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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and here's what's happening We've got a market that's like literally Starting to come up to the tune that's Crossed a trillion and it's like There's a lot of green that's starting To show up in digital assets because of All this banking crisis and everything And I want to point out one thing that Is irrefutable and that is that in the Coming days weeks whatever There's one digital asset out of this Top ten who is about to come out from Under a over two year long SEC lawsuit And actually get clarity for the digital Asset and that is xrp every single Digital asset on this list Every single digital asset on this list Including Bitcoin remember we know Homeland Security knows who the four Satoshi's are which means that they know Who the common Enterprise is there is Nothing sacred when Gary gensler's in Charge folks every single one of these Except xrp when xrp gets Clarity there They all have a Target on a potential Target on their backs Bitcoin ethereum Tether BNB USD cardano polygon dog coin Solana every single one of them have a Potential Target on their backs and There is only one

That does not once they come out from Under this only one And that's the fact Jack it's a very Uncomfortable fact especially for Bitcoin Maxis But guess what xrp is also starting to Surge here recently xrp is going to be God's candle uh oh Begrad crypto is mentioning the god Candle we've seen that we've seen this Before and I've told you I don't even Know what that means but I like the Sound of it and it's also a great Thumbnail and then dark Defender comes In and says xrp extremely bullish let's Melt faces with a god candle so and I'm Not even going to comment on this funny Graphic right here Um Ashley Prosper makes a good point Here March 24th to 23rd is going to be a Very interesting time ISO 222 goes live Prep possible Trump arrest I think I saw Them protesting in New York on that Moore Bank collapses possible in the Ripple case Paris blockchain week by the Way at Paris blockchain wink there There's at least two or three people From Ripple including Monica long and Guess who else is going to be there Joseph Lubin I can't wait for him to Speak on stage so I can grab more Idiotic sound bites and then fomc Meeting now check this out Switzerland Is preparing to use emergency measures

To accelerate the Takeover by UBS of Credit Suisse to finalize the Acquisition before markets open on Monday they're scrambling around trying To save this Bank question is what other Banks what other banks are having Problems the ones we don't know about That aren't in the headlines that's the Question Cowboy crypta who is the official Cowboy Of the digital asset investor channel uh Decided to point something else out uh Here according to reports the offer made By UBS for credit Swiss values the bank Around seven billion dollars below its Market value at the close of trading on Friday speechless 7 billion speechless Um and then he's pointing out that UBS Seven leading Banks joined Ripple's Global Network and UBS was one of them Then we have a Bitcoin Maxi legendary Investor however you say his name places A two million dollar bet on bitcoin to Go to a million dollars in the next 90 Days folks 90 days That'll be interesting now Here's something that the Bitcoin Maxis Are waking up to folks this is Ryan Selkis he blocked me back when um when I Plopped down the ethereum disguised Whales underneath him and asked him what About the disguise whales Because I'm sure if I had to bat I don't

Know but if I had to bet he's probably He was probably somewhere in that Ethereum uh Ico as a purchaser I'm just Guessing Um he says Congress should this guy's Scared folks he's he and and he's also Connected so he probably has heard Something or knows something he says Congress should oppose any and all Efforts to bar to ban or restrict the Use or personal possession of Bitcoin And other digital assets oppose any in All efforts to unfairly Target or impede The development accessibility and Security of Bitcoin and other digital Asset Tech I thought that the whole I Thought the whole thing about Bitcoin Was that nobody could do anything down With the banks and we're we're they Can't do anything to bitcoin because It's this thing that's out there and They can't control it I thought that was The whole thing the whole point Well apparently he doesn't think so Anymore because he says there are a lot Of Americans who would like Congress to Explicitly guarantee that it is illegal For the executive branch to seize Bitcoin Gold and other Commodities and other Financial property without due process I Am no longer confident private property Seizures are impossible well if you've Been watching the current government how

