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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and check this tweet out I keep This one million dollar one million Dollar Mark German marks note as Remember one million Mark not one Million dollar more Um as a reminder why I own Bitcoin Insert xrp where he's got Bitcoin one Million German marks could not buy a Loaf of bread by September of 1923 Germans saw their life savings wiped out With the US dollar collapse I don't know I hold xrp just in case Hahaha I mean that's true look at this The country has been poisoned from Within via the Federal Reserve the General public is soon to awaken to hit To this reality that will be forced upon Them we are rapidly approaching a period In history that Austrian Economist Ludwig Ludwig von mices called the crack Up boom in the FED there's no means of Avoiding the final collapse of a boom Bought brought about by credit expansion The alternative is only whether the Crisis should come sooner as the result Of voluntary abandonment of further Credit expansion or later as a final and Total catastrophe of the currency system Involved Reminder that glint one of my sponsors

This is about gold at glimp by physical Gold because gold is the antidote to the Federal Reserve and on Monday this Coming Monday uh they are going to Launch their new app they're upgrading Their their current APP so you can go Check that out a link to that's in the Top of the description this person said Retweet if you think xrp price has been Suppressed I retweeted and I said in every way you Can imagine We've talked about that a lot Now there's something that apparently The people looking at charts are seeing Right now I don't know anything about Charts but but I saw this article what Ripple holders can expect next week is Xrp price coils up for explosive move to This level level and then I saw two Tweets from egrag crypto Xrt xrp uh double triangles and he's got As high as 4.58 cents on that he says Still respecting the smaller triangle Xrp has to break out to the upside and Retest it for a bullish continuation xrp Army the breakout is coming be patient And then he had this one xrp Diamond Bottom update ten dollar Diamond bottom It's the he says the diamond bottom Pattern is still intact so everything I See there it's I mean there isn't if There's any digital asset on the planet That's coiled up that's been suppressed

That is ready To blast off there is nothing besides Xrp in that category to me Can't be all right Five bank failures in Roughly a week listen to this this Spanking crisis has swept in Five bank Failures first there is Silver Gate but Everyone just missed that because there Was some weird crypto bank then it was Svb but everyone's sort of dismissed it Because they said it was based on Panicky VCS rather than the systemic Problem in the banking system then it Was Signature Bank which got seized on Sunday which I think utterly refuted the Idea that this was just a Silicon Valley Problem then you had First Republic Which would have been the next dominant Of fall if it wasn't backstop and then Five you had Credit Suisse again avoid An outright failure because it got Backstopped by the Swiss government so We now have five banks in roughly a week And these are not small Banks Credit Suisse is a globally systemically Important bank and the other ones are Top 20 top 30 type Banks we're talking About hundreds of billions of dollars in Deposits so clearly there's a larger Phenomenon going on here and frankly It's being caused not by like anything VCS did because VCS are just depositors We're just one class of depositors and Depositors are not to blame for what's

Going on here what's going on is these Banks have huge unrealized losses on Their balance sheet and the losses have Come from the sun's spike in interest Rates Yep the Federal Reserve System and then There's this just in 186 Banks found to Have similar vulnerabilities as Silicon Valley Bank Wall Street Journal reports Um Caitlyn long who is very smart she's She's been no she's a Bitcoin backseat But she's also very smart they don't go Hand in hand in my opinion the anti-tech Anti-crypto faction in Washington DC That cheered as they arguably caused Bankrupt runs so they could reign in the Few fintech forward banks that bucked Them triggered what could become biggest Critic credit uh contraction in history Massive fed balance sheet expansion Probably incoming This guy says if banks were suddenly Forced to liquidate their bond and Loan Portfolios the losses would erase Between 77 and 91 percent of their Combined Capital cushion it follows that Large numbers or banks are Terrifyingly fragile Now then um she was Caitlyn long was on Um she was on a uh Uh did a video like a panel video in the Last couple days watch this and I and I Said here I don't blame look these People the the current government is

