????XRP Holder Warning????Ripple Board Member at FED & Kill Bitcoin?

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and if you hear lawn mowers Blowers any kind of edging equipment It's because you're hearing lawn mowers Blowers and edging equipment there are People outside doing yard work so we're Gonna have to just trudge through it if You can deal with what's going on in the Banking world you can deal with the yard Men today all right check this out Kim.com who is like a genius level guy He's an interesting guy to me he um he Tweeted this out yesterday I like it Gold and crypto And then we have right here we have the CEO of glint can you imagine if a bank Was clear fair and not misleading your Money is at risk when deposited in a Bank as we only keep 12 percent of Client deposits ready for withdrawal we Lend and invest in the rest we lend and Invest the rest to try and make a profit Therefore we might not not have enough When you want it check out glintpay who Is one of my sponsors where Glenn client Gold is allocated to Gold your gold is Physical legally owned outright by you And unlike fiat currency held in Banks Is never put at risk through lending and You can still spend it when you want Using the glint MasterCard app that's

Exactly right buy save send links in the Top of the description of this video and Against the backdrop of everything That's going on I'm very glad they're One of my sponsors here we have Jim Ricker not Jim Rickards I'm sorry I was Watching a Jim Rickards video this Morning we have Jim Cramer I'm sorry Jim Ricker I apologize I didn't mean to Insult you that way we have Jim Cramer Doing as he's told as usual in telling You to sell your Bitcoin and I would Sell my Bitcoin right into this rally And believe me I had been a Believer one Time at Bitcoin not here not now yeah Listen folks I I think that he's using that to Basically say sell crypto period I just I disagree with with the selling Crypto part but I do believe that he and All his buddy not necessarily him being In on it but I do believe that their ultimate Kill Shot not will be but could be To kill Bitcoin and if you think they Can't you hadn't been listening But this guy is just doing as he's told Now I think um it's important for you to Understand what really has gone on with These Banks if you really take a step Back and look at it okay So look where the money's going all of Those assets that were at those quote Crypto Banks and Tech Banks all of that

Money And that that's all of the those crypto Startups where's the money going now Right here Bank Giants JP Morgan and Citigroup are trying to handle the Largest movement of deposits in over a Decade so all that money is Shifting to The tier one Banks right now and isn't That what you would do if you were them I would I would if I was any of these uh Tech Startups that was facing this all that Money would go to JP Morgan and all his People because now that everybody's Worried about these lower uh level Banks And whether things are safe Well I'm here to tell you this is all Freaking planned it is planned what We're living through folks while these Guys say kryptos this bad thing it's not It's just the crypto the the we've we've Been playing in a in a 10-year 10 plus Year crypto playground have you have you Ever asked yourself why now why are These guys now cracking down on crypto Why have they let it live for the last 10 to 15 years why have they it's Because they were letting the prototypes Run their course while the real stuff Was being built the real custody the JP Morgan custody the Goldman Sachs the Citigroup custody the back end for Wall Street to gather all this asset class or Most of it and now they're initiating

That plan because I believe that they're Ready with the custody and I think that Now is a is as good a time as any for You to get a reminder of how the Federal Reserve was formed and think to yourself If they if they did it all in secret the Way that they did it back then when they Did when they created the Federal Reserve now they're creating Federal Reserve 2.0 Bretton Woods 3.0 whatever You want to call it they're Transitioning to this digital world With cbdc's and all this stuff Don't you think they would do it in Secret don't you think they would have a Dastardly plan just like they did for The Federal Reserve to create the Federal Reserve of course they would Here's what they did back then The Federal Reserve Act wasn't drafted In Congress It was drafted on a private island off The coast of Georgia in 1910. here is The island Jekyll Island and it was Drafted under great secrecy Jekyll Island was the retreat for billionaires Like William Rockefeller and JP Morgan Down here in 1910 Senator Nelson Aldrich The Republican whip in the Senate and The chair of the national monetary Commission sent his private railroad car To the New Jersey Railroad Station where He and five other men were instructed to Come one at a time and everybody pretend

