????SEC Wanted To Stop Ripple IPO???? & Primaries HUGE XRP Holders

Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and before I get going I want To show you this um Rippling this is not Not to be confused with ripple but Nick Beer fader from link two my sponsor says This Rippling is one of the great Companies you'll find on link two we Currently have a very small number small Amount available for our accredited Investor members and we're happy uh Customer of theirs so Rippling Is uh my understanding rippling's like a Payment uh process maybe not a Payment Processing Company but they do all kinds Of functioning in like for they help Companies process things Um what payroll and that kind of thing Is my understanding but anyway uh the Link to link to be in the top of the Description their Rippling CEO has Confirmed an IPO ahead so that's that's Uh one of the ways to get a liquidity Moment on link to now check it out Mr Intuitive trumors only judging from my Initial reactions to Ripples liquidity Hub announcement uh to many initial Reactions I could easily see Panic upon A decision from the court for or a Settlement before reading it and Digesting it I think he's right over the Target right here

Um it when this when the Ripple decision Comes out I think that it's going to be A multi-faceted decision and I think That you could easily see people Trying to pull up some people trying to Pull out the negative parts and some People focusing on on the positive parts And and and I think there could easily Be a misunderstanding as to the big Picture when that here when that Decision comes out similar to what this Thing would when the just so any of you That didn't know when when Ripple Announced the Ripple liquidity Hub and It didn't include xrp I see that because I completely don't understand it I see That and when I see that I say to myself Okay well they've got their reasons Maybe legal maybe otherwise but that's Not the big picture the big picture is Ripple Ripple is working on one major use case But Pro but many use cases for xrp and There's nobody on the planet Earth Who has more of an incentive For xrp to go up in value than Ripple Nobody And so to me it's Preposterous the idea Oh no oh no they're not SRP in the Ripple liquidity Hub oh no no Well let me show you about 43 this is as Of March 1st and then I just typed it in On Google how much uh xrp Ripple had in In escrow I don't know if this is

Accurate but it's close I imagine Ripple Still holds 43.1 billion xrp and I use the uh over The other day I used the just a simple Um a simple example of let's say I owned A one million dollar home Well there's nobody on the planet who Has an incentive for that one million Dollar home not to go down in value but To go up in value than me so what I'm Going to do is I'm going to maintain it I'm going to make sure the grass is cut If it needs a paint job I'm going to do A paint job I'm going to do all kinds of Things and I'm going to do things to try To improve the value of so that one Million becomes 2 million of value How is this any different In fact They have much much they have 43.1 Billion Reasons for this thing to go up in value And to build and to build use cases and Do things that will drive it up in value And Bob way that John Deaton had had a Um spaces on this topic yesterday and Again I'm totally baffled by why you Even have to have a spaces on this topic Because this is so in your face common Sense they have Ripple not including it In odl means nothing all it means is That they might have some legal reasons Or some some reasons uh politically or Whatever

Not to do it right now but these these People There's nobody I repeat nobody who has More of an incentive for xrp to go up in Price not just because it would increase The value of their asset but my Understanding correct me if I'm wrong David Schwartz said xrp needs to have a High price for remittances Right Listen to what Bob way says this is the Other thing that you're not that a lot Of people aren't thinking about Xrp the people at Ripple remember the Remember the Bob way in fact when I meet Bobby I want to ask him this I want to Talk about his LinkedIn profile that Said many people left fancy jobs and They and he said that they left them Because do you know what the value of Xrp would have to be 100 million it was It was um trade I can't remember the Equation but it was it was a high trade Number divided by 100 billion Um xrp wow is what he was saying and That caught my attention well he's Making the point in this clip What do you think all those Ripple Employees that are working over at Ripple what do you think they own they Have Ripple Equity I'm sure but they Also have xrp I remember when Miguel Vaya said he wouldn't own anything else But xrp

I want to reinforce one thing for Anybody who thinks that Ripple is only Looking out for ripple and not looking Out for xrp holders I'm a huge So is every rep simpler that I know the Old ones the new and all of Ripple's Stock is really uh based on xrp price And really if you're from a ripple Perspective the problem with the SEC Lawsuit isn't that oh it put this huge Cloud over xrp and it's frustrating in The community the real fundamental Problem is it stopped ripple from being Able to IPO any of this stuff and Actually take on more more you know Funding and actually build an actual Business on this which I really think is More of what the SVC wanted to do they Were like if they IPO the game's over we Stop them from here we frustrate them And now they're just trying that's not Necessarily true there coinbase ipo'd And they're still acting like they want To Target coinbase these rooms saying we Don't want you making any Revenue we Want you selling xrp we want you to Capitulate even in the swimsuit but Don't think for a second that all the Primaries at Ripple are not hugely Invested in xrp themselves right down to Everyone that owns Ripple stock Yes we love you Bobby why would they why Would all of them at Ripple own xrp If it was always it's not going to be

