Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel what I'm going to cover in This latest room temperature jam is at The core of Ripple's legal defense Now I believe that judge Torres is well Aware of every fact I'm about to share With you so at the end of this video I Want you to ask yourself Given that judge Torres is aware of Everything covered herein does she Believe that xrp is a security do you Think that she believes xrp is a Security yes or no and I'm willing to Bet that your answer all of you out There well the better it'll be a Resounding no and it's unquestionable That the SEC is on the wrong side of History here and it comes down to what The hell an investment contract is and We even have coinbase's Chief legal Officer retweeting uh what I'm going to Share with you from Attorney John Deaton I've never seen this before You know of course they've been they Were aware of John Dean No Doubt But I've not seen a top guy I mean tell Me if I missed something maybe I did but I've not seen any any c-suite official Here at coinbase retweeting a thread Full of incredibly useful and Interesting information uh from John Deaton I've not seen them do this and I'll also be well into hazard a guess That perhaps at this point

The uh the people at coinbase perhaps at This point they regret the fact that They uh they they Delisted xrp I'm willing to bet that the Linguine spined individuals at coinbase Regret that decision And and so given what's being stated Here uh it's it's no surprise that um You know that from from Paul grew who Was is coinbase's Chief legal officer That's their top in-house legal guy it's No surprise that we had a lot of the Same types of responses from a number of Xrp community members so I'm going to Share it all and break it all down but Before going any further I do want to be Clear I do not have a legal or financial Background of any kind I am not offering Legal or financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun now um I'm going to share With you specifics from John Deaton but First I want to share with you the fact That this information which I'm about to Share with you again was retreated by Paul gruel coinbase's Chief legal Officer and this is you know this is a Long way coming from you know a little Over two years ago you know de-listing Xrp and remaining silent for most of the

Last two years to finally at the tail End of 2022 filing Dynamic history and Now retweeting stuff from John Deaton That we've been shouting from the Freaking rooftops for two plus years and So again it's nice to see it though I'm Gonna take what I can get on this front But here's what Paul gruel had to say About John Deaton's statements which I'll cover immediately after this Mr Deaton is exactly right investment Contracts must include both investment And contracts as those terms are set out By Congress and interpreted by the Supreme Court neither is present when it Comes to secondary sales of digital Assets I'll give them a tepid golf clap Right there so he's right and I'm glad That he's reporting this because you Know this just got retweeted a ton of Times tons of likes 329 000 views just From Paul grule so that's fantastic you Know his account gets attention he's Only got 29 600 followers but he's the Chief legal officer I say only that's All that's that's more than those meal But you know what I'm saying you know The fact that he's the chief legal Officer yeah gets circulated there now Not surprisingly xrp community members Tons of them had the same response and It's a totally fair response of okay It's basically on the lines up if you Really believe that then realist xrp

Because you're talking about secondary Market transactions and so this is why I'm thinking at this point they already Dug themselves a hole so if they re-list Xrp that would open up a whole Litany of Potential uh you know legal retorts from SEC should there be a lawsuit Specifically on that topic so they Probably feel like they backed Themselves into a corner which they have And that's why I'm saying the linguine Spine mofos at coinbase probably Regretting their decision to delist xrp Right about now so here's a comment from Xrp Community member Rob xrp he wrote if You were truly honest and believed that You just what you just wrote you would Relist xrp till then you are just a Hypocrite it looked totally fair now I'm Still glad Paul grew is writing what He's writing but hey fair enough uh Here's something from somebody named Slack so realist at realest xrp then Here's a tweet from Anders so it's time To relist xrp them and it just goes on And on and on there's like there's a ton I just thought I'd share a few but That's what's going on so what led to All this and this is where it gets Really super interesting and this is by Again by the time this video is done And an understanding that judge Torres Does know this how could Justice not be Done there are reasons that I'm super

