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Where tribalism is not helpful to us Right and so if we can work together Alran just mentioned that they're going To work on this we're going to work on This and we're going to make sure we Start to talk about whether we can Collaborate as well so it's good oh wow Fantastic possibly and and we're going To talk about how we can collaborate With the things you were talking about For scam identification and dealing with It I think that we can work together in A lot of ways as an Industry welcome back ladies and Gentlemen this is the barable bll Here and I got this aggressively average Cont ATT for you today as ladies and Gentlemen that was an emotional video For me to Watch all of you know that xrp is my Largest holding in crypto and takes up The biggest part of my portfolio but you Also know that H bar is my second Largest crypto Holding watching Brad Garling house and The co-founder of hyera talk talk about Collaborating working closer together Genuinely brought tears to my Eyes I told every single one of you Tribalism in crypto is toxic there is no Reason for it we do not need it it does Not make us more Money so looking at the collaboration Take place with my two largest Holdings

Is Exciting throw aland in there and you Have a trifect of powerhouses working to Better the crypto industry and make more Money for all of us crypto Investors this is what I like to see and This is what the crypto Community Needs get excited my friends it's a Special time in the crypto Industry now we're going to continue Discussing all the happenings from Davos because it's important you guys All continue to remain informed about What the most powerful discussion are in The mainstream and also behind the Scenes at the world economic Forum these Political Elite are the ones that decide Our Fate these people lay out the agenda in Front of you and I have a number of Bullet points that I specifically have To take away from Davos the biggest one Being the cftc is likely going to lead The way for crypto regulations over the SEC the SEC is disempowered The entire world is on the precipice of Crypto adoption regardless of the US Lagging behind with Regulations I believe this will be the Year for stable coin Regulations I believe cbdcs will be full Force full-fledged attack back half of 2024 and into 2025 and these are all things I've been

Taking into Account AI is going to make major Strides in 2024 And really hit all of humanity right in The Face and these are all things you need To be prepared For all I'm doing to prepare for the World completely shifting resetting and Having a technological Renaissance if You Will is betting my chips on the right Horses a lot of people want to critique And say hey bull you're just over here Talking about xrp every day and you've Been wrong into infinity and Beyond and that couldn't be further from The Truth we've been absolutely Right we've been right about Everything they'll call you Crazy until it happens and then they Call you a genius when it Does when they can no longer Benefit that's when they acknowledge the Truth but they'll have been on the Sidelines watching all of our Rises and we would have all become the New One% ladies and gentlemen I see no Better way than for all of you to see For Yourselves what impact Ripple has had And what impact xrp will have moving

Forward than to listening to Brad the past couple videos I've been Reviewing quite a number of clips from Bri Garling house and the reason is this Is the most active I've seen him at Davos he's been there every year for the Past couple years but this is the one Where the world economic Forum really Showcased him Ripple took out the dirty Laundry of Regulation here in America we did not benefit from the Price in the last bull run but it's Because we had a more important job to Do in that's to make the crypto industry Thrive in the states We pioneered a path forward my Friends and yes we lost out to the likes Of Dogecoin in the 2021 bull run as Frustrating as that is but while Nonsense was making Millions the big boys were Building Bridges I believe that a lot of utility Tokens that did not get a full-fledged Moon mission last cycle will benefit him Handsomely this one the likes of xrp age Barn algo as a few Examples because real solutions when Real problems arise will make a real Impact on price and our Portfolios and I can't stress this Enough my friends the time for waiting Is Gone 2024 is the year of a full-blown Breakout for

Crypto millionaires will be made if You've been positioned for a while and If you know how to play the game during The bull Market and I'm warning all of you Position your pennies next to these Billionaires Dollars and you will become the new 1% guys I'm going to start playing this Clip and breaking it down step by step So you all realize how bullish you need To be and if you haven't been paying Enough attention to crypto over the past Couple months or even in 2023 you better play extremely close of tension in 2024 today joining me right now here at The world economic Forum in Davos is the CEO of Ripple Brad garlinghouse Brad Great to see you great to see you thanks Thank you so much for being here I want To get your take on the impact of this ETF approval what have you seen well I Think it's a very big deal uh in large Part because I think it's further Validation from institutions and even in This case a government entity where you Know that crypto has been on kind of the Outskirts I think and increasingly You're seeing that come into the Mainstream and so I think it's a Validation I think it's further Indication of more institutions coming Into the crypto asset Market ladies and

Gentlemen how many times have I told you The exact same Thing it genuinely means the world to Hear Brad garlinghouse echoing that Sentiment but also understand that now On standby will be in ethereum ETF as Well this is institutional credibility For the crypto industry with the Bitcoin ETF Bitcoin opened the door for ether And roughly around the same time and eth ETF will get decisions made on it in March April the conclusion official Total conclusion of Ripple vers SEC will Come and that will only add more fuel to The fire of the crypto industry's growth And and ripple enables Global financial Institutions take take us through that How so ripple at its core uh we sell Blockchain Technologies and solutions to Enterprises we focus primarily on Financial institutions we started with a Payments solution to to settle crossb Settlement for uh banks for PSPs you Know typically crossw payments have been Slow they've been expensive using these Technologies we can dramatically reduce The cost and increase the speed and Efficiency and now you're seeing Financial Services institutions try to Get their own strategy with regard to Blockchain underway how has that changed The dynamic for ripple well I think Anytime you have a new technology it's It's nent and although crypto has kind