Used we need to all be scared come on I mean I've said it a thousand times It's about xrp it was always about xrp And maybe that's not the politically Correct thing to say but that's the fact Jack Whale wire just in xrp is now the number One most popular altcoin in South Korea With trading volumes surging well beyond Other cryptocurrencies well guess when Else it was the number one most popular Coin in altcoin in South Korea back in 2018 when coin market cap pulled the South Korean prices overnight making Everyone think that the that xrp had Tanked when it really had not And that's what began the down slide and From its all-time high Right All By Design folks everything was Intentional well today at 10 o'clock is The hearings where Gary Gensler is um Going to be in front of Congress and my Words to you are don't get your hopes up Because these people in Congress their Pattern Um at best if you get them to ask an Aggressive question and Gary goes oh Well Um I I can't talk about an ongoing Ongoing litigation and I'll still have All kinds of canned things that that he Can say that to not answer anything so The the real power and the real question

Is what's Congress going to do after he Answers nothing and what are the actions That are going to actions not words not Tweets not letters what are the actions Warned that is Warren David gonna follow Up and actually try to have this guy Fired okay that's the question Here's Patrick McHenry Chairman and I would say to Patrick McHenry you look nice in your bow tie if At the end of this hearing your jacket Is not a little roughed up and the bow Tie maybe uh halfway untied you haven't Done your job you guys better go hard or Go home Chairman Patrick Henry good morning to You what are you looking for what are You hoping to learn to get out of Today's session Well first uh I think we we want to Expose uh the rapid and aggressive Regulatory agenda that Gary Gensler has With 53 major rule makings by this Agency that cost the market has to bear And the economy has to bear for this and A really competitive world and the lack Of clarity at the same time that what do You mean by that with the digital asset Ecosystem What I mean by that if you have the his Two previous uh predecessors as chair of The SEC uh did half that number of Rulemaking uh there's a massive amount Of change this that this uh chair is

Trying to drive and it has a lot of Expense in the markets and he's giving a Limited amount of time for actually good Comments so we're going to have shoddy Rules that are very expensive on a mark On a market at a time where the rest of The world wants to take our Capital Markets I don't think it's a smartage All right so you get the picture then uh I decided I would give them some Questions Congress here's here's my Questions you can add some more if you Want to did Senator Warren give you the Questions and the answers for this Hearing like she did in the last hearing Why did you hide your meetings with George Soros crazy Nancy Pelosi and I do Mean crazy and that woman who's married To a past president whose name we don't Say on this channel from your public Calendar only and only at it after a Freedom of Information Act request Discovered it are you planning to sue The algorithm M founder and the ethereum Founders the way you did the Ripple Founders why not provide details of your Meetings with Sam bankman freed have you Looked into the disguised whales from The ethereum Ico to find potential money Laundering Are you aware that Homeland Security met With Satoshi Nakamoto from a national Security perspective how could you give Bitcoin a commodity designation without

Knowing who Satoshi is what if Satoshi Nakamoto is North Korea And I said go hard or go home Congress Then I wanted to make sure because these Are the two most important things that He needs to me that he needs to ask Gary Gensler about this one is the actual Meeting that was scrubbed by Gary Gensler of his public calendar and I Said you have an SEC chairman who is Trying to destroy cryptocurrency in the U.S who hides planning sessions with Anti-American George Soros who is an Expert in destroying currencies and Offshore Financial dealings question Mark FTX ask him about this then Remember on on thinking crypto When the thinking crypto show when JW Verit who used to be an advisor to the SEC said this Yeah and you know there's a few things They can do one is Um oversight uh subpoenas of emails and Such uh unfortunately what we've heard Is that there are staff at the SEC that Are using apps like signal what's that Like we do to try to keep our Communications private they're doing the Same thing to keep them private from Congressional oversight Now if they're doing that from a uh just Government ethics and oversight Perspective it's illegal uh so hopefully Uh in that context and I feel a lot more

