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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel in the secv Ripple case the Latest legal bomb drop is that the SEC Is seeking power to rule over Jurisdictions that it has no Congressional power to rule over I'm Going to share with you perspective from Three attorneys within the xrp community Including attorney Jeremy Hogan who Brings us up and notes exactly what's at Stake here and and also I wanted to stay Say at the outset here I'm not going to Focus on this in this video but I I just Wanted to State look posts on social Media have made it clear to me that There are many people that believe this This news here and the developments that I'm I'm discussing here that this is all Negatively impacting the price of xrp And I just got to tell you I have a very Hard time believing that uh I have a Very hard time believing that because You know the question of xrp legal Clarity has already been answered so yes This this lawsuit dragging out Potentionally into next year at least um Does that actually have some sort of Impact on the price of xrp I really Don't think so I think that the whole World knows xrp is legal Clarity it's Obvious I don't I'm kind of surprised That some people in our community are Thinking along these lines I mean Coinbase h they relisted xrp I mean

Every every exchange I can think of is There any exchange that delisted xrp That hasn't relisted it is there even One left if there is actually let me Know cuz I I don't know which one that Would be curious as far as I know they All relisted it doesn't do you think They do that if there weren't sufficient Legal Clarity and then on top of that You have seen xrp uh price rise in fact If you look over the last 30 days the Percentage increase it's about 36% at Least at the time I'm recording this That's about the same for Bitcoin and Eth over the last 30 days it's moving Directionally in the same but you think That for some reason this is going to Prevent xrp from running I'm just not Buying so I'm not going to talk about That in terms of price action for the Rest of the video but I had to at Le at Least give a blur up here at the outset Because I I see people I get it I and I Respect where you're com from with the Concern but that's why I just want to Share my personal opinion which is that It doesn't make sense to worry about That xrp is Unshackled now it it does Have legal Clarity we're good to go here But still it doesn't mean that there's Nothing left to consider it doesn't mean That the fight is technically over um But before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial

Background of any kind I'm not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun shout Out and credit to Attorney James K filin Member of the xrp community uh he broke This news here he wrote the parties have Submitted to judge Tores a proposed Schedule regarding remedies Discovery And briefing and this is covered by you Today with their headline Ripple and SEC Chart path and new legal fight a Proposed schedule for remedies Discovery And briefing has been submitted by Ripple and the the Securities and Exchange Commission to honorable Analisa Torres the presiding judge of the Southern district of New York The Proposal outlines a structured timeline For the discovery phase during which Both parties will collect and present Evidence pertinent to the sec's Allegations and Ripple's defense the Parties have agreed that permissible Discovery will include events that Occurred before the sec's initial Complaint against Ripple according to The most recent filing the SEC is to be Allowed 90 days from the entry of the Scheduling order to conduct Discovery Related to remedies Ripple limits its

Consent to discoveries that pertain to Events preceding the complaint the Document also notes that Ripple retains The right to oppose any post complaint Discovery that the SEC May request and May petition the court for deadline Extensions if necessary furthermore Ripple has been granted 45 days from the Entry of the scheduling order to present A superseding report by by Anthony M Braco who offered his testimony earlier This year the SEC in turn will have the Opportunity to depose braco within 90 Days following the scheduling order both Parties have reserved the right to serve Rebuttal reports and seek further Discovery as permitted by the Court Thirdparty Discovery requests will not Be initiated without Court approval as Stipulated by the federal rules of civil Procedure okay so I think that's a Pretty good subm of of of what was what This document covers so I figured I'd Run through that rather than reading the Actual thing which is certainly drier Than that but um here's what attorney Bill Morgan had to say in response to All this that scheduling takes us at Least until May 2024 after the next Bitcoin having and The start of the expected bull market we Can still talk about it as an ongoing Case at the wave of innovation xrp Gold Coast Conference in March next year if

There is no settlement yeah so again This this does drag out and you're Talking about potentially you know in Terms of the expectation of where the Bull market would be sure yeah but That's also why I want to State at the Outset that I personally don't think It's going to matter for xrp Price Action and I don't know what attorney Morgan thinks on that but it just got me Thinking along those lines you guys can Tell me what you think in the comments Section but I personally am not the Least bit concerned and especially if You look at how xrp has been behaving Yeah it's moving in correlated fashion And it's the environment it's it's very Clear that it's it's it's being treated In such a way that Um it's it's no longer Shackled I mean Look at the fact that uh xrp ran up to Number four in market cap the other day You know surpassing binance coin and Even though it was shortlived there's Going to be further burst no doubt and So I think that that's a pretty clear Sign things looking pretty good for Xrp excuse me folks let me take a sip of Water Here all right now we got the the Following from attorney Jeremy Hogan um and so he shared this he says That this will be Interesting um as say nothing less is at

