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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and every once in a while I Like to revisit one of the Hot Topics That every all the crypto police hate When you talk about it well that's what Makes it interesting a lot of the time So we're going to talk about the xrp the Pre-allocation theory I know it's awful I'm an awful person for even talking About this but that's okay so the Starting point for this is to show you This this is from Ripple's website the Majority of ripples xrp supplies in Escrow Ripple Place 55 billion in there Here's the numbers right now The total xrp held for ripple 5.6 Billion total xrp distributed 50 billion So that's what's out in the wild Total xrp in escrow 44.3 billion so Ripple is playing with This amount right now and I'm assuming They use that for conducting their Business but Um the the escrow this Theory centers Around the idea that parts of this Escrow are pre-allocated to people or Entities and we can prove that parts of The xrp that's either held here or held Here are pre-allocated through option

Contracts so the first one that we know About for a thousand percent sure that Did exist it doesn't necessarily exist Now because the SEC had to deal with R3 It was a deal that was made early on Where they had an option to buy 1.04 billion xrp okay so they did have An option there was a lawsuit that the Lawsuit was settled old we don't it was Secret so we don't know if there's still Any options or whatever but we also know So that's one billion we also know that Greg Kidd this is when I did the Interview with Greg Kitt we know that Greg Kidd had an option on 1 billion xrp Okay Don't know if he still has it if that's Still a thing but the fact is we we know Of one company and one individual who Had an option on one billion of the xrp Or he had one and they had one point Whatever that was 1.04 now At the end of this I'll show you one Rumor is not confirmed a rumor of Another entity major entity that has Um that has a potential option on 5 Billion but that's purely a rumor okay So here uh Brad comes of digital Perspectives I think this is kind of he I think he kind of originated this Theory but here's a little tweet thread And he says first Greg kid one billion Option contract then R3 now he's saying

5 billion here that article said one I Don't know uh if this is correct or not But five billion xrpr option contract Third Brad garlinghouse admits confirms They still do option contracts and I Think that was in a video that he did With um and maybe I'll show it here in a Second Then we've got the lawsuit in 2020 which We think is over the xrp fifth Speculation I don't believe only Greg And R3 were the smart enough to receive Option contracts I'm the same way Bob Weight weighs in on it Greg Kidd was Really smart welt and xrp was nearly Worthless at the time he joined I don't Know the specifics of his deal but Greg Is always launching new businesses and Had many valuable ideas for The xrp Ledger R3 was a rushed horrible deal That should never have been signed it Was intended to be a joint venture it Ended up being in my opinion nothing Really but the contract was signed in my Opinion without adult supervision then Led to a lawsuit All right so we've got that so then There's this this is when Brad comes Back Um What was the date on this Let's see does it show me a date I don't yeah April 25th 2019 Bob way has Just recently reappeared reappeared in

The xrp community but here they're Talking about the sxrp escrow and he Says this way for us to move into the Next point which is understanding the 55 Billion escrow so Um I look I just did a recent interview A really great interview with spqr media Who are fantastic uh with Lee on that Show it's a team of them over there and They do some really nice work and He was remarking about the fact that Escrow and you and I touched it on this A little bit yesterday so it's for the Audience obviously to bring them up to Where we've been Um that the escrow can be pre-allocated In contracts so an entity could go out And say look I want 1 million xrp next March or what have you and I think That's an important thing to understand Through all of this because you know As we see you know the the as you really Obviously you have brought an enormous Amount of clarity I told you yesterday When we spoke I absolutely got Warehouse It lights coming on in my warehouse I Mean it's unbelievable but Um you know I think it's important to Understand that that is a key part of What they're doing so if you understand According to the quarterly report crypto Eddie who's in Japan has xrp Channel She's fantastic she shouted us out for Our interview today and she also broke

Down the quarter one report and said it Was like uh at the rate that they sold Currently it's another 200 and some odd Months you know at that pace before it Would go away and I think it I think and That was accurate or her to say but I Also think it's important to remember About escrow that there could be Portions along the way here that are Allocated for entities like Banks who Understand we're not going to be like The record company put us on until we're Going to get our blockchain together and All of this together and get their stuff In-house together but it's waiting for Them at a certain point as well so is That a little too optimistic or is that Fair to say Uh so let me expand on that a little bit But that's generally fairer to say and That's one of the amazing things about These escrow uh features so um let me Give you just a little bit of background I don't know how much time we have okay So bottom line is he he acknowledges in General what Brad's saying there then You got this from Chris Larson this is Chris Larson back in 2014 Describing some of the things they're Able to do with the escrow that's Actually good for everybody and then the Second part is since we don't have to Distribute it to validators Um Ripple Labs can give it to Business

