Attorney Deaton Explains Why Judge Torres IS DELAYING RULING IN RIPPLE LAWSUIT

Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel and here's a headline from The crypto basic Deaton explains why Judge Torres is delaying ruling in Ripple versus SEC lawsuit now look I Think that most people within the xrp Community were hazarding a guess that This this lawsuit would would have ended By the end of March this year and that Has not come to pass but based on Various polls that I've seen including Uh one that I put out however many weeks Ago it seems like most people were Willing to bet that it would probably Have ended by that time period but it's Not to this point so what's with the Delay it's a totally fair question Um and you know what it comes down to if You if you look at the fact that this is The most consequential case that judge Torres has ever determined you can you Can imagine the high levels of pressure That she must be under and that's what Attorney Deaton is talking about here I'll share with you some of his specific Words on this but we we also learned uh Thanks to information shared by attorney Dean that if you look at historically How long rulings have taken from Judge Torres final rulings after daubert Motions uh where I'll just say this and Then we'll get into the specifics Further but Based on that data that was shared by

Attorney Deaton This case is going to end by May 6 or Else she has pushed the final decision Back further than she ever has at any Point in her entire career now it Doesn't mean that can't happen but if You're just anticipating that she's Going to more or less behave as she Historically has than by May 6th of this Year she should have a decision uh Publicly filed again doesn't mean it's Going to happen but there's so much at Stake I just want to make sure that She's she's doing this right I I don't I Personally would not ever want to rush Her you know you know not the eyes cross The t's All That Jazz Um and then there was also this story I Wanted to touch on this towards the Later part of the video uh also headline For the crypto basic top us lawyer says He holds 75 of his portfolio in xrp and They're talking about none other than Attorney Jeremy Hogan 75 of his crypto Portfolio is xrp but uh before going Further to be clear I do not have a Legal or financial background of any Kind I'm not offering legal or financial Advice and you definitely should not buy Or sell anything because of anything I Say all right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun all right the

Crypto law found out it's John Dean of Course said the judge is facing intense Pressure as she understands the Significance of the Ripple versus SEC Ruling Several xrp community members have Recently taken to Twitter to ask why Judge Annalisa Torres is yet to issue Her ruling in the lawsuit between Ripple And the SEC Following predictions from Pro xrp Lawyer James phylen many Ripple and xrp Supporters expected the judge's ruling To come before the end of last month However this didn't happen leading to Questions about the possible cause of The delay And by the way I was one of the people That just for fun was guessing that it Would have ended by the end of March but Admittedly that was pretty much me just Copying attorney filing because I was Like well he knows more than me that's Right anyway peace continues in a video Clip making the rounds within the xrp Community crypto law founder Attorney John Deaton explained why judge Torres Is taking time to rule on the summary Judgment of the lawsuit According to attorney Deaton judge Torres understands the significance of The lawsuit and is taking time to ensure She gets the ruling right he expressed Doubt that judge Torres has ever been

Under pressure in her entire career like She has been made to face throughout the Ripple lawsuit especially from the Blockchain company now folks that is Like it has to be true and you can say Technically that's a subjective opinion Okay fine but to me it's obviously the Case she has never ruled over something Where there are somewhere in the Neighborhood of 76 000 participants Being being recognized uh by you know in This case attorney John Deaton 76 000 Humans you think she doesn't feel the Pressure from that My gosh I mean look and I mention this In a video maybe at some point within The last week I think I I just I made The points like in in an ideal world you Would assume that each judge with every Single case would you know consider with The same amount of seriousness that you Know well consistently basically but Judges are humans and I'm just saying That I I just I have this suspicion that There are some judges out there in the World where something is shown to have Great gravity to it if you will I have a Feeling that uh judges in such instances Are going to be a lot more careful Before they put the final judgment out There and I know they should have the Same level of seriousness in every Single case but you can't help but be a Human right and so she does see this and