Optimistic that xrp gets the legal Clarity that it is deserved and that it Then goes on a tremendous run I don't Know for sure what that means in terms Of price action how many price Predictions but what if this this Incident which is frankly imminent it Could come any day we don't know Maybe it'll be a month or two I don't Know we'll see But that could it's not crazy I think it Could potentially send xrp to a new All-time high I don't know if it's going To but it's certainly going to run Wouldn't you think that at a minimum Like way higher than it is now because People are they placed their bets Beforehand I know I have but here you go From Attorney John Deaton investment Contract Is one of the most misunderstood legal Terms in the law The Howie test must be the most Misapplied legal test or doctrine on Social media investment contract is a Legal term of art adopted from state law By Congress when it enacted the 1933 Act And yeah that's right I'm not sure many People are aware of this but there are Individual state laws uh you know have To do with that type of Regulation and Then the federal government came in 1933 To pass that particular act but it was Based on state laws it's not like they

Reinvented the wheel exactly but that is Where it came from so there's a history To all this and then attorney Deaton Says according to the Securities Act of 1933 the term security means and I'm Going to read this thing I know it might Sound like oh quite a bit but the reason That I'm going to read this definition Like well the terms that are included Under the definition of what a security Is is because the line immediately Following this will not have the same Oomph if I don't do it and this is a Long list of stuff that's considered a Security in the 1933 act so check this Out here's here's what it means According to the Securities Act of 1933 The term security means the following This is a quote any note stock treasury Stock security future Security based Swap Bond debenture evidence of Indebtedness certificate of Interest or Participation in any profit sharing Agreement collateral trust certificate Pre-organization certificate or Subscription transferable share Investment contract voting trust Certificate certificate of deposit for a Security fractional undivided interest In oil gas or other mineral rights any Put call straddle option or privilege on Any security certificate of deposit or Group or index of Securities including Any interest therein or based on the

Value thereof or any put call straddle Option or privilege entered into on a National Securities Exchange related Into foreign currency or in general any Interest or instrument commonly known as Security and look folks I know that's a Mouthful but there's a reason that I Read that and it's because John Deaton Wrote in all caps the following line Digital asset is not listed software Code is not listed And so again I just don't think that it Would have had it it wouldn't like you Know wouldn't slap the same if I didn't Go through literally every single thing And that's pretty exhaustive right there Digital asset is not listed software Code is not listed xrp is a digital Asset xrp is software code it is not Included in this period end of story That is it But he goes on and explains even further And this just submits things further so Check this out attorney Deaton says in All of these digital asset SEC cases Telegram Kik Library Ripple the only Relevant term is investment contract In the Supreme Court in the Howie case In 1946 defined what constitutes an Investment contract a digital asset or Cryptocurrency software code standing Alone is not a security It can be marketed packaged offered and Or sold as an investment contract also

Known as a security In telegram it was made clear that the Gram token was not the security Xrp is not a security if is not a Security The eth Ico Constituted an unregistered Securities Offering And I'll pause a note that's pretty bold That would undoubtedly piss off some People from the eth community uh not me No mind you Ethan is the first Cryptocurrency I ever purchased and I Still hold it I've been holding it since 2017. doesn't piss me off he's just Speaking the truth I'd be willing to bet There's some people in the eve community That that would piss him the hell off But he's speaking the truth he did just Say also eth itself is not a security But there was an Ico and so he wrote the Ico constituted and unregistered Securities offer and then he says Ripple May have offered or sold xrp as an Unregistered Security on a specific Occasion or occasions But even if true It doesn't make the underlying asset Digital code a security itself Most important when dealing with an Investment contract there hasn't been a Single case in U.S history where the Secondary sale of that asset was also Found by found to be a security never