Development Partners to Consumers Broadly to people globally so two things What we've been doing which we like is We've been sending market makers with Xrp forgivable loans it's essentially The vehicle that we're currently using In that case That's pre-allocated uh loans I guess But we feel that does that in sense uh Say big currency Traders Um high frequency traders to actually be Active market makers on Ripple Um that provides liquid markets that's Good for everybody gives them an Incentive in the long-term success of The network in some ways just what Exactly what visa did is they sort of Gave out ownership of visa to Key Banks To participate in the system we think That's good and the other cool thing That we've been doing that we like We've been Distributing xrp to Consumers Through a partnership that we have Sponsorship with the world Community Grid World Community grid is a really Neat project it's sponsored by I Won't Give In The Weeds on that but then There's this this is Brad garlinghouse I Said does anybody really believe out of The out of the all the people and Financial institutions that Ripple has Met with only Greg Kidd and R3 bought an Option pre-allocated xrp if you if you Go

If you do go buy my igloo in south Georgia it's still available at a Terrible price listen to this is Brad Garlinghouse You know Joey and I sat in a meeting not That long ago with you know some of the The largest institutional money in the World trying to get smart about crypto These videos but as they enter the Market you know fixed Supply increasing Demand you don't have to go to MIT to Know what's going to happen the Institutions you know Joey and I you Don't have to go to MIT to figure out What's going to happen of course they Would do that then this is an interview Um that he did with Julia chatterley Funny one of the big questions I was Asked when I was talking to people about Xrp they said what price do you sell xrp To to the financial institutions that You're dealing with here do you did do You give them a discount and and is There a lock up can you answer those Questions because this kept coming up Yeah sure so I mean let's use MoneyGram As an example when MoneyGram is moving Money from US dollars to Mexican peso They're buying at Market they're they're Not they're so you know special Sweetheart deal there there are times Where we work with institutional Investors who might say hey we want to Buy 10 million dollars of xrp and we

Would have lockups that would prevent Them from dumping you we don't want some Other party buying a whole lot of xrp And dumping on the market and so we Would hypothetically have restrictions About what they could sell and what uh How often and usually those are based Upon volume in the market Yes you you might give them it slightly Cheaper but you say to them hey you're Not allowed to sell it for six months Let's say or a year Hey correct that that's basically Correct So there you have it here's Brad comes On on bit boy floating the idea and it Is speculative right but it is like an Ultimate goal kind of thing and if you Think about you know the idea of bridge Work you know or xrp working as a bridge Currency in the respect that you just Described you know like I said if every Country is holding a little bit of it or The central banks already holding some Of it you know this gets quite Interesting too because if you go into That summary judgment they have Pre-allocated contracts but we don't Know exactly how many and to whom and There's lots of speculation about who Those pre-allocated contracts of xrp Could be to and it gets quite Interesting if we get clarity if you can Find out what's that or some of these

Projects but possibly aliens Well how about central banks all right Okay well what's your people okay yeah Those are people too but certainly Aliens there for sure because they just Look at us like cattle right but you Know but the but you know if if those Things come to light and we learn those Things it makes so much sense how xrp Can sit as a bridge currency and serve To unlock dormant Dollars around the World but never threaten any one Country's money at the same time yeah I Think that's man that's a fascinating Argument Um I think ultimately it aligns with the You know wholesale CBD narrative that I've been told uh a long time ago where Things are going that I started kind of Looking index rpu and giving it a fair Shot that was himself that came to me That was like oh that actually makes Sense I forgot to give the warning warning Wild speculation Um they're talking xrp pre-allocation to Central banks very dangerous Conversation this is a quote from uh Joel Katz David Schwartz May 25th 2017. Anyone who gets xrp from us as a part of Some deal with a lock up as their Incentives align has their incentives Aligned with ours they want the Long-term price of xrp to go up to

It's not just some crazy Theory and then I told you at the beginning of the video I wanted to let you know this was Kendra Hill who disappeared off social media This is not confirmed but she says this A partnership years in the making and a Deal which was negotiated in 2015 Amazon Holds stake in 5 billion xrp currently That xrp is in a locked account until The partnership is made public why has This been kept a secret let me first Response respond to this by asking you a Question why does the price of xrp not Move when new Partnerships are announced The answer to my question is that xrp Has no use cases currently this will Soon change when it does the price will Rise quickly there very speculative I'm Sorry they're very selective when Announcing new Partnerships publicly so To answer your question it is in the Best interest of everyone involved to Keep the price as low as possible Allowing major faster to buy an early While also pushing away investors from The lower class when the Amazon Partnership is announced the world will Be talking about xrp millions of people Will buy xrp on that day so this Partnership is being saved for a later Date Sorry to freak you out with the wild Speculation folks I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor

This is for entertainment purpose only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family Be careful you might have to whisper xrp Pre-allocation around the house you Upset people And get the crypto police involved thank You [Music] [Music]

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