Could you possibly have ever thought That they were above private property Seizures And I said it doesn't matter if you Control your private key look I've been Saying this for a long time and I've Caught a lot of heat for it and what I Said was the the real question about all Of this in the end is are we allowed to Keep it and what I meant by that is not That they can come and take my xrp not That they can come and take your Bitcoin Because if you control your private Keys Yeah technically they can't get your Stuff yes true but As I say here Um if a tyrannical government decides You can't have an asset there are many Ways to make you part with it or make You make it not worth having he knows The in-game question has always been Will we be allowed to keep it or at Least be rewarded for being right And that's what I say folks And I I truly believe that that uh these The bad guys that are trying these these Tyrannical people I believe that they in The end will be defeated and I and it'll Be the way I look at it is the same Thing you hear about guns and cold dead Hands that's kind of how I feel about my Xrp and you probably do too so Um but here he says something again look At this there's no scenario in which I

Would comply with a Redux of executive Order 6102 the gold seizures but he's by Saying this he's acknowledging that we Weren't so crazy after all about this Idea that they could try to make you Turn in your crypto I mean that's kind Of I mean I've been saying this for a Long time and everybody it makes people Mad every time it comes up but I I don't Think that they can make they can they Can like take it if you don't want them To have it but I think they can make it And I've used the example of Taxation They could come out tomorrow and say We're Bitcoin is taxed at a rate of 99.9 Percent so at that point is it worth it For you to even own it and the answer is No they can there's all kinds of things That tyrannical government can do to Make you not want to have your Bitcoin And make you turn turn it in or whatever I said Congress should make Bitcoin Ownership and self-custody an explicit Right to prevent more dystopian Executive overreach I'll give you Another one What if these anti-crypto people said to You hey Yeah you own your own keys and all that What if they said if you don't turn in Your Bitcoin to an exchange to turn it Into US dollars by such and such date Then we're going to increase the tax Rate to whatever 99.9 so if you get out

Now we're going to give you until such And such date What if they did that What if they said yeah you can make your Money if you turn it in now you can make Your money on it and sell it but if you Don't After such and such date any Bitcoin That shows up to be sold is taxed at a Rate of 99.9 percent I guarantee you Everybody out there who thought that They were down with the banks would all Of a sudden be out of this thing Um and there would be a collapse that Happened at the same time Now who called who called this Kendra Hill the person that disappeared off of Social media called this I've shown you This many times cryptocurrency will be Made illegal allowing additional Currencies to exist Bitcoin for example Is Untouchable the reality is that the Government controlled to the use of Mining pools now Folks what else did Kendra Hill say it's Important to me because Is it a coincidence that there's only One digital asset In all of crypto That potentially gets Clarity within Potentially days there's only one and Guess what not only is there only one But that one

Other digital assets could be built on It and I and and are cbdcs can be built On it Um nfts can be built on it All these things tokenized assets could Be done on it and that is The xrp Ledger Folks look what else as long as Kendra Hill was right let's look what else she Said it's always worth remembering in a Deal which was negotiated in 2015 Amazon Holds a stake in 5 billion xrp currently That xrp is in a locked account until The partnership is made public why has Been this been kept secret and she goes Through a whole thing about why this has Been kept secret well here's my question To you why Is Amazon launching an nft Marketplace On the 24th of April and how are they Launching it in the midst of this Government Crackdown on crypto why is Amazon comfortable Launching a an nft Marketplace that has To be built on a digital asset Why are they comfortable doing this Because there would be so potentially Why is the SEC not cracking down on Amazon or this Marketplace they're about To launch or you know they threatened They preemptively threatened coinbase About the coinbase yield product why are They not preemptively threatening Amazon We don't know here's Brian Brooks who Used to run the OCC

