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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the bearable bull here And I got this aggressively average Content for you today As ladies and gentlemen I'll be Responding to everyone on only fans Today as I've been taking the past Couple days off To really do a lot of research and due Diligence as to what the next stages of This market and the global stage are Gonna be My goodness do I have a lot of Pandemonium to cover Including this We have UFOs everywhere we have Chinese Spy balloons everywhere at the same time We have chemicals absolutely destroying Ohio right now and even yesterday in Florida we had the same thing happen Ladies and gentlemen I don't know what The hell is going on But what I know is going on is something Sinister We have the Russia Ukraine tensions not Easing in any capacity at all And we may very well be on the brink Of World War III I'm not calling for it But this is the reality All of this in my personal opinion Accompanied with the launch and birth of AI Is going to lead to a cashless Society

Is going to lead to a credit score System is going to lead to AI Surveillance helping with that social Credit score system Ladies and gentlemen China is the Blueprint This is already live And it's coming to the Western world The reason I continue to cover this and Bring it up is because this is the end Of all freedom And it's at our doorstep and too many People are asleep at the wheel Not enough people are awake or conscious About this They think it's years away When Nigeria it's at their doorstep There was a Revolt at the central bank After it declared old currency notes no Longer a legal tender And just because it's Nigeria people Aren't giving it mainstream coverage But what happens when it hits the UK What's gonna happen when it hits the US They've essentially confirmed that bank Balance are an inevitability And what's also inevitable is CBD sees In every single country on the planet I believe xrp is going to be Instrumental in the cbdc end game Central Bank digital currencies are Unstoppable they 100 percent will be Here And all I'm doing is telling you how you

Could profit from it so that you can Have an ounce of freedom And this world of tyranny Ladies and gentlemen heed my warning as Corruption as a foot We're running out of time The chips are stacked against you But if you hold xrp and other select Digital assets You might have a fighting chance against A new world order Now and one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen the SCC after almost a Year or watching Terra Luna collapse and Rug pull the entire crypto industry they Finally charged dokwan with fraud and The terror collapse This is unbelievable You cannot make this up Gary Gensler has The audacity to parade around CNBC Saying he brought enforcement actions Against Kim Kardashian Library Dragon Chain and other coins that aren't Hurting anyone But the biggest scam of a crypto project In history arguably That he takes almost a year to bring Enforcement actions against This is incredible And yet again he's stating that he Believes this is a massive victory Under Gary gensler's watch there has Been absolute pandemonium There's been absolute chaos and he has

Destroyed American innovation Even Patrick and Henry weighs in and Stated the sec's action on qualified Custodians is clearly part of the Biden Agenda and their attack on the digital Asset ecosystem The future of digital assets is a major Political and economic question that Must be decided by Congress And as the days go by And as this Ripple decision in this case Is coming to a climax of a moment I believe there could be some Intervention by Congress As this case is getting to its end point Could it be that Congress is waiting to See what the judge says in this court Case to try and lay out a framework to Hold the SEC in their tracks Maybe Could the SEC and Gary Gensler be Getting the hammer brought down on them I hope so But for those of you listening at home Do not be afraid If there's something I've been stating On my channel for the past four years is That A Moment Like This was coming when Regulations were coming toward doorstep And would collapse a lot of the crypto Market exchanges are going to be coming Under compliance like Kraken crypto Projects are going to be dying And ultimately that's what we've in the Xrp community have been expecting 99 of

Kryptos will die and this is just the Eye of the storm that we're flying Through You cannot be afraid of this news You cannot be afraid of these regulators You just need to be afraid of being an Essential banking system with Fiat Currencies in your checking and savings Account with minimal Investments to Counteract and hedge against the Collapse of the system Many people aren't playing their cards Right And at the very least if you have Minimal exposure to crypto You better start acting because crypto Is not going away And on the contrary As more cryptos die all that money will Consolidate to the top few coins and Make those go on a generational wealth Building Bull Run The Bull Run of a millennia is coming Soon And too many people are asleep at the Wheel not paying attention Now ladies and gentlemen I have a very Brief clip from CNBC talking about how Krakens settlement with the SEC is not Conducive to successful regulation in The United States I'm not sure what the next steps in the United States for our success are going To be

