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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor I saw this tweet from gold Telegraph and uh breaking news Brazil And Argentina will this week announce That they are starting Preparatory work On a common currency the future is Coming now you've heard me say on this Channel before if you've been around That I was told I think it was two or Three years ago And I don't say who but I I was told two Or three years ago that xrp was created To Um replace the Petro dollar that's what I was telling that could be wrong but I'm just saying that's what I was told It was it was created to prevent World War III so you think about where we are Nobody maintains the world Reserve Currency status forever doesn't happen You know that history will tell you that So what I've always thought about and And it's naive and stupid to think that The United States did not prepare for The day when they would lose the world Reserve currency status That's why I believe that xrp I've Always thought that what made sense was That you would you would um go to all

These countries and you would say Look here's a compromise we know that That it's not fair to you guys and and It's not we're not going to have the World Reserve currency status forever But there's a compromise and that is a Bridge currency that's how I've always Thought of xrp You can create you can build these other Countries cbdc's on them on private Ledgers and then when those walls come Down they can be transferred through xrp A bridge currency so watch this Glenn Back clip okay and then I'm going to Show you another clip Saudi Arabia China Russia they're starting to move their Entire economy Russia is now backing Their Ruble with oil so it's like a oh It's like a Petro no I'm going to start That at the back again before you watch This I want you to think Everybody you know you know everybody Knows the importance of nuclear bombs Nuclear weapons it's how everybody you Know you prevent each other from from Blowing from going to war with each Other when everybody knows each they've Got nuclear missiles and all It's like a preventative measure but let Me tell you what's more important than Nuclear bombs and that is The U.S dollar status as a world Reserve Currency are you telling me that the United States would just sit on their

Hands and not plan for this day He's talking about the death of the Petro dollar Saudi Arabia China Russia They're starting to move their entire Economy Russia is now backing their Ruble with oil so it's like a oh it's Like a Petro dollar Oh that'll never work oh wait a minute That's what we did until Saudi Arabia Said yeah we're gonna accept anything Really in Chinese can pay us in the in The one we're fine with that take a Ruble Whatever What does it mean why have we not Discussed what does it mean with the Death of the petrodollar It means that half the world the part of The world that's not with us Is no longer required to hold a dollar a U.S dollar What happens when half the world's Countries say oh We don't need the dollar They begin to sell them they already are And if they're sold what happens they go Out in the system instead of in a bank Which does what Too many dollars in the system chasing Too few goods inflation goes up So what do you do you raise interest Rates well the problem now is as we are Seeing the death of the Petro dollar Um you're also seeing the FED in a very

Unusual place Raising even another another half point Is spooking everybody who pays attention To this stuff The FED has to raise interest rates to Get interest or I mean to get inflation Under control But when they do that this is how they Control inflation they take more money From you They slow your spending down and so that Causes you not to go chase those goods With the dollar Okay and then they're supposed to take Those dollars in interest that they get Take them back into the fed and Destroy Them so there's not too many dollars so The first step on this road is to hurt You and your bank account and your Ability to buy things So the USA is an impossible situation Well how does this involved xrp I think Linda P Jones sums it up perfectly right Here that was that Russia disclosed they Are going to be trading oil with China This is huge news because of what's been Known as the petrodollar when Henry Kissinger went to Saudi Arabia and Convinced them to trade oil in dollars And we the U.S would defend Saudi Arabia That was a huge deal and that's been in Effect for many many years in fact Decades now with Saudi Arabia turning to China and saying we're going to sell our

Oil in Yuan the effect of that is to Undo that deal and stop the petrodollar Which will dramatically reduce the World's demand for dollars this is Another blow against the US dollar Against the Federal Reserve between Brazil Russia India China and South Africa the brics Nations forming the Sips the cross-border interbank payment System to bypass the Swift banking System well now you have have a Situation where countries are lining up With Russia and leaving the dollar add To that the fact that the Chinese Yuan And the Russian Ruble have both talked About backing their currencies with gold And now you have two more desirable Currencies possibly than the US dollar Which is still Fiat based this is where I think we can see that xrp could be the One to save the day because it could Come in as the world's Reserve currency On a digital basis It could be the one that could be the Bridge currency between any other Currency so we'll have to keep an eye on That and see what happens but I wouldn't Be surprised if it doesn't become some Form of National Security that we need To do something about the dollar and That might be to create a central bank Digital currency using xrp to create Those Central Bank digital currencies And be the bridge between them so I hope

