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You must truly truly get your house in Order there's a much bigger thing at Play here in today's video I'm going to Break down what's happening in the Financial realm with the attack in Israel it's very important to understand Origin of what is actually happening so I'm going to break down some facts Figures numbers logic and share my Opinion on where I think this is going First of all I want to say my my family Or my family's heart and our prayers go Out to all the people affected by this Just unbelievably from my heart to yours We love you so so much so every single Person in humanity is being affected by This it's very sad it's very Disheartening so I want to make that Very clear I'm not discounting anything Bad that's happening God loves you we Love you amen all right so let's Dive Right into this so in today's video I'm Going to break down um just some facts Figures numbers logic we need to pay Attention remember when they tell us to Look this way there's always another Narrative going on this way and this is A big distraction over this way guys so What I'm going to break down for you Today is um the one year 50 years to the Date that Israel was invaded and I'm Going to try to connect some dots some Facts figures numbers logic financially And break down the macro microeconomics

And I'll share with you my opinion on Where I think they're taking us with This okay first I want to share with you Two free resources my goal is to help Over a million people in the next 12 Months number one is the Warriors guide To finan Freedom there's been so many People asking me how I did it how I went From parents couch to Financial Freedom To my five pillars of wealth the exact Guide it's completely free so in the Description of this video or in my Social media uh uh profile you click on The link there's the free book it'll be In your box in 15 minutes then there's The free consultation which is separate With my index universal life team so if You're worried about your 401K with These volatile markets which I believe Are going to come pulling back heavily Due to this war in Israel and all the Different distractions that are Happening right now if you're worried About your 401k or you're worried about Your retirement and you want to Understand how the wealthy secure Compound and grow their wealth with tax Code 7702 called The Infinity banking concept Securing and growing your wealth with Insurance I'm a licensed insurance agent I have licensed insurance agents in all 50 states with my company so if you set Up a consultation you'll meet with one

Of my agents and it's a free Consultation to have a conversation Around how to protect secure and Compound so if you're worried about your Retirement or you don't have a Retirement you want to see how one of Our five pillars of wealth we use tier One Capital which is the most secure Capital to secure compound and grow That's in the description of this video Or in my social media platform bio it's A free consultation so be clear the book Is separate from the consultation two Different things okay so let's Dive Right into this so I'm going to share With some facts figures numbers logic But I'm always going to direct you back To people who actually go to origin okay It's very very very very important Because what I hear people say is when They say oh you know they they believe Stuff just because someone told them we Are now in the era of origin guys you Have to start inner standing inner Standing what is actually happening so When you see a distraction on the news You have to ask yourself what is going On over here problem reaction solution The person that creates a problem Creates a reaction in the people is the Same person that comes up with the Solution the first person is this third Person right problem reaction solution So doia has shared with us his amazing

Uh teachings in his changing world order That we are now in 13 14 15 16 17 18 I've been sharing with you guys for Years now around this chart right here And I told you guys when we went into Large debts printing of money internal Conflict which is happening right now Heading towards a loss of Reserve Currency in America we have extremely Weak leadership and now it is here civil War and revolution now civil war and Revolution is where people within their Own country start to go against each Other guys think about this for just a Moment it's happening in America people Are protesting this war one against the Other there's going to be massive Massive massive division because of this Invasion of Israel guys man it's it's It's deep this stuff is biblical Prophecy playing itself out okay I'm not Going to go too much into detail on that But I'm telling you guys there is a Massive Financial narrative here so Let's break it down in 1971 the world Economic Forum was created by clous Schwab you need to understand these Things so in January 1971 the first European European management system was Launched which was the world economic Forum 1971 in 1971 President Nixon ended the Convertibility of US dollars to gold and Announced wage price controls he said

With inflation On The Rise and gold run Looming president Richard Nixon teamed Enact a plan to end the Dollar's Convertibility to Gold family they Didn't have your gold just just like They don't have your money right now That's the similarity I want you to see They didn't have your gold to back your Dollars so they just ended it they said They're protecting you from speculators Right now they don't have your money in The bank they don't have your money Every single Dollar in the system is Debt we are negative debt to income Ratio so down the road here in 1973 this is wild they surprise attacked Upends Israel and the Middle East on October 7th 19 93 October War the Devastating invasion of Arab Arab armies Launched precisely 50 years earlier plus A day it was the last time Israel Israelis awoke to a life-changing Assault that um I can't sorry I can't Read that my dyslexia but basically October 7th two or 1973 and then in 1973 family we went Into the OPEC Adventure which was the Oil crisis us monthly average import Price for crude oil stood at $2.75 a barrel in 1973 and by September It was increased to 23% to $3.38 in October 1993 the Persian Gulf Members of OPEC doubled the price of Crude oil then in January 1974 they

