Charles Hoskinson REPLIED TO ME On The XRP “GRAND CONSPIRACY” Firestorm

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel yesterday I wrote to Charles Hoskinson founder of cardano on the Topic of the whole Grand conspiracy Firestorm that Lit Up initially in October of last year it's been over a Freaking year now and uh recently the Topic came back up I've talked about it In videos the last couple days here and Yesterday I wrote to Charles Hoskinson and he actually replied to me He wrote back to me and I wrote back to Him I don't know if he's seen it yet but I wrote back to him because he continues To mislead anybody that will read Anything that he writes and I think that You know Charles is counting on most of His followers not having the time energy Or interest in following the timeline of Events and facts surrounding what is Actually going on with this so I will Spoon feed the facts to any human that Will will listen anyone that's willing To listen happily do it because Charles Hoskinson is deliberately misleading People he's smart he knows what he's Doing he's trying to avoid the Embarrassment of admitting he was wrong About something and he needs to grow up Because what he did was was just just Rip the entire xrp Community make us out To be a bunch of lunatics and conspiracy Theorist uh and and it's completely Unjustified

And what makes it all the more rich is That what he said made us conspiracy Theorist and what made it because you Remember the term Grand conspiracy That's what he said we were we're Creating this Grand conspiracy the ideas Underline that he actually came to adopt Himself which I and there's i' I have Shown the proof over the last two of all Of this so I don't want to go through Like I've gone through the time I'm not Going to do that in this video I'm going To try and keep this pretty much just to What I wrote to Charles Hosk and I'll be Brief on that cuz I actually shared some Of it yesterday but I want to be I want To spend a lot of time on his response To me and my response to him and some Other stuff on this topic but uh before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I'm not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for Fun H and so this all started of course As you guys know with with comments from Charles hoskinson when he was on the on The thinking crypto YouTube channel and Um I don't need to go through all the Quotes and stuff like I said I've

Already done that over the last couple Days here but uh there was a post from John de this is right after this Happened October 7th of last year 2022 John Deon wrote I'd like to know if Charles hoskinson is including me as Someone pedling a conspiracy theory Because all I have done is provide Actual facts for every single comment That I have made I tweeted this one year Ago and everything I've said has been Proven and then he shared a thread from His of his from October 10th of 2021 um then there was also this post From Charles hoskinson who wrote in Response to this this qu you know his Comments about the the grand conspiracy Here he wrote conspiracy or not my point Is that it doesn't matter I explained How we got here and how we need to get Out the entire xrp Affair shouldn't have Happened it's bad for the industry and Regulation through enforcement doesn't Uh do any good for anyone so he says it Does wait it doesn't matter and the Original post it's from an account That's now been suspended but I do Remember that from back in the day he Was saying it doesn't matter what what Happen doesn't matter and so crypto Eddie my fellow exp YouTuber responded And said it does matter very much your Very point is Appalling wow I'm quite shocked I had

You for a different person so when they Come after cardano and Ada back backed By corruption criminal behavior and lies I'll remember it doesn't matter that's Right it doesn't matter that they came After exerp right it doesn't even Matter and of course now since time has Passed we know that they have come after Cardano not that they've actually sued Charles hoskinson or anyone associated With you know in a developer way or Anything like that but the SEC has Claimed that cardano itself is a Security in in separate lawsuits Including the coinbase one I believe in The coinbase one but either way for sure The SEC has claimed that cardano itself Is a Security and so there were comments from Him yesterday this is what set this off Two days ago actually Charles hoskinson Wrote to an xrp Community member in all Caps here and I highlighted this this Part yesterday I'll be brief here the Entire Grand conspiracy statement is About Joe bribing the SEC to go after Ripple not the free pass not the free Pass not the free pass two effing years We've been talking past each other it's Beyond sanity and so that's him claiming Uh that the his his his initial comment About xrp community members engaging in A grand conspiracy he's saying that it Is about Joe Luben bribing the SEC to go

After Ripple that's what he's Saying and I know that that's not true And so I went to Great length to bring Up my previous thread from last year and Then I wrote One a thread yesterday and I said hey sorry this is not true and I Went through the all the reasons why and So I don't want to go through all that Again because I just did it literally Yesterday I'm just setting this up with The minimal amount of uh setting I can Do and then there was this article from The Crypt basic it covered this all by The way including uh my actual comments They had this is this headline cardano Founder I could have been more precise With my grand conspiracy statement to Xrp holders and so they've got uh posts From me in here and he and he him Responding and so here's what Charles Hoskinson wrote to Me I could have been more precise with My words during a throwaway interview But let's be very clear since we are Being intellectually honest a lot of xrp People believe that Joe bribed the SEC To go after xrp to take them out so Ethereum could rise this has always been My point whoa I got right there and you I'm going to cover this thoroughly in my In in my response that has not always Been his point that's that's my point my Point is that it has not always been his Point his initial comment uh was was

