?Ripple GC On Offense?& Attorney On XRP Decision Impact

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and you gotta hear this this is Uh Ray Flint as over at linked to listen To this hi everyone it's Ray linked to In this clip Paulie signed CEO Jack McDonald reveals a possible exit for the Link to portfolio company Jack mentions That a tuck in acquisition by a bank Could quite possibly be on the roadmap For poly sign what makes this idea more Attractive and quite possibly a reality Is the fact that polyscience business Model mirrors that of traditional asset Servicing firms which includes Services Typically provided by the largest Financial institutions in the world like BlackRock Vanguard Fidelity State Street Bny melon Goldman Sachs JP Morgan and Many more a tucking acquisition is often Referred to as a bolt-on acquisition It's a type of acquisition in which the Acquiring company merges the acquired Company into a division of the acquiring Entity this technique is often used when The acquiring company wishes to obtain An advantage but at a lower cost than it Would be required to implement the Changes on its own a successful token Acquisition can increase revenues and Broaden the acquiring company's Capabilities and resources listen to

Poli science CEO Jack McDonald yourself And when you're finished head on over to Link2.com to sign up download our app And invest in the link to portfolio Company poly sign thanks for tuning in Our vice chairman uh Tim keaney used to Run all asset servicing at bny Mellon And so he and I have shared this vision Of where the business would ultimately Go Ian is one of the largest traditional Custodians in the world I think it's the Largest even quicker than we thought Because of the opportunity to acquire mg Stover the clients segments are the same So the idea is to cross-sell custody to The fund Administration client's cell Phone Administration to the custody Clients and what we can do with the data Behind the scenes in terms of Reconciling data pricing positions Reporting Etc really starts to have some powerful Synergies uh when you put those Businesses together and so we're quite Excited about that business it's been Six months we did a capital raise in the Middle of last year brought in some Great investors to lead that around and And to acquire that business and we're Very excited about partnering those Businesses going forward you know Skipping ahead we're all investors and You know part of investing is exiting And I do think about that my job as a

CEO is to grow a business uh that will Ultimately result in an exit of some Sort that can take many shapes and sizes But one of the Strategic thesis that we Had in acquiring the mg silver Businesses it makes it more attractive Ultimately on the exit because it Mirrors this business model that the Traditional asset servicing firms have And could be a tuck in acquisition for One of those types of banks you know Down the road when we're ready to get to That to that point there you go that's Why I'm a holder that's why link two is My sponsor you can click on the link in The top the description and go check it Out now this is Ron Hammond he's a he's A lobbyist in DC and he's doing a summer This week in Congress he says the crypto Carpet bombing continues there are a Number of regulators involved in this Crackdown but none one more prominent Than sec's Gary Gensler aggressive Approach It's a Relentless and he goes on and on And down here He he talks about how some of the Democrats who which is Gary gensler's Side are starting to turn on Gary Gensler and he thinks that this that Gary Gensler could become a political Liability in this thing if he keeps on Pushing the way that he is now Brian Quinton's who used to be at the cftc

Wrote this after remember the Intelligencer Um article the New York mag I guess is Okay New York Magazine whatever and then Um he said get Gensler has planted an Important and dangerous flag it's clear That carry caring about investor Protection issues within his Jurisdiction or consumer protection Issues outside of it isn't his goal it's To shut down the entire web3 ecosystem In the U.S and here it says the unstated Premise of the sec's current enforcement Push appears to be that of The Government Can Vote broadly if the Government can broadly stigma the Industry in Market participants then Ordinary People the retail investors all Over the world who have gotten swept up In the crypto frenzy of recent years Might think long and hard about whether To hold these Assets in any form And then in the same article Gary goes On and he said he proclaims that Everything other than Bitcoin is a Security okay now Let's go to this so yesterday Stuart El Doradi tweets this out crypto lawyer PSA Chair Gensler who is not a lawyer by the Way has again proclaimed that every Cryptocurrency except Bitcoin is an Unregistered security he now must recuse Himself from voting on any enforcement Case that raises that issue since he has

