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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the beable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you today and what is going To be one of the more impactful xrp Videos you guys have heard in a while Ladies and gentlemen we got a lot of Breakdown a lot to review because the Future of xrp is Al so clear to me and It should be clear to all of you stu Aldera gives us a powerful reminder That in today's Wall Street Journal the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled Against the SEC in recent Years the SEC is anything but Infallible it is bloated broken and Baguer don't be intimidated when they Come Knocking ladies and gentlemen we helped Cause this and we stood up for the Entire crypto Industry this is a brand new phenomena And ripple spearheaded the Movement now here in addition something From one of our favorite guests on this Channel's Waters above he gives the same Warning I've been giving for a while This could be the last chance to get all Coins for this cheap especially for Xrp and ladies and gentlemen xrp will be On its full-blown moon mission in the Coming months so you better be in before It's too late He States this isn't to be taken LLY and

This isn't to Sensationalize anyone who follows my Work knows I only speak when the truth Needs to be Said and I hope all of you have been Paying attention to the bullish momentum The industry has been Having this is a weekly Recap Argentinian president Javier melee Confirms he will shut down the Central Bank Netflix gave 11 $ million to a Company to produce a movie and they lost It trading stocks CZ binance resigned as A CEO of binance SEC commissioner says There's no reason for us to stand in the Way of a Bitcoin ETF CZ facing 18 months in prison as Part of his plea deal with the US Government it's been stated by the US Government bance allowed Isis Al-Qaeda And Hamas to transact on its Platform Javier melee one Argentinian Presidential election 1.3 billion in User funds were withdrawn from binance Following the US government indictment Open aai has rehired Sam ultman from Open AI as their CEO the binance CEO CZ released from Custody on a $175 million Bond CZ Pleaded guilty to violating criminal Anti-money laundering requirements Tether free freees 225 million in usdt Linked to Trafficking Bitcoin hit

$38,000 the SEC decided to sue Kraken Again after a settlement and binance Agreed to pay 4.3 billion to settle with The US Government the reason I'm bringing this Review up is because it's so important You realize the context of what I'm About to show you all of this positive Momentum in our direction is going to Leave to POS positive regulation and I Promise you regulation will open the Floodgates for trillions upon trillions Of dollars of capital to come into the Market here we have Congressman Mike Flood with the Nebraska Financial Innovation act talking about stable Coins and how important they're going to Be and how every bank and all these Other nations are going to want stable Coins it's not a matter of if it's only A matter When thank you to ckj for this news and Please listen to this Congressman let You know what the future holds I rise Today because we are at a Crossroads in Banking fintech and Finance blockchain is a revolutionary Technology that is going to change the Way Americans do business the question Today the one that we have in front of Us is whether we would like America to Lead that change or let somebody else Take the Reigns we are planning on marking up two

Bills next week in the financial Services committee one on digital assets Market structure and the other on stable Coins I'm going to focus my remarks Today on stable Coins I am not new to this subject in The Nebraska legislature I wrote and Passed a bill that allows for banks in Nebraska to issue stable coins State Chartered Banks this is an issue that I have Worked on and care about for Years since 2017 stable coins have grown To $130 billion in market cap that's the Size of a multinational institution like Deutsche Bank we are not dealing with a Theoretical conversation about stable Coins here stable coins have all already Arrived whether you like them or not is Irrelevant they are here and the Question of the day is how to regulate Them not whether to regulate them at all And here ladies and gentlemen with the Context of The Regulators in mind please Listen to Medico stating every Bank Wants to know how to launch their own Stable coin this is the cgo of Medico Sheamus Doug hu at assets week in Singapore on November 22nd 2023 and you better believe stable coin Regulation will open the Floodgates there's a reason tether was

Helping with human trafficking Violations there's a reason usdc has Been in the news recently and there's a Reason they are saying all the things They're Saying the floodgates will open but only A few will be prepared I think all banks Are looking this face I'm I'm based in Dubai right now every Bank wants to know Basically how to launch their own stable Coin or it's a topic they're looking at Very much because there's a lot of Efficiencies just the simple 247 365 um netting on all the time is a huge Uplift from Banks which aren't even Mostly open the majority of the day Basically right so the settlement period I think there's a lot of easy go to Market in that one compared to launching Equity for example on on chain which is Still a long way down the road now guys I don't know about you but it seems Everywhere I look xrp has a solution to A future problem as well as a Technological Service other institutions Need that they may not have the Resources For ladies and gentlemen this article on The xrp ledger. org website talks about How stable coin issuers could come right Here to The xrp Ledger and this is a major solution to The problems we're having these