During this whole bout of volatility That I've given you some confidence and Some things to think about to help you Through this whether that was holding Through it or being able to buy the dips That folks here's the other thing this Is a story I'll relate to you I'm I'm Pretty sure Brad comes as relate related It to you before in 2019 I was sitting In the room in Singapore When Brad comes Asked the former I think he's the former Central Banker Central Bank head of India and literally asked him if he Thought xrp could be kind of like what The bancorps proposal was And hey the first thing I noticed is That he wasn't laughed out of the room And the central Banker did not laugh the Other thing I noticed is there was a low Uh it was a low clap that went on that You couldn't hear from the video but the Other thing that Brad comes himself told Me is that that he will David Schwartz Got up and walked out of that room and I I think I'm allowed to tell this story Got up and walked out of that room and That Brad comes left and followed him And said was I out of line asking a Question like that and he told me he Told me that David Schwartz and I'm Gonna if if I'm gonna ask Brad before I Release this video if I'm allowed to say This but he said that David Schwartz Basically said to him because they were

Having this conversation about xrp as a Bridge Reserve currency to the world and David Schwartz said something to the Effect of well who else is going to do It China as if to say almost to say Nobody would trust China To be that to serve that role Um and I'll never forget that now what We're talking about is Petro dollar and Gold and xrp and that's why I glints one Of my sponsors the links in the top of The description this own physical gold And I have gold in my Glenn account so I Feel like I feel like between that and My xrp Holdings I've got all the bases Covered I can't buy barrels of oil but Maybe I should find a a vehicle to buy Invest in oil too because they're all Involved here moving along now what I'm Going to show you in the rest of this Video falls into this too there's a lot On the line the stakes are high folks And then when the stakes are that high I Don't trust the government I've said the Other the same guy that told me way back When that xrp was to prevent World War III and replace the Petra dollar same Guy Said to me that That it's not for you in other words This was never for retailmen that Doesn't mean that you and I can't Benefit from having been here when Nobody else was here that's not what

We're saying so don't get scared about That but what I am saying is that I Don't trust the government and and the a Government that's not honest with its People is not trustworthy and so that's Why we always talk about these topics in Terms of protecting ourselves in any Means by any means necessary that's the Reason that I Um that's the reason I'm interested in All the xrp by back talk not because There's going to actually be a buyback But because these guys are putting the Discussion on record to let let the Government know that we know this Thing's worth is going to be worth a lot In this scenario and that's the way uh And I'm not saying fifty thousand Dollars or whatever you'll see a number Today that's even wilder than that Okay he Greg crypto xrp big move is Brewing xrp had five attempts at four HTF break dot bears are pulling but Bulls will hit them hard if the bull Pennant formation is completed then xrp Will pump we shall see now so against The backdrop of all that folks remember It's not for you remember that little Comment Confirmation that binance has been cut Off from Swift now You know one thing that I've said a lot On this channel I don't think there's Going to be

I think 99 of crypto is going to go away But I think that there will be 10 or 15. Which ones are those we're allowed to Hold I don't know but but here's what I Do know is Swift has cut off uh binance It says the bank partner that Services Your account has advised that they are No longer able to process with me I Don't know if this was just one bank or What but then you also have this From Wall Street Pro breaking Swift will No longer process fiat currency Transfers from bank accounts to Cryptocurrency exchanges with a value of Less than a hundred thousand dollars Effective February 123. now the way I Read this is it's all exchanges the move Will thwart crypto access to tens of Millions of people worldwide what does This mean crypto investors will not be Able to use their bank account to buy And sell crypto with USD via Swift Without with a value of less than a Hundred thousand dollars Um it says update it seems like Signature Bank imposed the 100K cap not Swift so they're saying here I don't Know what all is true but here's some Other things I know what this all Reminds me of is this because you know I've heard me though well they can't get My crypto I have it on a ledger Nano s Listen if the governments want to have Your crypto

