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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I do have cinnamon in my Coffee today Oh that's good I had a I had a good let Me have another sip All right All right short this Chart should terrify you short this Chart should uh terrify you federal Government government current Expenditures interest payments look at This how it went up like this so Basically our fed our government is I'm Assuming that this Spike Up Is Us Sending money to Ukraine for some Unknown reason Um and just blowing it's almost like These these officials have just said all Right screw it let's just bankrupt the Country and see how fast we can do it So that's why it's no coincidence that The digital asset investor has a sponsor Glint because I buy Glenn in my Glenn Account I buy physical gold I buy in my Glenn account so that I have a debit Mastercard and I can spend my gold if I Need it for spending power the link to That's in the very top of the Description check it out my other Sponsor linked to look where they are Watch this

Link to private investing Made Simple on The NASDAQ I haven't been to New York City in a long time I need to go I lost My will to go when I watched what went On there during covet and all that but Um now I think it's safe to go back up There now check this out According to coindesk Gary Gensler just Stated that he believes the SEC has Jurisdiction to make rules concerning Custody of all of investors assets not Just their funds or Securities now folks Write it down what this is about Gary Gensler knows that the whole world is About to be tokenized with digital Assets so he's trying to see if he can Just He reminds me of one of those whale Sharks that just opens their mouth and All the Plankton go in their mouth That's what's he that's what he's doing Because he knows that when they when the World is tokenized and all of those Assets that's why he did that thing About qualified custodians the other day It's only going to be his buddies and Qualified custody excuse me qualified Custodians and they're going to get all Of the assets and Gary wants to be the Guy who can say that he got all of that Under the jurisdiction of the SEC that Way they'll give him the treasury job I Love this right here Mr intuitive who is The official cool guy the digital asset

Investor Channel says Dear Brad Garlinghouse come to xrp Las Vegas 2023 Hosted by digital perspectives adult Talk on the future of fintech he says Credit Cowboy crypto so he's got Everybody there in the pool there's David Schwartz right there maybe he'll Come too Brad uh Brad garlinghouse would Be the Master of Ceremonies and then you Got Stuart El doradi down there Um look there's John Deaton and Jeremy Hogan I see all kinds of familiar faces There's Eleanor tarrett That's random what's her I can't Remember her name Judy uh Shelton That'd be funny if she came Um but if anyway it's gonna be fun and I And I love this kind of stuff because This is in the right Spirit right here Who knows maybe Brad garlinghouse will Come and then xrp the standard Productions who is parody says I'm so Happy to be one of the speakers at at The xrp community event in Vegas this Year alongside my good friends Eleanor Terrett and John Deaton and there is xrp The standard Productions right there Uh I I don't know if he's coming or not But I hope he does come he's a he's a Trip okay this is something that was Going around today that I was reminded Of on November 4th 2022 James Flynn said This he said I'm sticking to my Prediction that District Judge Torres

Will decide both the expert motions and The summary judgment motions at the same Time on or before March 31st 31st 2023 Well we're at March 2nd is that correct Yes today is March 2nd folks So like I've been saying any any minute Now any day now any week now It's going to happen Victims of we we covered this yesterday The victims of the one 850 000 Bitcoin Hack from Mount gox will uh well they Might uh massive cell wall the BTC price To ten thousand so the the uh they're Saying they're acting like there's a Potential that all this Bitcoin from Mount gox could be dumped and it would Crash the price down Interesting thing to to be watching and Then grayscale has this mark your Calendars our day in Court's March 7th Great it's inside Bitcoin seven billion Dollar sunken treasure the world's Largest Bitcoin fund is about to have Its day in according to stake at stake In the fight a 7.2 billion dollar profit Sitting in the fun like sunken treasure If only anyone could get to it on paper Uh gbtc is the best deal in Bitcoin you Can buy you you can find the fund share Price price trades at 47 discount in Other words they're wanting to convert This thing to and um what is it to an ETF And I think they had to Sue I think the

