Mind Blowing Ripple Equity Math & Dubai Bank List : Which Will Use XRP First?

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[Music] Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and sorry Mr B But I'm I'm checking my volumes to make Sure they're right it's become a little Habit look what John Deon went and did Folks he went and laid out the numbers In the fact Jack as I've said this said More than three years Ripple is not Going to abandon xrp it has a fiduciary Duty not to do the math 2015 series a Valuation 128 million 2016 series B 410 Million two 2020 series C 10 billion Before Jay Clayton drops the lawsuit Suit and then in 2022 they did a series C buyback valuation at 15 billion last Year Ripple bought back at series C Shares at a 50% higher price Ripple Clearly believed investing 300 million In itself was the best investment Available at the time but Ripple did so During the worst crypto be market we've Experienced and before the Tores ruling That took a lot of balls now you can see The reasons why I've said Brad rling House is arguably the MVP of crypto CEO Company CEOs Ripple's pre-ipo shares Clearly traded a valuation significantly Less than the 15 billion but now they Have all these good things in their Corner owning 48 billion to 50 billion

In xrp makes it insane to em abandon xrp If xrp reaches $2 Ripple has an asset Valu at a hundred billion do you get the Picture John is d ding ding ding John's Directly over the Target and my you're In luck my sponsor link to has tons of Ripple private equity on the I don't Know if they've got tons they've been Running out of it actually but they did Put some back up in the last couple of Days so you need to know about it Brad Garling house now we we covered this in The last video Dubai's regul about Dubai's Regulators what they did let's Make no mistake about it it allows Licensed firms in Dubai International Financial Center to incorporate xrp into Their virtual ass virtual Asset Services Folks do you know what this means Because I went and looked at the dub by Financial Services Authority to see who These licensed firms are in other words Who can use xrp in their business now Well here we go let's look at who can Use it here's who can use xrp remember Remember the last five plus years all We've heard is banks will never use x Xrp well here's a list of the licensed Firms the authorized firms that through This will now be able to use xrp in Dubai Standard Chartered Bank credit Swiss AG barlay Bank NASDAQ Dubai AIG Ernston young could use it um I'm Looking for some bigname banks here um

There's a ton of them too City group Global markets limited DBS DBS Bank Morgan Stanley can use it um Let's see here Dubai mertile exchange Maril Lynch can use it sui Sumit Tomo Mitsu banking corporation I think that's One of Ripple's Partners they can use it State Bank of India can use it deoe and And to touch Touch um New York merant till Exchange um who else Goldman Sachs can Use it Franklin Templeton can use xrp UBS JP Morgan Chase Bank Roth child and Company Middle East can use xrp in can Use It we're loading more banks that can use It soci Society General can use xrp mufg Bank can use xrp just to name a Few how about that folks steuart alera Weigh in doing business in DC free zone Puts you under a regulat DFS say that is Providing clear guidance and Rule books No wonder entrepreneurs are flocking to Dubai I agree Stu check this out this is Uh this is Anthony welfare I think this Is him on stage listen to what he says There's uh you'll see ripples logo back Here too he works on cbdcs for ripple Global Perspective right yeah yeah no Definitely the way regulations moving With cryptos and blockchain is very Interesting and it's very different to The sort of tech boom so if you think of Google Facebook and those they were all

America and it was America First in Essence whereas this seems to be Completely the opposite so if you look At Asia and APAC their their regulations And rules give a take are very much Ahead of everyone else the Middle East Fairly fairly well sort of structured a Little less structured and then you've Got Europe where arguably Europe and the UK are basically where the best regul And the best rules and laws come from And that's historic you know we're in Historic castle and you know British law And European law is known across the World as the best law so to change rules And laws in Europe is complex because You've got this very strong Foundation But with me and what the European Union And ECB and everyone has been doing is Moving that forward very quickly and I Have to say you know the ECB and 26 Countries in the EU to get to meet where It is is actually fantastic achievement And it allows the country the companies In European Union some certainty now to Do things to innovate and try things That's what we need as Europe to then be Able to take on and be the PowerHouse to Sort of crypto and blockchain that's Good there you go and then look Michael Sailor has gone to do some Bitcoin Victory Laps on CNBC let's see if he Says anything crazy or half sane J Joining us is the founder and executive

