?XRP Settlement/Judgement/Price Reaction?& Ripple IPO USA Or Offshore?

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor let's get going on to remind Everybody before I get going the The Ledger Stacks they're still doing the Pre-orders The link is in the very top of the Description and the um they're going to Be shipping these things in May 2023 I've already pre-ordered mine so uh you Can check that out if you want all right Uh this is a good point from Weezy I Want to make sure I bring to your Attention says I've been thinking if the Judge sends the case to the jury trial What would be a price reaction for xrp And how far I would assume that that Would be a negative uh price reaction Because that would mean more time you Know build up than oh no here's more Time but the reason I wanted to show you This is because everybody in my opinion Everybody needs to people there are About 20 I think there's like I think Jeremy Hogan said there's like 20 Something combinations of how this thing Could end some could be good some could Be bad this case could easily be Resolved and and it'd be perceived to be Bad and end up end up being good for xrp So but but everybody needs to be Prepared my experience in this space is

Anytime you're expecting something Really good A lot of times it ends up Really bad now a lot of people may not Be expecting good they may be expecting Bad I'm expecting a settlement because I Don't that we're ever going to see those Hinman documents till I see those Hinman Unredacted documents I'll still stick by Those guns now or until an attorney Tells me that settlement's not an option Anymore but I think it's an option for a Good pretty good ways down the road all Right so this came out today crypto Companies seeking to go public in the U.S are finding the SEC review process Increasingly lengthy sometimes anchored In close to 100 questions in other words Gary Gensler is trying to hold up Company companies from going public All right and I said our government Should be whining and dining companies Like Ripple to get them to stay in the United States and provide jobs and add To the economy instead Gary Gensler is Trying to run them offshore who does This guy really work for maybe someone Should ask George Soros who he met he's Met with multiple or talked to on his Calendar multiple times one of those Meetings he tried to hide Scrubbed it from his public calendar Speaking of Gary's public calendar I just happened to check today and his August calendar has now

Um come out we're still missing September 3 through Um December And nobody in Congress seems to be Asking him well the most interesting Thing in his calendar entry today is and You should know that Gary is he's making Sure that he's keeping up good relations With his communist Chinese counterparts Because here is his meeting on August 19th his phone call with the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission because Of course he needs good relations with Them he does not need to worry about the 75 000 Plus Xrp holders some of which are Americans Not all that John Deaton represents Because he's been hurting us for a Continuous over two years and doesn't Seem to be worried about us at all but He is having good relations with the Communist Chinese Hope that makes you feel good now this Is a video I think was played a while Back but it popped back up it was put Back out and it's worth you hearing Because a lot of you probably didn't Listen to this The size of your debt problem is so big That it can't be paid off and in fact Even inflation which is the usual way You would seek to default on your debt Slowly over time you can't get enough

Inflation generated then there is one Further option and that is you literally Abandon the entire system of money and Accounting and I know that sounds Unbelievably radical but we've seen it Happen before and I explained the Example of Britain in 1834 when they Abandoned the traditional system they'd Used for a thousand years at that time Which was called the tally stick systems Anyway bottom line was why would you Abandon a system that's worked perfectly Beautifully for a thousand years and the Answer is you had 200 years of war debts That have accumulated they were unable To get inflation up enough without Causing social unrest and so the Government said hey let's let's actually Take the tally sticks back and give People this great new innovation called Paper money in fact we're on the brink Of a similar step change and the way You'll do it is you're going to move to Electronic money in conjunction with the Blockchain blockchain is new Ledger and E-money is the new currency the question Is who's e-money there you go that is The question isn't it okay now there's Several uh videos that were going around This morning this one's from digital Perspectives that were interesting watch To the beginning of this now it's going On right now with our Federal Reserve Note

What is going on right now is that paper Is paper currency never works it always Crashes and we are just at the moment That we have the time To convert that to treasury dollars and This is exactly what Um what Ronald Reagan was trying to do When he did a study and he found out That a hundred percent of our income Taxes are leaving the country and going To the bankers Uh that's what John F Kennedy was doing And John F Kennedy um He had accessed the wealth of the world And the gold that we're supposed to have The Federal Reserve does not have the Gold that the United States is supposed To have backing its dollar that gold is There but it's not going to be backing The Federal Reserve Note and so we have Got to transition very quickly to the Real currency in the United States and Ronald Reagan printed that currency it's There waiting for us and we just simply Have to exchange it very simply and and We will not have any economic Dislocation otherwise you better believe This country is not going to have any More military might if we stay with the Federal Reserve Note we will have lost Our standing completely as it is right Now the Federal Reserve Note is no Longer what's called International Reserve currency that means that the

