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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor I wanted to start with this uh Clip I think this is from that lady Named Lynette Lynette Zhang um and she Had posted this onto Um onto Twitter watch this and The level of Dealt by Foreign and You can see going all the way back to The 70s that it's been a a steady Incline a little dip in the 2002. But it's been a very steady incline a Little bit of bumpiness here going into 2008 and look at how straight line and Then there's a shift can you see that That is a pattern change and whether or Not you realize it and whether or not You even know what it means what you Need to know that it means is that Something is changing so when you get This straight line and a little bit of Bumpy here going into that but up here Is when the bumps really start and look At this decline look at it it is the Largest decline in treasury debt held by Foreign investors since they started Tracking it Uh oh uh oh so you see what I'm saying The world is getting ready for the US Dollar to no longer be World Reserve Currency are you getting ready for that

Let's show you how big that move is even More closely because this was just the Fourth quarter in 2021. Right so a year that's how much foreign Holders of our treasury debt well boy They were the biggest buyers of the Treasury debt other than the Federal Reserve That's not true anymore this is a danger Signal soft Landing garbage no such Thing as a soft Landing It is the most selling on record and you Need to stand up and take notice of it This is a very very very big deal when When that thing finally collapses it'll Happen overnight it'll it'll be it'll Happen so fast nobody will even know What happened that's why Glenn is my Sponsor that's I don't know if I've ever Really even showed you these screenshots But this is inside the glint app where I Buy some gold Um buy it inside the app they've even Got the charts and all the all the stuff And you can also Um hold your money in US dollars or Euro Or or GBP but if you go down here Something else I may not have mentioned In a while you can buy the gold you can Send the gold to other people with a Glen accounts you can save the gold you Just keep it there you can spend it on And with your course your glint debit Mastercard and that's what's so cool

About it and the links in the top of the Description tell them d-i-d-a-i sent you Now check this out it gets the backdrop Of Gary Gensler trying to protect us all And trying to shut down all of crypto These are the rumors anyway I don't Believe it's true but they're wanting to Scare everybody that's what they're Really wanting to do but it says the SEC 395 major legal actions against all the Major Banks 1998 to 2020 195 billion Dollars in fines issued banks are still Allowed to continue ripping people off And making profits and when it comes to Crypto oh no we can't let people control Their own money uh Ripple's fighting for Everyone okay But in the library weighed in had a Little tweet thread here Cryptocurrency really is dying in the U.S the government actually is winning If we if we die but people wake up to to To in time to change this it's still a Win it's not about whether Cryptocurrencies or security it's about Whether average Americans can acquire And use cryptocurrency privately I agree If everyday people can you easily and Privately acquire cryptocurrency the law Is irrelevant if the library dies it Won't be because the tech didn't work it Will die because it's impossible to get The tokens into people's hands All right and so but here's something

That I kind of agree with folks I think A lot of this is fear and Market Manipulation I really do look at this Listen closely the coming Crackdown on Crypto is a psyop Do not fall for it it is God it's the Government pretending to be against it So the people think that they have won When government capitulates it is clever And Brilliant and the masses will fall For it we have seen too much folks I've Been through this before the 2018-2019 it was the same thing that We're going through right now in fact 2000 from 2013 on we went through Different phases of oh they're they're Going to ban it and this and that I Can't even count the the times what I do Know and this is what matters I do know That the poly signs of the world the Custody for Wall Street they've all been Building behind the scenes okay these Are the people that are not really Focused on this this is not now what I Believe is that Gary Gensler wants to Put have Some things are going to be allowed to Be in retail hands and and he wants the Other things to be in the hands of Sophisticated investors in other words He wants all the money to be made by the Sophisticated investors okay his friends In other words Um so that's part of what I think you

Know you know all the you know how the Whole ethereum disguised whales process Unfolded where to this day those people Are disguised and they're able to have These icos and then later on it goes to Retail and by the time it hits retail Those people have have already cashed Out and they've made their money I Believe that's what Gary Gensler wants Accredited investors to be able to do From now on in crypto in other words oh Yeah accredited people they can hatch a Token or whatever And then once once they've done their Thing and they're all sitting there Ready then it can be put on a secondary JP Morgan market for the retail They want to continue their Monopoly Folks that's what I think now this guy Says R.I.P ethereum long-lived the king Bitcoin if staking his banned in the U.S 90 95 percent of all altcoins are Wrecked guess what coin will pump well Let me give you a script change here Buddy what if Xrp got Clarity from the lawsuit at About the same time that these guys are Trying to ban staking and all that what If Bitcoin and xrp all of a sudden were The only two digital assets with U.S Clarity What if Bitcoin all of a sudden had to Compete head to head with xrp You know what happens then don't you

