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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and you gotta see this link to Who is one of my sponsors they just They're adding Ledger as in The Ledger Nanos that we've been uh putting our xrp On ledgers being added to the platform Watch this digital assets security is of Utmost importance with the rise of hacks And security breaches many users have Lost their digital assets this has led To a need for a secure and simple way For digital asset investors to hold Their Investments that's why I'm excited To announce that ledger is now available On link2's investment platform Ledger is A highly effective and secure Hardware Device known as a cold storage wallet This wallet stores private keys or Unique access codes that are used to Authorize outgoing transactions on the Blockchain network here are a few Reasons why lean to invested in Ledger And why we think you might want to as Well Ledger has sold over 6 million Devices to customers in 200 countries This number is expected to grow with the Upcoming launch of Ledger Stacks their Newest Cold Storage wallet designed in Collaborate operation with Tony Fidel

Co-creator of the iPod and iPhone this Partnership not only solidifies Ledger As the go-to provider for Next Generation consumer devices but also Positions it as the industry leader in a Global market that is expected to grow At a compound annual growth rate of 29.8 Percent by 2027. currently Ledger serves Over 100 financial institutions and Brands worldwide the adoption of their Hardware wallets is increasing as Lenders and exchanges face liquidity Concerns while Ledger is known for being A secure gateway to cryptos and nfts it Will soon be a gateway to assets across A wide range of sectors including Currencies real estate digital art Luxury items and much more wow that's Exciting now I'm I'm planning to get Some myself if the price is right I Don't know what the I don't know what The price is going to be on it but the Link to that will be in the top of the Description and I'll go ahead and put a Link to the Ledger Um to Ledger itself as well if you need To get a hard wallet yourself and Haven't done so I have not checked in on The xrp rich list in a long time and I Was looking on this to see if there was A date to see if this thing's being kept Up it's still interesting and by the way This is that rich Dash list dot info if You want to check it out this is the

Most interesting part Um and granted some people a lot of People have more than one wallet so it's Just a rough God but if you want to be In the top one person it says 46 226 Wallets contain enough to be in the top One percent of the xrp rich list so if You've got 69 470 from that to 121 707 puts you in the Top one percent Do you want to be in the top point one Percent there's four thousand six Hundred twenty three wallets you have to Have at least 471 284. So these are interesting things to look At the one percenters Should have pulled up that that quote From Hodor about the one percenters Um he made a reference one time about How he thought that it's very possible That the one percenters in terms of the One percenter xrp holders would be in The could be one day in the top one Percent of the wealthiest people in the World The traditional one percent watch this Well I put 10 000 into the bank they Take my ten thousand and they go get a Hundred thousand they borrow it from the Form there's the amount of odd deposits That we put into the bank they then get 10 times the amount They then take that 10 times the amount And they put it into treasury bonds or

Something else that's going to give them A yield of seven percent or six percent While they pay us what 0.000 nothing percent Right and then what happens we get hip To it and say hey Mr Silicone Valley Bank can I buy money back oh we don't Have it right now I want my money back I Don't have it everybody I want my money Back give us our money back hold on we Got to go sell the treasury bonds that We invested in that now are upside down Because the rates are through the roof [Music] Your money So what has to happen to their Ponzi They get bailed out Mr Biden comes up And says oh we're gonna print more money I wonder why he's going to print more Money to devalue your dollar even more Because guess what they're doing next to You they're going to centralize banking They're going to own crypto they're Going to regulate everything to be Digital So this is the first step to doing it And they're going to own us We got to wake up because that's what's Happening and next there's a war going To go on between China or between Russia And we're right in the middle Right and then you look at these Companies like BlackRock does anybody Ever hear of BlackRock or Vanguard oh

How coincidental since 9 11 you've been Smoking everything You own everything you own Pfizer your Own modern just coincidentally but we Don't know who the hell you are you're Never on TV but you own Apple your own Facebook so you own everybody's Identities all everybody's information Your own Smith and Wesson your own Manufacturers of guns we're going Towards it seems you're everywhere at The right time To make all the money and you're the Biggest company in the world but you're Never on the news we never hear about You Yeah that guy's got some interesting Thoughts and so does vitalik buter and Apparently he says that he's issued a Statement clarifying that ether the Cryptocurrency of the ethereum network Is not a security remember when he said This For this series of tweets saying that Kind of became kind of somewhat famous Within the space where basically said The cryptocurrency space has reached Half a trillion dollars does does it Deserve it like do the things that it's Actually accomplished like hold a candle To the promises that the market is Ascribing to it and I mean the subtext Of my answer is not yet and I was have Proven very right uh fairly quickly

