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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I don't know if we're done Flying yet the uh I'm starting to notice That this thing's picking back up this Is Fiat leak and we're back up to 46 Cents on here we shall see now crypto Bull says xrp broke its downtrend Yesterday if we see history repeat price Could be a dollar forty by the end of March 460 by the end of April 27 by the End of May Boy do I hope he's right 27 dollars You might hear the digital asset Investor jumping up and down here Um then we've got this from Tara Precision trade three here's zoomed into Wave four on xrp to show you the Upcoming buy we have resistance at uh 45 Cents and then a drop for the fifth of C At 4 to 44 cents then continuation of Beast mode so that's the question are we Going to have a continuation of xrp Beast mode today Just a little reminder only xrp is on The verge of legal Clarity only xrp all Not some all other digital assets yes Bitcoin too have a potential SEC or Otherwise Target on their backs until Congress until Congress Acts

Period and that's the fact Jack it's an Uncomfortable fact for many out there Now Ripple is at Paris blockchain week This is Cindy young managing director of European operations last year we Continued to see a Network Particularly the growth of the the on Demand included crypto power solution in Fact you know more than half of our Network actually migrated to this more Enhanced solution that uses xrp as a Digital asset the bridge to move money Across because it solves these problems Around cost speed efficiency not having To lack of capital And then thirdly in terms of like you Know the questions how how can we how Can a business use there are different Ways right and there are two sort of Prominent use cases that we see are Working really well again for our Customers that are using this today and Getting the benefits right now one is The individual payments which is where We basically started whether it's Remittances or business payments but Your typical individual payments Fiat to Fiat around the world but using Cryptocity as a bridge and secondly Treasury actually right so treasury Flows have the same pain points and a Solution like this saves up massive Operational

Efficiency is not having to you know Forecast make sure your money is at the Right place at the right time and Hedging against it etc etc etc right Solves a lot of headaches so we've seen Last year a big take up of the solution In terms of uh corporate treasurers so Now we have not only licensed money Institutions using this but also Increasingly more corporates in Agriculture and e-comers in Tech Etc and More and more we're adding every day so Really I think the cross-border payments Um use case is a really well proven and And will continue to we're I think still Only at the early Beginnings because it Is hard and there's still things to be Solved to make it better and faster and Even even more uh massive scale but I Think with blockchain you know this Ability to move value without essential Counterparty in a better way is really The heart of the blockchain kind of Ethos right and Last okay and then we have this this is Marcus in in finger vice president Ripple X listen to what he says uh then There's the xrp Ledger which is one of The oldest and most battle tested crypto Protocol is open source Um it's it's powered by a community of Global developers Um there's uh 35 unique validators that Help validate transactions secure the

System and ripple only operates uh one There were a few more and so over time We reduce those and now we're only Operating one so it's an open source Blockchain it's one of the oldest Blockchains it was built originally for Payments Um and uh really has been battle passed Around features of security it's got a Lot of native build features and so Forth and then there's xrp which is the Native digital asset on the blockchain And what people often hear as well as Ripple net and so Ripple net is a Blockchain inspired payments Network That Ripple launched a couple of years Ago found product Market fit working With institutions settling cross-border Payments in an instant using a crypto Asset in the form of xfp as a bridge Currency across distance All right I believe he said they have 35 Validators so I went to xrp scan to see If we could look at who they are there's Expector Um and then I don't know what all these Are there's xrp scan but I'll bet you Dimes to Donuts I mean 35 and ripple Being one of them I will bet you there's Bitter right there let me see if I Recognize any more Um anyway I will bet you Dom's I can I Can get wrong to you this do you Remember this moment right here this is

When Stuart El doradi said this xrp sits As I said on an open permissionless Ledger how do I know that it's open and Permissionless because the chief Technology officer at Ripple tells me it Is he explains it to me but I also have Hard evidence the SEC announced about a Month or two ago that they're going to Establish a node on The xrp Ledger and Other open and permissionless ledgers The SEC didn't call Ripple to ask Permission for to do that they're just Going to do that now we don't see an SEC Node on this list right now but I folks Let me listen to me carefully This Ripple's been existence for over 10 Years The xrp Ledger that much plus that Whatever There ain't no way on on God's green Earth That there are going to be 35 random Validators like the ones you see here In the end the end game is not 35 Validators my prediction is that when This SEC case is over you will begin to See this light up like a freaking Christmas tree actually not a Christmas Tree like a whole Christmas tree lots if You can imagine imagine a lot of Christmas trees with lights on all of Them that's how this is going to light Up if you think That Ripple has over 300 banking Customers

