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Ladies and gentlemen I don't have a Drawn out aggressively average Introduction for you Today I'm going to speak to you normally And remind all of you that this won't Happen again in 2021 what occurred is in the crypto Market a crypto Bull Run Began but the xrp Army was left Behind and despite the fact that xrp did Appreciate from the 11 Cent low of the 2020 March crash for C19 we did Experience a 20x gain from those Lows but we did not experience the true Bull Run that we deserved because of the Anomaly of the SEC lawsuit we got left Behind we got dragged through the quicks Inand but what you need to understand This time around is that we cannot Change what has happened in the past but We we can anticipate all the drawn out Demand all the built up tension and Momentum for this Crypto xrp will be one of the best Performers the next cycle xrp in my Opinion will outperform Bitcoin Ripple Continues to build is an IPO looming I Hope So we'll find that out but with the Momentum of a Bitcoin ETF with the Analysis that we've been showing you on This Channel you know damn well xrp is about

To break cller and go on a new uptrend We are in the early stages of the next Bull Market and currently xrp is at 69s 69 Cents guys we need to understand as well That it's not just me saying this it's Not just hypen hopium some of the most Grounded most patient analysts on the Planet are now letting us know and Giving Confluence to the hypothesis We've been building for a While a golden cross is formed for xrp As historical patterns are showing Potential fireworks in store for the xrp Chart in 2017 a 700% surge occurred a Brief correction and then we soared Another 60,000 per. in 20 20 we saw 40% Dip followed by a 1,000% rise but this Time around I believe something special Will Occur this chart is from JD a very high Quality analyst out there on Twitter and I highly recommend you give him a follow As he's been putting out grounded ta for A long Time he's the one who let us know that After all of these golden crosses we Went absolutely Parabolic this time around the Golden Cross is Confirmed and we should be in for much Higher levels in short Order it might not be tomorrow or the

Next week but it's going to happen soon And when xrp explodes it does so all at Once don't get left Behind because the macro Narratives and the macro Ta and the macro events are all pointing To all these confluences being correct BC backer is letting us know that the Altcoin market is Ready and all of you know as well that I've been calling for this allcoin cycle For a while and we are here we mistimed It in 2022 but we're right on Time for 2024 and that my friend is Unquestionable but what does need to be Questioned and what does need answers is What Edwards Snowden has been pointing To we're living in a world where Pro Banking Senator Elizabeth Warring sits Stays and rolls over for Jamie Diamond The CEO of JP Morgan so long as he feeds Her self- serving attacks on the crypto Industry's primary competitor ladies and Gentlemen we are witnessing Elizabeth Warren being Unleashed first she's going To say that we need to try and go after Illicit finance and illegal Activities but this is all to prepare The soil for a Cbdc and to make that as radioactive as Possible for Bitcoin guys what's Actually crazy is that they might pull

It Off I am absolutely bullish as hell on High quality fundamentally sound and Regulatory compliant cryptos ones that Are working with the new system they Want to build ones that will help Complement cbdcs and the reason why is Because I think the government's going To Win because they control all the damn Money any crypto that is trying to Create its own system will likely have Harsh regulations around them I'm not Here to try and argue about what is good For Freedom at this moment in time I am Simply here telling you that I believe These coins are going to go up and that You will make quite a lot of money from Them and I'm also feeding you the Narrative to be conscious enough to buy Your own Freedom with your newfound Profits and Empower yourselves despite The fact that they want to try and Disempower you with the new Tech this is all I Believe this is what I'm trying to Do and I hope all of you are aware of That Why does she hate Bitcoin because it's The antithesis of a central bank digital Currency and that's her long-term goal Is to implement a cbdc over time but in Order to prepare the soil for that she Has to make that soil radioactive for

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and That's what she's aiming to do with her AML bill this bill essentially would Make it practically illegal for you know A teenager mining Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency in his mom's basement he Would have to comply with the same Regulatory burdens that a bank like Goldman Sachs has to do in other words It would be impossible right it would Make it illegal to practically touch Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in the United States but that's by Design Elizabeth Warren intends to do that to do that Because if she can get regulations in Place that make it impossible to do Anything Bitcoin related in the US she Knows she'll Drive Innovation offshore And that essentially prepares the way For a cbdc which is what I believe she's Been trying to do this whole time and Ladies and gentlemen I 100% agree I had Told you for months now accurately with 2024 sight that crypto would get Political I told you and predicted that The Democrats would be Pro cbdc because It does help with their agenda their Climate change their social credit their Implementation for all their new Regulation and I told you Republicans Will be more Pro crypto With accuracy Elizabeth Warren complies With the Agenda but on the other side of the

Aisle there are pro Bitcoin and crypto Narratives Building as Predicted here at the GOP Primary debate FC Ramaswami was brought up a question About crypto and Gary Gensler gets Called out and absolutely Crucified ladies and gentlemen listen As in 2024 crypto is going to be a major Talking point for the next Election Mr ramaswami you've pray Praised cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as An opt out from our quote broken Financial architecture and you oppose Efforts to regulate it the head of the Largest International crypto exchange Just pleaded guilty to allowing his Platform to launder money for terrorists Including Hamas you say your Cryptocurrency plan will quote insure Economic freedom for Americans end quote Won't it also ensure economic freedom For frauders criminals and terrorists Look frauders criminals and terrorists Have been defrauding people for a long Time our regulations need to catch up With the current moment the fact that SBF was able to do what he did at FTX Shows that whatever they have as the Current framework isn't working and I Think it is nothing short of Embarrassing that Gary Gensler the Current leader of the SEC in front of