Breaking the law left and right they Don't care okay I don't blame them Because we know exactly who and what They are I blame the people like Tom Emmer who told us that a new day is Coming and now all he does is writes Letters and tweets and talks and does Nothing meanwhile the bad guys who are Breaking the law are doing like the Gary Genslers of the world action action Action they're actually doing things While everybody else is talking and Saying a new day is coming new day is Coming well bullcrap here's what's Here's what the bad guys are doing Um but ultimately then it became clear And in fact actually we had thankfully There's a sieve in Washington we had Insiders come forward and confirm to us The White House was involved and it was Pretty obvious that day Of the uh of the custodial denial Because the White House and the FED Coordinated to release their press Releases at exactly the same time now Here's the Smoking Gun everybody at the Time was speculating was there going to Be another operation show Point 2.0 as You as you said Nick what we have is the Evidence in email because a reporter Revealed to us what the reporter was Told and the reporter told us that they Were told

That within the last 48 hours that the All the fed and OCC Bank Charter Applicants had been asked to withdraw Their applications or they would be Voted down Okay so I knew from the early stage that Operation 12.2.0 was absolutely underway And absolutely coordinated Again the interesting question is wait a Minute there are due process protections For applicants for Bank Charters they Are supposed to be Reviewed by the agencies on their Individual merits and then all of a Sudden press leaks are confirming that The fed and the OCC applicants were Asked to withdraw at the same time Come on So the law breaking is being allowed and Here's Tom emmer doing more talk and Speeches and tweets and letters Submitted online anonymously and then That's going to be the one question Quota that I was given Um this is Uh I find I think I like this one here We go Um The FED is clearly I'm just reading this okay if that is Clearly indicated that a decision to Issue a cbdc would be a decision for Congress and that it has no intention of Issuing the cbdc without authorization

From Congress therefore why do we need a Bill to tell the FED to do something to Tell I'm sorry to tell the FED to not do Something it was never planning on doing It was never planning on doing whoever Sent that in I I really appreciate it And I understand their logic but they Are assuming that there are good actors In this space and that what they are Hearing from these unelected bureaucrats Who are saying there's nothing to see Here it's all good we need to have uh Permission it's interesting the Federal Reserve issued some documents recently That my staff was provided I just showed Up at one of their events and they have A uh a slide I would say or in this deck Where it lists what the Federal Reserve Is responsible for it responsible for The money supply it's responsible for The two-tier rails of the banking system Uh the overnight window those types of Things that we're used to right you know What the bullet point was at the bottom Central Bank digital currency They're putting it out in their own Materials today and they have no Authority they have not been directed by Congress to do a thing let's understand That what they say is not necessarily What they're doing you are dealing with Central Bankers around the world which I Am not opposed to the central banking System but the idea and I think these

People literally looked at this more Than a decade ago and said oh look at Those kids that are playing with this Satoshi white paper and isn't that fun It's kind of like a it's kind of like Gaming right virtual gaming it's virtual Money it's never going to go anywhere And oops then it started gaining some Traction because people don't trust or They created it and wanted everybody to Think that they That they um are opposed to it but Anyway my point is is that more talk at The podium But while the FED is is putting actions In motion and while while Gary Gensler Is just going after everybody and their Brother this guy's just talking at the Podium tweeting sending letters then There's this what if eth is a trojan Horse of crypto if the New York State Attorney General determines that eth is A security who will fight the New York State Attorney General in court so far None of the eth usual suspects has come Out to denounce the allegation they Already made their money and have opened The door for the corrupt sec to enter So so I'm kind of conflicted here Because you you I've always thought that They the that the ethereum gang knew That they had a window of time where They could just make money hand over Fist maybe they know that that maybe

They never intended for ethereum to be Anything maybe that was the plan is Stick billions in our pockets What because Hinman gave us this Opportunity to have this fake regulatory Clarity for a couple of years until Until the SEC was ready to shut all of Crypto down Who knows but I do know this metallic Buterin is UN is liquidating a lot of His ultimate coin Holdings and I'm Wondering if he's getting liquid knowing That he might have a Have some monetary damages he might be Responsible for uh soon to come who Knows I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family That we have one Shady government Foreign


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