About uh corruption between the SEC and Folks at ethereum that was his he called That a conspiracy even though there's Well documented facts surrounding that He called that a conspiracy not stuff About Joe Lubin but here he's saying Something different he says again let me Read it again a lot of xrp people Believe that Joe bribed the SEC to go After exerp to take them out so ethereum Could rise this has always been my point False it has not always been your point It was not your initial point and then When you were T later on when you were Talking about what set this off you said That that was what you were asked about In the in the first place you said that Was it but that was false and then Charles hoskinson and continuing his Comment to me wrote the fact that they Will not let Grand conspiracy go is Because they can flate the two not Ambiguity on my part at this stage if Anyone isn't clear then they are either Purposefully Mis stay naive or stupid They is no middle ground Here so look I'm I'm telling you guys Like Charles he didn't Misspeak he lied about his initial Comment to make his Grand conspiracy Claim easier to justify that's what he Did and so here he's saying it's all Very clear and he speak I'm I'm telling You man it just he'll flip on a dive I'm

Going to show you it's actually Ridiculous what he said let I'm going to Share you another one let me share with You first my response uh to all this Which I've got I thought I pull up here Yeah here it Is all right so here's what I wrote to Him you're You're just kind of grinds my gears a Bit folks you're directing attention Away from the core truth of the matter By bringing up Joe Luben here's what Started it All you said people in the xrp community Are trying to invent a quote Grand Conspiracy end quote that there was Quote blatant corruption between the Insiders at the SEC and ethereum end Quote your comment did not mention Joe Luben nor any mention of a conspiracy Against any parties to attack xrp and or Ripple it was this initial comment that The xrp community took issue with Because there were very clearly uh there Very clearly was corruption between People working on ethereum and the SEC It's well documented and I'll pause here To note as I mentioned at the outs of The video even the year the two years Ago John Deon had a list of facts Showing Corruption you know And like it's it's not some sort of like These are facts and we know them in the

Xrp community right there's there Certainly was corruption between Ethereum folks and the SEC well Documented and then I said the xrp Community was not upset about anything Having to do with Joe Luben or an attack Against xrp or Ripple because that was Not even being discussed you didn't say Anything about that in your initial Comment which started this whole Firestorm this is why people in the xrp Community feel upset and Frustrated you then presented false Facts in quotes uh changing the Narrative and into having something to Do with Joe Luben and an attack on xrp Ripple people were upset with you way Way before you falsely stated that your Initial comment had something to do with Joe Luben coordinating an attack against Xp/ Ripple to bring up Joe Luben as Though that is what set off this whole Controversy is disingenuous and Factually Incorrect that is entire entirely Different subject matter and has nothing To do with the origin of this Controversy what I'm saying here is Factually accurate and I went to Great Lengths to prove in my previous threads On the topic that what I'm saying is True now I'll just pause a note that or Just comment just in case anybody is Unaware a year ago I literally went

Through every comment in video where This was Discussed and everything writing and and In as far as the videos are concerned I Transcribed everything relevant to the Topic literally everything laid out Chronologically because he claimed that He was being taken out of context and Misrepresented and I knew that was BS he Was not being misrepresented he was not Being taken out of context his problem Is that people were responding in Context and what he said was so bogus And ridiculous that it harmed his Persona that's the truth and so I went Through and laid this all out and it Took me a ton of time to transcribe this Put the threads here but I knew that you Know the average person like the Casual Observer you know wasn't going to Necessarily have the time or energy or Interest to actually piece this all Together and so he's got like almost a Million people following him and they're All seeing stuff about the crazy xrp People I don't like that I'm in the Community I don't like that and he's Saying stuff that is blatantly false and So I took the time to map it out and say Here's why you're wrong here's why what You're saying is not true here are the Facts you can't dispute it because They're facts period that's what I did Did I I'm only laying out

Facts and then I wrote whether or not Some people in the xrp community think Joe Luben coordinated with anyone or any Entity to attack Ripple or xrp is Holy Irrelevant that has nothing to do with Why the xrp community became upset with You the reason people became upset is Because you were painting the community As conspiracy Theorists everyone knows that the term Grand conspiracy was used as a Pejorative against people in the xrp Community what further upset the Community is that you said this despite The fact that there is actual evidence Of corruption between the SEC and Ethereum fast forward this is where it Gets Rich check this out fast forward to October 2023 you said and I quote did The ethereum founders use connections And maybe even money to convince the SEC Yes probably but this is not corruption Just favoritism end Quote this means that you agree with xrp Community members who assert that there Was corruption between ethereum and the SEC you call it favoritism instead of Corruption which sof the blow but you Believe the same underlying Ideas this means that the Charles Hoskinson of October 2022 would have said that the Charles Hoskinson of October 2023 was trying to invent this Grand

