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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and you know sometimes in life You just sit back and you reflect And you have those those moments where You're like Boy I was right on this one And this is one of those moments for me And I I was literally on the phone with Someone and I and I'm like you know I You make you you make videos on one Topic for five years Every day and you feel like you can see Around corners well let me tell you what I feel like I'm in the freaking Matrix And I've said a thousand times on this Channel that I thought xrp was the one And it was never Bitcoin and ethereum And here we are look around you look Where we are I laid it out right here Bitcoin is under attack it has fake Clarity from the Hinman speech not legal Clarity ethereum's under attack fake Clarity from the Henman speech every Other cryptocurrency is now a potential Target in other words if you haven't Been through a lawsuit without Congress Doing anything you're a Target That includes everybody Charles Hoskinson from cardano he could have a Lawsuit dropped on him tomorrow and There's nothing he could do about I'm

Not saying he deserves it I think there Ought to be a level playing the field I Think I think that the SEC should say no More of this we're not going to do Anything until we can get together with Congress and we can all work something Out but that's not what they're doing In the midst of all of that xrp lawsuit Ends any day now one digital asset with Legal clarity It was never Bitcoin it was never Ethereum and that's the fact Jack now in The midst of that here we are and we've Got ourselves a an old-fashioned Bank Panic now you're talking to a you're Listening to a veteran of the 2008 Financial crisis I was there and what We're seeing right now is already Looking a little like that Charles Gasparino says investment banker with Direct knowledge of the svb bank run Says the firms is for sale but a Complicating factor is mandatory Federal Reserve approval which means it Narrows The potential buyers dramatically Possibly to Big Banks like JPMorgan and B of A both of which might be hesitant To buy something and inherit its Liability given their financial crisis Experiences as another Banker involved Told me buyers are circling sharks Circling but sale is looking tough story Developing Um and then uh Nick Carter who's a

Bitcoin Maxi I think he's starting to He's a young man he's starting to figure It out here folks was silvergate Deliberately destroyed by the U.S Government shareholders deserve answers Why did fhlb abruptly a note with no Notice recall their loan effectively Dooming them F-o-i-a anyone and I said FTX just happened to have planning Sessions with our entire government too And just happened to be a fraud that Would later be used to indict the entire Crypto industry has anyone looked into What ftx's involvement was in the Crashes that preceded its collapse Luna For example bit boy said that FTX was Behind all of the crashes leading up to FTX going down I don't know if it's true Or not but I do question it now If you were around during the financial Crisis you know that the financial Crisis came down to one word and that Word is liquidity everything locked up Everybody stopped Lending It reminds me of this by Brianna Madigan The attribute of a healthy Brianna Madigan X Goldman Sachs she was with Ripple for a time uh attribute of a Healthy liquid Market is really Resilient It's for a market to recover from a Significant systemic event I always remembered that one and I also

Remembered this one Ten years out on the financial crisis We still don't have the infrastructure Perhaps to prevent the next one and I Think this is where digital assets can Really help because an efficient digital Asset can really solve some of the key Problems in global liquidity you know The world's got trillions and trillions Of dollars tied up in liquidity just to Get around how clunky the movement of Value is around the world If with a really efficient digital asset Something like xrp and that's what we Believe will be the the most efficient You can now reduce trillions and Trillions of capital from being tied up So you can make those transfers Instantly as a bank or as a payment Provider as an Enterprise without having To have money pre-positioned all over The world All right and then we've got this this Is from remember this is from Kendra Hill one of the people that disappeared Off of Social media I always remember this Ripple's said to be cross-border payment Provider with the use of xrp it will be For a short period of time the world Will not need a cross-border payment Provider when we are using the Lumen Stellar lumens will become the world Currency while xrp becomes a store of

Value the Luminous Digital Silver and Xrp's digital gold the purpose of xrp is To be used in the derivatives Market While also acting as a store of value Xrp is not and was never intended to be A currency nor was it created to be used Specifically for cross-border payments When codius is released we will see its True purpose unveiled Ripple and Stellar Are keys to the New World Financial System which will be ushered in as the Old system collapses perfect timing The old system sure seems to be Collapsing well here's another thing Remember People in xrp land we're the adults in The room and always have been in this Crypto I think for years I've been going What in the world are these people Talking about Bitcoin and ethereum for They don't work proof of work is a waste Why would anybody use that Chris Larson no no yesterday we saw the Biden administration's proposing a 30 Tax on electricity use for for Bitcoin And crypto mining Remember when Chris Larson tried to warn These people this really makes you Wonder if Bitcoin is going to be put on The xrp Ledger As a derivative Maybe Well If I can get this to play You change it too and said we don't want

Any of that here and have basically been Kicking out Uh the Bitcoin miners Um because I think they saw that it was Hurting their efforts to get the carbon Neutral but I think it was 2050 right so What's going on now is they're going to Other countries Kazakhstan that's not Good because that's all uh fossil fuels But now coming to the US there's a lot Of smart entrepreneurs who now are uh You know creating renewable energy Mining but I'm sorry there's no such Thing as green mining because it's not Necessary they should be changing just Like ethereum did and by the way now I Think you're the founder of zcash also Announced they're switching from proof Of work to a different low energy uh Protocol hence off to them too Uh the Bitcoin folks need to make the Switch as well it's unconscionable that Right today uh he tried to tell them but They all just shouted him down and got Mad instead You can only be the adults in the room But that doesn't mean people are going To listen to you Um now John Deaton was pointing out here Etholder said I was spreading fud when I Said we must fight together because Until Congress acts one speech by a guy Who isn't at the SEC anymore doesn't Mean anything

