?XRP Super Bullish?& Ripple CBDC Advisor Predicts Big 2023

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I am in charge of my son's High School Twitter feed because they Found out that I was a an influencer YouTuber or Twitter guy and they want me To be in charge of their Twitter feed And I actually I'll tell you a funny Story last year I did it too and I they Asked me to come to the booster club Meeting and I stood up and I told all The parents I said I do for a living what all of your kids Want to do for a living and they all Started laughing but I brought that up Because yesterday I was out doing some Videoing and taking pictures of the Baseball practice real proud of my 16 Year old he's a junior this year and He's he's the cleanup hitter And he is um you know he's Lefty pitcher For Varsity I think he'll be the the Starting out I think he'll be the number Two or three pitcher on the team I think He'll finish the year as the best Pitcher on the team that's just my Personal opinion he's not the fastest Lefty but he he has the pitches and he's Got the accuracy and he gets it done They have a hard time he's got a natural Tail on that ball these lefties are kind Of tough to hit off of I I have watched

Division one Um Baseball commits walk away from that Plate shaking their head like that that Thing's moving a lot so and and he's not Even bringing the real heat yet we're Hoping for heat in the next year or so All right Central Bank of Croatia bought Almost 2 trillion of gold in December Prior to that they were not reporting Any gold Holdings and haven't since 2001 This is another Eastern European Central Bank who who had bought gold in 2022 Then you got this turkey was the biggest Buyer of gold among central banks last Year with households also rushing to buy Gold to shield from geopolitical Uncertainty and rampant inflation and Then we got this from Golden Telegraph Breaking news Lebanon to devalue Currency by 90 percent on February 1st This is why you own gold this is also Why glint is my sponsor Um there the links in the top of the Description I tell you all the time I Buy physical gold I also buy gold in my Glen account you can buy physical gold From them if you go to the frequently Asked questions page there's a link There or there's an email address where You can send to if you want to buy Physical gold from them but if you buy Through the Glenn account like I do Um you get a I have a debit Mastercard And you can spend your goal that's

What's so awesome about their platform Now yesterday I totally missed it Um Ripple Um did put out their Their quarterly markets report Ripple Sold 226 million dollars of xrp Um worth of xrp tuggins net purchases in Q4 The Firm said in its uh markets Report that this is so coindesk right Here that they have to throw this in There this is a jab at Ripple the Centralized fintech company as opposed To Joseph lubin's companies they're They're completely decentralized right The centralized fintech company builds Global payment products and developed The xrp payment Systems the processor report Transactions over 106 million on The xrp Ledger decentralized block they said Decentralized blockchain and the Creation of 228 000 new and unique user Wallets Let's see this quote Ripple wrapped up 220-22 is the strongest year today Focusing on crypto utility and scaling Its odl product they said it in its Report as Ripple net continues to grow Despite tumultuous Market Ripple Experience highest amount of demand from Both new and existing customers adopting Odl check this out from egrag crypto xrp Last line of defense November 12 2022 Xrp can Wick to 28 cents it did Wick to

30 cents 30 38 cents still holding his Major support now xrp on verge of Starting start building strong support Above white descending trend line it's Super bullish and that we like that's Thumbnail Worthy now this is something Interesting right here Jeremy Hogan tweeted this out and this Is very interesting tweet below is the Library coin uh whatever they call their Library token weekly chart up a hundred Percent and Library completely lost its SEC lawsuit and is going into bankruptcy So library of the company lost its at SEC lawsuit and the company's going into Bankruptcy but the library token is Skyrocketing He says what does this mean Visa vxrp Asking for a friend well remember what That judge said in that hearing the Other night this is important folks Because what what the reason this Library token is going up I'm assuming Is because the token itself and the Secondary Market is now not a security I Mean or at least the judge said that and Made the SEC acknowledge that Which gives the library token clear Skies going forward as long as it's Trading on that secondary Market And I guess that's pretty bullish but Apparently everybody thinks it is Because it's up 100 percent Here's Kathy Wood she's talking about

That's her name right okay yeah Kathy Wood she's talking about the crypto how Crypto is going to do going forward Let's talk about some other Big Ideas Where are you Um in the world of crypto we've been Talking about crypto for a long time I Remember you and I had a conversation Probably two years ago talked about Bitcoin going to five hundred thousand Dollars you still in the same same place Uh yes we are uh in fact we're a little Higher than that in our base case uh for For the year 2030. Um and in our bull case much higher if You look at what has happened in the Last year Um actually Sam bankmanfried didn't like Bitcoin at all and he didn't like it Because of its decentralization and Transparency uh and what companies and Uh went under they were the highly Centralized Non-transparent opaque companies so FTX Celsius uh three AC three arrows Capital Uh if you look at what happened to Bitcoin the network and ethereum the Network they really didn't skip a beat All transactions uh were uh okay anyway She's basically saying that she's Positive for the markets going forward Today is the day the Federal Reserve is Going to say whether they're increasing Interest I think they are increasing

