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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable bll Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you today as this is my live Visual of me checking to see why xrp Isn't at $589 yet every single day that's gone by Since the start of 2018 I've asked myself this Question but in all Seriousness I do check my phone every Single day and ask myself how the hell Can xrp still be this damn Low I think this is a gift from God Hidden in a lesson of patience for the Xrp Community this is a gift because a lot Of people that are just finding out About xrp through clickbaity headlines Of Ripple beating the SEC numerous times I think a lot of you are going to get in Here and make generational wealth by Accident Because you paid attention to the xrp News but there are others that have been In this community for 5 plus years with Xrp being in the same range and to those People what a test of Patience this patience is to prepare us For the next step in our lives and the Changes we're all going to make are Going to be impacted heavily by not just Xrp's price Appreciation but the patience and skills

And knowledge we've learned in the Process it's genuinely been an honor to Help lead every single one of you and Trust me when I say the waight is almost Over now my friends if you do remember My video from yesterday titled November 19th is the day it all changes you'll Remember that I posted this video of Christalina georgeva head of the IMF Discussing all of the language that is Synonymous with with xrp Adoption I showed you this language I Showed you her message I showed you Updates that Swift is going to be doing On November 19th and what Iso20022 will be doing in the month of November I've been warning and warning And breaking it down for weeks now I've Been telling you about xrp for years Now and now is when xrp wakes up now now Is the period in history where Everything changes now is where we see The fruit of our labor now is where we See the Chinese bamboo break Ground I always played that video as an Outro to every single YouTube I've made For a long Time and now we're beginning to see the Chinese bamboo Grow guys not only did chrisina georgeva Talk about digital assets and stable Coins not going away But we also had the imf's chief Statistician Bert Kow set the

Stage he stated indeed our financial Landscape is undergoing a profound Transformation and emerging digital Forms of payments with Central Bank Digital currencies tokenized deposits And stable coins as well as other crypto Assets and many of these Innovations Don't fit in our traditional definition Of money and we're uncertain at this Stage if they're able to deliver on the Promise of faster cheaper more inclusive More efficient payments or ever be cold Money however ignoring them is no longer An Option Tim Draper said it Best first they ignore it then they try To sue it and then they adopt it we're In the transition phase in regards to The language these people are using to Crypto and don't listen to me say it Listen to The Imfa Well thank you managing director For this introduction and thank you for Being such a big supporter of the day to Work at the IMF and indeed our financial Landscape is undergoing a profound Transformation with the emergence of Digital forms of payments over which Cbdcs tokenized deposits stable coins And other crypto assets and many of These Innovations don't fit into our Traditional definition of money and We're not certain that this stage if They deliver on the Promises of faster

Cheaper more inclusive and more Efficient payments and if they can ever Be called Money however ignoring them is no longer An option and to gain a better Understanding of their impact on Monetary policy Financial stability and Our international monetary system we Must measure them as the MD highlighted We need to bridge the DAT gaps that These new forms of payments have created To be able to formulate informed Decision making and to think of how to Measure money in the new digital age so Over the next two days we have a lot to Uncover discuss and to understand it's a Challenge but statisticians thrive on Challenges and this forum is our effort To address these challenges bringing Together experts from central banks Statistical offices think tanks Academia The private sector International Organizations for Meaningful discussions And Deliberations over the past years The Forum themes have proven extremely Successful and Influential at the same time assisting The global network of Economic and Financial statisticians to address Several measurement challenges Showcasing the imf's leadership in this Field and for this forum too we have an Impressive lineup of presenters from

Various sectors sharing their Cutting Edge insights into digital payment Methods and how to measure money we'll Hear views and perspectives about the New forms of payments their implications For financial stability and monetary Policies the impact on financial Inclusion touching on elicit Financial Flows and how statisticians can better Measures the new forms of digital Payments to support Policym we left the opportunity to Engage with panelists who will shed Light on how digital forms of payment Challenge our current understanding and Measurement of monetary and liquidity Aggregates another set of panelists will Discuss how to address data gaps and Explore reliable data sources to assess The scale and impact of these digital Forms of payment in the evolving Financial land and ladies and gentlemen I'm just going to go out on a limb I'm Going to make a guess that there are Still going to be people after watching This That aren't Convinced Ripple and xrp adoption are Inevitable integral roles will be Played and we're beginning to see chess Pieces being moved in the right position For a financial Checkmate for those with The eyes to See my friends we're about to witness a