I think it's pretty clear there has been A decision across the bank regulatory Agencies in this Administration that Crypto is inherently risky and needs to Be extricated from the banking system The way the bank Regulators work is that They are highly coordinated I mean when I was running the OCC I had a weekly Call with the FDIC chairman and with the Vice chairman of the FED First Bank Supervision we talked every week for an Hour and talked about what our Priorities were for the coming week how We could support each other how our Actions would affect the system so these Things are not accidents at all I'm Highly confident of that I think it's Pretty clear there has been a decision Remember the uh remember the literal Communist who Joe Biden was trying to Put in at the OCC and luckily she didn't Get in there imagine what it would be Like if she was there now here's the uh These are the bankless guys who they Don't want there to be Banks and yet Here in this clip they're kind of almost Giddy that usdc and remember usdc Is the banks folks the Goldman Sachs is Behind usdc behind circle is Goldman Sachs now I'm seeing sort of the the end State vision and I'm almost wondering if That end-state vision for Circle and Usdc is something like a proxy Central Bank digital currency you think okay

Like I know we're steps before that here And maybe I'm getting too ahead of Myself but it just feels like that Vision of like this you shouldn't have Commercial Bank Pro I'll call it Protocol risk because we have crypto Here it should just be one to one with a T-bill it shouldn't take any risk of the Banking or literally the Central Bank Liability itself right can we just make That can we just uh well my question is So yeah I see that you see that a lot of People in crypto see that we also see a Complete absence of a U.S Central Bank Digital currency strategy even though They're writing way white papers on it All the time China's like miles ahead of The US they need a strategy they may not Know it yet well these events Precipitate that conversation could it Actually move forward in that direction And actually be a kind of a growth Catalyst to get us there faster And this guy makes a great comment this Show is called bankless but apparently Central banks don't count as Banks to These Guys These guys that's Fantasyland uh even Calling your show bankless and I think Those guys are smart young guys but Fantasyland bankless whatever I've Always I'll never forget it when I was Standing at Bitcoin Miami and freaking Chris G and Carla who used to run the

Cftc looks up on the wall and they've Got a it's like a dollar bill that's Being burned or something it's like some Some picture on the wall and he's like They need to take that down that's not Gonna that's not good Um Dan held who's a Bitcoin Maxie Says altcoins waiting to see what Bitcoin will do next and he's got a he's Got um Forrest Gump here and I retweeted I said bitcoiners when they find out the Government created it it was more like Now John Deaton did a whole thread on How the Hinman emails are going to come Out one way or another and one thing and He's talking about this and and he does He has a whole a good thread on this but I wanted to point out something a lot of People are not talking about and Thinking about and that's this When these Hinman documents come out This is a even more important than the I Told John Deaton this a long time ago Too I said you know The legal thing the legal stuff is one Thing but I believe almost more Important is the perception and the pr Look what look what happened in ethgate It was a freaking nightmare You lit ethereum is literally on a Different course now because of the Exposure of Youth gate and social media And all the lies and all the behind the Scenes things that were done and all the

The coordinated fight against Ripple and Xrp that had to do with it too it was a Freaking nightmare for them now you Telling me when these documents come out You talking about think about the social Media Storm slash investigation that's going To follow when we when we start piecing Together the breadcrumbs and actually Have the information and action what we What we know went on behind the scenes But then we'll have what all the Individual people said that were on that Freedom of Information Act list that Empower had gotten the people that Communicated with Bill Hinman do you not Can you imagine the things that were Being said in those in those email Chains Think about what we found that was not Think about what we found You know and the people involved in the Timeline all that when that comes out it Will be a freaking nightmare for these People while they try to go after all These companies and the truth is being Pointed out and all the lies will be Exposed oh my gosh and and remember last Time it was just the xrp community we Weren't supported by anybody in crypto While we were uncovering all that stuff This time it would be everybody because Everybody is under attack at this point By the SEC this time you'd have

Everybody in social media everybody in Crypto exposing the lives and guess and And then maybe maybe one day they'll Throw a party for us and thank us Because we're the ones that found all This stuff while they did they sat on Their hands and they thought it was just Xrp under attack well you're welcome Folks because this is going to be a Storm and it might just help a lot of The people who are under attack right Now I'm a digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family or tell your Bitcoin Maxi and ethereum Maxi or not Not ethereum but Bitcoin Max you know All the other crypto people under attack Tell them you're welcome thank you Thank you


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