Now folks that's one of those things Keep that in mind because again and this Is all that when this video is at the End again I want you to ask yourself do You think that judge Torres believes That xrp itself is a security and really Honestly a secondary question you can Add on to that is if she does not Believe it's a security Do you think that she's going to provide Some sort of clarity for it I'm willing to bet I know what most of You think I'd Hazard a guess on that Anyway Dean continues when the investor In Howie bought the Orange Grove He bought it directly from the Howie Company if that same investor had sold The Orange Grove to a second buyer years Later a buyer with zero knowledge of the Howie company and its involvement the Subsequent sale is not of a security It doesn't matter that the eth Ico was a Securities offering eth itself isn't a Security it doesn't matter if Ripple Sold xrp as a security sometime between 2013 through 2018 xrp itself isn't a Security so Paul's to think about the Sec's allegations here it's it's what Has come be come to be known as the Embodiment Theory that's that's a Primary argument that the SEC is making Here and it's a novel Theory which has Never been tried before and they're Arguing that all the facts and

Circumstances surrounding the entire xrp Ecosystem make it so that uh you know Xrp holders are just it's basically a Pool in and of itself so I guess in Theory I guess that is the common Enterprise all of us are in a common Enterprise you know you're going to come Coming Enterprise with a guy who is Named Moon family sedan all up on the YouTubes who may or may not be wearing Pants you do not know my current pants Situation apparently you're at a common Enterprise with me So now again this is not law though They're just trying this out It is nonsense it's incoherent do you Think judge Torres is aware of that Again I'm asking you tell me I know what I think And then Tony Deaton says every altcoin Arguably starts out as a security when It's first distributed Ico or not When Satoshi was the only Miner of Bitcoin or one of a few and had he Offered 100 000 Bitcoin for sale for 100 000 USD it would have been an Unregistered Securities offering The industry can't allow ginsler in the SEC Uh a Bitcoin Maxi and Bitcoin Maxis to Keep pushing an unconstitutional Shortcut by calling tokens themselves as Securities golf club for eternity that

Is an incredible threat absolutely Powerful glad to see coinbase's top Legal guy top lawyer retweeting that Getting tons of traction no less that Really spread the message of Attorney John Deaton and his first tweet in that Thread it in and of itself was seen 161 000 times at least to this point Uh this is powerful stuff this is Spreading and all of you out there in Our community helping to like this and Retweet this from Attorney John Deaton And even from uh from from gruel over at Coinbase it's helping to spread the Message all of this is useful Which is why I always like I I hope I Hadn't retweed this one yet I had Already liked it but I like I I share The hell out of everything from Attorney John Dean especially when he has threads Like this like duh absolutely we as a Community we all are making an impact to Spread the word make sure this is Understood make our voices heard And uh just thankful to have somebody Like Attorney John Deaton kind of pave In the way here because he didn't have To do any of the stuff that he's been Doing for over two years at this point But uh what a Powerhouse at this point Honestly You know he's really made a name for Himself and it is deserved it is Incredible because had he not jumped in

And done this Who knows what the secv Ripple case Would look like it's that impactful him Representing over 70 I think well I Don't know what that her number 76 000-ish xrp holders That wouldn't have happened and all Those amicus briefs getting filed well John Deaton I think it's fair to State He probably set that all emotion frankly Would it have had the type of attention And that type of reaction otherwise I don't know I'd like to think yes but I'm not sure if that's true he I think He got a ton of this going here And so anyway I'm just saying it's cool To see the community come together and And we all support each other and keep Spreading these incredibly important Messages because you know it's our Financial Futures that are at stake After also why not hit like and retweet It's the least we could do quite Literally right So anyway so now I'll ask you what do You think after seeing all of that from Attorney John Dean do you think judge Torres is aware of basic law given that She's a freaking judge do you think she Knows about the Securities act in 1933. Do you think she understands all these Concepts I'll tell you for me I think the answer Is yes

And I think that she understands the Importance of clarity for secondary Markets and she understands it's not There I think she's going to write Something about it and positively I Think it'll be positive when she writes So maybe I'm wrong but I'm very Optimistic let me know what you think I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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