Institutions can adopt stable coins with The snap of a finger they can launch Cbdcs with the snap of a finger an xrp And The xrp Ledger were uniquely Designed to have institutions ready to Use it on a Whim it seems to me like I'm sure it Seems to all of you that Ripple seems to Have all the problems to these Institutional needs these trillion doll Companies have these multibillion dollar Companies have down to the hundred Million companies ladies and gentlemen Ripple is partnered with Behemoths and here in this clip from Iso20022 let's do it you could get a Better sense and to what the nature the Partnerships Ripple has will do see a Lot of names here for the types of Organizations that Ripple has partnered With so far that are uh our regulated Financial institutions I've explained How you how we've started to grow and I'll call out a few in um relevant to Our region heha money transfer are a Remittance business in Australia and um they can reach all over The world through regulated payout Partners like uh MFS Africa who cover The whole continent and payout locally In local currency we have um banks that We work with like uh like travel X Bank In Brazil and uh an indic in India so Again the whole spectrum of uh of money

Movers are connected to the Ripple Network Today now guys with that being said as We cap off this video for Today I hope you realize that these new Unveiled Partnerships the magnitude of What's happening in the coming weeks the Strength we have in the charts are no Accident as by subjective views at a Hong Kong monetary Authority bis Highlevel conference titled the future Monetary system Eddie U chief executive Of the Hong Kong monetary Authority Discussed the challenges of crossb Payments with Deputy Governor of the RBI The Bank of India some key notes you need to take Away from this are currently we have wal Gardens and platforms are not Interoperable wink wink xrp's Interoperability Global standards will Help alleviate this issue cbdcs will be The main answer to overcome crossb Challenges interoperability should be a Core feature implementation will require Compromises with between countries and This is where deals and regulations are Going to be key geopolitics are going to Come back into play into the crypto Space at an aggressive rate and you guys All know that's where I most Excel India started the process of a Bilateral basis with Singapore's fast Pay and using QR codes for countries

Like Bhutan and AAL soon to be extended To the UAE and finally multilateral basis of Crossb payments will still need to be Further disc discussed but right now What they're discussing now should shock You to bring chills down your spine to Let you know how close they are to Implementing this system we've been Discussing on this channel for years now For Years four years I've been preparing you For the things we're seeing Today but people still have their eyes Closed let them Sleepwalk while we're Wide Awake on the Path to becoming the new one Percent we're all gonna make It without a shadow of a Doubt stay on this Journey as owning Xrp is like winning the Lottery in slow Motion ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable bll Here thanks for tuning in As always I appreciate every single one Of You I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video uh what we're seeing now is almost Like War Gardens uh that uh with Platforms that's operated by different Firms and they're not interoperable and

If you really want uh the tokenize S Well to take off I thought one comment That we receive is that can we have some Kind of industry standard so that Everybody complies with that so that all These platforms become interoperable and It becomes one big Marketplace I think That's one thing that probably we might Need to think more about but uh you you You have mentioned uh crossb payment uh And uh you know in with blockchain Technology the use of cbdcs uh and we Are seeing actually a lot of Promise uh In solving the long-standing pain of Crossborder payment being too slow uh Too too expensive uh and uh R just why I Know that India has been trying out Different crossborder payment linkages Uh with for example Singapore and you Are contemplating one with UAE probably Um what are the issues that you see in Pursuing all these crossborder payments Uh especially in terms of the you know Differences in capital controls AML Etc How do you resolve that is that a Stumbling block this really hard to Overcome I think uh simplifying Crossborder payments as R is also Mentioned in terms of costs Etc I think There will be tremendous scope for using The cbdc and it can actually simplify The intermediation and increase Efficiencies reduce the cost Interoperability should be a core

Feature of this entire process and uh But practical implementation will Require some amount of compromises Between the countries concerned And cbtc Also provides us opportunity to start Off in a clean slate in the sense we can Do away with the existing EDS perhaps go Ahead with a new structure which will be Reflecting which will harness the Potential of cbdc in the crossborder Payment space and actually we have uh Started this process on a bilateral Basis in fact uh with Singapore we have The link with fastpay you have uh QR Code based link uh usages in and Bordering neighboring countries like Bhutan Nepal we are also extending it to UAE so at present we have actually used More of a bilateral mechanism to process Further so it will be one to one country Wise but maybe going for a forward in a Multilateral basis how do we do about it I think that is something which requires A further amount of


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