Changing of power as the SEC has been Weakened Thoroughly the the cftc commissioner Caroline fam says there are emergency Measures that can be Implemented if it's needed to regulate Crypto the SEC under Gary gendler has Had judges poo poo them in court to Their Face Gary has no Credibility Gary gunler during his time At the cftc Destroyed that office That's why the cftc didn't have the Power to regulate crypto that the SEC Claimed it has now the secc has lost Plenty of credibility under Gary's Leadership and the cftc is going to take Their place this is a bold Prediction but it's grounded in this There are some powers that the cfdc uh Where I sit has but for something like This which is you know right now uh Particularly spot crypto is not Something that we can directly go in and Intervene there might be some limited Circumstances where we have emergency Powers but that that would need to be Examined we as you know are primarily uh Very focused on the system of Regulation Around uh marketplaces around exchanges And clearing houses and those Market Participants around commodity Derivativ guys we are in the Bull Run

Territory where we've done all the work We're in the early stages and we just Have to sit back Relax and watch the weight of our Portfolios absolutely take off the way We expect Them we are in the driver Seat all these ETF narratives are no Coincidence this is the lead up before The roll Out and all I'll ask you to do is to pay Attention This next election cycle I might just be A on topic Vote personally speaking I want some Fair crypto Regulations and I don't know about you But I kind of like what I heard in this Interview about Crypto and where regulations Going tiny question related question if You were say the FED chare would you buy Bitcoin as a reserve asset and keep it On the balance sheet I think at this There there will likely be a point in The future where that becomes a prudent Policy a part of a broad basket of Commodities gold and otherwise if you Just look at the sheer volatility of Bitcoins historically that just wouldn't That's not a decision that could be Supported today but is that a future That we're headed to I think that's Completely reasonable as a future we're

Headed to when Bitcoin becomes like gold In its volatility profile I personally Believe the dollar should be pegged to a Basket of hard Commodities we could talk About gold silver nickel Etc eventually Will there be a day where bitcoin's on The list I think there will now I don't Know about you but the building and the Purporting of these types of narratives Are complete 180 from just a month and a Half ago where we heard about Elizabeth Warren's anti- crypto Army her Army including Gary gunler is Being put to Bed and it's no coincidence that s Bankman freed is on the side of the Screen playing right now They're all in bed together and they're Actively losing power which is why with The momentum of Ripple being 3 and 0 in Court against the SEC with the momentum Of a Bitcoin ETF bringing volume in a Crypto an ethereum ETF from Black Rock Blinging bringing more money in Crypto we are just out of obligation Going to see all the ults Explode and out of all of them I believe xrp will have the best Roi in 2024 this is the best crypto to be Holding in the planet right Now and I exude 110% confidence when I say That there's no better way to get rich In 2024 than

Xrp and while that's not Financial Advice I am not a financial Adviser you should still will follow That Anyway and now to cap off this video for The day I'm going to remind you of the IMF meetings and the clips I've played Over the past two days I'm going to Remind you of the possibility of the SEC Losing power in the cftc Gathering Regulations 2024 is an election year and I think some crypto bills are going to Get P to sway some Votes the crypto Community is going to Be a powerful Audience to appeal to by politicians This time Around and I think we're going to have An Impact I think our bullrun profits are Due and the xrp community is leading From the front and this next financial Revolution as the new 1% ladies and gentlemen this is the Beable bll Here thanks for tuning In now to cap off this video for today I'm going to leave you with James Wallace from Ripple as I remind you that Ripple is currently working with 15% of Banks to make Cbdcs cbdcs are Inevitable and once you face that fact You'll realize how powerful xrp is going

To be as it's positioned itself to be The leader and the number one op Option for interoperability when it's All said and Done what a time to be Alive as always I appreciate every Single one of You and just a reminder for those of you That I've been subscribing to my only Fans my number one sleeper of a gem an Immense Bull Run warning crypto has been Posted as I was correct in saying those Were the lowest entries you were going To get on that Crypto and I think you guys may want a Shot to at least check it out before It's too Late now guys I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video I often get asked the question What's the most exciting thing about Cbcs and stable points in one word Innovation my name is James Wallace and I head up cbdc at Ripple you might Already know that over 90% of central Banks around the world are now exploring Cbdcs there are many drivers for cbdc Including the decline of cash improving Payments efficiency lowering costs and The desire to innovate the ways in which Money is used Ripple cbdc platform is Your One-Stop shot for the creation of Digital currency designed for minting Managing transacting and redeeming cbdcs

And stable coins Here's how it works first standard apis Enable seamless integration of the cbdc Platform into Central bank's existing Systems this allows the bank to leverage Their current infrastructure central Banks can then mint their cbdc on a Private version of The xrp Ledger that They control digital currencies can then Be distributed directly to authorized Accounts either through commercial Banks Or directly to Consumer wallets Transactions run on a private Ledger and Are settled in seconds this is all done In a regulated and secure environment The Ripple cbdc platform also permits The secure destruction of currency Giving the Bank full control over Monetary Supply the results lower costs Faster transactions greater Financial Inclusion for all an all done with a Minimal carbon footprint so explore this With us today we'll work together to Build a custom pilot and future proof Your financial in Structure


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