Basic gist of it is that they had to sue Did they sue the SEC I think they did Um They had to sue to get this thing to Turn it uh there's a hitch though the Securities Exchange had has repeatedly Divide denied the fund Company Applications for ETFs that want to own Bitcoin directly rather than um through Futures in June the SEC rejected their Bid to convert it prompting grayscale to Sue the agency to reverse the decision So they want their sunken treasure all Right let me see where I am Then there's this folks I I keep seeing Michael Saylor and his Bitcoin promo Videos and look sometimes you just have To you know that woman that the guys From bankless interviewed she's at the End of she's in this clip that I put Together But one of the things that she said the Other day is that I think she said that She had been told or she just knows that Many of the major uh people in in crypto Many of the major pundits and all are Actually in communication with the Three-letter agencies I'm not saying he Is but it wouldn't surprise me if he is Because what he's saying and doing makes Zero sense against the backdrop of what The video we've uncovered and what we Know so this is the video I put together At the end of this video ask yourself

Does it make any sense that this guy Keeps on toting this narrative no January 3rd 2009 is the singularity That's the point at which Satoshi Nakamoto developed the technology to Transfer value through space without a Trusted third party so one of our agents Who started looking at another online Market Place through the Deep Web which Was called Black Market reloaded they Were sending weapons through packages And throughout ordering them on the dark Web and he was really really smart Forward leaning agent he goes I want to Go interview Satoshi Nakamoto most People don't realize this but Satoshi Opened a portal from the Physical Realm Into the digital realm and energy began To flow into cyberspace just freaking Crazy why is anybody listening that is Crazy what he just said it's cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and it doesn't make any Sense that these people are pushing this Thing when they supposedly don't know Who created it it's bunk He said yeah I want to go interview this Guy at the time we're like hey it's a Figment of somebody's imagination maybe It's true maybe it's not true so you Know we had all this pushback from our Headquarters and we thought hey if an Agent why did Homeland Security have Push back from their headquarters to go Meet with the satoshis

Go talk to him and we have some money Why don't we send him let's find out how This works if you wanna if you want a Road map for how you create a commodity You have to do it the way Satoshi did it You create a protocol You give it to the world you disclaim Beneficial ownership of it you disclaim Control of it and you disappear that's What Satoshi did and he they sat down And met with them and talked to them to Find out how this actually works and What so he didn't disappear Homeland Security met with him reason for it what If you want a crypto asset to be a Commodity you can't rely upon four Engineers so as it came to be the agents Flew out to California and they realized That he wasn't alone in creating this There were three other people they Either absolutely know who your or your Leader is or they don't and if they Don't then then the organization is a is A considered an Old State actor to them I mean if they do then they have a lot More power than you think and that would Be very that would that meant that's That creates a vulnerability within the Organization that Is should be considered should be Considered in other words we just proved That they do know who Satoshi is So that gives them a power that's why I Don't understand why Michael Sayler and

All these people and Max cutter are Pushing this they've seen this video Make no mistake they've seen the Homeland security video knowing that why Aren't they at that one I mean it even Had a name of the homeland security Agent Why wouldn't they be out there demanding To know Because they either already know or they Don't want to know because it implodes Their whole thing Find cryptocurrency in this world Extraordinarily interesting because more Will be revealed more will be revealed I Remember hearing her say that and say You know what she knows something Now you know how John Deaton's been Saying that we won't get any regulatory Clarity before 2025. well this is this Guy's an attorney too and he says I Agree there is zero percent chance Congress will pass crypto legislation That gets signed by Biden the courts or The key for them now crypto Community Needs to unite in support of actual Fighters in the arena like John Deaton Caitlin Long and others now this Intrigued me because Elon Musk tweeted This out Master Plan Three Sustainable energy for all of Earth Detailed white paper with calculations And assumptions to be released by Tesla Short shortly now against the backdrop

