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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and we have some xrp price Start surging going on here Um I think that this week we've been Down in the 33 or so Cent range but it's Gotten up as high as like almost 37 Cents let's check this out here's um Fiat leak Um so we're a little bit above 38 cents I've seen it up as much as like seven Plus percent today Um one thing you know I don't know that Anything's going on but one thing that I've always said on this channel is that I believe that if there is a judgment That's coming out or a settlement or Whatever I believe that if it's positive For ripple and xrp that it'll you'll see A surge beforehand but I personally Would believe that if if the rumors of Something like that that was positive Came out the surge would make this right Here look like peanuts so I'm assuming That this is not that okay now Ripple Has come out as they do with their now Apparently someone didn't tell Ripple But you're not supposed to make Predictions because that is speculation But ripple from what I've seen is immune

To being called hype or anything like That they can say whatever they want Which is good I want everybody should be Able to say what they want so it's good That Ripple is not going to be attacked Over being making speculative Predictions that could be considered Hype so maybe the crypto I'm assuming The crypto police will be quiet here Okay Um so but I want to give you the two the Two most interesting things that I read Out of this there it says the um uh in One in a word utility this was the Watchword of nearly every Ripple Executive that weighed in with Predictions for the year Okay so they're basically saying that Utility whether it's some nfts or Um or people increasing the piloting of Cbdcs it was that kind of theme now the Second thing that I found interesting Was this part right here crypto Market Maturation listen to this ripples Veredon Um who he is uh where's his name I'm not seeing his name but anyway Issued perhaps the boldest prediction Forcing the rise of the next apple or Amazon in crypto Solutions he believes That the crypto and economic challenges Of the past year will force companies to Refocus their visions and customer needs And that the industry will emphasize

Unparalleled customer experience as a Result now Remember just this past week I was Showing this video from Brad Garlinghouse because he's he's saying That he believes this is the boldest Prediction forcing the rise of the next Apple or Amazon could it be and I think Ripple is in a position that I compare To Amazon Circa 1997 where Amazon and Those age which you and I will remember Was it was a it wasn't Amazon it was Amazon books the name of the company it Was Amazon books and it competed with Borders and Barnes and Noble today Obviously it does lots of things I think Of Ripple our first vertical the books Is to cross-border payments uh for Ripple And all right The next Amazon folks all right now this Was a was sent to me this is an Interesting um discussion I'm not sure Who this guy is but I will tell you that It comes let me stop right there this Comes I want to give this guy's YouTube Channel so make sure I give him some Nice show where he and he goes hold up Right Here he is the uh David Nino Rodriguez So go give him a subscribe I will Um I don't know anything about his show But but somebody sent me this clip I Want to show you just the first part of

This that's gonna be kind of what xrp is Going to be all right So it's going to be used So it's like it's stable right it's Going to be used at an Institutional Level and see the thing about it is is That xrp is being held up by the United States SEC right now uh Ripple has been Sued by the SEC back in uh 2020 December Of 2020 Jake Clayton dropped the lawsuit On on on Ripple to hold it back or what To hold it up well and see that's the Thing we don't know I don't I don't know That I can't I can't speak to that I Can't speak to that with authority I Believe that ethereum Um I believe that ethereum was the Really the the token that the color the Deep State players wanted to use I Believe that ethereum was because if you If you go back and you look at the the Loss all right um so anyway that's Pretty interesting there's another Couple of minutes but uh you got the Gist of it here this guy's pretty Informed I think he's been paying Attention now Um let's move along so Stuart Al doradi Tweeted this today I laid out a few Thoughts today in Fortune Magazine on The need for for Congressional oversight Of the SEC after the recent collapses of Blotify and FTX among others and so I Had retweeted this and said abolish the

SEC this is the most important thing Congress should be focused on copied all The congressmen on there this is the new Speaker of the House these guys seem to Be getting pretty aggressive but Stuart El doradi went through all of this in His um and I'll just kind of show you The last part of what he says here Um Let's see he says thankfully Congress Has begun to ask the right questions About why the SEC seems to have been More interested in chasing crypto Headlines than Bad actors meanwhile the U.S crypto industry is stuck in limbo Without regulatory Clarity this limbo is Pushing consumers to Offshore platforms That operate with no U.S oversight the U.S should be leading by example and Working with responsible companies to Keep trusted players on Shore I'm Hopeful Congress can take the lead in 2023 by providing much needed Clarity to The industry well John Deaton well first I want to show you this this was from Bit boy I was watching this show from Last night Or from yesterday and um And uh sometimes I don't think I've ever Talked about this on the channel Sometimes Um if sometimes my youngest will try to Squeeze me out of my own bedroom and I Have to go sleep in his bedroom because