Of been around for 10 or almost 12 years Let's say it's still new and I think you Have a lot of large organizations even JP Morgan despite Jamie Diamond's Comments about how he thinks about Crypto they're investing heavily in Blockchain Technologies now that being Said I think in order for blockchain to Thrive and for the largest population to Benefit from these Technologies you Can't have insular closed networks like The whole point it's kind of like the Internet the internet opened up networks You had AOL and compy serve and Prodigy Along Comes the internet to create Interoperability crypto does that and Can do that across many banks and to Provide dramatic improvements to how we Think about money movement and really Any transaction and ladies and gentlemen What you all need to remember is This all this interoperability is going To win over the wal Garden one coin Approach the Maxis will ever win against The totality of the crypto market and if I were to bet the field or Bitcoin I Will bet the field in this technological Revolution I think all of you in the General crypto community and xrp Community especially agree with me and That's the big reason why we're here and That's why I have to say that that video I played in the beginning was so Important to

Me that is happening at a grand Grand Scale right now and despite how nent This technology is we've seen higher Prices from xrp in 2017 xrp was $35 based on absolutely nothing but a Rumor that we were going to get listed On Coinbase Now look at everything that's under the Hood fundamentals don't matter in Regards to price until they're the only Thing that Matters until you need those Solutions and in 2024 I believe xrp is going to be needed By the global system and I think there Are going to be numerous xrp catalysts That trigger our price Action and with any new technology I Question whether or not those writing The laws around the regulation framework Really understand the technology now Recently you called the Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Gary Gentler a quote political liability to The United States uh you said he's Acting in the interests of citizenry or The long-term growth of the economy that He's not acting uh in the uh on behalf Of of customers and users tell us more Well look I think uh Gary gendler has Prioritized hiring more lawyers to Litigate the industry and this is often

Described as uh you know it kind of Regulation through enforcement if we Just took the time to codify rules of The road most of the industry in crypto Wants to follow the rules of the road Countries around the world have leaned In even the European Union 27 countries In the European Union have come together To create a construct for how crypto Should be regulated in the United States We haven't done this work I I jokingly Suggested maybe what we should just do Is type into chat gbt how should the US That's more than the US Has done and it's frustrating and I Think uh even I guess yesterday there Was a court hearing between coinbase in The SEC and the the judicial system Continues to slap down the SEC because They're overreaching they're Overstepping what the laws say it's the Reason why they lost the case against Ripple it's the reason why they lost the Case against Grace guil it's the reason Why they were dragged Kicking and Screaming to have an ETF thus you know As I was quoted I think uh Gary gendler Hasn't been acting he's been acting on Almost his own agenda not the people's Agenda in the United States you know I I Wish I had a clear answer to that I I Think these are technologies that are Here to stay and the ETF approval is I Think further indication of that it's

Just frustrating that we're spending so Much time in the judicial process to get Clarity when we could do that as many Other countries like Japan the UK the UAE Switzerland here in Switzerland you These are not small economies they're Doing the work to provide that Clarity And in the US I think it's become a Political agenda not a policy agenda now L ladies and gentlemen like a lot of you Know and realize already the SEC was Handed a massive punch in the gut in Their Core case against coinbase and Something I've just been noticing with The loss the SEC suffered against Ripple With the loss the SEC suffered against Grayscale and with the loss the SEC just Had against coinbase is that frankly the SEC doesn't have the lawyers they do not Have legal Talent they cannot enforce these cases Because competent Lawyers they don't want the Job because the long term is on the Other side of government Tyranny and ladies and gentlemen we're Going to be in for such better times in The crypto space it's not even funny we Are pasted then now we try to fight you Phase and we are In then now we win phase The saying goes first they ignore you Then they laugh at you then they try to Fight you and then you

Win they ignored us in 2017 they laughed at us in 2021 with the Stupid nfts and jpeg monkeys they fought Us in 2022 in 2023 with all these Lawsuits but in 2024 we win Agenda from someone who studied this as Many years as you have what would be the Proper framework on a regulatory Environment that needs to be in place Well I think the number one thing I Think about is not about regulating the Technology it's about regulating the Outcomes and the activity just because We have new new technologies we should Still care about things like kyc know Your customer we should still care about Anti-money laundering AML those are Principles that are are I think sacr Synct I think the US SEC has been trying To expand their remit to say well this New Market a $ 1.7 trillion Market of Crypto assets is going to be under the Remit of the SEC in the United States The law does not support that the cftc Is a much more natural regulator and you Know things people will say well what About FTX and you know ironically Gary Gendler was meeting with Sam bankman Freed repeatedly you know FTX isn't About a crypto fraud FTX is about a Fraud it happens to have been crypto and It definitely was a self-inflicted wound For the industry but one of the I'm

