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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you Today as ladies and gentlemen I have Never been more bullish to be someone Holding xrp than right now at this Moment in Time let's take an overhead view for Just a second of what's going on Ripple Swell conference the most important Conference for ripple and ually is Happening and starting Tomorrow I expect major news to break From that Brad Garling house at the Exact same time will be at DC fintech Week and just listen to the name fintech Week co-hosted by the bank for International Settlements and I want to take you back To 2019 Remember When Brad garlinghouse CEO Of Ripple presented at the ninth high Level meeting meeting for the International monetary system in front Of Augustin Corston who happens to be The head of the Bis and for those of you that don't know What I'm Discussing it's this specific meeting Right here this is Brad garlinghouse With the heads of different monetary Authorities the IMF and let me ask you a Question if Ripple or xrp were anything

Close to a scam by now would the Ripple CEO will be presenting in front of these Highlevel important officials that could Genuinely adopt and reshape the Technology of the financial system why Is the Ripple CEO four years later Speaking at a bis conference on Fintech why is it that Michael bar at The exact same time who was formerly at Ripple is the vice chair of supervision At the Federal Reserve what the hell is A former Ripple member doing supervising Anything at the FED oh boy oh boy are you putting it Together why is it that Sheila Warren Will also be a speaker at this Conference while at the same time just Three years ago she was the world Economics forum's representative to Keynote for ripple swell conference in 2020 ladies and gentlemen are you Beginning to put the puzzle pieces Together people run the world People move the mountains that are Needed to revamp a financial system and Every single person connected directly To Ripple that's of significance are Placed in key positions right now to Make this transformation happen and People continue to think this isn't Going to happen people think it's a Shame a Conspiracy they think xrp is the shitty Bankers

Coin well let me tell you Something I think the bis and Others think it's the perfect Bankers Coin and I don't give a damn what you Call it I'm going make me some bank Money from this baby ladies and Gentlemen it's about time the xrp Community stop giving a literal damn About what anyone says about them Because we are the gold standard in Crypto now if there were any funny Business going on under the hood of Ripple and xrp we would have found out During the SEC Case the bis would have weeded it out in 2019 before they let them speak on this Panel but you see that's not going to Happen and every chest piece needed for Ripple to succeed is put directly in the Place it needs to be for right Now look at all the Black Swan events That have occurred in the leadup to this Revolution in the financial System Middle Eastern conflicts between Israel pal Palestine Russia Ukraine we Have the potential of China Taiwan then here in America everyone's Going broke we had the Health crisis That closed down the financial system we Have a social credit score system in China that is ready to be rolled out to Numerous other countries we're having Bank runs everywhere Silicon Valley Bank Collapsed same bankman freed collapsed

Regulation is on standby for the crypto Market I genuinely believe 2023 is the last time you have a buying Opportunity to get into the crypto Space before we hit an unreachable Point Again money is going to flood into this Market unlike any other Market on the Planet Before and if you don't grandfather Yourself in right Now by solidifying find your Entries then you'll always regret it now That you guys get the moment in history We're in I'm going to play you a clip of Michael bar X Ripple and currently at The fed from RZ Xrp talking about FX and the derivatives Market connect all the dots realize Where everyone is right now and Understand that this new Technology is going to be Introduced whether you believe it or not Let me say a bit more about how Innovation plays into this goal of Making the financial system Fair we should welcome Financial Innovation as a positive force that can Increase access and lower costs for Individuals and for businesses I I also Want to be clear at the same time Michael it's important for us not to set Set up a regulatory uh environment that Stifles Innovation uh innovation is Really critical to the financial sector

It's critical to the American economy so He's very Pro Innovation and especially Ripple and when we go on to the Federal Reserve website and go under Michael bar It doesn't say anywhere here that he was With Ripple they left that part out because This is a massive deal okay this is just You can't make this up and then on the Isda just Ripple just joined okay but This is this is a huge deal Ripple could Play a huge role in this in the Derivatives Market because derivatives Trading often involves foreign exchange And settlement processes participants Might engage in contracts that involve Currencies other than their home Currency for example a us-based investor Might enter into a derivative contract With a European counterpart that is Denominated in Euros in such cases FX Considerations come into play because The value of the contract needs to be Converted from one currency to another For evaluation and Settlement and this is the most Important part right here FX FX and Settlement are essential to derivatives Trading as they impact the financial Aspects of contract valuation and Fulfillment it's crucial for Market Participants to have a clear Understanding of these processes to Effectively manage derivative positions