Stake than the Sovereign rights of Foreign Countries the US Supreme Court says that Ripple sales must have been in the US or At least on a US exchange how is the Sec's expert going to get around that Yeah so that's a good question here now The the SEC you may recall from you know The the years of litigation in the the Secb Ripple case before we had the you Know the the Tores decision is in Regards to the Motions for summary Judgment the SEC had been overreaching In a tremendous number of ways obviously And one of those ways was uh by seeking Jurisdiction over transactions that were Clearly outside of the geographic region That it Overseas which is to say outside of the United States they just they don't have Jurisdiction over these types of Transactions so this is a great question From attorney Hogan uh how how how are They going to get around this and then He also wrote and if the SEC tries to Extend its reach outside of the US will The UK France and Australia file amicus Briefs like they did in the Morrison Case that would be Embarrassing uh and then in a separate Post uh he wrote this by the way if you Are rooting for ripple throw a big kiss At CZ that's Chang pingel of course the Founder of binance um and binance for

Their win last year in the Anderson V Binance case which really restricted the Reach of us Securities laws outside of The US the case helps Ripple out a lot And I didn't recall this case off the Top of my head so I just did a quick Google and came across there's all sorts Of websites covering this but uh here You can see a headline April 7th of last Year and they note uh federal judge Dismissed a lawsuit against Cryptocurrency exchange binance on the Grounds that us Securities laws do not Apply to a non-domestic exchange and the Lawsuit did not fall within the statute Of limitations under the US Securities Laws and so like I've been saying for Years on end at this point Justice in The United States typically is done not Perfectly sometimes it's sloppy and Sometimes there's Injustice of course Because no system's perfect but you know They got that right here and so wouldn't This aspect as it similarly applies in Theccv replicates wouldn't they most Probably get that correct here as well Uh one would Think um and then there's also this and I want to this is actually from Yesterday but I had to mention this uh Cuz there there's this post on X from Gary ginzler saying his stupid Gary Ginzler stuff my God it's just it's it's Hilarious for those of you on on social

Media platform X you may have seen some Of his posts and if you go into the Replies oh my God it is it is hilarious It is absolutely hilarious he's just Bombarded endlessly with all sorts of People in the world of crypto who are Offended by everything that he's doing Harming investors it's absolutely Hilarious and he really gets it there U Now of course he's probably not running The account it's probably some sort of SEC intern but but still it's the type Of sentiment that you would expect and So there was a post on your screen I Don't need to read it for the purpose of This video but it's there if you want to Pause and read it attorney Hogan Reposted that and wrote bureaucrats who Regulate business should have actually Started and built a business themselves EEG I don't want to be parenting Regulated by someone who has never had a Child until you've had a baby projectile Diarrhea into your mouth mind your own Business got to love that Am I crazy no you are not crazy attorney Hogan you are one of the San ones out There which is why when I saw this Headline I was just just my jaw dropped Look at this from coin Telegraph us Lawmaker proposes to cut SEC chair Gary Ginzler salary to $1 folks I am outraged by this why would We overpay Gary guinsler to the tune of

$11 he is worth zero dollars this is Offensive No seriously I mean I'm glad serious I'm Glad about the proposal I paying this Guy anything to do like like he's Getting paid money to to to to harm the Investors that you know his agency is Sworn to protect how disgusting is that Then there's also this from Attorney Fred Rispoli this is all Tea Leaf reading but To me this letter so he's Referencing what was shared by attorney Here of course the main topic of this Particular Moon Lambo H jam and the Timeline for this says this this is all Te Lea reading but to me this letter Does not have the aurbic tone of most of The previous ones the parties even Agreed on some things I continue to Believe this case is closer to Resolution than SEC is projecting uh Yeah that would be awesome and I Wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't hate that who Knows look see the SEC see they always Project and it's I understand why it's Actually reasonable to do this you Always project even if you think your Case is weak if you're deter you project The strength you don't want to give up Anything you don't want to appear weak Or else you know if anything you're just Going to get hounded on even further and And the other side will be even more

Aggressive when perhaps they would have Been slightly less you know so I get I Get the the approach here um but uh for Matery raso's perspective he's thinking Even if it's not intentional they're Looking a little bit we weaker like They're they're appearing that way Closer to resolution Here so uh we'll see what happens here But that's the latest update my friends I'm not a financial adviser you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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