They just didn't know each other Aldrich who is the guy remember he wrote The original bill He was a business associate of JP Morgan Oh and the father-in-law to John D Rockefeller Jr So there's no special interest happening There there was also Abram piot Andrew Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and Frank vanderlip representing William Rockefeller Henry Davidson and Benjamin Strong with JP Morgan and Paul Warburg He is a partner he was a partner at um At Low by the way Tim Geithner who Who was a part of uh quote fixing the 2008 financial crisis crisis he works at Warburg Pinkus And Company He was representing the Rothschild Banking family oh he's going to talk About the rule trials now He actually is an interesting character If you ever saw Little Orphan Annie Daddy Warbucks was named after Warburg These are the men that represented One-fourth of the entire wealth of the World You think we got a problem with wealth Now Those guys one quarter of all of the Money in the world the Morgans the Rockefellers the warburgs Ross trials All in one room yeah but when do they Start sacrificing chickens well it

Doesn't happen That I'll tell you These guys were all competitors According to G Edward Griffin who we'll Talk to in a minute they all had come Together to form a banking cartel so They didn't have to compete against each Other He says it was like an oil cartel or a Sugar cartel but this cartel actually Went into partnership with the Government I mean how great is that huh It's kind of like the drug cartels in Mexico Wait I didn't say that out loud did I So for more than a week these men sat Around there And they sat around this big table and They hammered out all the details of What became the Federal Reserve System With five objectives how many of these Do you agree with one To stop the uh growing competition from The nation's newer Banks That doesn't sound good Two to obtain a franchise to create Money out of nothing for the purpose of Lending That one really doesn't sound good Either Three to get control of the reserves of All of the banks so The Reckless ones Wouldn't be exposed to currency drains Or Bank runs oh that's the charity part

Call it cheap beef thank you so much Then to shift the losses from the bank Owners to the taxpayers it just gets Better and better for you and me No again the answer is no And then finally to convince Congress That the purpose was to protect the Public think about what they just did Folks what they just did is they Intention I'm going to show it to you They did it they just shut down all the Crypto related Banks okay they just shut Them down but here's what they didn't do They didn't let those crypto assets be Lost they got those crypto they saved Them they bailed them out they they Saved the crypto assets so that they can Be transferred to JPMorgan Citigroup Goldman Sachs and all the boys You see what's happened now the entire Crypto industry all the assets have now Been shifted or be are in the process of Being shifted to the tier one Banks That's what's going on look at this from Nick Carter dear God Barney Frank openly Admits that signature was arbitrarily Shuttered despite no insolvency because Regulators wanted to kill off the last Major Pro-crypto bank they wanted to shift the Assets To their Banks is what they wanted to do Now Look at this so so that's his tweet look

What Gemini tweets out yesterday all Gemini customer US dollars are held at JP Morgan Goldman Sachs and State Street Bank so what we're being told in the Media is oh yeah they're killing crypto They're shutting it down no Apparently the government's fine with JP Morgan Goldman Sachs and State Street Who happen to be a bunch of custodians What are they working on digital asset Custody that's what's been being worked On in the background because digital Asset custody is the final that's the Final thing needed you cannot build the Crypto industry around Wall Street the Way they want to unless they can unless They can say to you Just like you buying stock on E-Trade You buy it and you don't have to worry About that stock certificate and they Have to be able to say the same thing About a digital asset and that's what I Believe they've gotten uh put in in Place over the last 10 years While they have let this playground let This prototype do its thing and now They're making the transition to handing This asset class to Wall Street I've Been saying it for over five years I Think Then metal Allman says we just got Confirmation from an Insider that Regulators are executing a plan to kill Crypto this is not the plan it's a plan

To transfer crypto Barney Frank told Bloomberg and that's The same thing Barney Frank said we Signature Bank were singled out to be The poster child for that message the Message of killing crypto more or less Transferring crypto John Deaton says What a scandal in other words they're They're closing down federal banks Because they don't like crypto Unbelievable Um then this guy says was there a Coordinated attack on Silicon Valley Bank Zero Hedge Regulators received svb Bid but allowed it to fail They didn't want it they wanted it to be Bailed out their way All assets are in process of being Transferred to the big boys Now Kim.com is on to what I think I think Bit now look I'm not saying that they're Going to kill Bitcoin I'm but I'm saying That that's what their trump card if They wanted it uh because it was never Bitcoin and kim.com's a genius he knows It he's being polite here to his friends Well I I made a explanatory uh uh tweets Uh threats why the U.S banks are failing Um you know they they were hooked to the Quantitative easing money the the Printed money that the FED provided Interest free to Major banks in order For those Banks to get access to more

