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To take you down to the most interesting Part I want to I want you to see this Chart but before I do I want to I want To read this part overall my expected Odds that xrp holders get a good or Acceptable outcome is roughly 90 percent Now that's cool now look at this and I Don't understand exactly how all this Works but I do understand the first two He or I think I do he is saying that It's a 70 percent probability that the Case settles and a 30 percent Probability that it goes to trial I Think included in that would be a a Summary judgment okay case settled 70 80 Percent if it does I'm assuming this Means if it does settle there's an 80 Chance That future U.S sales to qualified Purchasers and a 20 no future U.S sales And then Ripple relocates I think I'm Reading that right the 30 percent less

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