Bill Morgan who's an attorney says Coordination and timing so soon after it Has become apparent the SEC is at risk Of not winning on its summary judgment Motion there's a move by the New York Attorney general against ethereum the Move was likely meant to start after a Win against Ripple on summary judgment But with a trial more likely in 2024 it Starts now Then John Deaton had said this we will Seek to have our voices heard in court He's pivoting that to defend ethereum Now and not let these career bureaucrats Potent pretend to protect us your name Email address so he John has fi has done This ethereum is not a security a class Action lawsuit I guess he's doing a Class action lawsuit now Um now I know I'll go to what John Deaton says here let me push this Forward a couple of I know that I know That John is is immediately going to Defend ethereum and I'm on board that's Fine I'm I'm I got it Um and he says this we're witnessing the First ten uh why the divide and conquer Strategy is so effective when the SEC Declared all xrp Securities people said Ripple did this and ripple did that Secondary sales of ethereum gets called To security and its ethereum Founders Held an Ico and did this and that and he Wants us all to join as an industry and

I'm on board but before I do that I must Gloat a little bit and point out what These people did We will be better than them and we will Defend the industry as a whole but first It's important to remember who they are This is Jake travinsky when the eth uh Thing came down uh yesterday no it isn't A security just because someone makes an Unfounded allegation even if that Someone is an enforcement agency in Court agencies are like any other Plaintiff they can write whatever they Want in a complaint it may get some Press but it doesn't change a thing well Here's what he said when the the Ripple Lawsuit dropped against xrp this is Quite bad for ripple not exactly worse Case that'd be Securities fraud but Close xrp is basically useless if deemed A security alleging violations through Present day is a kill shot Charging individual Executives is Remarkable this is the SEC playing Hardball So it's a Kill Shot for xrp well I need a Kill Shot for ethereum well on My thumbnail I'll call it ethereum kill Shot how about that Now it's important to me because one of The more offensive videos that I played As we'd uncovered ethgate all by Ourselves without the help of Jake Chavinsky or any of the Bitcoin ethereum

Maxis when they were all cheering on the SEC against Ripple and xrp This clip right here is one of them that Pissed me off more than anything and I Want you to never forget that the Proponents of Bitcoin ethereum met with The SEC behind closed doors in 2018 and Tried to get themselves out from under Security laws then slammed the door on The rest of crypto all of crypto giving Themselves a monopoly we have the names We have the video we have the timeline We have the receipts we we had to fight Alone to prove it all they thought they Had gotten away with it they were wrong This is Joseph Lubin describing What they're describing what they tried To get away with so we are big friends And fans of uh that organization I think They're they're really understanding the Space well uh they are applying uh this Thing called Securities Law uh to uh to Business in America and other places That as they have done for for many Decades uh successfully they're Identifying fraudulent projects they're Identifying obviously wait to see how he How he what he thinks now about them Trying to apply Securities Law questions About that shit-eating grin is not going To be on his face well Um but they they haven't had a heavy Um touch really Um they've been gathering information

They've been taking some actions they've Been very clear that they're they Understand there is this new construct This protocol-based open platform so you Think they get it uh yeah we believe They get it they've introduced a new Construct Centralization into their thinking so in Addition to the how we test they have This new construct that they're seeing Certain things in so they consider the Bitcoin network uh and token any Issuance mechanisms they consider the Ethereum network token and issuance Mechanisms to be Decentralized and therefore no Transactions involving those particular Assets are considered to be transactions Of Securities they have not said the Same thing about other tokens the the Ripple token for instance and they That's the part that really pissed me Off and it's why You know in just one day I can't just do The Kumbaya with the ethereum people Quite yet I'll get there uh were clear That they were going to come out with Statements to uh to sort of assess these Different tokens uh and I believe They've made all the statements about Decentralization that that they're going To make and so Um Bill Hinman director of corporate Finance has been very clear uh about uh

What you can do and what you can't do in Decentralization is a new element that They're working with now you know how They went after Ripple for they call it Disgorgement where you you take away Money that was made how many billions Are there available in the Discouragement from the money that's Been made over the last three years by Those guys with ethereums what I want to Know and then here's one of the Congressmen that was on uh CNBC this Morning and Andrew Ross sorkins there to Of course try to defend Gary gentle that Gary Gensler act like he's got this Reasonable approach in reticence I I Think to do something more broadly is That there is concern about the Underlying assets so there's one you Know there's one piece of this is just Trying to regulate an exchange but if if You are concerned about being able to Control and regulate the underlying Things that are trading on such an Exchange you sort of throw your hands up In there and go I don't you know what What do you do and so I'd ask you what Do you do given that I think so many of These assets uh and different coins and The like Um are something that are somewhat Uncontrollable especially when you start To think about how they they work Globally

Well first I think we have to protect Investors in the United States and That's why I question the sec's position Last year on FTX there were many many Americans who were duped by that scam And I didn't see the cops on the beat do All that I think they could have during The course of last year but it's those Definitions Andrew that are important What is the security what is not a Security what are the listing standards How do you be a dealer in that market How does it work if they're Decentralized these are not easily as You know wedged under the existing Securities laws or existing laws Governing the cftc that's why we think We need new statutes to approach and we Need the cooperation of the bite Administration to do that quickly and Effectively All right let's see what we got here I Think that's it Um I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family That this is one interesting bunch of Stuff going on here and it's gonna get I Have a feeling it's going to get more Interesting Thank you


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