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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and there was Some uh GRE uh what's his name Greg Greg Men are Manarino Clips going around I always Like what this guy has to say he's real Sharp listen to This there's there's zero connection Between the markets and and the economy No this this exact hand motion is Something I've shown people for 10 years This Gap is going to continue to get Wider and wider here eventually we're Going to it's going to get real but this Gap between the market and the economy Is going to continue to go off the Charts to keep going there's no again There's no connection what we're seeing Here too it's kind of interesting um you Know you got these corporations here That are laying off people by the Thousands something I said was going to Happen last year we're going to see this Accelerate much further what are they Doing here uh they're trying to you know Get lean so they can you know increase Their bottom line by laying off people Seriously this is going to get Progressively wors by people have no Idea where we're going again it's it's a Deliberate destruction and the uh again

The the market fundamentals don't matter Anymore things like forward guidance PE Ratios balance sheets all this that Doesn't matter um the market doesn't Even price off of that anymore it's been Replaced by a system of easy money Monetizing the debt uh and we're going To see a lot more of that moving forward Now a bigger player in This Is War an Expanding War this is going to be very Very positive for the stock market again Where does this cash come from do we Have a war chest does any developed Nation have award yes no the the Federal Reserve in this case has to make the Cash create it out of nothing and you Know so we can fund all this stuff and The more cash they create out of nothing The higher the market is going to go yep And then here's another clip of him Right here I want to ask you a question On on gold and Silver you're buying are you buying gold Here or do you feel content with what You have uh I haven't bought more gold Or silver in a by the way miles Franklin Is my sponsor in the description of this Video uh the code's Dai gold it's a Phone number for them and and there's a Uh an email address to get the best Pricing so Dai gold is the um is the Code to use long time I have I've been Buying I've been buying silver since it Was like eight bucks and and gold since

It was a maybe 700 maybe a little around 700 bucks so I I I built up a pretty Good stash of this this stuff um at this Time I feel pretty good with what I have Um I'm looking To buy more of this market right now um Get more involved in cryptocurrencies Here I think people need some of this in Their Portfolio uh that's kind Bitcoin Specifically or you like like what in The cryptos do you like I mean when the The what do people always think about When they hear that word they think of Pretty much one and then think of Bitcoin especially now then he goes into His whole Bitcoin thing but I'm not Really interested in that part of things Look at egg crypto you're not allowed to Be positive like this he says the most Complex matters need the simplest Solutions he's doing the uh 21 EMA Monthly time frame $33.50 $650 $27 look at these percentages that $27 Would be a 4,500 per uh jump $6.50 would be a th000 and 500% rise Would be 350 if we use the same percentage move From previous instances a b c here's What we might see next so a would be That uh 20171 18 bump B would be the the Uh I guess B was the second part of two The early early 2008

And then C 2021 523 Per. huh I like the looks of this now um Our old buddy Jay Clayton was being Interviewed and this guy kept asking him Questions as if the people in crypto are The problem not Jay Clayton and he asked Him a question what kind of advice would He give to the crypto Comm what is it That we've done wrong what have we had Wrong and Jay Clayton instead of his Answer being well you just um Underestimated how corrupt the SEC was He gives this Answer so if you had let's say A feedback or general advice to the Crypto Community do you think over the Years the crypto Community took the Right approach in dealing with Regulators where we took cocky were we Too arrogant or it was a bit naivity When we it came to regulatory matters Like what advice would you give to the Crypto community in the way they're Dealing with Regulators I I think they Were too Mistakes by the crypto Community the first was to think that The principles of financial regulation And Spears regulation were going to Change as a result of Technology except For ethereum right I don't think that Was ever going to Happen interest in the protection of our Retail investors remember this is the

Guy that pres presided over the bill Henman speech they they changed the Principles in they added a Decentralization prong to the hoe test Just for Ethereum and and rightfully so the Ico Boom shows why you need it four4 billion Doar up in smoking okay the second thing Was once that was realized that the law Was not going to bend Substantially to go for comprehensive Legal change rather than incremental Change was another M you realize that Nobody has ever put a microphone in this Guy's face and said tell us about the Bill Henman speech and your addition of The decentralization prong prong on on Your watch nobody has ever made him Answer any questions or Bill Henman About any of That my advice has been start with Something simple that's proven like Stable Co figure out how to get a well Functioning stable Point figure out how To custody digital assets whether it's a A digital commodity a digital security Or something else let's figure out how To custody then then let's figure out How to if we take those incremental Steps we're going to get somewhere going The idea the myth that there was going To be great legislative change that was Going to revamp the Securities markets The Commodities markets cre a new

Regulator that was Crazy so interesting because obviously Uh and I know you wrote op oped about This topic about your views on stable Coins and I agree with there's a lot Obvious a lot of benefits that stable Coins can provide and I and I hear you Where you mentioned that um stable it's It's an easy it's a layup that actually Community could use because of the Benefits are there uh you know but the Um the crypto Community too is defense I Mean there's been numerous efforts to Try to provide obviously the stable coin Rails and there's numerous attempts to And obviously I'm not talking about Algorithmic stable coins and some of the Scams out there but on a properly Regulated uh uh manner do do you still Hold the same view that obviously stable Coins have a lot of potential and what Do you think should could be done to Bring stable coins more mainstream if That's a goal that you believe from a Policy perspective we should have I Think stable coins have imense potential I think we should facilitate truly Stable stable coins in our ecosystem the Amazing amount of stable coin Transactions that have taken place Without a single complaint that I know Of um instantaneously across the globe Are you kidding me remarkable and we Should facilitate that why has it taken