And but you didn't short it did you so The an I did can get and get the Ethereum foundation to sell about 70 000 East like basically at the top and That's doubled our Runway now so like And it was one good decision that had a One that had a lot of impacts but it did Not short not a security Fun facts from Mr Huber Gary Gensler Joseph Lubin Mike no regrets all worked For Goldman Sachs at the same time Novograts even was lubin's roommate and Worked under Gensler in Hong Kong this Then Gensler worked again with Lubin When he was at MIT and even hired Novo As a guest lecturer This is metal all man he's wading Through the president's economic report He stumbles upon a key statement that Could prove useful to Ripple and others Litigating against the SEC the report Page 239 States regardless of the label Used a crypto asset may be among other Things a security commodity a derivative Or any other type of financial product Depending on the facts and circumstances Amazing that is exactly right and this Is the official position of the Executive branch of the United States The statement stands in stark contrast To Gary gensler's position which is all Crypto assets accept Bitcoin or Securities and this fact should be Crystal clear to any idiot paraphrasing

President's report while hostile to Crypto in general could prove very Helpful to parties arguing that there is No Clarity and no fair notice about Which tokens are properly classified as Securities which are not and which are Not he makes a very good point so look At Charles gasparina's scoop JP Morgan CEO Jamie Diamond continue to see Club Deal to save First Republic with private Sources of capital including possible Interest from PE firm of former treasury Secretary Steve mnuchin deal remains Elusive Outright sale difficult without Government backstop And then Moody's investor service is one Of the big three credit rating firms has Said that there's a risk Rising risk That the banking system stress will Spill over into other sectors and cannot Be contained Now we've got Tom emmer he's trying to Bring us a new day I guess and he has Written legislation but the problem with This is that the president is not going To sign anything and so it's kind of Like these guys can't really accomplish Anything here I'd rather they focus on Exposing the corruption of the current Administration this morning U.S Representatives Tom emmer and Darren Soto the co-chairs of the Congressional Blockchain caucus

Re-introduced the bipartisan blockchain Regulatory certainty act and on behalf Of the Chamber of digital Commerce and Our members we would like to commend Representatives Soto and emmer for Introducing such an important piece of Legislation and for their leadership on Blockchain technology in the U.S Congress now more than ever it is vital That we Institute regulatory Clarity for Blockchain Developers for minors from Validators service providers and others That are building on blockchains in the United States the existing lack of Clarity is a very significant risk to to The ongoing growth and development of Blockchain technology in the United States and this must be addressed the Chamber of digital Commerce strongly Supports this legislation that will help Ensure that the United States can be a Leader in building on blockchains Globally I just feel like all this stuff about Legislation is just kind of look getting Us to all Focus over there nothing can Be done Nothing's going to be done because the President's not going to sign it he's Got operation choke point going where Where they're trying to uh destroy the Crypto industry so What's the point It seems like it'd be more effective to

Try to prove that these guys are that There's criminal things going on to me And then here's John Deaton over a year Ago because we hear Gary ginsler stay Come on in Come on in we heard bill With you I have to tell you here I have To tell you Jeremy it you know If someone such as yourself came to me Today as a lawyer seeking advice I would Say don't cooperate correctly that's my Advice I tell blockchain entrepreneurs Hide as much as you can do obscure Everything that you're doing just hide As much as you can and that's messed up Because that's what we did we went in we Were maximally transparent we said Here's the spreadsheet that you can Download of a literally line by line of Everything we're doing with our money And all I did was get punished for it And coinbase did the same thing folks The only way to fight these people is to Start suing them That's the only way you need there needs To be Mass lawsuits against the SEC by All these companies out there that's the Only way this this is um They don't care what the law is they're Just they're just suing everybody to see What sticks I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and

Tell your friends and family that to Check on here and see if you can um see If you're a uh one percenter yourself Check out all these wallet counts and See what see some interesting Information even if it's out of date It's pretty kind of interesting stuff [Music] Thank you [Music]


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