?XRP Grand Cycle?Ripple Trade , Davos 2023 & SEC vs. Ripple Win/Loss

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and the first thing I want to Hit right out of the gate is that I've Changed my mind on the flare vote last Yesterday in a video I've told you I was Going to vote no and on the on the vote That's upcoming and the premise was that I'm irritated which I still am that they Changed uh I don't think they ever Should have changed what they originally Told people how they dropped it but Here's the here's the deal folks and and Maybe they just made a mistake we'll Give them the benefit of the doubt here I'm changing my vote I want to be very Clear I'm going to vote Yes on the on The flare Dr on the uh the the vote Change and I'm going to tell you why so This guy uh sent me something last night And basically what he was saying is if You receive if you vote no okay and and Let's say the vote goes no and they do It just originally as planned many People had their Flair designated to go To an exchange like a coinbase or all Kinds of exchanges like Celsius for Example if you vote no that flare is Going to continue in the future my Understanding is this going to continue To go there to that place on all those Air drops so many people will be

Completely messed up in that situation They don't want it to go to those places Because It could go to an exchange like Celsius That's not even in business anymore or It could go to an exchange like coinbase That um for a thousand different reasons Could could not give us access to it if You vote Yes which is what I'm going to Do for one thousand percent sure now if You vote Yes All of a sudden since you are yes you Are going to have to rap and delegate it And all that but you're going to get to Change which wallet the rest of those Airdrops go to so you will be able to in In what I've set up I've got to buy Frost wallet but I've also got a ledger Nano s with with either one of those Things the bifrost is on your phone You'll be able to set it up so that you So that you receive those future flared Drops directly to a watch the wallet That you control okay now you can even They've even got a set up thing here It's called flare dot space okay uh you Can go there they've got a us the the Fip.01 that's the name of this this Thing you're voting on so you can go to Here and you can you can connect you can Connect your wallet you can uh and it Will basically run you through the Numbers on what you should receive if if You vote for yes okay and it'll give you

The thing I ran through mine and it's Pretty much there's no question what I'm Going to do now so I'm going to vote Yes For this and I would encourage everybody I think it's in the best interest of Everybody now does that mean that that I Think this was handled the wrong way and It rolled out the wrong way yeah I think I think that this they should have Thought it out better so they stuck with The original thing they they said but All things considered now It I think it's it's in the face in the Best what I'm losing my train of thought Here I think it's in the best interest Of everybody to vote Yes personally I Think that it gives you more control of Your destiny with these things and I Think you may even get more Flair than You would have gotten if you do it right Okay Um so what a great great time to show You uh Ledger the legend or Not The Ledger Stacks is coming out in April so I'll be I pre-ordered mine I'm going to Be setting this thing up to possibly Receive this drop okay So Um the link to this is in the top of the Description if you hadn't gotten one yet Go check it out Dark Defender times come to discuss the Great scenarios xrp is on the verge of Creating her expected ways for years the

Way one at one point 1.33 will be a Messenger for W5 wave 13 to 17 17 will Be the initial wave of grand cycle wave One there are all kinds of cool chart Terms in here that I can use on Thumbnails I like it I hope he's right On all of it Um then the official cool guy tweeted This out and he's so right this was a Picture of the of all the guy the Snipers in Davos on top of the roof and He says this is straight out of golden Not one of the James Bond movies and We've got Dr evil villains too it's like Golly now this is Brad garlinghouse Um to the the this is him from Davos Last year and I thought it'd be a good Time to refresh because he's there again This year what Ripple is doing with our Digital asset that we use in our Technology stack called xrp is solving a Cross-border payments problem and that Crossware payments problem we all have Experienced when you're moving money Across borders it is slow and is Typically expensive there's no reason we Can't use these Technologies and you Know what I think more regulation better Than we can all know what we're trading With why don't you want more regulation On xrp why are you in a big fight with Sec's Gary Gensler that's just going on And on what is going on that's Frustrating uh Gary genzel was quoted as

Saying that just just as delayed as Justice denied yet at every turn the SEC Has been slowing this one down look we Were the ones advocating for years that We needed regulatory Clarity in the United States and then for the SEC to Say hey even though it's not clear we're Going to bring a civil lawsuit saying That xrp is a security we find to be a Bit ironic I'm actually advocating for Regulatory Clarity I've been in xrp to Be a security I think most crypto assets Are not Securities and I think they are Clearly Commodities and they are Regulated I mean when people say as Gary Gensler has said this is the wild west That is not true these are we're a Regulated Company by many different Regulatory bodies today and outside the United States you have the regulatory Clarity I think it's a little more Wild West for FTX which Gary Gensler was Meeting with and having planning Sessions with so Gary is focusing on the Wrong targets well that guy seems to Have a beef with um why Ripple is Fighting the SEC here's why John Deaton Did a thread yesterday he says the SEC Literally claims xrp itself was is and Always will be a security Um and he's talking about reading this Section of the Amicus breed the scope of The sec's Howie argument has become so Stretched that it is truly indefinable

In space or in time he says that's not How a Howie analysis works and it Certainly doesn't make a token itself Always a security no matter the Circumstances people predicting the SEC Will definitely win and that xrp is Doomed are overstating the sec's chances The sec's allegations are stretched too Far all right and then this is Brad Garlinghouse for World economic Forum 2023 he's there again now this is a Write-up on him from Wrath of Kahneman Here's the actual Um thing he's going to be speaking in It's uh January 19th the boom and bust In crypto markets compounded by the Dramatic volatility in 2022 Says uh what would what would it take to Craft sufficiently robust regulation to Realize the benefits of digital Currencies while ensuring positive Macroeconomic and societal outcomes this Session is directly linked to ongoing Work of the world economic forums Digital currency governance Consortium And look who Brad garlinghouse is going To be on stage with Um that's managing enter Bloomberg this Is the central president Central Bank of The Netherlands Commissioner of Financial services European commission Minister of artificial intelligence Digital economy remote workout this is Office of Prime Minister of the United