Into interest rates but uh Um the language of course will make the Market either go up a lot or down a lot That's how that always happens that's Not the long game from my perspective Then Anthony welfare retweeted Ripple's Prediction tweet and says cbdc gets real In 2023 like the sound of that then we Had um go give Molly Elmore a follow She's clever hummingbird is her YouTube Channel she had Matt Hamilton these are Both very smart people She had him on the channel I wanted to Play you this clip this one caught my Attention and what's Triple X's business Model like how do they make money Good question Uh rip Alex didn't really have a Business model I mean Ripple X was all About just getting adoption for The xrp Ledger so I guess ultimately at the end Of the day Ripple hold a large amount of Xrp if that goes up in value that's good For the company right so if you have More developers building then that's That's advantageous Um and you know helping other developers Build uh was was part of what they were Trying to do now folks you know there There's a first I'll show you this and Then I'll make a point if it it was it Look folk since I got all in this I knew This And I know it now even more it was is

And always will be about the xrp price This whole industry is about the prices Of these things even though everybody Tries to say that it's not they try to Say it so oh it's about building and Yeah it's about building But it's ultimately about the price and I've never been bashful about that Because this is the second coming on Steroids of the.com Boom bust you will Have winners and losers but but and the Ones that just like in the.com it wasn't Good enough to have in the end to Have.com on the end of your name you had To have an actual business model to Become the Amazons and the ebays and the Price lines okay same thing here Those were about the money this is about The money it's always about the money Folks this time it's going to be the Real utility okay now real utility there There's I would say that and look at This is a Warren Buffett quote money is Not everything make sure you earn a lot Before speaking such nonsense Um but in even in the xrp community There's a I wouldn't call it a divide Necessarily it's I think it's really Just that some people are willing to say What I consider to be the obvious truth And some people are They disguised their interest in price By talking about building well it is About building and I think yeah

Building Um you know apps adapts and all that Stuff is going to increase the price That concept is real But in my camp at least the way I think The real money The real money that's going to translate Into the xrp price ultimately is what Jimmy Valley is talking about here and That is the deals being Bretton Woods Was just a freaking business deal A lot of people got in the rooms that We're gonna we're gonna do this going Forward yeah this has happened multiple Times in history and and the by the way The other way that this gets resolved Are through revolutions riots War All right but the point here that I'm Making is Make no mistake I don't care who it is I Don't care if it's a developer Um I don't care Who it is it's about price it's about The Bitcoin price it's about the Ethereum price it's about the xrp price It just is Now the kind of price that that that I'm Thinking the kind of price that a lot That a lot of people in that think like I do think Is could be asking astronomical prices That are more that are that are that are Accomplished Through business deals and through a

Bigger picture I don't think that and and I point to Things like this you're not sitting in a Room With these kind of people These kind of people that are sitting in This room right here are not talking About building dapps and increasing the Value of xrp They do they are thinking about an Increase in the value of xrp but that Not because of dapps maybe because of Cbdcs on a private Ledger that Bridges The xrp people sitting in this room are Not are are thinking about business Deals not building They may be thinking about building in Terms of cbdc's or tokenizing real world Assets that xrp is bridging to through Tokens Hi my name is Ryan zagon I'm from a Company called Ripple uh we use Blockchain and virtual currency as a way To connect fiat currency more Efficiently it's a product for financial Institutions so it's an Enterprise use Case we're using digital currency as an Fx tool as opposed to a currency itself As new Enterprise use cases for DLT and Digital currency emerge how do we Balance policy to allow these new use Cases to take root while also capturing Risk we see in the market today A great question who wants to take

Go ahead Yeah I mean I think There are certain principles that need To be upheld when doing regulation is at The same risk same treatment We have to really slice down what you're Trying to do with technology and Identify what is the underlying Financial transaction you have you have You want to do And if there is already a regulatory Treatment it has to be the same Just because it's done differently Through technology That at least from my own point of view Does not justify to give it preferential Or adversial treatment I mean I think it Has to be a Level Playing Field and we As Regulators we have to be as as as we Say technological technology neutral Okay yeah it's sort of like saying that Okay if you look like a bank if you Smell like a bank if you walk like a Bank Uh Ripple bank that is Folks these people are not all in the Same room they're not all in this same Room Because they're worried about building Except building cbdc's and tokenization Of trillions if not quadrillions of Assets and if you think these people

Aren't worried about money all the money And think again because anytime you hear Somebody say it's not about the money It's not about the price that's exactly What it's about I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family It's always about the money maybe at 18 I would have told you differently but at 49 It's about the money Foreign

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