Congress could not even say whether Ethereum counted as a regulated security Or not and so I think that this is just Another example of the administrative State gone too far here's the Dirty Little Secret in American politics today The people who we elect to run the Government are not the ones who are even Actually ages that are writing Regulations that Congress never gave Them the authority to write and the good News is a US president can absolutely Fix that that takes a US president with A spine so what I've said is in my Administration by the end of year 1 we Will have a 75% reduction in the number Of federal bureaucrats we will shut down Government agencies that should not Exist we will resend any regulation that Fails the test of West Virginia versus EPA which is the most important Supreme Court case of our lifetime that said if Congress didn't delegate that to an Administrative agency then it's Unconstitutional these are seismic Changes these are big changes that the Next next president can deliver without Asking Congress for permission or for Forgiveness and I want people to Understand that distinction because People have been sold myths by Politicians for a long time saying I'm Going to work with Congress to do this Or that much of what you've heard on the

Stage from the other politicians fit That description they need Congress the Things that I'm promising you this is What the leader of the executive branch Gets to do under article two of the Constitution thank you sir cut down the Bureaucracy grow our economy and put the Federal Reserve in its place as a part Of the Disc you're out of time and guys isn't It so interesting that these moderators At these debates to choose the highest Office in the land always seem to Interrupt when the answers to these Questions get most important and most Interesting what an Abomination anyways I do think VC was Right on the money and I do think that All of you you need to continue to begin To get your political observation hats On 2024 is going to be a year of a lot Of Division a lot of narratives are going To be used to divide you and get you Emotional to get you reactive but I am Proactively telling you right now to Stop it cut it out these things don't Matter you can only control what you can Control and what I'm going to need to Stress Is every single one of you needs to pay Attention they do one thing say another Make you feel bad about another thing Want to make one thing illegal when

They're actually the criminals in charge Of the law ladies and gentlemen pay Attention to this Elizabeth horen wants To ban crypto that could honestly bring On Financial Freedom and grow the Economy but at the same time she's in Bed with the big Banks she's in bed with JP Morgan and Jamie Diamond she doesn't care about the fraud They Commit only the fraud and crypto that She was not a part of because we know Damn well she was in bed with Sam Bankman free too keep that in Mind remember that heading into 2024 we are in a bull cycle no matter What she Says and the longer you keep this in Mind and understand what's going on the Better you'll be able to decipher the Lizard talk and become the new one Percent ladies and gentlemen in his Return to Twitter the AI posted this Compilation of Elizabeth Warren and JP Morgan and I'm going to leave you with This for the day because it's very Telling ladies and gentlemen this is the Beable bull Here thanks for tuning In As always I appreciate every single one Of You now I'll be back

Tomorrow with another Video I'm so curious what was going Through your mind uh when you heard Jamie Diamond's Response look when Jamie Diamond and I Are in exactly the same place it's Because we have a serious problem in This country JP Morgan says it has Reached an agreement in principle to Settle the Jeffrey Epstein's sex Predator litigation with the US Virgin Islands with a payout of $75 million the Settlement ends a bruising episode in Which each side accused the other of Enabling Jeffrey Epstein's abuses and Led to a series of embarrassing Disclosures of relationships that High-ranking bank officials at the time Had with EP with Epstein himself Including one former executive who Frequented Epstein's Private Island and That is a part of the financial system Is being used by terrorists by drug Traffick by Rogue nations in order to Launder money move money through the System and finance their illegal Activities investigators in Philadelphia Are searching a cargo ship captured and What's being called one of the biggest Drug bus in US history some 17 tons of Cocaine has been recovered worth more Than a billion dollars on the street Officials tell CBS News there might be Another 30 tons on board on top of what

They've already found and when I asked The question should rules that apply to Their Banks and by the way also apply to Stock Brokers and gold Traders and Credit card companies and Credit Unions Reporters is that this has been going on For about eight years in which uh these Traders uh they specifically uh were Clearly kind of talking about JP Morgan Here I mean the names that we have in The story do refer to these JP Morgan Executives um you know they had been Spoofing the market for the better part Of 8 years and SP silver uh gold Platinum Palladium I mean all of the Precious metals What I'm talking about is the part of The system that makes sure that banks Are not being used for terrorist Financing for example the nation's Biggest bank is facing a$1 13 billion Fine this morning for its role in the Morgage Meltdown JP Morgan Chase Negotiated the tentative settlement on Civil charges with the justice Department the deal does not end a Criminal probe and it could set a new Standard in cracking down on Bank Behavior there's a new threat out there It's crypto and it is being used for Terrorist financing it is being used for Drug trafficking JP Morgan Chase has Agreed to settle fraud charges for its Role in the financial crisis under this

Settlement the bank will now pay $154 Million just shy of that which is Actually less than what it earns in one Week the SEC says the company misled Customers about risky mortgage Investments last year Goldman Sachs paid 550 million to settle similar charges North Korea is using it to pay for about Half of its nuclear weapons program we Can't allow that to continue JP Morgan Barclay's City Group are amongst five Banks find a combined total of 1.07 Billion euros by European Union Regulators for taking part in two Cartels in the spot Foreign Exchange Market for 11 currencies world you know We have something called the bank Secrecy act which is how banks are Required to monitor certain kinds of Transactions that go through the system It was written in the 1970s following 911 the law enforcement folks went back Looked at what had happened figured out How the financing had made it through The system and that's the last time that Congress updated the the bank secrecy Act what we need to do is we need to Update it again because there's a new Threat out there AP Morgan Chase has Officially settled with Federal Authorities over criminal charges that The bank ignored warning signs of Bernard maid off's $65 billion Ponzi Scheme the bank will pay $1.7 billion to

Settle the claims which authorities say Is the largest bank forfeiture in History and the largest penalty by the Department of Justice for a bank secrecy Act violation that act requires Banks to Alert authorities about any suspicious Activity


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