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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I want to remind you that The window is the window will not be Open forever Ripple Ripple private Equity on link two's platform who is one Of my sponsors the links in the top of The description if you remember Brad Garlinghouse himself said as soon as This lawsuit is over they will explore An IPO I'm assuming that if the lawsuit Ended uh badly for ripple that IPO will Be explored in another country like London or Singapore which they can do by The way but either way and this is What's important this is when Brad Growinghouse said it crypto from Ripple Explore IPO after SEC lawsuit ends but Either way folks that's where this is Headed and either way xrp will be free If it'll either be free in the whole World or it'll be free in all other Countries except the United States I Don't see that story ending this way But anyway I just wanted the links in The top of the description description They don't have an unlimited amount of Ripple uh shares but they do have some All right I wanted to make you aware of This bit boy this weekend

Was in um right outside of Sam bankman Freed's house That's got to creep you out pretty good If you're saying bankman freed I don't know what I don't the one thing That I'm kind of baffled by is bit boy This has all seemed extremely personal To him and I've never really gotten my Arms around why it's so personal to him Um I have no idea maybe we'll find out One day now Um since the Ripple case is over I think It's important that we put we we um do a Recap and and make sure because look Many of us have spent over two years Uh piecing the timeline together and Putting all this together John Deaton And and Minnie sleuths and everything Else and I think it's important now that Congress doesn't have any more excuses It's important to put it in front of Them they Tom emmer said that a new day Was coming and now they don't have any Excuses they're they're running Um his party's running the house now so Here you go in 2018. by the way this was Created by crypto law John Deaton's law Firm uh there's a little uh you can There are things at the end of the video In 2018 then SEC official Bill Hinman Gave a speech declaring that ether is Not a security We Believe current offers And sales of Ethan are not Securities Transactions he made us believe it was

Guidance to the market it was the first Time we had expressions of the world That we didn't view ether as a security But Gary gestler's SEC says this speech Was not guidance That's not what the markets thought the SEC has started to weigh in just last Week I know him important they misled Congress people too Warren Davids they Misled you and you know it I communicated that ether was considered A commodity not a Security even that SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson made us Think it was guidance to the market he Gave speech where he laid out here's how We think about this and gave a set of Principles that the market can follow From time to time the SEC does its best Not through the cumbersome informal Remaking process but instead by talking To the market help me understand how to Do this right and we're working immunity Speech and all the while Bill Hinman was Being paid 15 million dollars from a law Firm promoting ethereum then Hinman left The SEC to be a partner at the biggest Crypto investment fund why did Bill Hinman give that speech how many Millions of reasons did he have it's Time for an investigation of the Conflicts of interest by SEC officials Like Hinman only Congress has oversight On the SEC to demand your lawmakers Support an investigation connected

Congress today You can go to connect to Congress um It's a crypto dashlaw.us is where you Can uh do that still now one point I Want to make about all this because what What happened here is regulatory capture Bitcoin ethereum got a free pass by Bill Hinman and you just saw how all that Went down well what else happened as a Result of that Jay Clayton drops the Lawsuit on Ripple as he walks out the Door and then all of the people that Were behind making that happen quit the SEC and went off to their fancy Law Firm Jobs okay well Hugo filion was doing a Threat on Flair and I think that that um That this captures just one thing that Happened as a result of all that he says Flair is the only major VC back project Building around the xrp ecosystem yes we Are also building around other networks But we retain xrp the community do not Understand how impossible it was to Convince the crypto VC system to back Anything that touch such as xrp so this Is what the SEC did this is part of what They did by regulatorily capturing Ripple and xrp and it was intentional it Was by Design folks that all the time Now oh all we hear is oh ethereum is the Biggest it has the biggest Network it It's this and this that well that's Specifically because Ripple and xrp were Held back through this regulatory

Capture if if if things were on a Level Playing Field Bitcoin ethereum and xrp Ethereum would not be in those in the Place that all these people claim that It is it's never made any sense because Ethereum doesn't even work the gatsbys Are a joke okay and it it's never made Any sense and it wouldn't Bitcoin and Ethereum wouldn't even be close to xrp If xrp had been given the same Regulatory advantage and this is why Congress needs to investigate these People because this is not what this age He was created to do it was created to Protect investors and to to for Capital Formation to happen not be prevented Like has done been done here all right David Schwartz says should I stop Talking about Flair's token distribution I will abide by the he has really had a A beef with the whole flare distribution Thing Um and and then this guy goes do a do Another one for burning Escrow in other Words this guy's taking a shot at at Ripple and saying well do it do uh start Talking about burning the xrp escrow and David Schwartz with a classic response Says how about we do one for burning Your house in other words why would you Suggest burning an xrp asset if that Makes sense to you then why not burn Your house that asset I mean oh man dark Defender xrp Bitcoin pair status zoomed

