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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel look at this headline from the Crypt basic Ripple CTO says xrp ledger Pivoting to rwa tokenization that's real World asset tokenization pursued by Firms like JP Morgan and Bank of America And so here what's happening you'll see As we get further into this is JP Morgan And Bank of America they're basically Just copying what The xrp Ledger is Doing and they're doing it in a rather Uh a rather notable centralized fashion Because the concept of tokenizing assets Which is something that people were Talking about well before I jumped into Crypto but I've certainly been talking About it for the last six years that I've been in crypto you know this is Something that you know was Conceptualized certainly by David Schwarz and his crew that be Jed MB and Arthur brdo in 2011 and then xrp itself was created in June of 2012 so it sounded like a good Idea to them over a decade ago and now You have some of the largest financial Entities on the planet JP Morgan Bank of America saying huh there might be Something to that tokenization thing There might be something to it now that That's 20123 and then the question is which is The best way to go about tokenizing Pretty much everything that exists on

The damn Planet xrp Ledger are our Clos Systems created by centralized entities And I think ultimately big picture the Truth is that depending on the use case And risk tolerances and specific Parameters of whatever the hell you're Working on uh it could be either it's Probably technically not going to be a One-size fits-all but there's always Going to be a place for this stuff I'll Tell you within a decentralized system Such as The xrp Ledger and there's been Such adoption because xrp and xrp Ledger Was among the first movers it's here to Stay folks might this have been a good Idea over a decade ago yes it's just Such early days so I'm going to share With you uh the what what David Schwarz Had to say about this Ripple CTO but uh Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy is making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun Ripple's CTO David Schwarz has revealed That The xrp Ledger is moving towards Realworld asset tokenization or rwa for Short A scene pursued by prominent firms such As JP Morgan and Bank of America Schwarz

Made these remarks while discussing the Journey of The xrp Ledger in a recent Interview he expressed his satisfaction With the fact that the technology behind The xrp Ledger is getting more attention These days instead of an Allin obsession With xrp it's gas token and so I will Pause to note here there's way more Attention uh for xrp and The xrp Ledger Even if you set aside the the price Stuff which admittedly we as speculators Here we care about a lot and we should We should and there's you you know There's usefulness to speculators like Us being in the space obviously um you Know without speculators good luck Getting your project going you know like We're kind of useful even though people Like to crapple over speculators just Because they make silly financial Decisions and find some of that's fun to Tease I do it too but I still actually Appreciate the fact that there are Humans out there you know creating the Liquidity and all every because I'm Telling you if there's not actual value There good luck building a Dap on top of That blockchain I'm just saying it's It's hard to bootstrap especially in 2023 a new blockchain and so the fact That there's this whole ecosystem here That's now been around over a decade um I'm just saying we should sufficiently Value the speculators that have propped

It up for the entirety of that time That's all that I'm saying here uh but But uh certainly way more Developers Building on top of the xrp Ledger than Way back in the day and it's been Increased even if you just look over the Last 12 months it's obviously been Increasing directionally doing the right Thing and those chains that have more Developer activity are more likely to Live don't you think goes back to what I Was saying when I jumped into crypto and I was saying it when I launched this Channel a half a decade ago you know Utility matters and will win the day That's that I understand people don't Sufficiently care and it's a very Complex space out space out there today I get that but that's the truth in the End and uh the piece continues the Ripple CTO emphasized that xrp remains a Token that market participants can buy Hold and transfer however he stressed That the token itself is not as Interesting as the core technology Powering The xrp Ledger yeah so quick Comment on that one that's fair and I I Will tell you that me being a Speculator Myself holding xrp now over six Years um you know the price and stuff That's of Paramount importance to me but If you're talking in terms of Interest From a technical perspective what's more Interesting it would be The xrp Ledger

But here's the cool thing they're so Intertwined so even if you want because I get it the code for the the token Itself not as exciting but if you look At uh what happens when you're talking About building applications on top of The xrp Ledger you know unlocking use Cases as adoption proceeds as as those Things happen understand that the xrp uh That xrp itself is required for all of That so to me it's it's intertwined in Such a way that all the stuff that isn't Xrp specific even if it's xrp Ledger Specific to me it's pretty much equally Interesting do you do most of you feel That way because I've always felt that Way like I've always been super Interested in just random developments On The xrp Ledger because I understand That the more developers building on top Of the Ledger and the more traction we Get there the more stained power we have In those regards the higher the price Ultimately for xrp right more xrp Getting used more interest surrounding It more people speculating on it supply And demand does its thing right right Anyway peace continues he further called Attention to the xrp Ledger's unique Nature at the early stage of blockchain Adoption noting that the network was the First layer one blockchain not built From the Bitcoin technology During the 201122 period quote from David Schwarz

So it's exciting to see more focus on The technology you're right Institutional adoption of The xrp Ledger Technology is growing end quote yep oh Definitely going the right direction and I don't know how many of you are aware Of this fun little fact but as cited in The article that is correct uh xrp Ledger is the first blockchain in Existence that was created from scratch After Bitcoin it's the first everything So there's Bitcoin first obviously but But up to that point every new Cryptocurrency was actually just a clone Of Bitcoin the code which is open source Was copied and then tweaked in X number Of ways whatever whatever they're doing Try trying to make it better uh and that Was that but xrp was the first that was They were like no let's just scrap all That that the ideas need it makes sense But let's just try and make an entirely Better version of that we'll just it use An entirely different uh consensus Mechanism so we're not going to use Proof of work there's no mining uh and They came up with that and these are People who are very fond of Bitcoin uh They they thought that there was Obviously obviously going to be major Problems in terms of scaling in the Future boy did they hit the nail in the Head on that one right but they thought That there's a better way to do this and