Doubled it again okay so let's fast Forward to October 27 2023 on October 7th 50 years later to the day Palestine Militant groups led by Hamas launched a Large scale Invasion on the offense on The offensive against Israel from Gaza Strip breaking through Gaza Israel Bearers and forcing entry into via Gaza C Border Crossing into nearby Settlements into Israel and M military Installments it's everywhere all over The news we're all looking this way Again my prayers and thoughts go out to All these families it's absolutely Horrible but right away oil prices surge So let's pause for just a moment before We play this video okay so we printed More money they turn the guys there's a Reason why they turned the printing Machine on full blast they knew they Were going to switch the system calone Effect the money went to the top of the House it bled down to the people we put It back in the system right now the Stimulus has dried up the consumer Credit index is at an all-time high Companies are destroyed on the S&P You're going to start to see a Catastrophic layoff of companies and now We're going to war and you're going to See they're trying to cool inflation but You're going to see gas prices go Through the roof we can't even borrow Anymore it's too expensive the normal

Everyday person can't buy a house Remember night 1971 the world economic Forum is created you're going to owe Nothing and be happy interesting but we Fight against this but we're not doing Anything about it to change our ways to Change our spending habits to build our Relationship with God the reason why I'm Going to get on my soapbox here the Reason why America is screwed because we Turned our backs on God welcome to a Godless country it is not in God we Trust on our dollar bill it's in man we Trust all this is man-made that's Happening guys this isn't God playing Out this isn't how God works God is Unconditionally loving to humanity and Gave us free will this is our actions Our behaviors our lack of discipline That is creating this and if every Single person in humanity turned just Like Jesus has the world in his hand and He's pointing up to God and in between Is his heart if everybody turned away From the world and went up into their Heart into unconditional love and loved God with all their heart therefore love God as they love Humanity as they love God if we stopped judging other people We looked at our own selves and the Demonic nature inside of us healed that And transmuted that light into darkness And if we treated others as we want to Be treated all this would go away but we

Know that's not going to happen and I'm Not your God I'm not your leader I'm not Your coach so I can't tell you how to Live your life all I can do is Inspire Myself to live a good life and that's What needs to happen right now so you're Going to see a a surge in oil prices You're going to see uh prices go through The roof like I think exports already Exports or Imports are being affected After hamas's surprise attack on Israel The threat of us and Iran in Crude or rallying after hamas's surprise Attack on Israel the threat of us and Iran entanglement growing especially if Action is taken against tyan so Jen we In on the market implications writing This in terms of risk premium we see an Increase of5 to10 per barrel the risk of Escalation is real and while Iran may Not have nuclear weapons it does have a Strangle hold on the straight of forus Through which 20 to 30% of global crude Oil flows joining us now a man who knows A little something about the crude Market Stuart Wallace out of Dubai Stuart you and the team as you look at Things right now have you changed your Expectations on crude Supply coming out Of the Region not so far I mean it is Absolutely true to say they have a Strangle hold over hor Mose but you know With the Proviso that no one has ever

Successfully managed to take hor moves Down for any length of time so you can Definitely make life more difficult but I was also argue in the long term it's Not necessarily the interest of Iran to Do that I mean for one thing just a Remind to everyone you got the US fifth Fleet sitting up in Manar not that far Away is that really sort of a bear you Want a prod um I think the second leg of It which is tougher sanctions you know Or or or at least a more careful control Of what's coming out of Iran you know There certainly is a possibility and at A time when OPEC is still constraining Supply that would clearly have a more Immediate impact on the market so I Think it's those two factors but of the Two of them the more likely Approach at Least for now seems to be on the Sanctions uh but again we'll watch and Wait let's do it okay so basically we're Going to watch and wait guys the what I Want to you to see is that this is all Financial guys it's such a dark part of Our world that we live in the worldly Thing it's like people are so addicted To power that's the Devil's Playground When they ask Jesus who is the prince of The Earth the devil guys we're in the Devil's Playground guys so this stuff is To be expected by demonic people like That's just how they operate right They're dark ass people they're broken

Little boys and girls who are who are Scared who are abandoned and they're Just they're looking for attention what Do what do uh what do uh children do When they when they wanted they throw Temper tantrums this is like adult Temper tantrums that are happening and Unfortunately we're in the crosshairs of That but we're here to transmute this Darkness into light not to protest again It not to fight against it but to Eradicate it within us the microcosm to The macrocosm okay attack on Israel what Investors economists and strategists are Saying about the effect on the markets So Global Financial markets are already Rattled by the elevated interest rates And now face fresh dose of geopolitical UNC certainty following Hamas surprise Attack on Israel let's go back it's all Playing out it's all playing out guys This whole chart right here by Ray Delio Is playing out to the tea to the tea I've been sharing this information since 2020 when I started to take the 8 to n Hours a day of research I did and put it Start put it on YouTube and Tik Tok and So now here we are but what have I done To prepare for this I've done the best I Can with the resources I have within my Current Paradigm number one is I don't Focus on anybody else I focus on my Family and getting my house in Order fasting every single day