But what I do know for sure Is that it's not this We need clarity And Congress needs to check the sec's Power ASAP I think it's very possible That with the frustration that we've Been hearing from the Senate of Gary not Attending Senate meetings but instead Going on CNBC parading around that we May be seeing the end of Gary's parade Because as a lot of you may agree He may be the most incompetent And tyrannical regulator in the United States your take on what we heard about Kraken last week you know we had Gary Denzel on the program I believe on Friday after that announcement and oh Yeah there seems to be a real sense Right now that there's lots of different Enforcement actions taken he's saying uh To folks who are watching our broadcast And others please come in register come On our website tell us what you're doing And you know it'll work or I don't know If he's saying it's going to work but He's saying that that is the at least Temporary solution How do you see that Performs on that website and It's super clear you're going to offer a Service For for customers which of those forms To fill out uh and how that's going to

Be regulated I mean what we need to do Is figure out how to either do a Entirely new set of forms or translate The old forms to the new network it just Doesn't simply work to come in and Register and so yeah the fact that Gary Gunzler says that is incredibly Frustrating from those of us in the Industry who want to be compliant but You just can't do it within the way that The current structure is set up so you Know I think with something like Kraken It's it it's can it's even more Frustrating with this settlement because That settlement provides guidance for That specific set of facts and Circumstances it doesn't provide Guidance for other companies that are Trying to offer this uh very valuable Service by the way like we want to have Proof of state state networks these are Very energy efficient this is a very Popular way to do Computing on a large Scale and to have those transactions be Valid we want more people to participate In that process like that should be a Worthy goal and so we need to figure out That for consumers that don't want to do This on their own but still want to be a Part of the network we want to figure Out a path forward to doing that and When you have a settlement like we did With the SEC and Kraken there is no path Forward the path just ends for Kraken

And it leaves everybody else confused as To how to proceed and so it's really why We need Congress to step in and work on Legislation and try to answer some of These questions in a market you see Ladies and gentlemen that right there is American innovation begging the SEC in Congress to give guidance to the fourth Industrial Revolution Stop suing all these exchanges without Giving guidance stop suing crypto Projects without giving guidance you're Sending Innovation overseas but then the Big scammers like Terra Luna and SPF They go so easy on them Don't they They just now Are going after dokwon And needless to say sam bankman Freed's Treatment as a criminal as the biggest Criminal in the crypto industry has been Nothing but a light touch and I'm sure You agree you see guys the problem in Crypto has never been crypto The problem in crypto has been bad Actors colluding with government Within the crypto industry to give Themselves a favorable advantage against The rest of the industry and then Defrauding people Sam bankman Freed's bail granters have Finally been released Larry Kramer Former dean of Stanford law school Signed for 500k and Andreas pay pick

Computer scientists signed for 200k 250 million dollar bail paid off by Signatures of individuals that can't Even pay a million each Isn't that funny 250 million dollar bail where he gets House arrest he gets released for Essentially three million dollars he Gets to use the internet now the judge Is complaining that he's using a VPN What is this nonsense Billions of dollars were lost And this dude is in East Palo Alto San Francisco in one of the most beautiful Places on the planet Where is the justice You know the justice is probably hidden And all these political charitable and Celebrity donations from FTX This is what I've learned about the game You give enough money to the government And enough money to high-level people That you can blackmail them at the Expense of the United States retail Investors and to not getting a horse Sentence and to getting favorable Treatment and to not having to face the Consequences Where are the consequences There are no consequences Pay off your politicians and you're good To go Unbelievable And what's also unbelievable

