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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you today in a video where If any of you want to share with your Friends and loved ones what is going to Happen with the future of crypto and xrp This would be the one ladies and Gentlemen over the past couple years I've received a major criticism one that Is Unfair but one that that is true and the Criticism was that xrp hasn't done It did not reach its alltime high price It did not go past $33.60 like it did in 2018 but if there's one thing I could Tell all of you it's this there's an Explanation the SEC unjustly targeted Ripple and Xrp the SEC had conflicts of interest And Corruption guiding that decision Ision Ripple is 3 and0 against the SEC And has not lost they have not lost Anyone's money they have not stolen Money from customers Ripple has done Things Correctly and now that this lawsuit is Over the trajectory is very Clear 2024 is the year xrp will finally Be released from the shackles of a Suppressed PR race this Bitcoin ETF will Get passed in short order within the Next couple months and when that happens

That will bring xrp to new heights xrp Does follow Bitcoin in Price but there will be a moment where Xrp explodes more aggressively than Bitcoin does because it's been so Suppressed for so long we were not Allowed to participate in the 2021 Bull Run not on the same playing field as Bitcoin eth salon and Others but this time around we're going To have the playing Field Charles hoskinson complained the Other day what's the difference between Cardano and Bitcoin because he's Beginning to understand the stress of Having crypto suppressed by Regulators xrp is the only crypto that Is guaranteed freedom from the legal System moving forward and despite the Fact that the xrp army has been Suppressed and frustrated in regards to Price and wealth building relative to Other crypto communities 2024 and Beyond Is where we get to have the last laugh It's where we have to get our profits in Order dot our eyes cross our Teas and make sure we don't this Up you're allowed to criticize the fact That I couldn't see an SEC lawsuit Coming unjustly at the end of the year 2020 You could criticize xrp now reaching new Oldtime Highs but you'd be stupid to think it's

Not going to happen this Time I have to remind all of you that 500 plus Partnerships are now confirmed By Ripple Ripple added Partnerships While this SEC case was going on and Ripple probably got more Partnerships While they were getting sued by the SEC Than the majority of the crypto Ecosystem as the whole had in its Totality and because of recent Court Decisions Ripple is now being freed up To get partners in the US ladies and gentlemen when industry Insiders and high level financial Institution CEOs are commenting about Now wanting to partner with ripol you Better believe you better place your Bets now is the one most recent post Which I commented on your LinkedIn which Is this payment systems that you had a Session with ripple ah tell me about it I Bean like poor Z Ripple I was like Hell did these two come together it's It's a really good question um and all This blockchain stuff and all I don't Get it I'll be the first to admit it um But I'm trying to understand um my 32-year-old son who's a bit more sevy to All of this stuff he put his hard-earned Dollars in buying some shares in Ripple So and he doesn't part with his money Easily in fact he rather pay buy the Shares and pay the money he owes back Mom and Dad which I wasn't really

Impressed about but that's another story But that sort of made me stand up and Take a little bit of notice and again I'm not an expert on it but I understand They approached us some time ago but at The time they were battling some legal Battle in the us and our position to Them was look come back to us once That's sorted out because you only get One chance at a first impression and if This court case doesn't go well for you It so anyway they got a good result in The US court case and um they approached Us again and look we we're going to have A bit more of a look at it I'm not going To claim to be an expert on it but we May look to promote their product and And again it'll be by beware um we'll Say to our members look here's this new Technology from what I can understand it Can generate realtime uh transfer Payments and they seem to have a lot of Um checks and balances in place at the Briefing that I was at where I did that Post um there was a lot of Representatives from the major banks That were very interested in it so it's It is a real thing um but how that Translates to um meaningful solutions For our members we'll will'll only Understand that in a bit more time now Guys let me give you all a little Perspec Perspective what's happening right now

