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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the variable ball here And I got this aggressively average Content for you today As guys we have a lot to cover today Extreme things are about to happen for The xrp Army Good bad and everything in between You're gonna be the person who decides How it goes Something I want to announce first is I Really like how the crypto Market is Performing at the moment Today we've had a healthy pullback Through and through But something I need to say is we've Been seeing the old coins outperforming Bitcoin We've been seeing the old coins Beginning to awaken Things like h-bar have been absolutely Exploding And if you guys refer back to my video a Couple days ago I had a massive Interview with the CEO of the H bar Foundation please take a look at that as That will help inform you in making the Decision to get a long-term position for H bar And I think you won't regret that but Guys something else I want to add is an Explanation for what the title of this Video means Why is the xrp community about to get

Robbed Well this is going to be a global crisis We're stepping into volatile times and While I think we have a brief window to Trade in profit from speculative price Action in the crypto Market This is a big crisis that I believe is About to happen It's important that people understand They can be mailed in but you don't want A huge run on the institution but they Have I mean they're going to be that's And and it could be an early warning Signal To the FDIC and the primary Regulators When these things happen and there may Be some other Prices this is uh similar to what Jay Was saying in the market that You can tell whether people understand How the who's going to be protected who Isn't going to be protected it would be I think an interesting study to look at The evolution of market prices in a Situation like March of 2020 for example And see whether people understood what Might happen I I might go further than That Don because I think that you look At the evolution I think we have to sit Down and talk to long-term debt Investors and make sure that they as a Stakeholder group fully understand Bank Debt today is not what it was before it Is not principle protected by Design and

I think that that is that expectation I Like how you started off Betsy like it's All about expectation setting and I Think that is that is absolutely Critical if that doesn't hold this whole Thing doesn't hold and so I think it's One area to focus on I do want to go Back something Jay said about Stabilizing statements in my experience They're not stabilizing if you have to Make a stabilizing statement you're in Real trouble and uh and I think that Part of that means that there's a lot of Pre-work work that needs to be done such That those statements aren't seen as A reach because if they're seen as the Reach the market sniffs that out in two Seconds and actually has the opposite Impact and this is one of those big Challenges like what what can be done Ahead of time so that it's all going as Planned hands off the wheel this is this Is part of what we've been prepared for Because that's what both happens you Just said very well what I was trying to Say Laughs You see how they laugh when they talk About stealing people's money through Bank balance They just want to make sure the Panic is Eased to make you feel like you're not Being robbed Now ladies and gentlemen when I bring up

The concept of balance people think it's Far-fetched people think it's not Reality people think it won't happen But they're the FDIC is telling you 100 It will happen at some point they're Just planning on how to make sure you Don't panic I'm just here to prepare you and let you Know how not to get robbed when the Panic comes And ounce of prevention beats a pound a Cure and being a year too early is Better than being even one second too Late do you guys remember when Bank of America was having people's bank Accounts not have the correct deposit Amount Do you guys remember when Bank of America had the incorrect deposits and People's accounts just a couple weeks Ago Oh that's the predictive programming That's them mentally preparing you for What's to come And even Lynette Zhang agrees that bank Balins are guaranteed so So are you Asian here because of the Contracts and all of a sudden that Valuation shifts that's tectonic and Possibly one of the reasons why the FDIC Said there will be a valid And this goes back to your thesis and And belief of why you're not in the Banking system

Right I mean I am to a degree but not to Any level that I can lose that's going To matter to me at all Now ladies and gentlemen can you believe That Is he bank balance they're not gonna Really harm the people with a couple Thousand dollars in their bank accounts Oh no no what's gonna happen is The institutions the banks They're gonna need the people with only A couple thousand dollars in their bank Accounts to want billions to happen Because they're gonna steal the money From the one percent the people the Entrepreneurs that have quite a sizable Amount of money in the banks boom take a Little off the top you don't need that You see we're having a banking crisis Liquidity crunch we need your Capital to Make sure things run smoothly oh we're At the end of the Ponzi scheme ladies And gentlemen And that's why this xrp lawsuit took Place See Bank of America and JP Morgan are The two biggest banks in the United States Bank of America is a massive Ripple Partner JP Morgan is a massive ethereum partner It's very possible that JP Morgan and Ethereum colluded together to try and Stop Rebel and Bank of America in their

Tracks It's very possible that these two Goliaths Pitted themselves against each other With two different Technologies And I think Bank of America is going to Win once this lawsuit and this sabotage Is said and done JP Morgan had plenty of time with ether The merge already took place and still a Lot of ethereum's problems are not Resolved But xrp never really had problems It's always just had a lawsuit Standing in its way From becoming the number one digital Asset on the planet This is a hypothesis put before us by Mr Huber And I'm very much in agreement that That's something that's possibly going On Now guys something you need to know is That I believe 2023 is the year of Central Bank digital currency adoption And cbdc's in my opinion will be Gradually rolling out Ahead of xrp's decision in this case This year as xrp's decision in this case Will take place This will allow for the perfect storm For cbdc's to be live xrp to gain some Price appreciation and then for xrp to Act as that bridge for cbdc's

Problem reaction solution trial runs of All this Tech is coming soon I remember sitting back in 2019 thinking Cbdc's were closer then I'd expect them To be And now many of them are alive and even More coming this year don't we seem to Lurch from crisis to crisis to crisis Keeping everybody off balance It feels like that to me yeah exactly so What if It's not really them versus us But everybody all the central bankers And the governments working together to Create this transition I know it sounds Crazy No but nothing sounds crazy anymore Lynette Okay The new era of Central Bank digital Currencies oh yes it's the surveillance Era and I just got goosebumps and who Has been leading the way to that but China And you know other countries can look at China and say oh well you know look at Their government versus They might say we have democracy but we Don't really have democracy here but China's been showing the world how to Control their population Uh except for just recently when they Changed the Mandate and I think that's Because of the population was starting