Duo nine What happens then is there's no reason To own Bitcoin now I found a clip from The uh from dabba's 2023 that I had not Seen Brad garlinghouse is talking about Ripple and whether it's a competitor to Swift and I inserted a Gary Gensler clip In here because it looked it seemed like The appropriate place to put it watch This let's let's go there is is Swift a Competitor is uh Swift something that in In a future scenario you would see Working with and what about you know Transfers that happen through platforms Like a revolut or a WeChat yeah so Ripple decided earlier on that we wanted To be a kind of the infrastructure layer There's a whole bunch of strategic Issues associated with that one of them Quite frankly is that if you work with Regulated endpoints that's where all the Regulatory Frameworks apply kyc know Your customer AML anti-money laundering All the acronyms if you work just with Regulated endpoints they're making sure That that is the case uh companies like WeChat have to do that regulatory work Themselves uh now Swift I mean Swift is Kind of a competitor it's it's slightly More complicated than that because Swift Is really just messaging when you send a Swift transfer it's not liquidity you're Actually sending Bank messages to banks That have liquidity so to some degree

Citibank and HSBC uh really the top two JPM those are the top three liquidity Banks you mentioned Jamie Diamond so Let's bring it back to Jamie and JP Morgan what do you think is going to be The the thing that they will have to Change the most or lose market share and Somebody else is going to do better Faster You know serve their clients better than JP Morgan or Bowman Sachs because you Can you can just hear the bankers Panicking right now and when you're Sending Swift messages you're sending Messages to Banks to release liquidity You're making sure the debits and Credits match So to some degree really boil it down Ripple's competing with the liquidity of City and the messaging of Swift but in One because we're both messaging and Liquidity and at the end of the day you Know again as I described you know Swift Was developed 50 plus years ago it Architecturally hasn't really changed it Does remain slow you know days it does Remain relatively speaking expensive and Actually interesting it's quite Error-prone uh and part of that is just It's a one-way messaging protocol so if I fat finger tassos and I put uh 1s Instead of two in the Middle East you Have three s's but that will bounce back Though they'll say no that account name

Doesn't match that person that's an Error now if you use modern technology You know you would get a real time You're typing in to ask this an account Number you get a real-time okay does That count match oh I mistyped I fat Fingered that name so that the Efficiency you know we see instead of a Six percent error rate as reported for Swift You See you know 10 bips of air so 99.9 effective so we think these are Better technologies that can be applied Broadly to the vast majority of frankly All of the banking system by selling it As a wholesaler if you will and Therefore we don't compete with the Wechats WeChat could be a customer of Ours Oh WeChat could be a customer that was That clip pretty much sums up what we've Been dealing with in this SEC lawsuit What you're really talking about is Liquidity Banks slash SEC versus Ripple Is what you're talking about now this Guy has knocked it out of the park here You know how we've been talking about Digital IDs and and all these these Creepy globalists seem to be talking About how all of us need digital IDs so They can track US and all that they're Trying to use blockchain for evil what If you flip the script And the digital IDs were going to be Given to government officials and

Government entities so that the citizens Can track what they're doing that's the Way it should be done Now The bigger picture here is about trust In our public service and our MPS it's a Rock bottom at the moment in terms of Public perceptions around pieces stories Like this do not help I think it's time To do a root and Branch review of MP Salaries of expenses and basically what Is actually good use of taxpayers money You know while we're getting governments They're trying to say that you possibly Need more surveillance more digital ID There might be an argument but perhaps Some tables should turn and actually the Public should ask for some digital ID And surveillance on our end well well This is it That's exactly what we need All right Cowboy crypto who is the Official Cowboy of the digital asset Investor Channel Um he was he brought to my attention That there's some more J.P Morgan Jamie Diamond meetings that Gary Gensler had So you can add two more on to that that Makes nine plus he met with Vanguard Multiple times who has who manages Gary Gensler's money there's JP Morgan and Then there's another Jamie Diamond on September 28th and BlackRock let's add That one in there too

Gary is always up to something and then I said listen to the story about a man Named Jed That would be Jed McCaleb there are no Coincidences you know how everybody's Using chat GPT open AI created it we're Excited this is from back in 2018 we're Excited to welcome the following new Donors hope to open AI Jed McCaleb right There and then it says down here Elon Musk will depart the open AI board but We'll continue to donate and advise the Organization as Tesla continues to Become more focused on AI this will Eliminate potential future Conflict for Elon Don't forget Elon is about to open up Some kind of um Payment system through Twitter right Um then this is xrp the standard Productions which is parody he says oh Man that doesn't sound good it's a Gary Gensler fake tweet I can't wait to Terrorize the world with our special Announcement this afternoon and I said Hilarious and sad for this country at The same time I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that Gary Gensler is so sad for this country Remember Garrett gensler's already made

His money his job now is to keep you and Me from having too much money seems to Be working very hard out Thank you Foreign


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