It Would Take 245,174 YEARS To Burn ALL XRP In Transaction Fees

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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel as I'm sure all of you are Aware with every single xrp transaction There's a tiny little shred of xrp that Is burnt forever it's it's the it's the Fee for transacting on The xrp Ledger And the reason that this exists is as a Preventive measure uh so you can't have The type of denial or service techno the DDOS attacks that would otherwise Undoubtedly play the system because it Gets very expensive if you want to bog Down The xrp Ledger and you can only do It for a very short period of time and Then what have you really achieved even If so but but you really wouldn't Because the the price can transact it Escalates so quickly that it's ordered Any sort of measurable meaningful way uh You know slow down via that kind of Thing it would just be an ungodly amount Of money and then again you haven't Actually achieved anything but so anyway That's why it's built in but have you Ever wondered given that xrp is Deflationary have you ever wondered Since with every single transaction uh Xrp is being burnt how long it would Take before there is no more xrp until It's it's all gone due to being burnt Well I mean I'm not going to make you Wait until later in the video I'm not Going to tease you I'll tell you this But I do have more to say about the

Topic but as it turns out it would take At current levels over 245 000 years to burn all of the xrp in Existence uh in transaction fees Um and what got me thinking about this Is some data that was shared by Ripple In their Q4 2022 xrp market report so I'll share some of that as well but Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun and so Here's some data shared by Ripple in This xrp Q4 2022 markets report and they Highlighted something in that I mean Maybe I'm just not recalling this but I Don't remember them normally sharing This particular on-chain metric in Previous xrp market reports again maybe I'm just not recalling it for some Reason but xrp burned for transaction Fees is listed right here and so they've Got the data for Q4 of 2021 just so you Can compare year over year and then you Also in case you want to compare month Over month they've got Q3 of 2022 and Q4 Of 2022. so you can see that when the Market was hot in 2021 in Q4 I'll just Use a round number here 365

000 xrp burned in that quarter Q4 of 2021. so if you fast forward a year Actually a lot less was burnt but There's less action in crypto just in a General sense in terms of a transaction And speculation so I don't think it's Going to surprise anybody but it's close To a hundred and one thousand xrp that Was burned so less than a third compared To just that for the same quarter just One year prior So and look I understand that this is a Moving Target you know the the amount of Xrp burned over a particular quarter uh It's gonna vary wildly but still this Will get you a good idea of why we don't Have to worry about running out of xrpr It's just it's not going to happen and You know I I heard you know years ago People doing their own calculations Talking about how you know if xrp were Actually all birth that it would take Thousands of years and um I honestly Having been an expert holder now for Over half a decade until today I've Actually never run my own calculations I Was I mean I was kind of curious but and Part of the reason not is because I Could already tell the numbers are so Big that whatever my numbers would Ultimately be should I run such a Calculation it's still a it's obviously A non-issue but I thought you know what What the hell let's just scrunch some

Simple numbers here so let's just assume For the sake of things that the amount Of xrp burnt in Q4 of last year uh let's Just assume that that were always the Rate now obviously obviously it's not Going to be but a very so wildly you Know you got to work with some number Right so let's just say that it was What's listed here 101 968 xrp burnt Gone Forever Um you know so that so you know if that Were the case then it's uh what 407 000 Or so xrp at that rate per year that's Burned and so if you just run some Simple math what you find is that in Order for all xrp to be burnt it would Take 245 174 years Me thinks it's not a problem folks he Thinks it's not going to be a problem Now of course you might be thinking but You know xrp in the crypto S Class it's In its nasency now surely surely there's Uh there's gonna be way more traffic on The xrp Ledger utilizing xrp so way more Xrp is going to be regularly burnt than What we're seeing here and if you say That I say Kudos I agree I do agree but let's just Use a big number let's just say that 100 Times as much xrp was being burnt 100 Times as much as what we're seeing today Then it would still take even with a

Hundred-fold increase it would still Take 2 451 years for all xrp to be worked 2451 years if 100 times as much as xrp Was being burnt then is actually being Burnt at current levels so that leaves a Lot of room for adoption and it still Takes thousands of years Now let's get more crazy though and I Don't know if we're ever gonna literally See this but even if we do ain't gonna Be a problem in our lifetimes Um but even let's say there were a Thousand fold increase In the amount of xrp being meaning There's obviously xrp is wildly adopted That is happening and I'm sure I could Only imagine what it would be worth Would it be hundreds of dollars or more Than a thousand I mean I don't pretend To know what the answer would be but if You're talking about a thousand times as Much xrp being burnt as what we're Actually seeing in Q4 we actually saw in Q4 of 2022 it would still take 245 years 245 years for all extra P to be burned So I'm not I don't know if we're ever Going to see it even you know past you Know 100 years from now I don't know if You're going to see that type of Increase But I you know I share that information Just acknowledging that yes there's Broad volatility when it comes to xrp

And really crypto in general and so it's All over the place but that's why I'm Saying like even if it were way more Adopted it's still very clearly a Non-issue and since I'd never crunched The numbers before and ripple put the Data right there in front of me I was Like huh I happen to have a calculator It's in my pocket Um and then they did share some Additional information Um it's all positive stuff in terms of Adoption of on-demand liquidity nothing But positive good awesome sauce stuff Here and so they uh they wrote The Following starting right here Despite a broader Market slowdown On-chain activity on The xrp Ledger Stayed relatively buoyant as trading Volumes across the broader Market slowed The number of transactions on The Ledger Increased by over 3 million spurred Primarily by nft activity once the Xls-20 amendment passed on November 2nd Of 2022 although the number of Transactions increased xrp burned due to Transaction fees declined by 33 percent And the average cost of a transaction in USD remained virtually zero During that same period of time the Average transaction fee on the ethereum Network was 2.75 cents And on the Bitcoin network was 1.23 oh Think about this this way from a