In xrp uh BTC has finished the second Wave of Correction third wave will kick In shortly targeting xrp will be this Times this It means xrp will appreciate three times More than Bitcoin I hope he's right All right there's a couple of great Little Clips I wanted to show you I Don't know who this is I guess this Guy's the Black Swan capitalist why Bail-ins will be the new bailouts hidden Leverage poses 65 trillion challenge That could trigger next Um financial crisis let's check this out Right and I got Bail at the banks They're gonna actually do a billion this Actually was passed into the law In 2017. can you can you explain what a Bail in is sure so it's a again it's a Complete lockup when there's not enough Liquidity in the financial system for People to make withdrawals and for the Banks and they you know no longer can Get people their money and when that Happens the banks are going to bail in The customers Um their their money from their accounts To balance out that debt that's already Owed so this happens because the bankers And the institutions got greedy of Course they had massive leverage this is What we saw with FTX the same thing but Imagine on a global scale because the Dollar again is a unit of debt when this

Happens you're going to start to see the Bank's freeze the bank lock up that's The Ice Nine scenario Jim Rickers talked About David Morgan we just put an Interview out with him uh yesterday came Out today and he kind of Dives deep into This but he's an expert on this stuff And he made it abundantly clear that There will be a bailing for sure and I Can see it easily happening because There's too much leverage there's too Much debt they don't want to cut Spending Um you know they don't want to raise Taxes publicly so they're doing it also Through inflation which is also cutting The Dollar's buying power so it all ties In together all right that's one glue Then I saw another one floating around Wait till you hear what he says in this About what Linda P Jones said to him Trying to blockchain environment they Need to settle huge amounts of money Every day And it's going that direction It has to be a high price and so that's What that's what keeps me as a firm in Xrp in all the in all the ups and downs Absolutely and you're right about Everything you said there but You know people also need to understand When we talk about the price of xrp You have to look at the debt Debt and central banks are have an

Incentive to dissolve that debt right Now And they found a solution Is blockchain They actually are going to in my opinion Based on the research and also I can Confirm this that the international Monetary fund has already agreed on a Price before all this integration Started to happen so this was a few Years ago They agreed upon the price and I got a Lot of information from Linda P Jones Has a friend who worked at the Central Bank of Australia and she said that they Agreed upon a price and it's in the Thousands now when we again talk about The xrp price we have to look at the Global debt the incentive for central Banks to dissolve Global debt in fact Also to utilize this liquidity source of Liquidity from xrp to facilitate Um you know so he just said Linda P Jones has a contact of the Australian Central bank and they said the IMF has Already said the price in the thousands Now I'm not saying that happened I'm Just saying that's what he just said Let me finish Um you know transparency and Moving into the digital economy this is What they're going to be using xrp is a Financial instrument to serve the global Economy

When you start to take all these things Into account And again like David Schwartz said the Price has to be All right I'm going to finish with this From John Deaton he says I I forgot to Go over this this thread he says here's How the judge could give Ripple an Outright look at this I like that for a Thumbnail outright win This is how the judge could give Ripple An outright win rip or focusing on Pre-1933 Blue Sky argument people are Focusing that argument is for the second Court and Supreme Court I don't believe Judge Torres agrees with that argument Although the current Supreme Court could I'm not saying it will happen I'm just Addressing Jay's concern this is J uh V's tweet the judge could absolutely get Around ripples sales of xrp now I want To go down I'm not going to go through All this but I want to go down to what I Find the interesting part this is why I'm confident the SEC is not granted Summary judgment in the manner they have Requested it is also why I could see the Judge saying denied and arguing the jury Must decide certain issues Um for example non-investment uses of Xrp recklessness fair notice what some People failed to consider is that judge Towards could say denied to both summary Judgment motion and it goes to a jury

Until uh we get a read on on all the Rule 56 facts and read the underlying Evidence relied upon it's near Impossible for me to predict anything More the sec's claims unconstitutionally Expand Howie beyond recognition remember The SEC admitted in its response to my Writ of mandamus that it that it is the Court that will decide whether the sec's Theory is valid I'm confident judge Torres rejects the sec's wild sweeping Theory I like that too wild sweeping Theory that's a great thumbnail Um okay Um so so the point the reason I want to Show you this the point is is that this When this thing comes out there there Could be I mean this could be the judge Could do this in really I think Jeremy Hogan said it before like 20 something Different combinations of things that Could happen and some of it could look Like a win for ripple and some of it Could look like a loss for ripple But Ultimately I think that that that the SEC when they put when they put in this Case that xrp itself is a security Somebody's got to decide what xrp is Going forward and it's not xrp itself It's going to be the Transaction that makes it a security or Makes it not a security so what we're Looking for is what is this judge going To say about I mean there there are ways

That xrp can be transacted where it's Not a security going for them that's What it's really about but I still say Settlement until I see those unredacted Hinman documents I still say settlement I think Gary needs to be bailed out of This thing now I one thing I don't know Is I think that there's the judge is Going to decide whether all that gets Unsealed or not Um and I don't know when that is maybe One of these attorneys can answer that But anyway Until I see those unredacted completely Unredacted him and documents I'm Thinking settlement because I don't Think they can show them I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button and tell your friends and Family About the sec's wild [Music] [Music]


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