In the world is that a bunch of boomers Are figuring out that Millennials in gen Z are Tech forward and will adopt any Technology Rapidly most Boomers don't believe in Crypto but they control all the money However there are some tech forward Boomers that are telling the more Incumbent unwilling to change Boomers Hey you don't have to use this yourself But know that this is where the next Generations are Going Ripple is at the Forefront of Leading this Revolution different institutions have Been on standby waiting for ripple to Finally get through this court case to Go and partner with them and you see That evidence I show you the quotes I Tell you the news and you all better get On Board ladies and gentlemen I don't ask This ever but I'm going to ask that you Will like this video and if you're not Already please subscribe and share this With a friend or a loved one because it Is the last chance you're going to be Able to buy xrp this cheap I promise you Xrp now at 60 cents will be Gamechanging and the fact that you still Have a chance to be in when there is Minimal to no risk at all after these Course decisions have been settled is Irresponsible

Responsible ladies and Gentlemen even People that are not necessarily xrp Friendly or saying this the modern Investor someone I would highly Recommend you all follow has never been Too Pro Xrp but he's always been a good source Of information and he's letting us know That if you're not over here paying Attention to Ripple who's partnering With global Governments then you're making a Mistake When when things happen with cardano When they happen with ethereum when There are updates and upgrades and Partnerships for these coins we will Talk about them that's how the channel Works it's about money but also about Cryptocurrency news that's happening and As many other projects have not had any News or Partnerships or have not been Partnering with Countries over the last two years this Is why they are not in the News but when they are they'll be on This channel that's that's that's Generally how it works so the only Company who's really been hitting it Hard over the course of the last year And a half two years who has constant Partnerships it has like seven or eight Things going on over the course of a on Month period at the moment is Ripple if

If my uh video making if if if my tone Of voice if the things that I'm talking About does not satisfy you as a viewer Or a listener there are a Plethora a super abundance dare I say of Other YouTubers who will give you the Garbage that you need to make sure that You feel great about the Investments That you bought years ago that are Probably not going to do well I've gone Over this many times I am not here for Fluff I'm not here to make you feel good I'm not here to cuddle you and go no What you bought years ago was fantastic I'm telling you I'm giving you the news About actual things that are taking Place within this space so that you can Make a very educated guess as to where You should be putting your Money the topic at hand for those of you Who didn't see the title of the video is Everything that Ripple the company did Within the last 30 days now and I say This again lightly if you can find me Another company that has also been doing Exceedingly well with Partnerships over The course of the last 30 days send them My way and I don't Mean salana that creates stuff for their Own ecosystem and that then releases That as a partnership you can't create Something and then partner with yourself Or if there's another coin or company Who has partnered with World

Governments ladies and gentlemen you Want to know what I heard in the modern Investors's Voice I heard genuine frustration Because he's just being honest about the Truth of the crypto space and the Reality is Ripple and xrp have been Dominating news Partnerships Developments we are poised to absolutely Explode he knows it and understands it But there is a cultish aspect to crypto That we need to Discuss maximalism of any kind whether It's a Bitcoin Maxi an xrp pxi or any Type of maximalism is not conducive to a Successful crypto ecosystem it is Idiotic it is not a smart investment Strategy and if you're a Bitcoin Maxi you're going to Lose your ideology is Wrong you believe that you're over here Fighting the good Fight but in reality you're really Cheering for Black Rock to Win Isn't that Funny went from destroying the system to Supporting it but still believing you're Destroying It ladies and gentlemen it's all Self-righteous Nonsense xrp is poised to make plenty of Money this next cycle and all this Channel is about is to help all of you

Make generational wealth and I think xrp Will have the best Roi this next Cycle The Tide is Shifting perspectives And mind concepts are Shifting especially with the acquisition Of x from Elon that was a major step and a Cultural shift and remember that Elon Musk is also making X into and Everything app eventually maybe even a Payment system he'll definitely have Bitcoin Doge on there and down the road I think Elon must will have xrp on There I actually remember a day day Where he interacted with Brad Garling House when Brad was complaining about The SEC and I think elon's paying attention To this space more than he lets On stay true to the journey my friends And Yesterday Elon fired shots hurt around The world in regards to the culture and What they're trying to do to him and I Think if nothing else you should listen Because the world is tired of what's Been going on obviously you know that There's a public perception that and and You're clarifying this Now um but there's a public perception That that was part of a apology tour if You will that this had been said online There was all of the criticism there was Advertisers leaving we talked to Bob

