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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and my son is about to make me Go get McDonald's so I figured I'd go Ahead and do this video Check this out egrag crypto xrp Diamond Bottom teeth got a ten dollar Target on This he says that this pattern doesn't Is not a common formation but it's Considered a strong bullish reversal Pattern now look if we can get an xrp Diamond bottom which I don't know what It is and combine that with a favorable Lawsuit outcome now I can get in the Target ten dollars I'm on board big time If that happens Mr B did an interesting Poll About how people over time have have Reacted to the the Ripple lawsuit and He's found here it looks like um He says since the SEC versus Ripple was Started over two years ago what best Describes your xrp position 60 percent Of people increased their position I was One of those people now Brad Garlinghouse was on Bloomberg yesterday Let's watch at least half of this On whether you have had ongoing Conversations with the SEC are you still Expecting ultimately a results from this

In this first half of the year So it's been about almost two and a half Years since that litigation began we Have tried to move forward as quickly as We possibly could uh the the litigation Is fully briefed in front of the federal Court and we do expect a decision Certainly in 2023 the question is the First half the nature of that is the Judge we don't get to control that I Think it's clear that the judge and Volunteer is aware of how seminal this Issue is and how important this case is So on one hand I think that's good Because it's getting attention on the Other hand we want to be thoughtful and To get it right so that takes time That's okay well you allude to the fact That the implications of this go well Beyond Ripple it could have implications For the industry as a whole what Conversations are you having with your Fellow industry leaders surrounding this How worried are they about the ultimate Decision here so I think people have Come to realize that this was not the The case SEC bringing the case against Ripple was not really just a case about Ripple or about xrp it's really about The industry and how the SEC is kind of Playing offense and attacking the whole Industry two and a half years ago this Started I'm not sure everyone fully Digested that and now that is widely

Understood this is going to be pivotal For the whole industry because if the SEC is able to Prevail I think there's a Lot of other cases and some of them just The last four weeks I think they brought Five additional Enforcement cases the Macro headline for me is this is not a Healthy way to regulate an industry your Regulation through enforcement as Opposed to what we're seeing in other Countries where they're doing the work Right they're codifying they're creating A framework that allows an industry to Grow while protecting consumers and I Think that's really what the US is Lagging and stuff for why I'm here in Washington is to continue to try to Evangelize and educate you know here's How these Technologies can really Benefit consumers benefit industry now Um one thing I disagree with him on is That the the uh I used to think that the Ripple case would be beneficial for the If they win for the rest of the industry The only problem is that we know Gary Gensler too well now Even if it's favorable for ripple Gary's Not going to say oh well Ripple was xrp Was declared not a security in the Secondary market and so I won't go after Any of these exchanges now He's not he's not going to say that he's Going to keep going after them anyway Because Gary has no allegiance to the

Law the judge already said it not me And so until Congress passes something Which John Deaton says has not happening Until 2025 you could very if this goes Favorably for ripple you could very Easily have only Ripple With in the clear and all these other People facing lawsuits that where the Lawsuits filed even though Gary Gensler Knows that things went favorably for xrp And he just ignores it because that's What he's going to do as long as this Guy's in office Um now and then Brad growinghouse Retweeted he says um she asked if um the U.S doesn't get its act together is is All of a sudden crypto going offshore he Says it already is I've seen it I've Said it before I'll say it again crypto Moving offshore is not good for American Innovation period Full Stop Now Eleanor Tarrant had put this out and there's Going to be a hearing the digital assets Financial technology inclusion Subcommittee hearing And it's two o'clock on Thursday March 9th and she said that she's found out That coinbase's uh Chief legal officer Is going to be there All right and it looks like seems like Seems like I read somewhere Brown Armstrong would be there maybe I didn't But anyway I said uh why are they having The same old crypto people that have

