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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I'm keeping it down a Little bit I did this video a little bit Early check this out I wanted to remind Everybody Um and again I'm not involved in putting This together or anything I'm just Helping to I want to make your people Aware of it because I think it's Important this is the first xrp Conference Bitcoinmiami meet xrp Las Vegas and it's Going to be held in 73 days out in Las Vegas and I I love Las Vegas so I'm Going to try my best to make it out There Um look at this so the reason I want to Show it to you today is because they've Added speakers they're going to have Jeremy Hogan virtually John Deaton's Going to be there Eleanor terrett's Going to be there and they've added a Couple I think since last time I showed This Quincy Jones the um xdc xrp Developer is going to be there and then They also added this uh discard combo I Don't know if I'm saying that right from Spin the bits is going to be there as Well all these other people I think you

Saw before so this thing's building more And more and I would be literally Shocked if we didn't see some of the Ripple people start to show up on the Board too because As we know Ripple had a presence at Bitcoin Miami Um at least for well for the last two Two or three years they've been at Bitcoin Miami here's the Ripple house That they did in Miami for Bitcoin Miami I think this past year and this was Brad Garinghouse I remember this one because He was there with Michael Arrington and Some of those algorand guys I remember That picture so I would be shocked if we Didn't see Ripple start popping up at This xrp Las Vegas event all right check This out this is um gold Telegraph the Central Bank of Iran will open new Center for exchange currency and gold Iran's government recently started Selling gold coin certificates to raise Cash Russia and Iran are working Together on a gold back stable coin Once this is done folks it's game over You better start getting a gold back Stable coin in the United States Iran Has been seeking entry into bricks I Want to show you this video this is a Clip from the CEO of Glenn Glenn's one Of my sponsors and listen to what he Says about about what glint's doing Glenn pay and how it works well we're

The first company in the world to enable Gold as money as everyday money and with The app and MasterCard you can Effectively put yourself on your own Personal gold standard so with the app You can buy gold you can save it you can Send it to other people who have Accounts you can spend it using the Glenn MasterCard so you literally can Pay with anything I really want to get This across you can use gold as money Every day it's a kind of gold based Alternative to a bank you can uh you can Buy a a flight to you know anywhere in The world you can pay for your hotel you Can even pay for your underground ticket Anything in the world you can normally Buy with a MasterCard you can now pay With gold and so yeah it's um why would Awesome so I've got mine links in the Top of the description on that now now Stuart El doradi made the news yesterday When he tweeted this out it's Stuart Alvarotti Ripple's general counsel the SEC has lost four of five of its last Five cases in the Supreme Court thanks To Thanks to the few that had the courage And resources to fight back against the Sec's bullying and Clint clinging to Stretch legal positions that were not Faithful to the law And then right after he tweeted it John Deaton tweeted this he says I have no

Doubt Ripple will win and the current Supreme Court will shut down the sec's Gross overreach the West Virginia versus EPA case is all you need to read to Agree with me Ripple's summary judgment Brief is already an extremely well Written applet brief now when I saw that I wanted I wanted to send out this Reminder The first this is the first tweet that That Stuart al-arati ever tweeted once The Ripple lawsuit dropped he said in 2015 the U.S government concluded xrp Was a virtual currency last I checked The SEC is still part of the U.S Government here's the plus side the Industry will finally get the clarity it Deserves goodbye how we test hello Ripple test and now my understanding and I'm not an attorney but my understanding Is that in order to get a ripple test do You have to go to the Supreme Court I Don't know but going to the Supreme Court I don't think again I'm not an Attorney but I don't think that means That everything has to go to the Supreme Court in other words the judge could say Well I'm going to send X Y and Z parts Of this to the Supreme Court or I'm Going to send this to whatever and then But I'm gonna but xrp itself I'm going To rule that xrp itself is not a Security and xrp in the secondary Market It's not a security so in other words