As the ethereum free pass You see Matt Hamilton He used to work at Ripple He is a no-nonsense type of dude This dude calls out BS conspiracies in The xrp community constantly And yet he believes that the ethereum Free pass occurred You see we've been subject to a lot of Criticism by Charles hoskinson by Charles gasparino by Bitcoin Maxis that We are conspiracy theorists coming after Ether because we're mad Ladies and gentlemen I think I speak for All of us when I say we should be mad And the rest of crypto should be mad That ether conspired with the SEC and Government Regulators to give them Clarity and to hold Innovation Throughout the rest of the industry Because quite frankly that's what Happened And these people who did this are still Getting paid these people who did this Have no accountability and that's the Damn problem The SEC wanted to wait at least seven Different times Before handing over the bill Hinman Emails to Ripple Ripple knows what's Been stated and I guarantee you those Documents if they were ever made public Would reveal how corrupt our government Is

It's cost us years And hundreds of millions in legal fees But if there's one light at the end of The tunnel it's this Ripple did get sued first But now every other crypto company is Under the sec's line of fire Ripple degasu first but we're gonna get Clarity first And because of this fact I believe There's a very real potential That Ripple and xrp will be deemed Heroes of the entire industry We still have to see what the judge says But I think she'll have a fair outcome I think she will have a fair response I think Ripple and xrp have played their Chords right Done things the right way since the Beginning Have not annoyed the judge like the SEC Has And that's why I think this countdown Window That James filing stated of late March Is so important We're a couple weeks away from what I Believe will be a likely conclusion to This case And regardless of when exactly that is Know that the xrp Army will have the Last laugh Crisis after crisis after Black Swan Event is happening in the real world

Right now It's all a distraction The rule of everything stems from the Financial system And xrp as the Ace of the Elite sleeve Xrp and cbdc adoption are about it come In real time And time is running out For you to buy your winning lottery Ticket Into the new one percent Ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable bull here Thanks for tuning in As always I appreciate every single one Of you Now be back tomorrow With another video why do I hold xrp Because Ripple's the chosen one to lead The new Global digital payment system And they use xrp in 2013 the Federal Reserve began looking for faster Payments options two years later an Action plan was born in a federal Payments task force was created it Included one company focused on crypto Ripple in 2014 the World Bank in better Than cash Alliance which includes the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Clinton Global initiative in the Governments of 32 countries put out a Report called the opportunities of Digitizing payments one year later the Better than cash Alliance featured one

Crypto company on their website Ripple Today better than cash Alliance and all Other un initiatives are focused on a Single agenda the sustainable Development goals for 2030. you could See the sdg's logo on Bill Gates lapel World leading companies the better than Cash Alliance website and on the un's Official exchange exchange what cryptos Exchange officially utilizing for their Carbon credit solution xrp the world Will move to a new international Standard for exchanging electronic Messages between financial institutions By 2025 called ISO 20022 who was the First ISO 20022 member focused on Distributed Ledger technology Ripple Who's partnered with over 300 financial Institutions including Bank of America American Express PNC Santander SBI HSBC Standard Chartered Bank bank of England India Singapore Scotland Australia and Indonesia the largest banks in Japan Canada Egypt the Middle East United Arab Emiratis Thailand Morocco Bhutan South Korea Brazil and Latin America Ripple Who is a former employee overseeing the Federal Reserve Ripple a former employee Overseeing the world's largest asset Manager blackrock's digital Asset Division Ripple leading Australia's cbdc Effort Ripple who hired a former Treasury of the United States Ripple two Former Federal Reserve attorneys to

Their board Ripple two former Clinton And Obama advisors former minister of Defense and economics of Germany former Business director at Swift former Swift Board member former CFO of PayPal former Head of the dtcc former Chief business Officer at Uber former VP of Amazon and Former SEC chair on their legal team Ripple who's a member of the digital Pound Foundation digital dollar project Digital Euro Association moja Lube imf's High-level Advisory board on fintech Hyperledger blockchain Consortium open Payments Coalition faster payments Council global payment group Cross-border working group International Association for trusted blockchain Applications crypto climate Accord University blockchain initiative World Wide Web Consortium and a featured Partner of the world economic Forum with Three members of their team directly Listed on the WF website Ripple Now just Ripple an excerpt sound like They're going to disappear but do they Sound like they're part of a much bigger Plan you decide


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