That's why I think like oh my gosh she's Probably coming through every single Piece of related information she can put Her hands on that would be my suspicion If I were her I sure as hell would be Like that absolutely and it but see That's why it's neat for us though Because it quickly becomes very clear That we are on the right side of law we Being xrp holder so even if Ripple is Found to have done uh something wrong Even if just something minor and they Have to pay a small fine even Okay as long as there's a path forward For xrp that's fine that we're still on The right side of the law and that's What I'm anticipating here but take a Look at this quote this is from attorney Dean he said what I doubt very seriously Is that judge Torres has ever felt the Pressure that she is feeling right now Ripple is sending hey judge look what The judge and Voyager said look what the Supreme Court said about Fair notice Look at the sec's conduct look at Binance look at the cftc End quote He explained that these things are Happening at a time when he and many Others have asserted that the U.S crypto Industry would get regulatory Clarity From her decision in the lawsuit and Here's another quote from attorney Dean So this decision is as big of a decision

That this judge has ever faced think About it what other decisions are as big As this decision when it comes to global Trade and Finance in modern history end Quote He reiterated that the ongoing Ripple V SEC lawsuit is the most significant Non-fraud SEC enforcement action since 1946 The Period of the highway case and By the way of course I do recognize that In this article they're naming this Thing backwards it's the secv Ripple Lawson at the Ripple vsdc lawsuit I'm Just reading it as written but yes of Course I do recognize that Um but what about patients should we Have patience That's what this subheading passed Dean Calls for patience Deaton added that he Does not blame judge Torres for the pace She uses to work on the decision Per Deaton judge Torres is facing Intense pressure as she knows a ruling Against Ripple would prompt the Blockchain company to appeal the case in A higher Court He had that if the judge grants summary Judgment in favor of Ripple she must Then explain the rationale behind the Decision and so here's the quote from Attorney Dean so with that kind of Pressure I don't blame judge Torres for Being very careful on how she works on This decision because if it goes against

Ripple she knows it's going up to a Conservative court and if it is for Ripple she has to justify end quote and So look I'm not going to get into the Politics of anything unrelated to crypto Ever on this channel this is not a Political Channel I will only delve in Anything political insofar as it has Something specifically to do with crypto And so I don't care if you lean left Politically or lean right politically Attorney Deaton is spot on here when You're talking about the justices on the Supreme Court level because that's what He's getting at here it heavily is is Towards the conservative Bend and the Good thing about this whether you are Politically left or politically right The good news for you is an xrp holder Is that the makeup of the Supreme Court With these particular justices they are Very against government overreach the SEC is engaging in tremendous government Overreach so whatever your apologies are It doesn't matter I'm just acknowledging the reality Attorneys talked about this extensively A number of times over the last you know Six nine 12 months in particular and He's spot on You know should it get to the point Where this this case is at the Supreme Court you better you better think you're Lucky star that those are the

Individuals who are making the decision Specifically for this case whatever you Think on any other political topic I'm Not getting into that but for this case Yup And and that is exactly what you need so I'm hoping it doesn't get to that point I'm just saying if it does get to that Point We're sitting pretty I I'd be more optim Honestly I'll tell you this right now I'm more optimistic of a positive Outcome If This Were to make the Supreme Court than I am with just judge Taurus I understand the makeup of that court And what judge Torres I'm still Optimistic that what should be done will Be done and there's going to be path Forward for xrp but I even though I have A high level of confidence there I I Don't know for sure and I'm certainly More even more confident uh given the Makeup of the Supreme Court in terms of The the the ruling that they'd come to Peace continues attorney Deaton further Urged xrp community members to exercise Patience because the ruling is not as Easy as many think And Dean said quote so just be patient We are almost at the end end quote Yeah it's close and so look and again I Want to be honest add a couple more Words onto something I was citing at the Outset of the video in terms of the