And mitigate potential risk Now ladies And gentlemen I believe this clip was Found by 24 hours Crypto and I believe you should give him A follow as that was a great Breakdown of why Michael esar is so Important and what the long-term Potential of xrp could Be ladies and gentlemen I've always Stated that in the long term the maximum Xrp could reach Its maximum potential is tapping into The derivatives Market that is the only thing on the Planet that could ever make xrp a five Fig token one Day and while that reality still Exists is something to keep in the back Of your mind now back to reality under a Dollar we have to take things step by Step and understand where we Are I believe we are still in the early Speculation post Clarity phase pre- Bull Run phase pre-institutional money and Bitcoin ETF phase and I believe next Bull Run you definitely need to take Aggressive profits in order to ensure You're leveling up in this life but I Also want to tell all of you that you Should hold on to a forever bag of Xrp because oh this baby's going to play A pivotal role in the future of Finance Now here I have yet another clip from Another great contributor in the

Community Mr Man showing finastra a Longtime Ripple partner and them Discussing that their growth comes from Regulated rails that will harness the Power of easy accessibility and Operability Nimble and scalable and in 2022 finastra partnered with visa to Offer a custombuilt crossbo payment Solution finastra and ripple Over the past couple years have been Companies that we've paired together in This community because of notable Partnerships and Integrations and these are pilot Programs launched through the Cooperative efforts of the Clearing House ebaa Clearing and Swift if you guys don't think Ripple and Xrp are going to take over at some Point you're Crazy for this growth financial Institutions need a payments Infrastructure that is Nimble scalable And agile enough to meet emerging Customer demands and the payment Experience needs to embed seamlessly Into whatever transactions their Customers are doing whether that's in a Retail context such as splitting a bill At a meal or in a business context such As settling an invoice for goods and Services together we are thinking Beyond Simple use cases of real-time payments And embedding frictionless payment

Services to deliver real value to Customers and coupling this with Important tools that will help Banks Manage aspects of fraud Etc that Fundamentally change with realtime Payments we do this by leveraging global Innovation and third parties integrating Them onto our platform Fusion fabric. Cloud crossborder payments for the best Part of half a century have been the Domain of Swift as the only way to send And receive crossb payments this growth Of crossb payments has been a Double-edged sword for banks as it has Driven competition from new entrance Into the market who are more agile and Able to compete on price and customer Experience fintex have stepped in and Addressed unmet Needs firstly on the low value Side by Offering cheaper frictionless remittance And e-commerce payment options but also On the high value side with entrance Such as Ripple tunee visa and MasterCard Threatening to disrupt the correspondent Banking model as these new rails come to Market we see it as our responsibility To provide the Technical Solutions and Access to these rails and in doing so Provide optionality to our clients in a Seamless Fashion a great example of this is our Recent partnership with Visa where fasro Clients will now be able to offer their

Customers crossborder payments underpin By the power and reach of the Visa Network our experience tells us that Further change will inevitably happen we Are preparing for that by actively Engaging with the industry bodies and Regulators our aim here is to be part of The next set of changes and to be Prepared and ready for those Changes Banks can then smoothly Implement and benefit from this ladies And gentlemen we are reaching smooth Implementation time And for those of you with the eyes to See generational wealth in the new 1% Away To guys we are reaching critical borun Territory the xrp price is getting ready For an explosive God Candle we're going to experience Euphoria and price belief that's been Long awaited amongst all of Us but this is a critical warning For every single one of you to Acknowledge if you sell along the way up You never buy back the coin you sold at A higher price and these are wise words By someone who has been hyper successful As a Trader in the crypto Market Robart remember this rule make sure you Never break it break it once and you're Likely to break it twice then three Times then you'll buy again close to the Top and suffer massive

Losses stick with this rule because There is rarely an Exception ladies and gentlemen these are Wise words from a great man and I hope You learn from the mistakes that I've Made him say this as opposed to learning Yourself the hard way in this upcoming Bull market Cycle ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable ball Here thanks for tuning In now before I leave you for the day I Have to remind my only fans community That I am currently responding to DMS And I'm almost completely caught up and In addition I have just posted my new Portfolio update as I have filtered out A lot of coins that I don't want anymore But I have provided you the ratios of All the new coins that I will 100% be Riding in this bull market Cycle you 100% want to take a look at This One and if any of you want to Subscribe and find out what I'll be Holding just sign up at onlyfans.com Thee bearable Bow I genuinely believe Multi-millionaires are going to be made This next Cycle and I'm honored That so many of you have chosen me to Help you on this Journey the hard work is only

Beginning but I do think our lives will Change Forever now guys as always I appreciate Every single one of You and I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video


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