Excited for what is ahead in 2024 is the Headwinds of these self-inflicted wounds Have largely abated are you clear on who The Regulators are because it seems like There are still questions secc cftc or Maybe everybody well in the US there's Still confusion for sure uh outside of The US and the reason why Ripple has Continued to grow very quickly outside The US 95% of our customers are non- us Financial institutions 75% of our hiring Last year was outside the United States Because of this but yet if you go back To the earliest days of the internet the US did the work and provided Clarity of How the internet would be regulated and The internet today is on a geopolitical Basis has benefited the United States More than any other country it's a great Point I want to get your take on what The CEO of circle said he says he sees a Strong chance that the US passes laws For stable coin issues this year Brad Tell us about the stable coin and the Potential looming regulation there so I Think the the regulation there is Appropriate I think it is the priority Uh on Capitol Hill I've spent a bunch of Time in Washington DC the US Treasury I Mean stable coins 95 plus% of the market Of stable coins is the US dollar stable Coin you have tether you have usdc and I Think the US Treasury wants to see that Those laws passed and I think they will

Be pushing Congress to act and I think That's that's good that's forward Progress uh there are new dynamics of What stable coins mean to uh financials Kind of settlement and so uh I think you Know the CEO Jeremy air of circle is Correct that that'll probably happen the First half of this year now guys that is An important point I don't want you to Miss regulation is coming this year year Starting with stable coins off the heels Of The Credibility of the Bitcoin ETF and also The Lost credibility of the SEC I think The cftc will become a main regulator of Crypto crypto currencies are going to Begin being called an asset class as Opposed to a currency and that's going To be an important distinction for the Mainstream and our lovely Boomers to try and wrap around their Heads oh my Friends 2024 is going to be the year Boomers on mass getting a Crypto and if there are some Boomers Watching no this isn't to make fun of You but this is to give you a signal That your additional Boomer friends will Be an exit Signal once things are so easy that your Friends who are not techsavvy and people Who used to hate on crypto before now Getting into it once they start getting Into it that is a top signal that means

The bull runs over that means they're About to rug the market and you will Know It crypto is the Future but you need to understand Market Cycle Phases and that is how we enter into the New 1% ladies and gentlemen if you haven't Done so already get your aggressive Ively average apparel down in the Description below today as we're about To have our second drop of merch in the Next Week this is going to be a special time To be alive for the xrp Community and continue to flood my Emails with photos of all of you wearing Them the xrp community is going to make A ripple in SpaceTime no pun Intended and I created the this in order So we can all find each other out there In the World 2024 is the year of Regulation and Xrp Adoption and I hope every single one of You take advantage of what's to Come guys please watch my previous video Where I had a powerful interview with Proy and off that interview they're up 25% on the Day and finally I am going to to be Posting one of the biggest and most Important videos for the masses I've

Ever posted in the next coming Days an eloro Loco Special an hour plus long marathon of Some of your favorite xrp Content now guys I'm going to leave you All on a high note with Brad Garlinghouse capping off this video for Today and Remember we're almost There generational wealth is our birth Rate and by the end of this year I 100% Believe we will become the new One% ladies and gentlemen this is the Beable bull Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back Tomorrow with another Video this year uh piece in the journal This morning on how China's crypto Traders are evading the rules there um They write this the success of the Country's crypto traders in evading the Rules shows how difficult it will be for Regulators across the world including The United States to actually police This industry your reaction you know I I Think there are elements of that with Any new technology you know there's Obviously the great firewall of China is Something that has you people have Sought to circumvent evade within China For you know probably a decade or two I

I think again if you think about the Activities that these Technologies Enable kyc still matters AML still Matters and ultimately today you there Are the off-ramps through typically Exchanges like coinbase that are very Good actors where I think you are able To enforce these kinds of regulations That's part of the you know the Self-inflicted wound a settlement with Binance the largest Exchange in the World uh with the US government you know I think a few months ago well that Settlement you just referred to Congratulations to you and to Grace Scale what does this mean for you in Terms of new business opportunities now That that's behind look we Ripple really Thrived under the scrutiny of the SEC But outside the United States My Hope Is That now that there is at least Clarity For ripple that xrp is not a security That that opens up the US market a Little bit the challenge of course is You still have us regulators who are Pretty hostile right the the SEC Continues their uh litigation Enforcement through litigation and you Know even the OC has been pretty Negative about crypto my view is this is A technology this is an asset class that Is here to stay we need to embrace it And understand that and I think Ultimately the US typically gets it

Right it just has taken a little while So what's the push back for Jamie Diamond who was on the program last week Saying look look who's using crypto you Know terrorists look who's using sex Traffickers you know my reaction to that Is uh terrorists and sex traffickers use Cash uh if you look on a percentage Basis uh I'm not trying to say that any New technology Bad actors can use any New tool Bad actors will use AI Bad Actors will use crypto bad actor I think There are a lot of very good actors in Crypto who are doing the right thing Ripple only works with regulated Financial institutions you can't have Anonymous transactions using Ripple's Technology so you know some of those Things I think are good political Talking points they're not really Yeah well said Brad great to have you This morning thank you thank you


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