Conspiracy because that's his quote That's why I use that by the way and Then I wrote the xrp community was right To push back against your claims of Inventing a grand conspiracy last year And I'm glad to see that you've come Around and now agree with the underlying Ideas uh regardless of how you choose to Label those Ideas So that's the truth I've only laid out Facts in what I've written here that That's it and he keeps misleading people And lying so check this after he Responded to me and before I wrote back But after he responded to me with what I Already shared in this video He had a separate post here I'll even Show you the time stamp so you guys can See when he he wrote to me it was 10:29 P.m. central Time last night and then Separately at 11:23 p.m. central Time Last night the 29th Charles hoskinson Had a comment here and it was to Somebody named Cameron now this xrp Community member named Cameron wrote The Following Charles with all due Respect no one claims the SEC was bribed To go after xrp you keep on pointing to An argument that you're making Up however they were bribed to give eth A free pass which could lead them of Their own valtion to go after Competitors that is what we see and so

Cameron's hitting the nail in the head I Mean I'm sure you could find some people In the community that do believe that This was all done to harm Ripple and xrp Uh I don't know that that that that Would be a majority opinion but that Also isn't what the initial comment that Set it off anyway but uh yeah C Cameron's correct in what he St there But here's how Charles hoskinson Responded he said my grand conspiracy Statement has nothing to do with Joe Bribing to give ethereum a free pass so Why does the xrp community continue to Harass me as if I said that I'm sorry What Charles hoskinson you said the Grand conspiracy statement has nothing To do with job bribing to give ethereum A free Pass interesting then why is it that After you made the first statement Because it's true like in in the initial Statement as I pointed out in the Initial statement it was about the SEC And eth why is it then that after the Fact and I went through great detail in My thread to highlight that you sh you Said later on that you were asked about Joe Luben uh attacking Ripple and xrp And you know I bet I could probably even Quickly pull up the damn quote right Here because this is my main thread here Yeah here we go here's what he said Right here full on your screen full

Screen so this is after The Firestorm Had start X number of days later Whatever it was Charles said this Separately on a Video I was on an interview called Thinking crypto at my Ranch and casually Asked a question about what I thought About a belief that the entirety of the Securities and Exchange Commission is Engaged in a financial conspiracy with Joe Luben and the ethereum group to Solely single out and go after Ripple Right so you're lying there that is Incorrect you you're the one that Brought up Joe Luben and this idea of a Conspiracy going after Ripple that's not Us you did that you did that Charles you Did that this is such a BS it's Unbelievable it is unbelievable what This guy is doing and all to avoid Admitting that he was wrong and made a Mistake that's all he has to do like People make mistakes all the time I mess Up you know what the right thing to do Is be like oh yeah I was wrong there Sorry I'll try and do better in the Future okay because people respect that Nobody expects everybody to be perfect All the damn time that's unattainable And stupid But if people see that you can't admit When you're wrong they're going to trust You less this is harmful to your persona This is harmful to your reputation

Charles hoskinson you should have just Admitted that you miss that you you you Said something was wrong you should have Just done it at the time and now you're Speaking out of both sides of your mouth Here and that's why you keep doing this In Def it's it's because you're hoping That the Casual Observer won't have the Time and energy to dig in and they'll Still just trust you and and and your Reputation won't be harmed if you just Fight enough but there are a lot of People like me and everybody listening To this video and not just this and it Goes Way Beyond this we talked about This broadly in the community all of us Know that you are a liar you have harmed Your reputation you absolutely have Harmed your reputation you're you're not Trustworthy to to the people the people That have seen that you you're a liar You just won't admit that you are wrong And I gave you the benefit of the doubt Charles from the beginning I was like Well guys before we jump down his throat Let's give him chance to see if there's Any sort of chance that he misspoke or Maybe he didn't know about some of these Facts said let's give him a shot gave Gave him quite a bit of time and then it Was very clear that even when the facts Were thrown in his face he didn't care He didn't want to admit he was wrong Because he he just couldn't swallow his

Pride and he's still doing it over a Year later he's still doing it I mean Look at the initial there was the post Where he was screaming that that which Is what I replied yesterday he wrote Here the ENT entire Grand conspiracy Statement is about Joe bribing the SEC To go after Ripple not the free pass so That's him two days ago November 20th He's saying that his Grand conspiracy Statement is about Joe bribing the SEC To go after Ripple fast forward to last Night and he said it's not he says here My grand conspiracy statement has Nothing to do with Joe bribing to give a Theum a free Pass what in the ever loving hell is That are these different humans again From the 28th the entire Grand iracy Statement is about Joe bribing the SEC To go after Ripple not the free Pass last night my grand conspiracy Statement has nothing to do with Joe Bing to give It these are completely opposite Statements from one Charles hoskinson Presum presumably it's was just one of Them right like or maybe there are two What the hell do I know at this point And they're just disagree with each Other and they both run the same X Account maybe that's what's happening Here this is Ridiculous hard to believe