The judge could set xrp free In retail and then Reserve certain Things to go to a jury trial John Deaton's mentioned a jury trial and Um all kinds of different there's a lot Of different ways that this thing can End that's my point but every time I see These tweets from Stuart El doradi and Brad garlinghouse this is the one you Know for Stuart El Roddy that yesterday And then these were the ones where They're they're talking about how Shocking the Henman documents are and The fact that they have them okay every Time I see these to me it feels like a It feels like a Gary gentle you keep Effing around and you're going to find Out you know the same for me uh so That's kind of what I think about every Time I see these is that they're they're Dangling on this out here and saying Look we're going to go all the way and And remember Gary we've heard it several Times all Gary is worried about he's not Worried about protecting investors all He's worried about is him himself and Trying to get the U.S treasury job well He needs he needs this Victory this is The one he needs in order to get his Bones and go uh get his treasury job Well Think about it if he if if a major part Of it goes to the Supreme Court I Wouldn't think that Gary would want that

Because if it did that extends the time Period and Gary's not there for the long Term Gary's just there to do enough to Get his treasury job and get his little Trophies okay because this is a guy that Is all about himself he's not gonna give A rip about you and me so I don't think that would serve him if it Goes to the Supreme Court for what his Goals are and that to me that might Couldn't be why they're throwing this Out there is like hey you might want to Settle or this or you you're not going To get the you're not going to get your Badge on this thing All right and then we have this more Chatter that grayscale could be poised To win its appeal case against the SEC On March 7th turning gbtc into a proper Spot Bitcoin ETF legal Minds believe Their brief is powerful and that the Court may be prone for pushing back on Regulatory overreach All right now Um I hadn't seen this clown in a while But this is tone vase Bitcoin Maxi Bitcoin only guy listen to How out of touch this guy is I'm not as Enthusiastic about this defy space Because to me I don't see much Innovation other than people creating These platforms uh to try and capture The defy traffic and everything revolves Around printing your own token

Everything revolves around printing your Own money from it talks like Bitcoin Just fell out of the sky and nobody Created it but we'll see what we know And wheezy's down here reminding him Right here uh Homeland Security knows Who the four satoshi's are but see guys Like him will never address this because They can't because it pops the live Balloon that they're holding Adjust and sound printing the Tron token To vitalik printing the ethereum token None of these projects need their own Native money they don't not Technologically speaking from a title Right we don't need to watch anymore That you get it now I do want to show You this because Weezy woke up yesterday Check this out well if there's one thing You do today please read this article How American families were hurt for for China be prepared to get angry Clayton Was a Gary Cohen plant now for those of You that don't know who Gary Cohen is I've always thought that he was one of The Puppet Masters not just in crypto But in the economy and in the U.S Political system I wouldn't be surprised If three letter agencies have him Attached to them all over the place but Listen to this Wall Street was salivating over Blockchain infrastructure where there Were two major berries barriers to sell

Shares in companies to the public first There's a lack of clarity and Regulations regarding which Cryptocurrencies were Securities and the Sec's process for determining this This risk needed to be removed for Bitcoin and ether mining companies to go Public Goes on fear not the SEC has its China Team the Alibaba IPO team including Cohen's plant they're saying Gary Cohen's plant and the go-to Goldman Sachs attorney Jay Clayton was running The SEC with his Cadre of Wall Street Connected attorneys on June 14 2018 just A few months after Cohen's resignation William Hinman gave his now Infamous Legendary personal opinion of the Yahoo Finance Market Summit which appears to Be edited by every senior staffer at the SEC hinman's and then it goes then it Goes on ether took off before Hinman Could drop the microphone but more Significantly for Clayton and hinman's Friends on Wall Street the path was Cleared for the pipeline of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain infrastructure Companies to go public Clayton and Hinman's law firms were about to cash in On the shocking declaration as would the Wall Street investment Banks they could Pay them back later which they have done With new advisor roles okay then I went And I grabbed this because I remembered