Iger I stop you hope uh don't advertise You don't want them to advertise no what Do you Mean if somebody's going to try to Blackmail me with advertising blackmail Me with money go Yourself but go Yourself is that Clear I hope it is hey Bob here in the Audience well well let me ask you Then that's how I feel don't Advertise how do you think then about The economics of of x If if if if part of the underlying model At least today and maybe it needs to Shift maybe the answer is it needs to Shift away from Advertising um if if you believe that This is the one part of your business Where you will be beholden to those who Uh have this View should you do FY I I I understand but there's a Reality Too Right yes no no Lind Yaro is right here And she's got to sell advertising Absolutely so um no no tell so so no Actually what what this advertising Boycott is uh is is going to do it's Going to kill the Company and do you think that but and The whole world will know that those Advertisers killed the company and we

Will document it in great Detail but there are those advertisers I Imagine are going to say they're going To say we didn't kill the company oh Yeah they're going to say tell to Earth But they're going to say that they're Going to say Elon that you killed the Company because you said these things And that they were inappropriate things And they didn't feel comfortable on the Platform right that's that's what say And let's see how Earth responds to That Now ladies and gentlemen I don't Know about you but for me it's Abundantly clear that the culture shift Has begun and this is very promising This is very encouraging this is very Telling the world is Tired and we're fixing It the final step in my opinion is Helping revamp this financial System and I believe in 2024 we're going To see the Cracks we're going to get some Blessings we're going to make some Profits and all I can ask you all to do Is to start now pay attention now that's Why I'm telling you at the top of my Lungs to share this video the one thing We don't have here in America's Regulation in regards to crypto but the One thing I could tell you is Politicians are letting us know that Regulations are coming in 2024 and once

That happens the flood gates the Trillions will pour into all of our Favorite Cryptos don't listen to me say It listen to the politicians say it how Do you handicap it by the end of this Year is it and which party would uh Would be the cause of it to go down in Flames if it Does well I don't anticipate it this Year actually there was an effort made In the Senate to add some banking bill Topics to the National Defense Authorization bill that didn't really go Anywhere that was a potential opening For perhaps the stable coins legislation But we want to go to the floor with both The stable coin bill and the framework Bill Early in 202 for it'll be both the House ad committee and the house Financial Services committee working on It they'll be bipartisan and I expect us To be successful early in 2024 early in 2024 and then a spot Bitcoin ETF comes Right after That well look the consumers want a uh a Bitcoin ETF and one of the things our Bill does actually is create oversite For the spot market for Bitcoin for the Cftc from a regulatory point of view Which has been one of the impediments to Getting an ETF approved but I think Those applications are near completion At the SEC I think it's something that

Will benefit institutional and Individual investors all right now guys With all that in mind with the Politicians making regulation for 2024 where Bitcoin ETF is going to be Confirmed in 2024 with the charts pointing to Aggressive bullish momentum in 2024 all you need to remember is that Xrp is the only digital asset with legal Clarity in the United States and you'll realize who's going to Be the true leader of the next crypto Bull Run we've waited long Enough it's finally our Time now guys to cap off this video for Today if you haven't done so already Please visit my aggressively average Apparel site down in the description Below as hundreds of people across the World have already ordered their T-shirts and some beautiful updates are Being made to our site you guys have Been sending us pictures over the past Couple months all wearing your Merch and we're about to release all the Work we've been doing with all those Photos I think you all are really going To appreciate it and this is your last Chance to get your apparel if you want To be completed on the site Ladies and gentlemen this is the beable Ball

Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video


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