Here we are a decade later with xrp not Even close to to um approaching a Scaling issue not even Close um anyway U peace continues According to him part of the reason Behind this growing interest in Adoption is the Heritage that the Network was built around he confirmed That the original Architects including Him built The xrp Ledger for Enterprise Finance applications and crossbo Payments yeah and so that's in line with What I i' remember him saying like half A decade ago whenever it was cuz when he Talked about the idea of like the Origins like why what's what's with the Origins of xrp and The xrp Ledger it was Just to build a better Bitcoin and he Always stated that it would have Something to do with payments just in General at least Loosely something to do With payments it's just that they didn't Know exactly what that would look Like um anyway peace continues he noted That in the early days he and the other Architects were looking at ways to Bolster Enterprise adoption for Solutions like Bitcoin for such adoption To occur they would need to establish Bridges connections and other pivotal Technologies Schwarz then revealed that He is extremely excited about delving Into real world asset Tokenization he stressed that

Establishing efficient tokenization of Real world assets has grown to be a real Problem The xrp Ledger is positioned to Solve this problem and of course now Pause Toote isn't it cool as hell that The xrp Ledger has the world's first ever ever Decentralized exchange and it's the First platform where you can create new Tokens on it and and it may be the case At this point fine ethereum is most Famously known for that especially with It smart contract functionality and it's Easy to understand why and the coins That were getting built on there Specifically because there's that smart Contract functionality but The xrp Ledger is the first blockchain in Existence where that was possible and so Here's a quote from from Schwarz real World asset tokenization is something That I'm pretty excited about right now Because that's a real problem and There's real interest from mainstream Financial giants like JP Morgan and Bank Of America which are actively pursuing Tokenization of traditional assets end Quote fols you could find videos from me From literally half a decade ago where I'm talking about this and and I'm not Pretending like I'm the only one but we Saw this coming as a community did we Not an increasingly liquid world where Everything ultimately Under the Sun is

Tokenized unless there's some reason Where it doesn't make sense okay fine I Mean I'm not going to tokenize my pet Peeve probably right which is my lovely 8-year-old little terrier mix I'm Probably not going to tokenize her Although even then I've seen instances Brought up where I there's a discussion I can't this is from years ago I might Have mentioned on the channel years ago Where somebody was talking about why They'd want to tokenize a horse and I Might sounds silly on the purf on the Surface but there's actual reasons for That you know when it comes to like Horse racing or this or that various People investing in specific horses and The horse breed and the whole nine yards Because there's a whole industry Surrounding that and it actually can Make sense to tokenize a horse and Living creatures I know it sounds silly In the service but there's seemingly Good reasons behind it anyway but the Point is you're going to be in an Increasingly tokenized world that's what We're talking about here and and you'll Be able to get in and out of all sorts Of various assets that are tokenized Very quickly and in order to do that on Platforms where you're not going to have A trading pair for everything you won't Of course and people are going to use All sorts of different uh platforms to

Get in and out of positions you're Always going to need a bridge and xrp is Great for that for for connecting Various platforms you just need xrp Which is non-jurisdictional and Decentralized on various platforms and It has been broadly adopted and then Outside of that if you don't want to Worry about that the cool thing is for Everything that is tokenized on The xrp Ledger itself bam it's right there it's Done you can get in and out of any Position that's right there so it does Make sense to house a bunch of it on the Xrp I'm just noting that even if not Because xrp itself is so liquid Relatively speaking you know compared to Other Cryptocurrencies like you can still even If assets are on different platforms you Can still have that quick movement which Is cool as hell and so you can see how This is starting to fles out now that More time is passing anyway piece Continues projected to hit $30 trillion By 2030 the tokenization industry has Become a Hot Topic in the crypto scene Uh with projects such as Floy looking to Jump on it Anthony welfare Ripple's cbdc Adviser revealed in July that Ripple Aims to transform the real estate Industry through Tokenization in a previous interview David Schwarz expressed his desire to

See The xrp Ledger serve as the go-to Platform for tokenized real world assets He noted that The xrp Ledger boasts all The attractive features for this purpose Including low Fees and so there you go it's something That we've known is coming forever but This is just as time passes further Validation we were on the right path Then on the right path now it's it's all Coming and more and more people are Coming and so that's why it's just so Astonishing that we've had this Opportunity to be so early in the Development of this and to actually Invest in a token which is part of this Whole thing it makes it all Possible what a ride folks it's good Stuff so that's why I always say like Yeah I love to track price action of XR PM I was curious as you and everybody Else that holds xrp because we got skin In the game that makes it super duper Interesting I'm just making the broader Point that when it comes to developments Within the xrp Ledger that requires the Utility of xrp that ultimately does Impact the price so we should be Probably equally interested I would Argue I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right that would be A very very very bad idea until next Time to the Moon Lambo


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