They can make your crypto worthless if They want to they can they can cut off The entry and exit ramps to your crypto I mean there's a lot of way they could Tax your crypto out of existence there's A lot of ways that they could do it okay Now Um this was from Kendra Hill who used to Be on social media cryptocurrency will Be made illegal this is not a maybe this Is a warning nothing is left up to Chance our world is always planned years In advance if you fail to plan you are Planning to fail and failure is not an Option allowing additional currencies to Exist when the world is only using one Would be disruptive so it will not be Tolerated and it will be easier to stop Than you think the illusion is that Bitcoin for example is Untouchable the Reality is that it is government Controlled through a use of mining pools Any cryptocurrency aiming to be Decentralized digital currency will not Survive the one that will you that we Will use has already been chosen Folks I'm not saying they're going to Ban all cryptocurrency that's not what I'm saying I think there's going to be 10 or 15 and I think that those are the Ones and I hope xrp is one of them that We're going to get to use freely but I Also know this Don't forget about this folks SEC plant

This is from February 24th 2022. SEC Plans to 10 times the definition of Accredited investor SEC is considering Raising the threshold for who can be Considered a so-called accredited Investor the proposed limit of 10 Million dollars would make it even Harder for ordinary people to invest in Startups all right according to Bloomberg this is not the first time the SEC is considering changing the rules But in the past it's been about modest Tweaks This Time It's Different the Agency is expected to pick it up again In April with a request for public Comment on changing the definition of Accredited investor to at least 10 Million as per the agency's fall 2020. Now this may have changed folks but the Point is That you can't trust this government With any of this stuff now to drive the Point further home about how it's not For you and again I'm not saying that You and I can't profit from xrp we can We will I believe But it's not it was not built for us Many people are using the Dillard brow From from Ripple Many people are using cryptos just to Buy and sell and make quick gains out of It does it hurt the growth of Cryptocurrencies that Usage for for a quick buck

So I mean it's kind of chicken and egg You have to create a Marketplace and Right now we have a 150 200 exchanges Around the world that trade in xrp uh A lot of it as you say is very shallow Trading by individuals and that is not The use case that we are pursuing what We are pursuing is the use of xrp as a Financial asset by sophisticated Institutions as a bridging uh mechanism So does this hurt a harmful it creates a Lot of noise and uh you know we Certainly don't want that much noise but We're waiting and for example in this Last quarter uh the bulk of xrp sales Were institutional investors and as this Transitions away from retail to Institutions we'll start to use it for Wholesale you know Financial usage That's when the turning point will come Correct well that xrp lawsuit's coming To an end I think a turning point is Coming now against the backdrop of all Of that and talking about how look the Stakes if the stakes really are this High which I think they are Then I don't think that the xrp buyback Thing is a bad exercise for everybody to Go through now there's all kinds of Controversy going on now these the the Um the Molly Elmore had tweeted this out The evaluation team with xrp Buy-Back Confidential Community has worked Diligently diligently to answer that

Question and she put this out this Weekend OKAY collateralization model now I'm not weighing in on what I think or Don't think or whether I agree or Disagree but this little number that They put out right here has got the uh Crypto Twitter sphere going nuts there's All kinds of people arguing and getting Mad about what she has what the Committee has put out here I'm not going To put that on my thumbnail what I'm Going to do is I'm going to put Asterisks in place because I'm afraid That it will make people too angry To even put those numbers out there so I'll put asterisks instead of the Numbers all right Me putting the comma right there may Cause too much controversy but I'm Willing to go there I'm just not going To put the number itself okay but you Can see here Molly Ellen more Matt Hamilton got upset with him and and even Took it to the point of saying they're Either incompetent or fraudulent he says Differing opinions is one thing but this Is so far beyond and reasonable logic That the only conclusion is gross Incompetence or fraud they can choose Which and she says I predict that one Day Matt Hamilton and I will be BFFs and Finally recall this season when we were Valuing xrp to protect the interests of Retail holders we aren't quite there yet

Clearly So um he says maybe one day we will but You just published a valuation mode that Implied that the Department of Defense Are going to replace their guns and Bombs aircraft tanks with xrp I'm just Not sure if you are trolling or smoking Something very strong she says Investment Banks regularly value stocks And businesses using Financial modeling That's what we have done you are the one Making inferences beyond that okay Um look I I just I think the discussion Is is okay I don't think anything's Wrong with it I'm a digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family that there Are some scary numbers that are going Around that are really making some People mad in crypto Twitter thanks for Listening [Music] Thank you [Music]

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