And not one of them said hey I'd like Maybe we should run a validator or Government entities or other type of Institutions this right here I've always Looked at and said you know what they're Not ready yet but I believe they're About to be ready then you got this from Monica long so even pretty The sec's case against Ripple most of The network activity customer traction Etc had been taking place outside of the U.S I think that was also just an Indication of where financial Institutions felt that there was greater Certainty from their Regulators they Were leaning in and in the U.S because It was very murky Waters as we started The conversation Um they they were less Keen to to jump In So in terms of uh you know operating Through this SEC case we've had we put Up our two biggest years of growth the Past two years consecutively so there's Definitely increasing customer demand And we're just continuing to grow the Network Um outside the U.S so what are your what Are you most excited about going into The next Um you know six months 12 months On the topic of uh that you know the SEC Case we're at just just generally Specifically well I am I but that you

Are excited well I'm hopeful I'm hopeful Uh so both Ripple and the SEC have filed Our motions for summary judgment so our Our hope our belief is that we'll we'll Hear something from the judge this year Um in that case uh you know we're all a Part of this industry it has Implications for really the whole Industry and so I know many of you are Also waiting to hear the result of it Um I'm looking forward to continuing to Expand the network bring on new Customers also thinking about Um not just thinking about but also Expanding into new products last year we Launched something called liquidity Hub To serve a new need we were hearing from Our customers to provide really easy Crypto liquidity to their customers Being more end users Um and then also you know the xrp ledger So we continue to be active contributors To uh The xrp Ledger Um as an example we've worked on a new Spec for an automated Market maker The Decentralized Exchange on The Ledger was Essential or is the central limit order Book and so this is adding new Functionality to that decentralized Exchange Um and we continue to support uh Developers through Okie dokie um this is them in Paris by The way here's a couple of uh shots is

The Ripple desk there's the uh build on The xrpl Moving along Um I said ice anybody you all remember This the gym records video we've played A thousand times listen to this there's A known huge crash that's going to come You pin it on the tech Bros you bankrupt All the tech Banks and all the Community Banks you uh print enormous amounts of Money and have actually the banks thank You for doing this because you're quite Rescuing at that time you're also also Devaluing all of their bonds but they're Signing something that allows you to do It you centralize everything with the Cbdc's the central banks and cbdc and Then July 4th is not Independence Day It's like dependence day Okay because I had modeled out the Effects of like hyperinflation I'd Modeled out the civil liberties impacts Of a china-style cbdc but I had not Thought of them both happening at like The same time where the money is gone And uh you are basically penned in this System which is no longer just too big To fail it's too big to exit And you put all that together and this Is literally something whereby like you Know on the order of July 4th you have The impoverishment of the Western World The role of a cbdc all the money is Trapped at the big Banks and uh and

Everybody has signed something saying Hey thank you so much fed for printing Out all them Okay Um skipping across that then we've got Uh you know he he said if you remember Jim Rickard said that BlackRock would be Involved in Ice Nine and then just Yesterday we were told that all of a Sudden BlackRock and Fidelity are going To be the next crypto bull markets we're Gonna going to be they're gonna be Responsible for it 14 trillion dollar earthquake Fidelity In BlackRock are quietly laying the Groundwork for the next Bitcoin ethereum And crypto price Bull Run uh let's throw Xrp in there now I'm totally confused Because Caroline fans with the cftc she Used to follow me but she no longer Follows me she must be mad because I Called out an obvious question I have we Saw a couple of weeks ago when they were Talking when they first started talking About operation choke point 2.0 very Specifically it was said that the White House the cftc the SEC the OCC and all The different branches were involved in The Crackdown so now Caroline Pham is at DC blockchain week or decent DC fintech Week and I'm confused because she's Either involved in the Crackdown or She's not okay and we have I haven't Heard anything about that from her now I