Been part of the problem have John Deaton up there he's been fighting this Thing for years the coinbase people Haven't done squat because they thought That they're dot e friends had gotten a Free pass and now they found out Otherwise right Brian Armstrong.easy dropped the dot eth off His name a few months ago when he Realized uh oh Ethan Easton the radar Too And then there's this guy who's the Attorney this is one of the attorneys For consensus who was involved in the E Free pass they thought they thought that They and Bitcoin were going to be the Crypto market and they didn't give a Rats behind about the rest of the market Back then but now all of a sudden They're angry at the government that's What his tweet says and so I said it Here yep these guys thought they had Their ethereum free pass and they almost Did then a few Twitter sleuths altered The plan that's exactly how this went Down now met a law man who's an attorney He said this just didn't void your Bankruptcy judge excoriates the SEC in Court today the judge said he was Absolutely shocked at the SEC sec's Objection to the Voyager bankruptcy plan Because the SEC was asked asking Voyager To prove a negative and that the plan Doesn't violate Securities laws with

Little guidance from the SEC itself the Lawyer for the SEC even declined to take It a defense definitive position in Court on whether the Voyager token it Was itself a security regardless of the Merits of the proposed plan to sell Voyager assets is refreshing It's refreshing to see a judge who gets It and then there was this one up from Stefan Huber judge Wiles slamming the SEC rep about their objection says Paraphrase you're asking the debtor to Prove that crypto is being transacted Are not Securities but you've given no Regulatory guide as to what what that is These people are sick folks these these Attorneys that we've sought during the Ripple case they'll argue one thing and Then they'll argue something that's just The exactly the opposite and completely Ignore what the law says just to serve Whatever their purpose is further down In the lawsuit Um we saw it with the Hinman speech First they said it was his personal Opinion then later they said no it was The opinion of the um one section of the Of the the division of corporate finance I mean they changed it like two or three Times because they're Liars okay that's The word okay new According To Source Familiar with buying it so now Gary Gary Is one truck Gary's going after crypto From the SEC and he's got his his buddy

Elizabeth Warren going after people with Her stuff so she uh has sent a letter She and she's gotten together with some Of her other anti-crypto people in Congress they sent CZ finance a letter Demanding details about finances AML Controls yeah Elizabeth Warren cares so Much Please this is what it's really about John Deaton lays it out here this is a Tweet he's got breaking the SEC chair Implies crypto exchanges may not be Qualified custodians as new rule is Drafted and John says of course Gary Gensler says they aren't qualified Custodians that's because JP Morgan Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley Fidelity BlackRock Etc are the only qualified ones exactly What Charles Payne and I have discussed On the show crushed the exchanges so the Incumbents can get a bigger slice see This is what people aren't thinking About Gary Gensler is going to be the Most pro-crypto person on the planet But only after he puts the startups out Of business so he can hand it to the Incumbents when you start seeing Goldman And JP Morgan raise their hands and say Hey we we're doing crisp crypto custom Now you can you can trade crypto with us That's when you're going to see Gary He'll be the biggest crypto fan in the World and you'll finally see just how

Corrupt he is Um this the coindesk article says if the U.S fumbles the ball the ball will get Further out of its reach they totally Misunderstand what's going on if they Think that Gary Gensler and friends they Don't see this as fumbling the ball at All they see it as their incumbent Friends are getting their infrastructure Right and getting their custody right And that we're going to have the Greatest crypto industry in the world That's the way they see it they think Their job is to put all of the potential Competitors out of business so that so That JP Morgan and the boys can and Goldman can have a racket for the next Hundred years like they have for the Last hundred that's what this is about For them Stuart El doradi was interviewed in an Article and he tweeted about it we need To have more Frank discussions about What it means to build crypto companies In the U.S now there was a couple of Comments out of the article that were Significance Eleanor terrett puts one Here a summary judgment is expected any Day Al doradi said it said maybe as soon As the end of this month that's what James Flynn said he thought it would Come by March 31st so any day now we're Getting a this is over or at least This part of it's over now they keep