This I said that's not all that Gary of All of Gary Cohen's involvement this is From Christopher Giancarlo who's at the Cftc and remember don't forget Christian Carl is supposed to be crypto Dad he ran the cftc I met the guy but Don't forget Chris Giancarlo when when Gary Gensler met with FTX Christian Carlo is the guy who did the Introduction to Gary Gensler so these Guys are playing obviously playing both Sides of the fence but look at this this Is from Chris Giancarlo back in 2018 one Of the Untold Stories of the past few Years is that the cftc the treasury the SEC and the National Economic Council Director at the time Gary Cohen believed That the launch of Bitcoin Futures would Have the impact of popping the the Bitcoin bubble and it worked so they all Manipulated the markets that's what they Did now here's Gary this is Gary Cohen Right here listen to what he says mine Has been on tear how bullish are you on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and how much Do you believe they will fundamentally Transform our economy when we talk about Blockchain we can come back and talk About the infrastructure that's the Highways and the pipes that are Necessary for Bitcoin but they're Necessary for many other applications And I think they're very useful and I'm Very bullish on them when you talk about

Bitcoin in itself I don't have a strong opinion on bitcoin I'm in essence I'm not a strong believer In Bitcoin it is it is a developing Asset potentially And for all the reasons it's a strong Developing asset class it may fail Um remember part of the integrity Of an asset class or part of the Integrity of a system Is knowing who owns it and knowing who Has it and knowing why it's being Transferred and is it being used for Legitimate causes is it being used for Good Or is it being used for illegitimate Costs is it being used in Corrupt Practices and corrupt ways the Bitcoin System today has no transparency to it So there are a lot of people that Question why would you need a system That does not have an audit Trail does Not have integrity you don't know who Owns it you don't know exactly how much Exists today how much has been mine how Much has been lost how much has been Thrown away on hard drives because they Don't exist anymore so it lacks some of The basic integrities of a real Market Now think about this for a minute are You telling me that that guy here's his Resume Um he was with if you look he's with IBM Now

Um he has had a consulting firm I guess Director of National Economic Council And assistant to president for economic Policy he was at Goldman Sachs from 1990 To 2016. are you telling me that if Homeland Security knows who the force of Toastyards satoshi's are that he does Not that would not make any sense Whatsoever and here's the other thing He's the same guy do you remember the And and we're about I'm about to show You and all the world's a stage thing Which I may have shown you before but We'll see Gary Cohn is also the same guy Remember the bail in video where there Where he it's literally him talking About how he's joking around about how Americans trust the banking system haha Even though a lot of us in this FDIC Room don't but they're talking about how Valens are gonna happen really important I mean it's a little but conflicted Right I mean it's important that people Understand they can be bailed in but you Don't want a huge run on the institution But they I mean they're going to be People need to know but I don't think You have much of of reaching the public That doesn't have a professional need to Know I completely agree with that I Almost think you're scared like if you Put this out like why are they telling Me this should I be concerned about my Bank

If my insurance company doesn't tell me What they're doing with my assets if They just assume they're gonna pay my Claim right it's it's I think you've got To think of the unintended consequences Of taking it public that has more Full Faith and confidence in the banking System than maybe people in this room do He just can you believe what he just Said he literally he's saying yeah the Americans they've got full faith Incompetence but we here at the FDIC do Not have full faith and confidence in The banking system can you believe that So there's a select crowd of people that Are the people running our government Folks the institutional side and if they Want to understand this they're going to Find a way to understand this there's a Bunch of law firms representing this Room there's a bunch of people who Charge them by the hour a lot of money To explain this all to them and and it's Fine I I don't have it I don't have a Problem now what he just said is yeah But don't worry all of our lawyer Friends and all the big the big Institutional people all of our friends They've got law they're going to know All about these bail-ins they'll they'll Understand it but we don't want to tell The general public that's the people Running our freaking government folks And they all have huge staffs but I

Would be careful about the unintended Consequences of starting to blast too Much of this out in the general public Importance of what he just said same guy Now here we go into the all the world Stage file the here's the people that Are on that committee that you just saw Him talking in one J Clayton is on it There's Gary Cohen but here's another One and look you got Ben Bernanke this Sheila bear is one that we've seen in Talking crypto a lot but as you go down Folks you know who else is on there one Sandy O'Connor former JP Morgan Currently on the board of directors of One company known as Ripple I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family That this is a real curiosity right here [Music] [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]


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