Technological perspective there just is No damn comparison Xrp transaction substantially less than Less than a penny and for Bitcoin one Dot it's 1.23 ethereum 2.75 cents Thing uh you you can uh you can move Bitcoin on The xrp Ledger by having it Represented uh by an IOU at least you Can do that like J does with spin the Bits so uh that way Bitcoin doesn't have To be obsolete even though it's layer One technology unquestionably is uh you Know Not exactly impressive in 2023 just and I'm a big fan of Bitcoin but still it Just it is what it is I'm just a realist Here and then take a look at this uh Ripple wrapped up 2022 with its Strongest year to date of focusing on Crypto utility and scaling its on-demand Liquidity as Ripple net continues to Grow despite a tumultuous Market Ripple Experienced the highest amount of demand From both new and existing customers Adopting on-demand liquidity today Ripple's crypto powered payment solution Is available in nearly 40 payout markets Up from just three markets in 2020. so As Paul says say that is absolutely Incredible and xrp is not going to cease To exist it is not going away it it Unquestionably is not going to even if We get a disaster uh you know scenario From the SEC Ripple loss in the United

States it's not going away Even worst case scenario Ripple just Ceases to do business with any Anyone in the United States effectively Okay I don't think That I'm just saying Nintendo then if you think about the Long-term viability of X or P it's my Firm Stance that in order for a crypto To have long-term viability it just Needs to have one purpose one actual use And it needs to be adopted for that use And so right here we're already seeing That with on-demand liquidity that's What now obviously there's many other Use cases and I'm interested in the Totality of the xrp ecosystem when uh When contemplating what my investment in Xrp is actually worth Ripple just Happens to be a very important player in The ecosystem but I'm saying even with Just this one even if there weren't Others this is enough for xrp to Continue to exist and as crypto Continues get adopted it'll just become Worth more and more and more like the Writing's on the wall it's on your damn Screen Extra piece here to stay and more and More people are figuring it out as time Passes and just wait till we get to the Next Euphoria stage it's going to bring Even more people in and we all have our

Starting point you know I happen to jump In November of 2017. I didn't know a Damn thing about crypto and I jumped in And it happened to be when there was all Sorts of news stories and one of them Caught my attention during the Euphoria Stage at the end of 2017 but there are All sorts of people that when you hit a Euphoria stage they actually stick Around and I was one of them I'm sure Some of you listening were from that Error and some some jumped in after that And that's fine too maybe you're from The most recent cycle we had Euphoria in 2021 cool that's awesome And there's gonna be more after that Though with subsequent Market Cycles People that have no idea that crypto Exists are also going to be jumping in And learning about it and the ecosystem Just gets bigger and bigger and bigger Endlessly trending upwards despite major Pullbacks I think it's the coolest damn thing on The planet anyway Ripple continues they Wrote to last quarter on-demand Liquidity was launched in France and Sweden in partnership with payments Providers lemon way and expot Respectively and in Africa via MFS Africa a leading payments Gateway in the Region additionally Ripple expanded its Customer base to incorporates uh to Corporates that are looking to

Experience the benefits of Crypto-enabled cross-border payments for Their business Um Ripple is processed nearly 30 billion Dollars worth of volume and 20 million Transactions since Ripple net was first Launch in 2022 approximately 60 percent Of those payments were sent through all Through OD Up full do you hear that last Year 60 of Ripple net transactions used Xrp 60 and I actually mentioned it it's I think it was at some point I guess Earlier this year and I had the data in Front of me at the time I looked for This video but I cited that the earliest One of the earliest reports after roping That was launched that it was about 20 Percent of of Ripple net transactions Used xrp via on-demand liquidity and Then there was a story sometime later Maybe been a whole year later I can't Recall it was something like that Probably where instead of it just being 20 it had jumped up to 25 percent And then more recently we saw that it'd Jump up to 50 and now this is the latest Data that we're seeing sixty percent of The transactions using xrp via on-demand Liquidity which is why it's is I've Always been saying and I'm sure as hell Not the only one that's been saying this If xrp is a better way for people to Send money around the payment you know Converting from one fiat currency to

Another if it's the if it's a better way To do it it's going to get adopted it's Happening Xrp is not going away this is the Coolest damn thing on the freaking Planet So um anyway I just want to highlight a Few of the more interesting things that I found as a result of this report and There's other stuff in here too but a Lot of it had to do with router crypto Markets including the FDF stucks FDX uh Stuff you know that the Ponzi collapse In bankruptcy and kind of you know Tumultuous nature of what's happening on A macro scale with Finance just in General Um and they did talk about some other Projects and stuff but Um I thought that this is some of the More interesting stuff so I just thought I'd highlight that because again it's It's all about for me long-term Viability And it's just continue it's just a Continued mounting evidence indicating Yeah we're right we are clearly right Unless something goes disastrously long That we can't foresee it already Happened in terms of in terms of like Figuring out uh is this you know a sink Or swim It's swim right it's already happened Like this has already worked now it's

Just a matter of continuing to do more Of the same growing at greater adoption That's it I don't have a concern about Whether or not xrp is going to continue To exist I really don't But I'll go ahead and wrap up here I'm Not a financial advisor you should not Better sell anything because of anything I say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon family sedan

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