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It's like a cult it's like a cult yeah In a good way though in a good cult yes A good cult okay I mean and the the Stuff that they hear some of it's new Some of it's old and a lot of it is Common sense and you were talking a lot All it is common sense right but of Course when people use the word Common Sense what they mean is Uncommon Sense Because the standard Human Condition is Ignorance and stupidity and so they say Old Joe has common sense what they mean Is he has Uncommon Sense I guess it's a Bit bit of a misnomer then but it really Is so you why is it that people can't Think clearly about investing or Decisions in their lives well they don't Think very well about sex or gambling Either no I the standard Human Condition Is a lot of Misog and there are ways to make hay of That or yes you take advantage of other People you can improve your own life by Eliminating your Mcog welcome back ladies and gentlemen This is the bearable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you today as ladies and Gentlemen that was Charlie Munger Warren Buffett's best friend and former partner At birkshire Hathaway Charlie Munger just passed away Recently and he is one of my favorite Mentors on the planet in regards to

Investing finance and human psychology As a Whole ladies and gentlemen the reason I Played this is because what he said is So true all it takes is a long-term Perspective and common sense in regards To investing and you will become the new 1% I promise you my friends and a regard To today's video discussing a a ripple Hack and whether or not this means it's Over for Xrp on the Contrary this is one of the biggest Things that has ever happened in regards To Xrp there was some Controversy but before I get into that Quote unquote hack here we have that the Automated market makers the future Biggest passive income opportunity for The ex RP Army has passed Officially and this will go live February 14th on Valentine's Day 2024 in Just 2 weeks we are going to see major Scaling in regards to our generational Wealth ladies and gentlemen if you've Been holding flare in any capacity at All since the airdrop or whether or not You've bought it off the exchange you've Been happy with the monthly returns You've been earning and recently with The recent Partnership of Google cloud With Flare oh my goodness the price has Been exploding as

Well this bull run is going to be Special for flare holders for xrp Holders and for crypto investors Invested in the Next Generation Infrastructure of the financial System but before I get into anything Else I have to remind you that this Quote unquote Ripple hack was absolute Misinformation from the Maxi Community they pointed out that quote Ripple was hacked for 2113 million xrp Or over $100 Million and this was from Zach Xbt someone who I believe is a more in The Maxi crowd if you will but here Chris Lon debunks that fact there was Unauthorized access to a few of his Personal xrp Accounts not Ripples they were quickly able to catch The problem and notify exchanges to Freeze the affected Addresses law enforcement is Involved that was an isolated incident And ripple wallets are 100% safe and Secure were never compromis and Apparently all of these funds have been Frozen try and tell as ieth waren that They found the thief and the hackers With the Swiftness because of the blockchain and Because of crypto Exchanges I don't think she'll buy it The Maxi Community wanted to try their

Absolute hardest to say Ripple is Compromised but with the swiftness the Titans of Ripple Chris LaRon and Brad Garling House debunked the Fud this was irresponsible speculation And again no Ripple wallets were Mismanaged this is absolutely important As most exrp misinformation comes from The Maxi Community because oh they're Scared they know where their only Threat they want to try their absolute Best to kill the baby in its Crib it's too late for that Though the xrp Army is about to get Their full freedom from the SEC in Around April and what's so crazy is that this Is actually aligning with a Black Swan Event timeline that I've been discussing For a while with the FED interest rate Cuts potentially coming in March here Daniela camboni and Lynette Zang two Powerful female Titans in the financial Space or discussing why a financial Crisis is as early is April is in the Cards we've been discussing a crypto Pullback being likely a stock market Pullback after new oldtime highs being Likely and inevitably a Black Swan Event a Crisis to hide the fact that they need To cut Rates the banking system is failing

Behind the Scenes and I bring all these powerful And intelligent people in front of you To remind you it's not me saying It all these pundants are agreeing with The inevitable xrp adoption Timeline I believe xrp adoption will Coincide with the next financial Black Swan event the next liquidity Crisis and before you know it xrp will Be freed from the Lawsuit and will be well positioned to Help with any Financial system Problems um okay another worrisome Article here about the dominance of the 10 biggest stocks in US Equity markets Is increasingly drawing similarities With the do com bubble yes raising the Risk of a selloff this is according to JP Morgan Chase quantitative strategist The share of the top 10 stocks on the Msci USA index including all the So-called magnific magnificent 7 tech Stocks has risen to 29.3% by the end of December this is according to strategist At JP Morgan that's why it surprises me I know I had Greg manarino on last week A friend of yours as well you know and He's says he's taking advantage of the The bubble inequities but frankly it's Terrifying well it is terrifying because These top firms are in every single Mutual fund pretty well pretty much Almost every single ETF so that means

They're in your 401k they're in your Pension plans they're in your IRAs They're inside that bubble is just Waiting to burst and what's going to Keep it afloat more free money when is The Fed going to Pivot we've got the Spring coming up and there are a lot of Dangerous black swans that are that are Flying right around that area and when The FED turns around and lowers those Interest rates again right I mean what's That really telling us is but that we're In very deep dooo and I think it's too Late and you know we we always talk About how there's there's a lag effect Of how long that takes to hit the system So when that pivot does Happen right when do we Feel the after effects of That you Know the more they do the more Fragile The system gets and a big part of the Problem is the treasury debt levels that Have you know I mean there issuing so Much treasury debt as the fed and other Central banks and other typical longer Term players have stepped back I think That I think we're going to see it Almost Instantly I I think we will because I Think people are going to recognize at That juncture that we have a big huge Problem and just lowering the interest Rates even even lowering them back to