So long because people have asked for Much more than just that as a Start and you're you're talking to You're talking to regulators and you're Talking to legislators that have limited Bandwidth and if you're coming at them With 10 asks and eight or unreasonable They're not going to filter out the to That are Reasonable and they're just going to Look at this crypto community in a Monolithic way and say you know that's Just too Hard that's that's the reality of the You know bandwidth in the legislative Process he didn't say anything about uh How his SEC likes that that it's all About holding people over a barrel to Siphon off money out of them or why they Let ethereum go as long as they did now Here Kathy would I don't think what she Says she's she doesn't think chairman Gensler is going to last much longer I Don't think chairman Gensler will uh Remain at the SEC who whoever is elected I think he has aspirations for Political uh some kind of political Appointment so he may go for that reason If uh if Joe Biden is reelected or he May go or he will go altogether if a Republican is uh nominated so I I don't All right and Then Wheezy has gone into Gary gensler's Calendar it's finally out interesting

Meetings this guy from I then here gr Gruntfest from Stanford that's Interesting gruntfest is the same one by The way that recommended that they don't Sue Ripple because it would it would Show favoritism of ethereum and Bitcoin China Securities regul Regulatory Commission Gary's meeting with his Buddies um US ambassador to China Nicholas Burns that's uh how he's communicating I Guess with his buddies and then this Guy's the chairman of the FDIC by the way cftc chair says he's Concerned about Bitcoin spot ETFs this Is all I know so far I don't know where This is coming from I'm sure we'll see More on that uh coindesk I'm not going To go into this article but David David Schwarz was interviewed um spoke to the Protocol about the aftermath of ripples SEC win his method of dealing with xrp's Rabid fan Base dealing with more like you mean the Same uh the you mean dealing with the Same fan base that uh helped in eth gate And the whole secc case dealing with Them thanking them I mean dealing with Them um Elanor terret she was uh was Making a commentary on um the uh on a Potential xrp ETF in order for to have An xrp spot ETF there will first need to Be a Futures ETF part of getting Bitcoin Spot ETS approved by the SEC concluded

With the CMA concluding that the CMA CME Bitcoin Futures Market would suffice to Provide surveillance for fraud and Manipulation if xrp gets a future fut ETF then it then it's a step in the Right direction to one day getting a Spot ETF she is correct um I added a Couple of things apparently two other Qualifications are that you have to Either lie about you either have to lie About who the Creator is and pretend That you don't know about the for Satoshi that Homeland Security met with That's one of the that's another I guess Requirement or you can you have to Disguise the largest purchases your Largest purchasers um of like they did In the ethereum Ico disguise those Purchasers never to be known if you do Those two things then you're you're in The conversation for having an ETF then Wheezy found an this is an Interesting a he's asking um uh Ash Bennington the senior host and crypto Editor at real Vision why real Vision The interview with with Joseph Luben and Eric Vorhees was Removed so apparently there has been an Interview Removed that's Interesting um and then uh Jimmy Valley Had a great reminder did I miss eth gate Show on Fox Business remember this is From um this was from the conversation

That Steven narof and Elanor terret were Going to have coffee they did have that Coffee and Steven nof says that all of His information is actual and he has the Evidence to back it up so there's no Reason Under the Sun that Fox Business Should not be covering this soon and so Uh Jimmy Valley is correct we should be Seeing this Soon um then Steven nof this morning he Says is is ethereum a a covert tool for Global domination uncovering ethereum's Dark Origins shows us Unprecedented Financial scam involving The US and foreign governments with Covert Global Powers this Scandal sheds New light on Glo on global power Dynamics and calls for Urgent Accountability in crypto and government Folks this the very same people that are Behind all the corruption we're seeing Now the very same people these are the Same ones that are that are on board With staying quiet about eth gate folks Eth gate since we started covering this Very briefly Fox News and Charles Gasparino and those people started to Talk about it and ask questions about it And then they stopped and everybody else Never did breathe a word of it remember Julia chatterly she the one at CNN she Was all about she she saw how what her Viewership was like when she was having Talking to Brad Garling house and

Covering crypto and the second that eth Gate came up and we started covering it She never spoke about Ripple and xrp and The case never spoke spoke about any of It again you couldn't dra drag her Kicking and Screaming and in fact when it first Happened actually you know what I'm Going to tell my group I'm I've never I've never said This I've never said this Before I'm this is I forgot I forgot all About It I've never said this before on this Channel but something was said to me There was a message sent to me when I Was asking the questions about eth gate And why these people would not cover There was something that was said to me And it just dropped into my head and I'm Going to tell my group I'm going to tell The group what was said that's the first Thing I'm going to tell them when I go Into D this I can't believe I've Never even remember to bring this Up but I'm going to do it all right in The group uh I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and Family that I am going I've got some Other things I'm going to talk about in There too but I'm going to this is kind

Of a bombshell I'm going to drop in There um okay here we go all [Music] Right [Music] [Music]


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