Arab Emirates Um and and here where they say this is Ongoing work Um digital currency governance Consortium well just so happens this is The uh God book here World economic Forum digital currency governance Consortium and there's Susan Friedman She's uh one of the Consortium Contributors she's head of public policy For ripple Bob way remember Bob way Who disappeared from social media a Couple of years ago he has reappeared Bob way was one of the first 10 people At Ripple he had quite the interesting Thread that I was reading through I was Hitting the refresh button last night Around dinner time I'm going to start From here in the thread here he's Talking about I think it was around back In 2016. I remember this a lot of people Don't remember this but Ripple had Something called Ripple trade where you Could they ran it where you could store Your xrp at Ripple okay and I remember This happening and I remember thinking Okay so I guess this thing's over he Says so just as X and the gist of his Thread Above This is that The Regulators The fincen thing happened in 2015 and it Was about kyc and that's what caused Complications for ripple running Ripple Trade because they were gonna have to

Kyc everybody so they eventually shut it Down and I had mine on there when they Did this and I remember when they when They told everybody hey you can go to Gate Hub all right so just as xrp was Having its first big price rally they Announced Ripple was shutting down the Ripple trade client Unfortunately they Did so without providing any alternative Way to access xrpl or explaining how Anyone could do it themselves so xrp's Price crashed hard uh turns out there Was a proposed plan that was Transitioning people to this guy gate Hub okay and that's what that's what I Did at the time I I even remember Sending Ripple an email saying what what Are you guys doing you know what are we Supposed to do but nobody bothered to Put out that press release prior to the Announcement shutdown he says I don't I Don't ever think I've seen Chris Larson So pissed all right but then this thing Goes on it starts to get more Interesting we'll get past this he says Does this feel like the xrp Twitter Files sounds like a thumbnail Bob so in 2016 roll 2016 rolled around and Remember folks around this time Somewhere in here when I had my xrp on Gate Hub is when see people remember the 2017-18 runner but there was another one I remember when it went crazy around That time period while mine was on gate

Hub because I remember going and Checking to see if it was still there I Had forgotten about it Okay Um and then uh he goes on not their Fault so then he goes so now enter R3 R3 Was a group of people who saw that Distributed ledgers were resonating with Bankers so anyway R3 comes in but they Don't have the tech they put together They start putting together a banking Group and this is talking about the R3 Option contract okay they got crazy Popular really fast lots of banks paid The upfront fee plastered their logos All over R3 site to show their thought Leadership so they basically put a Banking group together Somewhere along the way someone proposed That R3 and ripple should partner it Just wasn't totally clear why just uh That we both were getting great traction With banks throwing in together seemed Reasonable for press release now keep in Mind that our three Bankers our three Had Bankers but no Ledger software at All really they determined from the Bankers that Bankers wanted a permission System making up made up of private Transactions nobody really knew what the Benefits would bring but Bankers new Banking was a closed system and of Course Bankers compete against each Other

So it turns out all our threes Bankers Had some of Ripple's Bankers all came Over to the Ripple office for hands up On demo each Banker used the Ripple Trade client to make their own xrpl Wallet Ripple funded the wallets to Create a ledger to create a ledger Address for each Banker then the bankers All send xrp back and forth to each Other seeing the payment show up in real Time to us long-term ripplers the demo Is a bit Juvenile and silly but to the Bankers it was mind-blowing to be doing It themselves rather than reading about It okay R3 was happy the new Finance Focused folks on Ripple were happy So R3 made a proposal as I understand it They would build their own system to Meet the bankers perceived needs but Somehow they would use xrp to help move Value around that sounded great to the New Finance Folks at Ripple because Until then they saw a little need for Xrp so a very Hasty set of contracts was Drawn up between R3 and ripple one was About R3 and ripple working together the Second gave R3 an option to buy xrp at Higher than market rate the idea was That if R3 if r3's work increased the Value of xrp they should see some upside From the option Ripple agreed to an out Of the money option price if R3 Increased xrp's price they could buy the Option then sell it for a profit Ripple

Would see the majority of the upside From the rising price of xrp but R3 Should get some upside to the logic as Explained to me I was against this by The way was by giving R3 an option on Five percent of xrp Ripple is giving Them a five percent of the upside the Idea was that R3 was unsuccessful Um that if Arthur was unsuccessful they Would get nothing so net net failure Costs Ripple nothing Partnerships seemed a no-brainer but as It turns out someone really effed up the Contracts Um the the option contracts were written In separate documents So separate partnership documents nobody Connected the two documents with a Performance Clause then we had to run up I guess later on Um he said dinner I'll be back R3 came To Ripple to exercise the option once The market went up which baffled Dribbled because R3 didn't do anything As a part of the partnership And then he goes on and basically Um says that he doesn't know what the Settlement was and da da da Okay So that's a pretty darn interesting Thread I want to finish with this Twitter has added support for xrp and Its new crypto price index feature so if You type in xrp on Twitter you will

Immediately see this and I think this is What uh Twitter has done and I don't Know if you type Bitcoin I'm sure if you Type Bitcoin and some of the major ones This same type thing will come up for Those but if you type up at type in xrp The first thing that pops up is a Graphic showing you the current xrp Price and that is cool I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button tell your friends and family Type in xrp on Twitter Thank you


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