Am aware of this a picture's worth a Thousand words I really want to believe That Caroline fans on the right side I Do too and I hope she is one of the good Guys and maybe she's being forced to be A part of the Crick the Crackdown Because of the current president I don't Know But it's still a question in my mind and Then the bankless guys had Hester Pierce On and all I can think of now is that Scene from Dumb and Dumber where the uh Good-looking lady is hitting on him at The bar but he's he's into he's he's Upset that he got stood up by this other Lady that he's into and she he's he's Too upset about the other lady not Showing up to realize that he's being Hit on by this other woman and he's like I don't care while she's um going on and On trying to talk to him and she's I Think she was an FBI agent or something But anyway the point is is that I'm at This point with Hester Pierce it's like I am so sick of hearing about how you Disagree with Gary Gensler but you do Nothing you don't blow the whistle you Know because there's all kinds of shady Stuff that we've uncovered but she just Sits there and I don't I disagree with That and what good does that do because She has no power I guess Crypto law is going to be on with Eleanor tarrett or Eleanor Terre is

Going to be on with crypto law looks Like uh at uh live today crypto law TV John Deaton on crypto's turning point He'll discuss the case Um with Eleanor tarrett Live cast today On all crypto law TV platforms I'll try To listen to that myself then John Deaton says three months ago I predicted That this Administration would issue in A in a new campaign against Bitcoin it's Energy consumption it will become Bitcoin is destroying the environment POTUS proposed 30 tax on minors Bitcoin Has not announced plans to make a Similar change Um Chris Larson warned to them folks Then there's this which I can't listen To a lot of it but this guy claims he's Not a Bitcoin maximalist but he's acting Like only people that are invested in Bitcoin get it And you know what's funny is Um I am not in either of us I don't Think you know I'm not a Bitcoin Maximus But we're all going to be Bitcoin Maximalist now no okay what I mean by That is The Bitcoin maximalist philosophy and Again I recognize that many of its Exponents and so on are like insane and CR it's all true but unfortunately You're going to kind of need insane People for what is about to happen Okay Their worldview is the closest most

People most of our people don't have any Idea of what's coming okay here's the Until this guy can answer me this one Question You know how I'm not gonna join the Bitcoin Band of Brothers Until you can answer the same the same Federal government that these guys are Proclaiming are and I and trust me I Agree the the federal government has Destroyed our money and the Fiat system Is a joke I agree with all that Problem is the same federal government That he's talking about knows who Created bitcoin and that means they know How to destroy it And he none of these guys are talking About that And that's a problem for me now the Official cool guy of the digital asset Investor Channel showed this clip by xrp Bags now I met xrp bags I'm at xrp bags in Las Vegas he's a Musician and he's got a little music Over this which I hope is not Copyrighted because I'm going to play at Least part of it and then I'll show you His channel but go give him a follow on Twitter too real talented guy real nice Guy I believe he's going to be playing After the xrp Las Vegas conference in Las Vegas we will be all at a Level Playing Field Because that's the only way it's fair

That's the only way that you can fairly Compete in trade and Other things and we will be on that Field and we will all be working very Hard to do great for our country As we do so we're overhauling that core Payment system rtgs so that private Innovation can flourish And by bringing crypto assets onto a Level regulatory playing field We can help catalyze a more resilient Effective and Innovative payment system Okay the issue of the contribution of Trade to growth The issue of promoting Level Playing Field in international trade it was Mentioned you know so I mean it depends How how it is a glass has full half Empty that a Federal Reserve real time Would increase competition and decrease Concentration and provide a neutral Platform for Innovation and how it can Be done in the most Efficient fair and Global way as Possible and that implies clearly a Level Playing Field no use of distortive Measures and and no protectionist Measures uh going forward no this is This is intended to be a Level Playing Field whether you're MoneyGram or you're A bank or you're an online or your PayPal this is intended to be a Level Playing PL field and again That means reducing barriers to entry

For new firms and reforming competition Frameworks to ensure a Level Playing Field in all sectors of the economy Whether traditional ones or new Technologies There has to be a Level Playing Field Both for new entrants as well as Legacy Entrants and I think that's really that I think is a fair playing field for Everyone to play Within it's like why Would we want this internet of value That puts everything on a Level Playing Field and there's a couple reasons so One of them is we think we can win on a Level Playing Field xrp is faster and Cheaper and perf you know perfectly Positioned for the use case I I don't Think and We will be I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family to subscribe to Xrp bags because he just happens to get It [Music] Thank you [Music]


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