Timeline for this case ending Uh it was based on daubert motions that That's what uh that's what Attorney John Deaton was talking about so he noted That there's one case where the uh the Decision for the thebert rulings you Know having to do with expert Witnesses Came out and then an hour later the Final decision from Judge Torres in a Separate completely unrelated case uh Just an hour after that was filed well We didn't see that happen and then there Was another one where I think Deaton Said that it was maybe like two weeks Later there's another one where it was a Month and then there was another one Where you know there were the the the Ruling as far as the dobbert Motions Expert Witnesses and then two months Later it happened well all the dalbert Stuff came down on March 6. so if you're Looking two months out then that would Be May 6. so again it's not that it Couldn't go further than that it's just That If if it does go out if the decision Goes out further than May 6 that is Completely unprecedented based on uh a Judge torres's previous Behavior doesn't It can't but that's what we're looking At so that's why I do believe what's Most probable is that any day we're Going to wake up now and we're just Going to see headlines on this

Um I guess you know Look attorney Deaton said it would Surprise him if it went past May 6 Although he totally acknowledges it's Possible I'm not I'm not sure how to Word this because I also recognize That you know the amount of time that Most that judge Schwartz must put in is Tremendous and I also understand the Gravity of the situation and just me Believing that she firmly understands What's at stake here might that result In her spending more time on it than she Would necessarily have to with any other Case so I don't know I don't know if I Should be surprised one way or another I'm just saying in terms of what there Is precedent for yeah well if we're Going within that then we're going to Have a a ruling on this by May 6. so We'll see what happens all right and Then just for fun there's this is just Real short so I was going to throw onto The video but uh from the crypto basic Top U.S lawyer says he holds 75 of his Portfolio in xrp Pro xrp attorney Jeremy Hogan has taken to Twitter to reveal his Long-term cryptocurrency Holdings in his Ledger Nano notably Hogan's long-term Crypto Holdings consist of more xrp than Bitcoin According to data attached to the Tweet 74.3 percent of Hogan's total long-term Cryptocurrency Holdings are in xrp in

Contrast the partner at Hogan and Hogan Law Firm has only about 25.7 percent of His long-term crypto Holdings in Bitcoin Commenting on the development Hogan said He is an xrp xrp xrp BTC Maxi like that Uh this indicator that's a quote from Him uh this indicates that xrp Represents approximately three quarters Of his long-term Holdings while Bitcoin Only equals one quarter Wise man that Jeremy Hogan why is wise Man I'll tell you my you got you guys Already know xrp is my largest Individual crypto holding uh I hold a Lot more in terms of United States Dollars of xrp compared to bitcoin or Any other crypto out there that'll I Hold about 30 different cryptocurrencies Um you know what I should do it's been a While since I looked at this and prices Are always changing for all of my crypto But I actually don't know off the top of My head what percentage of my total Holdings of crypto uh would be made up Of xrp way less than half way less than Half I don't know if that means that my Xrp would be like 10 or 15 I don't know But I put a lot of money in xrp and but There are also a lot of other coins that I put some very what to me is very Serious money in and it's all subjective But um You know it's it's just it just is the Case that for me where I find there to

Be utility that's where I'm most Interested and xrp just oozes utility And I think that uh attorney Hogan has Kind of sniffed that one out himself I Think I think everybody listened to your Favorite probably unless you're a Bitcoin Maxi troll a casually stopping Them buying which case oh hell com don't Look anything though I want this place To remain pristine but I think that we All kind of get it xrp is one of the few Cryptocurrencies out there that actually Does something and that people actually Use it for and it's in business Uh or I mean it's being used in the in Business Productions more specifically That's what I meant to say so you know When this thing is all said and done and The secv Ripple case is over like I Still firmly believe we go and get ours But it is risky and I don't know exactly What the timeline is going to be but how Could you not be optimistic if you're Following What's Happening Here both in The SEC replication you're following Real World Adoption of xrp by Individuals and businesses how could you Not be incredibly bullish on it Just saying I'm not a financial advisor You should not buy or sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon family sedan


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