Comfortable with you and me using Sig on WhatsApp to maintain our privacy can I Do someone in a government position who Should be accountable to the public that Right there folks that right there is Your hook if you're Warren Davidson and You really mean what you say I'm assuming that Warren David has Subpoena power to go and find out if These if because what he just said is It's illegal I mean this would be caused A fire Gary answer before anything else If if get if Warren Davidson and these Republicans have subpoena power that's The first thing you do if you want to Fight if you want to if if you're in a Knife fight and you want and you've got To pick up a knife here's your knife Okay because look you are in one the Republicans have been fighting with Their fists but it's this time it's time To match Gary gensler's action with Their own action subpoena and find out If these guys if these people are are Committing crimes and using these apps In so that they don't have to to try to Avoid congressional oversight that Is the question right there that's it Um Eleanor terrett says note the timing On this former SEC official tells me Gary gensler's IG announcement is likely A distraction tactic so he can control The narrative at tomorrow's meeting plus All the bittrex questions will be met

With I can't discuss ongoing litigation See how this guy plays the game new Gary Gensler's prepared testimony for the Oversight hearing it's right here I I Will probably throw up on my keyboard if I read that because I'm assuming it's His Gary's prepared testimony I don't Think I can stomach it not this early in The morning Um here's Jeremy Hogan um showing the Bittrex bittrex comments and it says on Multiple occasions we bittrex ask them The SEC to tell us what digital assets They viewed as Securities they refused To do so so the SEC let bittrex sell Unregistered Securities for years and We're still supposed to believe it's About investor protection Exactly Ryan selkis is getting really Angry I like his tweet though more than Anything chair Gensler wants to be Perceived as a tough guy but he's a Small man who will be an unfortunate Footnote of History spineless when it Comes to standing up to people like Senator Warren or Wall Street cronies or Sam bankman freed cool videos though Um then we've got this metal Lawman is Pointing this out one thing has puzzled Me about the bittrex cape case bittrix And its founder are being sued because They allowed trading an alleged security Algorithm then why isn't the SEC also Suing Gary gensler's buddy buddy Silvio

McCallie for all who that was his buddy In MIT folks offering and selling algo Tokens well watch this from Weezy uh Silvio macaulay's algorand he's a Professor over in the computer science And AI lab and touring Award winner he's Got a company that has an interesting Thing it's like a jury selection it's Like picking somebody for the jury uh That's that's picking this short group Of 12 nodes that might do something And every block has that selection Process but then there's another broader Group that then can check the work of The jury so often there's kind of a Second think about how crazy and corrupt This all is folks you got this clown Who's sitting there at MIT and he's and He's and he's lauding this this Algorithm thing and then just a few Years later fast forward and he's he's Calling that same thing a security and He's acting like bittrex should have Known and then he's the this these People who are running this company he's Put putting them and all of their Employees at risk of losing their jobs Losing all of everything that they've Worked for the jobs the creation of of Jobs here in the U.S the the all of Those investors who had been buying Those tokens on there Gary was Completely okay with giving no Indication that that might be a problem

So that those investors could be on There and could be sitting there holding That algorithm when the day that he Drops the suit so that they lose money And he claims that he cares about it Protecting those investors it's all wise It's pure corruption And this guy needs to go he should have Been gone a long time ago people like This don't don't belong anywhere near Our government unless our government is To be evil Well I'm not going to play this but I Can tell you this Charles Payne went at Hester Pierce okay he was like calling Her out and saying look enough of all This enough of all and his symptom in His mind enough of all this you trying To be the reasonable person at the SEC That's getting old It something has to be corrected not Just more talk and and I disagree with Them and all that you got a mess and It's a mess for the American people and Somebody needs to do something about it Enough of all of us thinking we're Taking crazy pills out here speaking of Crazy pills this was from Elizabeth Warren Bitcoin mines are increasing Increasing energy bills for millions of Men she really cares about the energy Bills for millions of Americans and She's really really upset about the Pollution and the gas powered cars and

Alarming New York Times report but It doesn't apply to her that's what's Important for you to understand none of This applies to her she is important you Are peasants at least that's the way she Thinks you are peasants but it's Important that very important people Like her fly around on Lear Jets and Private jets so that they can can do all These things that are good for you Peasants and you people that just don't Understand how smart she is that is how That woman thinks that is how these People think and that's why they need to Go I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that it is time For Americans to stop being insulted by These people and put them out to pasture Where they belong they never belonged in It to run our government into the ground American people should be pit


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