Run I'm sure you know what Happened but then you know as well you

Saw that is that everything was pumping You know 10x 100x 1000x those things Were relatively common in the bull Market and what VCS did is they'll just Follow each other to the next sexy thing They don't get an idea Finally this came to an end this is all We've seen we haven't seen a real Bull Run we haven't seen the real what Happens when you not only have real Utility but you have the speculators Piling in because they realize what the Utility is going to be of something like An xrp you haven't seen that once you Have regulations that's when you're Going to see that now Um so now check this out this is so true History does repeat itself and this what We're seeing right now also with the Blockchain technology uh this is another Bubble it's like bubble again History repeating itself uh we're seeing A transition of wealth Into blockchain technology and they're Telling everyone to stay out of it it's Dangerous it's risk think about what's Going on folks you got Jim Cramer he's Oh you're an idiot if you're encrypt uh You this is what they do this is the Phase where they send out their Jim Cramers and they do things like I showed You in 2018 this is when Goldman and all These guys are scaring everybody out of Everything this is when this is the

Reason they have Jim cramers where they Are CNBC is not there to inform you CNBC is There to scare you when you need to be Scared and tell you to buy when you need To be told to buy that is what these People are for that is the reason that That social media is so powerful because All of a sudden you have just a bunch of Honest people that are out there telling You what they really think and aren't Being manipulated or trying to Manipulate you It's dangerous it's risky it's that but These things are going to blow up to Astronomical levels once we have Clarity Regulation and transparency because That's when institutional money comes in And when institutional money comes in These things go through the roof just Like that Um but then again there are it's not Just xrp we have xlm xdc Iota algorand Um h-bar hbar by the way many people Don't know this they work very closely With the military industrial complex You'd be so surprised how close the Military is and hedge they are with hbar Because they are going to use this Technology to develop military Applications I believe that too Um and then this right here is Michael Flynn who's the former National Security

Advisor of the US watch this But executive order 14067 is an executive order on Central Bank digital currencies and it is in Effect as of 13 December this past month And the this current government along With some private actors are right now In a beta test about a about a 90-day Beta test and that beta test is to start To test this idea of a central bank Digital currency now all right and then There's a second part to this [Music] 2023 I call it a year of transition and This is where we got to be out in front Of it the year of transition is really For two things it's for the financial System And it's for the health system Global Okay not of the United States of America But these these crowd this crowd back Here they are now this week talking About and they'll finish up this week They're talking about really two big Fundamental things that they want to Change the financial system of the world And we'll talk about bricks maybe here In a minute and the health system so There's a lot of good and evil going on Now when Brad garlinghouse was making His comments in Davos looks like huge Xrp transfers occurred after his Statement on xrp's importance and if you Missed it no I remember when I first

Started this Channel all we heard from The naysayers oh the banks will never Use xrp that's what that was the whole Slogan and Brad garlinghouse said 50 of All their transactions are being done in Xrp now Wow here's Brooks Entwistle from uh coin Telegraph interviewed him you guys have Waited a lot of noise over the last Couple of years what does 2023 look like For the organization and the uptake of Xrp and ripple in general sure well We're excited about 2023 Um you know we'll continue to hire but Selectively we're not naive to the fact That the macro environment is Continually challenged uh we'll continue To focus internationally we've been Doing that for some time uh Brad all of Us are out there talking about that Piece of it so the international build Will continue we need to get our Core Business rights and continue to grow That dramatically and then Focus as I Mentioned on other important issues like Cbdc's carbon credits and make sure that We don't get too distracted with too Many new exciting things that would take Away from kind of proving the use case In the big business so but it's a great Way to start the year I mean it's the 19th of January today we are here at Another conference last week in Switzerland uh Davos this week it feels

Like we're out of the gate strong with The agenda our teams are building Um and excited and so I feel great about How the years kicked off despite the Noise and macro and obviously very Challenging environment There you go Um now this is interesting right here I Saw this come across excited to Represent Stellar on cftc fam this is The uh the commissioner commissioner fam From the cftc who's been pro-crypto on Her Global markets advisory committee And help ensure the conversation Includes a blockchain point of view so I Wanted to ask her Because I do think that she has good Intentions Hey Caroline Fam I'm totally confused The cftc and the SEC planned the eth With the eth gang consensus Joseph lube And Andrew Keys ethereum got us an SEC Free pass And we know that there's disguised Whales from the Ico of that to this day That nobody seems to want to track down Cftc and SEC planned with FTX FTX was a Fraud Ripple gets sued by the SEC and Doesn't and is not accused of any fraud SEC leaves Stellar alone and allows Jed McCaleb while the SEC lawsuit against Ripples going on to continue to sell xrp Stellar now plans with the CF with the Cftc

Red flags everywhere I'm totally Confused I would love for someone to explain that To me now her Global markets advisory Community I just I decided to look to See who's on it we've got a HSBC BP Chamber of digital Commerce Perry and Boring Citadel dtcc there's the guy from Stellar we've got let's see anybody else Goldman Sachs is on it we've got sgx Group which is I think out of Switzerland Um we've got who else do we have we got Coin fund BlackRock virtue Financial JP Morgan bny Mellon ice that is the parent Company of backed CME Group Morgan Stanley Fidelity drw is a crypto company Um so that's what's going on now let's Finish with this xrp the standard Productions who is parody says just in Ripple and SEC attorney spotted together In New York City in a New York City Dunkin Donuts settlement talk Settlement talk sounds like it that that We might have to use settlement talks as A thumbnail just because of xrp Productions I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family settlement Talks thanks for listening [Music] Thank you

[Music] Thank you [Music]


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