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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor I gotta watch one of my sons my 16 year olds Baseball games today They're playing a team that is probably Going to crush his team because it's Like a Number top 25 School in the country type Deal so Not looking forward to watching that Maybe he can at least get some good hits I don't think he's pitching today now I Want to show you this This is Catherine Austin Fitz now the The proof of work the Bitcoin the Ethereum proof of work thing that none Of that ever made any sense to me I've Been to those Bitcoin conferences where There's a massive cargo thing with That's supposed to house all these Mining operations and I've I've walked Into one of those things It always seems so utterly ridiculous to Me this idea that you would use up all These massive amounts of space and Energy in order to do that when you Didn't even have to none of it has ever Made any sense to me this pumping of These things that are not as efficient Or as good of Technologies as so many of The other things I've always felt like They were doing the trying to get us to

Look over here at Bitcoin ethereum while The real stuff's being built and I still Believe that and so does she listen to What she says here as a policy matter I Do think that cryptos were encouraged And pumped and dumped and continue to be Pumped and dumped to uh to build the to Do the prototyping that's needed for the Central Bankers to figure out how to do Cbdc's but they also play a lot of other Roles helping to move money around Secretly helping to launder money Helping to get a lot of the people who Are Freedom Fighters working for you and Building your train tracks instead of Building in other words you create Bitcoin and make it look like a Libertarian movement you even put Something in the code that refers to the Bank bailouts back in 2009 you put it in The code so what happens all the Freedom Fighters and the Libertarians come out Of the woodwork and say yeah that's Exactly how I got here folks I've just Become older and wiser and paid Attention Freedom so even though I think a lot of People who are using Bitcoin to try and Build Freedom are very sincere I think part of the op is getting them To help the central Bankers prototype Where they want to go and I think it's Been very successful I think crypto has Been has done a great job of sort of

Leading a whole world of people into Into a process that helps the big guys Get to where they want to go Bitcoin Heard that everybody in here folks as a Policy matter I do see crypto as an opt To build towards the cbdc and I think For Mr Global standpoint it's been Remarkably successful I think she just Called it and I hear I said proof work Never made any sense because it is it Was is a prototype designed as a Libertarian movement xrp and gold the The utility tokens the the tokens that Are going to be actual actually have Utility and be allowed And it's going to be maybe what I think Brad garlinghouse said scores I think It's going to be somewhere in that 15 to 20 that are going to be used In the monetary system Xrp and gold are what I'm into that's Why glint's one of my sponsors you can With Glenn you can open an account you Can have a uh you can buy gold in your Account then you've got a debit Mastercard and you can actually spend The gold on groceries or at a restaurant Links in the top of the description go Check it out look what's happened with Xrp today we went over 40 cents it's up Over seven days if this was around 10 Percent just a little bit ago for the Quarter up 7.68 there's a lot of all Coins that seem to be moving right now

And we've heard Um we've heard Brad garlinghouse refer To Ripple comparable to Amazon here's Chris Larson this is a clip I had never Seen from Chris Larson I found it this Morning listen to Chris Larson Um but I think it does help for the Long-term Vision to be very well Resourced we have about 170 people in Our company uh we do a whole tens of Billions of dollars in digital assets And you know frankly we I'm I was really Interested in something Jeff Bezos said Recently on how he looks at his company He says you know lots of companies live Three years in the future and he says That's a crowded space everybody is Planning for three years he looks seven Years in the future and that is there's Not a lot of competition there and but To do that you have to have Foundry Control you have to have some somebody Controlling the vision who can you know Frankly stare down their investors their Board and make the case that no we need To stick with this for the Long Haul That's really hard to do when founders Don't have control so I'd say if you're A Founder maintain control at all costs And then also have as a bigger balance Sheet as you can have as much Resource As you can so you can you know be Successful like an Amazon and get Through the winters and get through the

Deserts that are always always going to Be there these are good times now that That could change in an instant and Having lots of resources is is really Helpful to having impact There you go and then um John Deaton was Had tweeted this I wanted to draw this To your attention Um right here he says personally based On the way the SEC chose to plead this Case and almost All or Nothing approach I.E all sales past present and future Are unregistered Securities I believe The only victory for the SEC is that Ripple offered xrp as unregistered Security between 2013 and 2017. if true There won't be an injunction no Disgorgement but a fine but as as you Know I think the chances of a jury trial Are higher than most people believe to Be clear if true was meaning if I'm Right the judge agrees with my analysis A huge if when an injunct then no Injunction but the most interesting part Is he thinks and this is what this is What I keep saying I don't think the the SEC can get a victory on xrp being a Security Now all or in the future in the Secondary Market And so I think that's kind of what John's saying there is that there yeah In this judgment or whatever comes They could uh point back to some sales That went on between 2013 and 17 say

Those were Securities transactions but Not xrp itself and not xrp in the Secondary Market going forward That's good news to me Egrag crypto says I've been stating that Xrp price will hit 27 since I'm uh try I've I've tried different ta tools and 27 keeps on being aligned with my ta When xrp finishes the second part of the W formation and closes monthly candle Above two dollars and twenty cents I Will long it to Valhalla All right And then he did this one xrp 40 days xrb Has been ranging for 40 days although Some alts are popping like popcorn the More alts pop and Bitcoin moves up I Feel um moves up the more I feel Energetic and enthusiastic about the Avalanche of money will be flowing into Xrp I like the sound of those tweets now Uh Bank of Russia to launch the next Phase of the digital Ruble pilot project With transactions between individuals And businesses so as Gary Gensler holds Up the U.S we still have Russia and China moving forward Then Eleanor terrett says okay I'm back Shaking it off and moving forward I Didn't even know that she had left but Um I think she must have left because of The um she had accidentally uh reported That Circle had gotten a Wells notice From the SEC and it was not right but

She immediately corrected it into Eleanor tarot I would say look nobody's Gonna we're all human You're gonna get things right and wrong It happens but that doesn't mean you Stop you just correct it and move on All right Um then then there's this Um Wheezy has found that Caroline Pham You know Caroline pham's the lady at the The cftc that was going around trying to Be the new the next crypto mom and now And then we find out from thinking Cryptos inside source that the cftc is Working with the White House and the SEC And all these others on the crypto Crackdown so I asked her are you guys Helping with the crypto Crackdown and Then Wheezy finds this just so turns out That Caroline fam was at Sullivan Cromwell the same time as Jay Clayton Then Kristen Johnson was at Simpson Thatcher the same time as William Henman Can't make this up it's all a club That's just great then we've got this Today Bloomberg put out the SEC as being Ruthless and creative about expanding Its power and the crypto industry seems To be playing catch-up and so I asked uh When new day coming to Tom emmer Patrick McHenry and Bill hazinga and John Deaton Had had uh addressed this um in the last Couple days Congress isn't going to step In before 2025 it will not happen the

Senate isn't bringing Gary Gensler Before the Banking Committee until September Elizabeth Warren gives him the Questions and answers anyway and the Financial services committee might not Be until June the fight is in court Folks Oh the irony Xrp is literally very possibly going to Be the only digital asset with Regulatory Clarity because it went Through this lawsuit I mean you can literally see it forming Right now folks Then this is Senator Bill uh Hagerty I'm Hearing examples of companies in crypto Space being debanked by US Banks If I and then he goes on make no mistake This operation choke point 2.0 is an Extreme overreach from banking Regulators and they should expect to Hear from Congress soon I say blah blah Blah you guys are all talk you haven't Done anything apparently you're not Gonna do anything for a long time Nauseating I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family That my son's team might very well get Crushed today maybe they'll get lucky Thank you Foreign


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