And more of that free money the Undocumented rule was that these Banks Would also buy government bonds to allow The government to lend more and also to Use the positive funds for that which Caused the problem with Silicon Valley Bank so uh You know it's all there if you want to Read it it explains it all Um and I think you know we're really Seeing the beginning of a much bigger Crash Uh here that you know I've actually been Talking about for two years now but I Think we're getting closer to that point And crypto becoming this Alternative white night savior the new Financial system that people can trust And that's why you know we're seeing the Early recovery now in crypto and this Could potentially be the next boom phase And I'm just very excited to see what's Happening in the next few months Only it's Bitcoin not crypto right the Same Man Sometimes the comments by these Bitcoin Max these are so moronic I'm like you Still don't you still don't understand It was never Bitcoin well I mean you Guys know me and you know my opinion About it we don't need to re-litigate Why I think that Bitcoin is not the only Uh solution Bitcoin is a is a good

Solution but there are others uh so Let's not litigate that I don't think Everything else that isn't Bitcoin is coin at the end what matters to me Is that in five years from now there Will be one crypto whichever whichever It is that is going to provide people With the Financial Freedom that they Deserve and if it's Bitcoin great if It's something else that's fine for me Too Ha ha And then look at this holy moly crypto The official Cowboy of the digital asset Investor Channel Federal Reserve board Announces that Vice chair for Supervision Michael S Bar is leading a Review of supervision and regulation of Silicon Valley Bank in light of its Failure Just happened to be on the board at one Company known as Ripple Operation choke point 2.0 today I heard This from management of a small U.S bank Today basically every bank regulator is Calling every Bank asking for their Liquidity report asking whether they Plan to apply for the new fed program And asking whether they have exposure to Crypto because if they have exposure to Crypto those are the assets that they Want JP Morgan Goldman Sachs State Street Citigroup to have folks They're definitely trying to ensure that

Smaller Banks don't touch this area you Bet By the way look at this new U.S Administration Insider Jason Lowery soon Powerful people within the U.S Government will try to assort to assert That supporting Bitcoin is a threat to U.S national security This is what I've called for a long time Folks The folks If if you've never listened to me before Listen to what I'm about to say Be intellectual intellectually honest With yourself we've shown you the video That they the government knows who Created bitcoin ask yourself does it Make any sense why would they let that Lie go why would they intentionally let The world think that Satoshi is somehow This this figure that nobody knows who To why in the digital age who would even Believe something like that why would They want that lie to keep going It gives them the power to destroy it at Will having that information don't you Understand and for that reason I think That could be not necessarily will be But could be what their ultimate plan is I also agree with what this guy Apparently this guy is a uh some kind of Swiss executive or something watch what This guy says Here it's coming former despised by the

Newspaper despise those who by those who Didn't game the system There is Evening out process some new legislation To ensure that those who were the big Winners because of the result reset Arms as big Winners and to show ensure That those who are just at the wrong end Of it and unlucky are in some way Made not completely whole but to some Way in some way compensated You mean like You mean like trying to get a hold of uh Ripples X through X some of that escrow Through an SEC lawsuit trying to keep Some of the big winners from uh From winning too much like that When the reset happens For sure there'll be people who are in The know ahead of the game ahead of the Time and they've tried to gain the System those people will be despised Despised by the government despised by The newspapers despise those who by Those who didn't game the system There is almost certainly going to be Some sort of evening out process some New legislation to ensure that those who Were the big Winners because of the Result reset Arms as big Winners and to show ensure That those who are just at the wrong end Of it and unlucky are in some way Made but not completely whole but to

Some way in some way compensated Let Me Tell You Folks listen to me Listen closely let me tell you what Would let me tell you what would make You and me and anybody who called xrp From the beginning the most despised You know what would make you the most Despised in that scenario that he's Talking about Is if people finally realized at the end Of this that bit it was never Bitcoin And Bitcoin was destroyed I'm a digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family it was never Bitcoin and I think it's only me and one Or two other people who have even told The world this everybody else in crypto Has been Towing the freaking line and it Just never has made any sense to me and I'm not saying Bitcoin is going to be Destroyed but I am saying that that is a Very real possibility that and and when You say oh it can't be destroyed Ask yourself this what happens tomorrow When the federal government raises their Hand walks to a put him and says We've found out who Satoshi is and here They are And we've confiscated their wallet What happens then Thank you


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