Of everything we know about xrp versus Proof of work and all that and against The backdrop of all the videos I've done Where I draw a line to the PayPal Mafia And xrp and stellar this and and against The backdrop of Ripple having talked About the sustainability of The xrp Ledger versus other lead other block Chains all that makes me very intrigued I wonder what master plan 4 is if master Plan 3 is this maybe master plan four is An Intergalactic Global digital Global Reserve currency And then there's this this is Rosie Rios I'm going to play a little bit of it for You Directs and coordinated action across Agencies to mitigate illicit financing Promote safe and affordable financial Services and explore yes a U.S Central Bank digital currency now you may know That over 80 percent of developed Countries right now are looking at a Central bank digital currency it will Happen and it will happen in the U.S but Is absolutely going to take some time as You know things don't happen very very Quickly especially when it comes to the Central bank now they are taking this Very very seriously the U.S currency is A world Reserve currency so it is Important for them to get this right but I guess my my point to that would be I Wouldn't hold your breath anytime soon

It is going to take a considerable Amount of time because it is a world Reserve currency it's accepted Everywhere before the the Federal Reserve actually decides to back a Central bank digital currency it Absolutely will take some time so over The past year the agencies across the Government have worked together to Develop Frameworks and policy Recommendations that Advance the six Priorities identified in that executive Order The financial stability oversight Council which is Secretary of the Treasury chairs published a report just This last October that examined the Potential Financial stability Implications a crypto asset activities As you know crypto has been in the news Time and time again and I just want to Share that I am on the board of Ripple Ripple is xrp and so when people ask me The question why did you join the board Of Ripple I joined the board of Ripple Because xrp serves a purpose it's a Function that facilitates cross-border Payments it's not some store of value Kind of arbitrary uh Value that is not pegged to anything This is actually what legitimate Financial institutions use specifically For cross-border payments so instead of Days and dollars it's seconds and cents

And that is the future in my opinion and Again this is this is a function so this Utility piece when it comes to crypto is Very very important again There's no doubt in my mind That digital assets are becoming Mainstream absolutely no depth all right That's good clip here's another clip This is Tony from thinking crypto with Hester Pierce and Hester Pierce I Believe this is the clip she directly Contradicts Gary Gensler when he said oh We've got the form on our website you Can just go there and and register all These exchanges can register these came Out uh Jesse Powell of Kraken he kind of Tweeted out something to contradict a Chair against her about You know saying all I had to do was come On the website and fill out a form and I Know what chair against her has said These things on TV and uh but folks During the industry are saying it's not That easy that's it's not very clear on Registering and coming in and filling Out whatever forms so I don't know if you can speak to this But what's going on here it seems to be Confusion one side saying one thing and The other side saying one another thing So this has been a source of great Frustration for me I mean obviously uh When you're registering a Securities Offering

It's it's you know it's not the same as As signing up for a class online or Something like that you know there's There's information that you have to Provide but we should have a process for Thinking about what it actually would Look like If someone were trying to register one Of these products or services And Um we shouldn't undersell or we Shouldn't underestimate the the effort That would go into that and and it does Really require an a regulator who is Willing to work with The industry and with people who would Use these products and services To figure out a productive path forward It's it's not just pressing a button or You know filling out a form on the Website there there it it's a little bit More involved than that I've got some invite Hester if you're Listening if you want to be a rock star Instead of just this same old same old If you want to be a rock star and have People Start cheering for you next time you're Asked something like this just come out And tell the truth and say look You know it I know it the world knows it This guy's an a-hole he's a liar he's Not working he doesn't care give a rip About protecting investors he's trying

To protect his friends on Wall Street And we need to get him out of here And yeah I'll take the job if if you Guys can figure out how to get him out Of here because he's not doing anything Good for this country Say that Hester say that and you will be You will be held up on people's Shoulders because that's the truth and The people are sick of this clown Now news Kraken coinbase say that they Are willing to fight the SEC on the Token listing so that's great well then Re-list xrp both of you I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button and tell your friends and Family to tell Hester Pierce Come out with gunsling and guns blazing Next time until it like it really is and The people will love you for it because They are sick of what's going on in this Country Thank you


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