Chairman Michael sailor along with our Own Morgan Brennan Michael it's always Good to have you so you don't think you Have enough exposure you have what 158,000 Bitcoin Holdings in micro Strategy you want more you can never Have too much Bitcoin we're uh we're big Bitcoin Bulls uh our thesis is that uh Bitcoin is digital property but without The risks and the liabilities of of Commercial real EST State it's a digital Commodity without the risk and the Liabilities of gold it's a digital Tech Investment without the risk and the Liabilities of big Tech and so we're Bullish you know it's funny people Sometimes forget that you're like a soft An Enterprise software company and I Noticed that you're doing some new Partnerships on AI with Microsoft and I And I wonder if that kind of good news Gets overshadowed or any kind of news About your fundamental business gets Overshadowed by just being a proxy for Bitcoin what really excited about our Partnership with Microsoft and AI we've We're the first bi company to put AI Into our product line and it's uh it Provides great artificial intelligence Boost to our business intelligence Business we're going to use it to grow The business by acquiring new customers And also it's accelerating Cloud um Adoption within our customer base yeah

Michael it's Morgan and of course that Business also helps enable you to buy More Bitcoin um the fact that we have Seen Bitcoin rally as strongly as it has Over the past month I mean the SEC seems Likely to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF After that key Court loss does the Introduction of an ETF help or hurt Investor appetite for micro strategy Specifically well I think it's going to Help it's going to it's going to Accelerate adoption and it's also going To accelerate institutional awareness And education efforts of Wall Street to Teach the 99% of the investors that Don't know about Bitcoin what it's all About micro strategy is a differentiated Offering um I think spot Bitcoin etfp is A great thing for investors but we don't Charge a fee we use intelligent leverage And we can generate a tax deferred Bitcoin premium for our investors so for People that are really long-term Bulls On bitcoin we represent a pretty Attractive option or alternative to a Spot Bitcoin ETF okay I've had enough no I mean look And and then we've got here we have um CNBC is do doing their duty to make sure They help to craft the narrative that It's all about Sam bankman closing Arguments in the trial of FTX founder Sam bankman freed it is wrapping up Almost done being the fate of the hands

Of uh the jury when they kick off Deliberations that's going to happen Later today Kate Rooney has been Covering the tri trial I should say from The beginning she joins us now with more So we got the final final closing yeah We're going to be on verdict watch as Soon as today Andrew we have yesterday Though we got very different portraits Two different portraits of Sam bman Freed during closing arguments yesterday On one side a secretive villain on the Other a naive entrepreneur who just had Good intent the prosecution tried to Simplify this criminal case calling it Greed they called it fraud and a pyramid Of Deceit built by the defendant folks If you look at the organizational charts Of FTX that pyramid was not created by That guy I'll go ahead and tell you the The guy that plays video games during an Interview didn't happen if you come in My group I'll tell you what I think did Happen a lot of what this thing goes a Long way folks long way down the rabbit Hole um and it is something Dp.com and go find out what we're Talking about in there you're in big Trouble when crypto turns on you they're A lot they're showing Joe Luben and Sam Bankman freed in the same thing you have To wonder if there's a setup to come for Joe Luben if anybody deserves someone to Come investigate them he's earned that

Right no question about it now I'm going Off into the group now and I'm telling You Folks come on in and we're also I'm Working on I'm GNA I'm working on with Brad KS on a uh potential if he does xrp Los Vegas a discount for for members Only in the group um for xrp Las Vegas And uh I'm going to my sponsors like Different sponsors and I'm uh working Out I'm trying to work out deals where I'm going to um I'll make it where it Costs you money not to be in the group Is what I'm is my goal so that's what We're going to do and it'll be awesome I And I'll be able to do that here in the Next I'll have it where it costs you Money not to be in my group probably Within the next week week and a half It'll be something and that that'll be That's the ultimate way to do it right All right see you in a bit I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that in the Group today at Dp.com we're going further down the Rabbit Hall we're going to talk about a Guy named Archie Chan a lot of Chans a Lot of Chans in this FTX thing we're GNA We're going to talk about a tiny tiny Little Bank in Washington

There's so much more here than CNBC Wants to let you know about they want You to believe their narrative and it's A bunch of BS thanks for [Music] Listening [Music]


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