Teasing Um Ripple and I what I think this is As we've seen David Schwartz tease about It we've seen Brad garlinghouse and Stuart elradi And they keep teasing Supreme Court and All this and I believe that that's to Probably to pad the you know people's Mentalities out there with look this Could happen Supreme Court which would Make this thing go on for longer this Could happen and I think they're You know it's I think they're decreasing Expectations in the you know because it Could go that way and so you know We got to be big boys and big girls out Here that's just part of it there is That scenario Um but right here Wrath of Kahneman in The article Stuart Elder Audi notes if The judge sides with the SEC Ripple can And will immediately appeal and that I Would supremely I would be supremely Confident that this is a winner in the Supreme Court now Knowing Gary the way that we know Gary Gary doesn't care about Investors the Only thing Gary cares about is Gary Garrett Gary cares about all his Wall Street friends patting him on his bald Head to say you did what we asked W Gary Good job and so in order for him to have Done a good job but but here's the other Thing he cares about is that treasury

Job in order for him to complete the Deal he needs a win okay well oh I Believe that I don't I don't think an Appeal or the Supreme Court is a win for Gary because Gary won't be there when it Finishes up I think that Gary Needs a resolution this is just what I Think I think that his worst case Scenario is a resolution where he can Hold up a record SEC fund and I think That's what I think he's waiting for This decision so if the decision goes His way okay I got my win and they can Appeal it and all that but I just don't I think that this thing Unfortunately first of all I think that The judge rules in Ripple's favor but I Just feel like Gary will settle this Thing before it drags on Beyond this Decision I just feel like that because This guy is a self-centered piece of you Know what it's all about him and his Career advancement and that is why I Think that one way or another this thing Is going to end here shortly John Deaton says every lawyer I know is Advising clients not to cooperate with The SEC the environment Gary Gensler has Created to fight back is to fight back If a subpoena can be lawfully challenged In court that's what you do if the SEC Lawyers threaten to bankrupt you the way They did Library file suit And then finally I was listening to this

Twitter space is uh Bread comes from digital perspectives Was on there with chamber of digital Commerce and period boring who is a Major Bitcoin Maxi and Brad drops the Bomb question they didn't answer because They can't answer it I summarized it Here kudos to Brad for dropping this Bomb of a question that has never been Asked or addressed by any of the Bitcoin Max he's in crypto the answer is not Important because they avoided it they Have no choice because they have no Answer the leading Bitcoin proponents Either no no who Satoshi is or they Don't know which is and don't want to Know which is extremely dangerous I Believe they do know folks I believe the Top Bitcoin from proponents in the United States all know and always have None which is a scandal within itself I Believe they have known who Satoshi is And have pretended like they didn't That's what I believe in I'm not saying That about Perry and boring but I'm Saying that I think the top one ones do And listen to what Brad and I I didn't Even play for you the answer because There was no answer if I could uh I just Wanted to say you know I thought it was Fist who were down to Roddy Ripple's General Counsel had commented on uh Gary Ginsler talking about Bitcoin being the Only thing that was not a security and

It really puts him in a position where He could really recuse himself from any Votes that happened within the SEC based On digital assets and any kind of Lawsuits because he's prejudged Everything without the information and Another thing you know and I don't say This from any other position than the Legal argument of being able to invest In alphanumeric code which is what we're All talking about with digital assets Here you know how do where do we know Bitcoin where it came from right you Know how is it that we can just say that That itself is Nothing wrong with it how do we know That there's not a bad country a North Korea let's say or a Russia that's Behind the creation of that and God Knows what could happen 10 years from Now if you guys could just comment on That on the way out I'd appreciate it Wow those long Paws there because there Has to be a pause because these people Either know Or they don't want to know either way There's all kinds of shadiness to it I'm The digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family I think most of them Know thanks [Music]

Thank you [Music]


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