Zero isn't going to help it's not going To help all that massive amount of debt So you know I I think we could see some Level of Crisis by this spring I really Do I really do by the spring yeah yeah I've been feeling that I've been feeling That I know now guys I know what you all Are Thinking oh my goodness oh my Gracious we really are Correct and we 100% are my friend Friends JP Morgan discusted j.com bubble Similarities we are at new alltime highs For the stock market and we are likely To see them deflate the bubble Slightly deflating the bubble slightly Is taking place right now as the S&P is Down 70 points after F chair Jerome pow Stated quote unquote that the March rate Cut is Unlikely in just 5 minutes the S&P fell Over 50 points erasing nearly 500 Billion in market cap after what seemed Like a likely victory speech in December The FED is Backtracking this is very very important Because at the same time us Regional Bank stocks were collapsing just Yesterday then we also had that the last Time bank credit contract this much was The Global financial crisis of 2008 I do speculate that the FED will Have to go back on their word of not Thinking rate cuts are necessary and I

Do think they will cut rates in March fed policy is the most important Indicator we need to see where the Future of this Market is going and Inevitably we we will see these rate Cuts we will feel the next financial Crisis immediately stated Lenard Zang in That Video and I do agree as the more they Pull this card the weaker the system is The system is showing its cracks this Aligns with the waters above pullback Theory we've been talking about on this Channel but it also aligns perfectly With the xrp rising out of the ashes in April with the conclusion of this Lawsuit being a likely narrative Catalyst it may be very possible that Xrp he will be used as a solution to Financial system problems beginning in March April into 2025 the last time xrp charts aligned Like this was March 2017 and right before a parabolic move For xrp happened we saw a beautiful Pullback a capitula of Crash and that was the exact same retail Sentiment that we have right Now ladies and gentlemen what you're Seeing on the screen right now is the March 2017 xrp price pump and I wouldn't Be surprised to see the xrp chart play Out in a similar fashion in the coming Months I believe we are in red candle

Territory into green God candle Territory the sky truly is the limit And ladies and gentlemen out of the Other side of this we will Become the new One% continue to stay steady and remain The Course don't get footed Out show your support to the cause by Getting your the SEC 589 or Aggressively average t-shirt at Aggressively aage apparel.com down in The description Below ladies and gentlemen the xrp is a Movement of new one Percenters and by the time the rest of The world figures it Out it'll be too Late guys to cap off this video for Today I'm going to leave you all with Fed chair Jerome Pal speaking himself about what he Speculates he's going to do in regards To rate Cuts but I'm going to need you to Decipher the lizard talk and listen to How wishy-washy he is about what he's Looking to do NE next time Around I do think in March we could see The ray Cuts and let's see if a 2020 Co style Pullback and Ray cut scenario is in Store for Us ladies and gentlemen this is the

Beable ball Here thanks for tuning In As always I appreciate every single one Of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video we have confidence we're looking For greater confidence that inflation is Moving sustainably down to 2% implicitly We do have confidence and has been Increasing but we want to get greater Conference what do we want to see we Want to see more good data it's not that We're looking for better data it's we're Looking at continuation of the good data That we've been seeing and a good Example is inflation so we have 6 months Of good inflation data the question Really is that six months of good Inflation data is it sending us a true Signal that we are in fact on uh path uh Sustainable path down to 2% inflation That's the question and the answer will Come from some more data that's also Good data it doesn't it's not that the Six-month data isn't isn't low enough it Is it's just a question of can we take That with confidence that we're moving Sustainably down to 2% that's really What we're thinking about in terms of of Uh growth um we've had strong growth if You take a step back we've had strong Growth very strong growth last year

Going right into the fourth quarter um And yet we've had a very strong labor Market and we've had inflation coming Down so I think whereas a year ago we we Were thinking that we needed to see some Softening in economic activity that Hasn't been the case so I think we we Look at at we look at uh Stronger growth We don't look at it as a problem I think At this point we want to see strong Growth we want to see a strong labor Market we're not looking for a weaker Labor market we're looking for inflation To continue to come down as it has been Coming down for the last six Months and I'm sorry if I could just Follow up very quickly that when when You say that you want to make sure that It's a true signal is there anything That you're seeing in the data that Makes you doubt that it's a true signal At this stage no I think it's I I would Say it it seems it seems to be the Likely case that that we will achieve That confidence but we have to achieve It and we haven't yet and so I mean it's A good story we have six months of good Inflation but you can and you know this You can look behind those numbers and You can see that a lot of it's been Coming from Goods inflation for example And goods inflation running Significantly negative it's a reasonable Assumption that over time Goods

Inflation will flatten out probably Approximate zero that would mean the Services sectors would have to Contribute more so in other words what We care about is the aggregate number Not so much the composition but we we Just need to see more that's where we Are as a committee we need to see more Evidence that sort of confirms what we Think we're seeing and that tells us That we are on gives us confidence that We're on uh on a path to a sustainable Path down to 2% inflation


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