High-intensity training every single day I spend multiple times throughout the Day with God connecting with God I study The life of Jesus I'm studying deep deep The Ascension process and and and the Thing that I I believe the true Teachings of Jesus what he was really Here to teach us is that we are all made In the likeness and image of God I love Humanity with all my heart because I Love God with all my heart I treat Others as I want to be treated and I Don't judge you I pull the log out of my Eye before I pull the STW out of my out Of my own eye that's why I'm the richest Man in the world then when it comes to The physicality of resources I use Cryptocurrency as a spective asset I Exit the markets when everybody is Coming in I do the opposite of the Public the 99% because if the devil is The prince of the earth then I don't Want to do what the devil does I don't Want to follow his Direction I don't Want him controlling my thoughts my Actions or my emotions so what I do is I Take control of my thoughts my actions And my emotions I do the opposite of the 99% so I wanted what the 99% has I would Do what the 90% does but I flipped it Four years ago go and now I have what The 1% has does that make sense and so The 1% I'm one of the richest man in the

World within the 1% in my opinion Because I have a relationship with God You can take away my crypto you can take Away all this stuff when I speak of Wealth it's wealth that is not physical Right but by having wealth that is not Physical it creates magnetism by having Magnetism money flows to me easily and Frequently I'm so having a grateful the Money comes me increasing quantities to Multiple sours on a continuous basis God Rest Bob Proctor soul I know spirit is Still here okay so C cryptocurrency then I use Insurance tier one Capital I'm Going to say this every single day Because I'm trying to help as many People as possible with our insurance Company like it that I I referred Insurance for three years before I ever Got licensed I got licensed because I Fell in love with the product because it Feels secure to me I'm about I don't Believe trust any of this of The Fiat money crypto's fake money it's All fake money you're using fake money To buy fake money guys I don't trust Anything that's in this Quantum field That insurance is tier one Capital guys Everybody's like what if the dollar Collapses guys if Insurance collapses The you better ready be ready for zombie Apocalypse it's tier one Capital it's at The bottom of the risk pyramid so that's Where I secure my wealth and that's

Where I know that I'm going to be able To retire which makes me feel Comfortable right and then I have Business which is high risk of course But I'm Diversified I'm risk adverse and Information technology and attention and Then we have we're going into real Estate we you know I have a single Family home and now we're going to go Into multif family homes um multif Family as we go into 2024 as we surround Oursel with experts I'm not an expert in That category but I do need to Appreciation then we got precious medals I have silver I'm going into gold next Year um and then self-development and my Relationship with God is my number one Number one Focus because that gives me Everything I need everything I need Right so it's like I don't know I just I Just I just really love you guys I Really I do know I I know that I know That I know what am I talking about why Do we say I don't know we all know and So I just want to share to all religions All people I love you I love you very Very very much and I for not one minute Think that Jesus was coming to teach us To separate ourselves that's why he went From Village to Village and his Disciples were the most unlikely Characters they were you and I they were Broken people man they were the thugs of The world he took the thugs of the world

And made them the greatest leaders of All time by giving them belief in Themselves by teaching them powerful Techniques to raise their energy Frequency right he told them hey don't Tell anybody because they knew he knew Jesus knew that we would feel those People and we would ask right so be Careful be careful with those people Doing vain repetition be careful with Trusting things without knowing origin Right be careful of just parting Information without understanding why You believe that so if somebody ask you Why you believe what you believe would You be able to answer that I started Asking myself that I wasn't able to Answer you know even four years ago why Do I believe what I oh because I heard It somewhere what is that mean that's History that's his story so I created my Own my own Paradigm the difference for Me 17 years ago completely broken Addicted suicide to who I am today is Christ that's the difference and it's Not about me going to a church or Prescribing to a religion it's about Just love and humanity and and being a Good person and working really hard on Myself and being disciplined because the Path to the light is difficult so the Weak and wor will not follow it's Suffering that gets you there that's What Jesus's story is about it's about

Suffering with purpose you're here to Transmute Darkness into light so all This Darkness happening that means There's going to be a lot of light after This guys so don't get caught up in the get caught up in getting your House in order Warriors rise get your together let's go love you Guys


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