To rise up in more different areas so I Was very happy to see that but China's Really been showing us the way to get Adoption of the of the CBD see and how To control a society so it would make Some level of sense For them to be taking over you know I Have had experts as Doug Casey recently On my show saying 2023 will be the year That we'll see the introduction of Central Bank digital currencies some Would say it's still too soon any takes Year could this be the year are they Still in Pilot project phase where are We at was that you think Well I think we're a lot further along With it than they want us to understand So I would agree with Doug that this is Going to be the year that we see the Cbdc's introduced in Earnest and I I can See it and I could be dead wrong on this But I could see it happening the second Half of this year sometime wow and with I'm assuming you think it would be China To be the first or I mean John had said it would be a Country like Sweden he put out there as What he thinks could be the first but And China's already utilizing it for a Lot of their population and we'd seen Smaller countries uh you know Everybody's experimenting with it but I Think we're going to have a big crisis This year I don't think there's going to

Be a soft Landing I don't think that There is disinflation Um I think that I think there's going to Be a hard Landing I think there's going To be a big crisis because and I I mean I talk about this piece a lot and I Don't really hear anybody else talking About it and maybe it's going to be a Big fat nothing Burger maybe I'm wrong But we are in the middle of that Transition from Libor that that interest Rate Benchmark uh into in this country In the U.S sofa and There's get they're getting some Pushbacks particularly from Clo's collateralized loan obligations And I don't think they can make the Transition I mean they're still over 610 Trillion notional value contracts that Have to be converted and even with their With their Mathematical fixes they cannot get the Sofa to to uh To show interest rates the same as the Libor and that impacts all of the Contracts that still have life were Embedded in it and why isn't anybody Talking about it because this is a big Experiment that has never been tried Before ever So you're talking a crisis bigger than 08 much bigger oh much bigger Yeah default the complete system default Lynette uh it could be a complete system

Default but I think they need a crisis To cover up this whole piece in here so Maybe it happens before June maybe it Happens after June But I I have a feeling that we have to Have one to cover up what what I mean Wall Street didn't think that they could Do it and you've got some on Wall Street Particularly in the collateralized loan Obligation space that are really Starting to push back because their Payments have been reduced and so they Don't want to make that transition Can it be forced I don't know and guys I 100 agree You see What's going on right now has never been Tested Like Lynette stated But then at the same time I've been speculating for years that xrp Could be what fixes the problems that This financial crisis are going to bring This transition from Libor to so4 is Going to be a bumpy road And regardless of how the technical Aspects of this transition take place I Do think xrp is going to play a pivotal Role in helping stabilize the system Once it collapses I think this great collapse comes September October after June like Lynette stated You need to understand that we have a

Brief window to profit take and then Afterwards we're gonna be hit by the Storm We're gonna weather this storm Because the xrp army Has always been correct We were right about this Ripple xrp case Being so important for the entire Industry we were right about all the Corruption there was no fraud with xrp And soon we're gonna prove the Maxi's Wrong It's always been a battle xrp versus Bitcoin Bank of America versus JP Morgan Xrp versus ether the tribalism and Crypto is unacceptable They wanted a war that we didn't want But even though we didn't want it We're about to win Ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable bull here Thanks for tuning in As always I appreciate every single one Of you Now be back tomorrow With another video Why do I hold xrp because Ripple's the Chosen one to lead the new Global Digital payment system and they use xrp In 2013 the Federal Reserve began Looking for faster payments options two Years later an action plan was born in a Federal payments task force was created It included one company focused on

Crypto Ripple in 2014 the World Bank in Better than cash Alliance which includes The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Clinton Global initiative in the Governments of 32 countries put out a Report called the opportunities of Digitizing payments one year later the Better than cash Alliance featured one Crypto company on their website Ripple Today better than cash Alliance and all Other un initiatives are focused on a Single agenda the sustainable Development goals for 2030. you could See the sdg's logo on Bill Gates lapel World leading companies the better than Cash Alliance website and on the un's Official exchange exchange what crypto Is exchange officially utilizing for Their carbon credit solution xrp the World will move to a new international Standard for exchanging electronic Messages between financial institutions By 2025 called ISO 20022 who was the First ISO 20022 member focused on Distributed Ledger technology Ripple Who's partnered with over 300 financial Institutions including Bank of America American Express PNC Santander SBI HSBC Standard Chartered Bank bank of England India Singapore Scotland Australia and Indonesia the largest banks in Japan Canada Egypt the Middle East United Arab Emiratis Thailand Morocco Bhutan South Korea Brazil and Latin America Ripple

Who is a former employee overseeing the Federal Reserve Ripple a former employee Overseeing the world's largest asset Manager at blackrock's digital Asset Division Ripple leading Australia cbdc Effort Ripple who hired a former Treasury of the United States Ripple two Former Federal Reserve attorneys to Their board Ripple two former Clinton And Obama advisors former minister of Defense and economics of Germany former Business director at Swift former Swift Board member former CFO of PayPal former Head of the dtcc former Chief business Officer at Uber former VP of Amazon and Former SEC chair on their legal team Ripple who's a member of the digital Pound Foundation digital dollar project Digital Euro Association Mojo Loop imf's High level Advisory board on fintech Hyperledger blockchain Consortium open Payments Coalition faster payments Council global payment Steering group Cross-border working group International Association for trusted blockchain Applications crypto climate Accord University blockchain initiative World Wide Web Consortium and a featured Partner of the world economic Forum with Three members of their team directly Listed on the WF website Ripple This Ripple and xrp sound like they're Going to disappear but do they sound Like they're part of a much bigger plan

You decide


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