He whatever half the time he's probably Faking that something's wrong that's my That's what I've told him I said I think You're trying to act like you don't feel Well or something so Mommy can let you Come sleep in her bed or whatever anyway When he does this to me Um if I'm by myself sometimes I might Listen to a YouTube video if I'm in the Room by myself and not going to wake my Wife up so I was actually in laying Don't take don't let this sound the Wrong way I was laying in bed I was Listening to a bit boy's video from Yesterday Um and uh I caught this clip it's my uh Gary Ginsburg what I hear is on his way Up so interesting uh we're gonna go hard On here anymore like I'm not gonna go Hard on gear anymore Gary's out Gary's On the way out by us and continuing to Basically talk about how bad Gary Ginsler is uh we're just wasting our Time we need to be more concerned about Who's coming in after after him That's breaking news now let me tell you What folks this was this is from link Two now before we go into it linked to You know is one of my sponsors linked to Um I've got uh that's where I've gotten My ripple Equity Um and they by the way they said that They were trying to add more Ripple Equity onto the platform go click in the

Link in the top of the description and Go check it out but this John Deaton did An interview with Ray Fuentes from link Two and that's what this is from listen To this Case when did the SEC get involved they Filed a lawsuit against first part the FTX case when did the SEC get involved They found a lawsuit against FTX and Sam Bateman fraud on behalf of 30 Venture Capitalists so who are they protecting They're protect affecting those VCS who Risk money all the time as a part of Their business model they didn't file a Case on behalf of the retail customer of FTX and so they have completely Abandoned the individual investor They've abandoned accredited investors You go back to when he was the chairman Of the cftc MF Global happened under his Watch and what was his excuse his excuse Ray was that he couldn't ask he couldn't Figure out how to access his work email From home so I just want people to think About this this is this is this is Gary Gensler who said that yes Gary ginster Testified at Congress right that when This was all happening he couldn't Access his email Ray he's considered a Child prodigy and he was considered I Know not considered he was the youngest Partner in the history of Goldman Sachs The guy is the smart guy everybody says His problem is that he's always the

Smartest guy in the room right but this Child prodigy the youngest partner in The history of Goldman Sachs couldn't Figure out his work email and that's why You know blah blah blah so you know that His integrity and his credibility are Questionable at best but let's just look At competency forget corruption Competence he's incompetent all this has Happened under his watch he should go in 2018 and it's on uh the crypto law Website uh there's a video of Gary Gensler while he was at MIT and he States on stage in 2018 April 2018 that The crypto Market needs Clarity those Are his words he even said Ray that Ripple the company Ripple and ethereum Deserve Clarity and they need it now That was 2018 when he was not chairman We fast forward to today he's chairman Of SEC and he can do something about it Right and what is his position his Position is that it's always been Crystal clear and that he's not going to Create new rules he's not going to Change any laws or provide any more Guidance that the Howie case from 1946 And all the other things case law is Enough Clarity and that these companies Need to come in and register he won't Give guidance so clearly Capital Formation let's let's ask this in the Block 5 bankruptcy rate do you know who The number two largest creditor is I do

Not John who is this ESC Wow all right because there was a Hundred million dollar settlement Remember between block fi and Gary Gensler's SCC what if I had paid 70 Million of it there's still 30 million Owed to the SEC so block five bankruptcy Rscc is the second largest creditor that Is above customer deposits so how does That happen on Capital formation are you Helping companies capital formation when You're the second largest creditor in a Bankruptcy it's absurd that's what I Meant by corruption and competence a Combination so there's that you the FTX Shameful no excuse for what's going on Now this as you know this new Congress Has come and you know Tom emmer had said Before that if it happened that a new Day would be coming so watch what They're saying in Congress right now About uh what they refer to as deep State practice conducted thousands of Searches on NSA databases the Intelligence Community spied on Journalists and political opponents in Clear violation of the First Amendment That's not all just illegal It's un-American and it cannot continue The government's massive sport they're Talking about is all the agencies of the United States that have like he didn't Name the SEC but I will that have in Essence turned on their own citizens

That we do not know We owe it to the American people to Reveal the rot within our federal Government and cut it out so that it can No longer harm everyday Americans Mr Speaker today we're putting the Deep State on notice we're coming for you on Behalf of everyday Americans Here here is what I say to that look at This for the first time ever two firms Control 51 percent of the Bitcoin Network they can easily join forces and Change bitcoin's code to anything they Want this is a huge risk and one of a Thousand plus reasons why I will never Hold my funds in this centralized scam Of a coin now that's not me talking That is crypto thinko talking but That's bound to get some controversy Going I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that he will Never Uh he will never hold his funds in this Centralized scam of a you know what [Music] [Music]


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