Prejudged the outcome and he references This case right here so I decided to go Look up the case and here's basically What happened in the case is um Apparently somebody a stock broker was Being barred for violation of Securities Laws says the SEC instituted proceedings For the stock broker's permanent bar of Any Securities related employment while The proceedings were pending an SEC Commissioner described the bar as Permanent the stock broker challenged The sec's orders and the commissioner Commissioners delay in recusing himself The stockbroker argued that the sec's Commissioner's statements prior part of The adjudication of the disbarment Proceedings and the commissioner's Participation in the preceding bias the Proceedings or impermissibly tainted the Proceedings with the appearance of Impropriety the issue did the Commissioners continued participation in The department proceedings violate due Process and the answer was yes so what This means is that since Gary Gensler Has already issued a blanket statement He thinks all of them are all crypto or Securities except for Bitcoin if he Brings any if he tries to bring any Proceedings against any of any crypto by Saying that that crypto is a security Then he can't vote on me on in Fort on On filing an enforcement action against

That crypto Now Gary Gensler has shown no Willingness to follow the law on Anything he doesn't seem to care about The law and so the question becomes well Who is going to make sure that Gary Gensler doesn't break the law in that Case John Deaton says brilliant move and I I Said it was a Checkmate on Goldman Gary John Deaton says brilliant move it's Fair to say Ripple's general counsel Wasn't always in-house counsel someone's Tired of playing defense So Ripple GC on offense Um then there was this from library by Far the best chance for cryptocurrency In the United States is Ripple Uh there are there are other top crypto Players in the US that could be playing Offense but aren't this means it's Basically all on xrp to save us all now This is the guy if you remember this Lawyer right here I I put out a video The other day from him his name's Lewis Cohen he's one of the guys that filed an Amicus and I don't remember all the Details of it But filed one in the Ripple case he's The guy that created the embodiment Theory if you remember So he was on this other show which the Full length right here Here's and the address is the Ripple

Case here we go one is one you mentioned Earlier Um uh Kathy which is probably the the Case that the crypto Community is most Focused on right and that is SEC versus Ripple labs What makes that case so interesting is That it has absolutely nothing to do With whether or not tokens or securities Ripple Labs raise money huge amount of Money 50 billion dollars right by Selling xrp tokens that's down the Middle you know the kind of activity That at least potentially would be Investment contract activity However both of the parties the SEC on The one hand and ripple Labs on the Other hand have attempted to make the Case focus on the status of the xrp Token for their own separate sort of Strategic reasons At this point the case has been going on I think over two years Um well over two years and we are Expecting some decision on the Motions For summary judgment which is the point Before you have an actual trial so You've done all your Discovery you've Everybody's known and figured out Whatever there is to know and entered Whatever evidence there is to enter and At this point it's up to the judge to Make a decision and she can do one of Two things one of three things she can

Grant the motion for summer judgment for Either the SEC or for ripple Labs so Those are two options where she can deny Them for everybody for both of them so She can grant them for one and not the Other the other and not the one or deny Them completely if she grants them for Either the grants the motion for summary Judgment for either the SEC or for Ripple Labs it is exceedingly likely That whoever lost is going to appeal as I explained and go up in the case of Ripple Labs the the cases in the Southern district of New York which is The most common case to bring Securities Actions for various reasons and they Would appeal second circuit so the which Is the probably one of the leading Circuits in the in the US and we get Appealed that could easily be another Couple of years But the decision that judge Torres the Judge in the southern district writes Will shape people's thinking on this Even though the status of the xrp token Is not directly relevant because both Parties all right I'll let you watch the Other half on your own time I wanted to Make sure I covered everything let's see Here maybe I'll cut this off and get Into this other stuff in the next video I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please

Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family to go check out this Um New York crypto log it seems like a Really smart guy and he's start he's Covering that's the second video I've Found where he's covering this rip Thank you


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