Folks did you see like I showed you on The screen here like he's disagreeing With himself in real time like this is Crazy Man this is why he burns my biscuits On so let me share with you a few of the Responses to what Charles wrote to me From the xrp Community Member uh crypto is the key wrote this Is the behavior of a narcissist who is Entangled in something he's terrified of If it comes to Light here's a post from wit Whitaker Wrote to Charles hoskinson in his Response to me Whit Whitaker said glad To see that's how you feel about your Community that the interview was a Throwaway yeah and that's another thing That jumped out at me that I hadn't Mentioned to this point and I was Thinking about including it in my my own Comment but I felt like it would have Gone slightly in a different I was Really trying to stay on point in my Post but if you look at what Charles Wrote here he says I could have been More precise with my words during a Throwaway interview folks he's talking About Tony Edward on the thinking crypto YouTube channel which is a very popular YouTube channel he he's saying that his Interview with thinking crypto Tony Edward that was a throwaway interview How insulting is

That if I'm Tony Edward I'm kind of Pissed about that that's pretty rude who Is this guy my God here was crypto Mark he shared with This uh meme of a dog shaking its head Going really and he wrote I could have Been more precise with my words quote Intelle intellectually honest quote Really apparently that's what he's Really Saying Uh Ox Dy wrote you are so immature Pretty spot-on you know you know like It's short but you know brevity is the Soul of wit you know who said that That's Billy Shakespeare Billy Shakespeare said that here's a post from Michelle Nightingale and and this is Again all this post all these posts I'm Sharing with you including with one from Michelle Nightingale she's writing They're all writing to Charles hoskinson Who had just written to me still trying To deny facts still trying to get out of The wrongness that he created Michelle Nightingale said no Charles hoskinson You're entitled to your own opinions but Not your own facts maybe some xrp Holders have said Joe Luben bribed the SEC to sue Ripple if so I personally Haven't seen it and it's certainly not The majority maybe that's what you meant But you didn't actually say however that Extra detail was not at all a part of

The original dialogue so you can't poo Poo the xrp community for it after fact And folks she is so spot on here he's Like gaslighting us here because again The whole argument the massive fault Where Charles hoskinson was so pissed at The xrp community it was not about Joe Luben it was not about Joe Luben or Anybody else attacking Ripple R xrp it Was about ethereum Co coordinating with The SEC and engaging in corruption that Was It and there was so many posts and I Covered it at the time it's in my old Videos from over a year ago I was Showing posts from community members Calling out Charles Hoskins and saying No here's the proof this is real this is A real thing and then he shifted gears He didn't want to he's wrong that's when He threw Joe Luben in then he he saw Well no no I it's the Joe Luben thing That's wacky that's a grand conspiracy I Stand by my statement but then he Flipped back and he says now I never Said anything about Joe Luben in my Original com he just goes back and forth Whoever he needs depending on who he Needs to try and trick or convince in The moment he just goes back and forth For multiple positions that's what he's Doing here and then Michelle Nightingale Said Moon Lambo is right your grand Conspiracy comments were specifically

Related to the xrp community pointing Out the blatant corruption between the SEC and Ethereum facts not opinions were Provided yet you still called us Conspiracy theorists so we have a right To be upset anyone would be upset at Being painted as Liars crazies when Decrying an injustice and so I just hit Hard on that and I'm going to repost That right now as I'm recording this Video because that is spot on that is Fantastic and Charles hoskinson I just I Get it you're you're successful in Tricking some people but you would have Been better off instead of trying to Trick anybody admitting that you were Wrong and then a ton more people would Respect you and trust you today instead Since you have intentionally Deliberately misled and lied you have People like me who do not trust you Anymore that's that's the reality of it Like I just showed it you're you got Multiple positions like practically in Real time you're it's like you might as Well with yourself whatever benefits you You think in the moment that's what you Say and it's at the expense of the xrp Community so no and you don't even real You don't care you've got so much pride So much ego that you'd rather alienate People who trusted you previously then Admit you were wrong even though it

Actually harms you it actually does Because you have way fewer people that Respect and trust you way Fewer I'm I'm assuming to the tune of at Least tens of thousands of People but you still you just got to Save face because you can't admit it and You are tricking a lot of people who Just don't know they don't have the Tim Or energy or or whatever to look into This and that's why I've been trying to Spoon feed people the facts because You're wrong and you're making crap up And it really steams my vegetables I'm Not a financial advisor you should not Buy yourself anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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