Countries are using other currency in Their International Trade the brics Countries Brazil Russia India China and South Africa that's 25 percent of trade They're not using the dollars with their Own trade and and 133 developing Countries that's the group of 77 They've announced that you can see where Everything's going now then there was uh This one though this guy right here That's this is the head of the bis which Is the Central Bank of central banks I I Want to say I've shown a video of this Guy before if I had to sum up what I Think this guy is it's one of those Three letter agencies that we don't talk About on this channel I think he's Probably involved with one of them watch This Banker's point of view about how to Move forward digital currency I have little doubt to be honest that These gentlemen's August institutions And the bank of banks will be in Business for hundreds of years to come The question is what form they will have In their uh years to come suddenly there Are um there is a lot of hype about how Much could be transformed I don't think As I mentioned at the end of my remarks That they're at the threshold of a big Revolution but it's going to be some Significant changes in the future and There are many positives I thinks to be Taken from what is happening with uh

Digital digitalization of currencies it Will bring more um you know activities Out of the Shadows into the formal part Of the financial system it will give People more access to the financial System and that I think is a really Important part if you think not just About financial markets but about the Economy as a whole one of the reasons Why especially in Emerging Markets but In many other countries we are seeing um Certain retrograde political forces Gaining power is because many people Don't feel connected to the economy and I think connection to the financial System is a very important part of it if You feel that the reforms in a country Are going to benefit the elite who are Connected and most of the others are Left out this is I think a very Important part of that connection Um so I think that is at some level Really transformative power in the new Technologies and our central banks adopt These Technologies but I worry also About potentially downplaying certain Aspects of what we are seeing in the World out there that I think the trusted I wanted to point out um I guess he's Professional professor of international Trade policy at Cornell That does not ex that does not uh Preclude the possibility That there's a three-letter agency

Involved there okay I wanted to show you This this now this has been shown before But it was I don't know why but it was Making its rounds again today and it's a Very interesting video I wanted to show You part of what this guy's saying hey Guys a lot of people are asking me the Question of what do I predict the price To be I'm going to tell you one thousand I'm going to tell you ten thousand we're Going to tell you five eight nine from The Simpsons Blackboard Boston right now I'm not going to say any of that what I'm just going to show you calculation Simple one using the xrpl that I showed You in the prior video So utilizing this here This value that I'm showing you here This is basically what is being burnt Off on the xrpl now per transaction so That is how much xrp is being burnt per Each one of these that is going through So We've got All these transactions going through And we and they're going through every 3.8 seconds so I mean I don't know how I'm just going through on each one of These without actually inspecting but The average transaction fee I wish is How much xrp is being burned is what I'm Interested in right as you can see it's Changing all the time so what I'm going To do is I'm going to take that value

And I'm going to enter into this so what I'm saying here is this is the current Xrp price this is the average Transaction price so I'm going to enter What I can see on my screen now which is 0.1 Apologies 0.00 5701 And as you can see it's giving me a Total cost per transaction Which is less Than one cent and this is how many Transactions I can do per xrp and this Is telling me how much xrp is if that Times that by that and that's how much You get as a price Now Let's predict Using the same logic Let's put the price of a transaction to One cent Not Xbox 17 pound 54. Let's put this down to 50 cents It's now with 877. now let's do the Ultimate one dollar It's now worth 1 716 enough there that's Pretty cool though Let me I'm trying to see these tabs Light's hitting me funny okay so this Was there's been a a lot of I guess You'd call it fighting going on over This flare thing this guy Oz crypto who You can give a follow he's at Oz crypto2

He's also got a YouTube channel he did a YouTube he did at least one YouTube Video on this I saw part of one of them But Oz crypto has it has uncovered it Looks like he's uncovered where the some Of these ftsos having to do with flair They they uh had looked like I think What he's saying is that they had done Some dumping of the flare before it came Out Um I'm not going to spend a lot of time On this I'm I'm watching it but I I Haven't really studied what's going on Here much but that's kind of that might Be kind of like today's project for me To start to start to understand what's What he's what's going on just wanted to Make you aware of it Um why do you think Brian Armstrong has Apparently he he used to have dot eth on The end of his screen name and he's Removed it which I find very interesting I would have removed it a long time ago Also we've got Um we've got this there's a chord action They're going after Um Uh they're seeing damages uh from the Bitcoin cashbacker Roger Vere related to Alleged failure to settle cryptocurrency Options transactions that expired on December 30th 2022 I think this has to Do with um FTX this guy says couldn't Have happened to a nicer guy I actually

Met Roger Veer when I was in Singapore And he was a very nice guy Um to me I don't know what they're Referring to there now this is from Library and Library their final hearing Is on the 30th open to the public if the It says if the SEC gets their way at This hearing the secondary sales user Sales of most cryptocurrencies would be Illegal so Show your support for those guys and Then right here you'll see I'm not going To play the video because I it will make Me want to throw up on my keyboard This is Gary Gensler he put this tweet Out I guess yesterday and he you can see The narrative that he's trying to create He's got he's created this term crypto Security tokens he's trying to throw Make all crypto security tokens Um and and put just lock them in with Fixed income and stocks and options and All the other stuff and this is all Power grab that's what it's always been And so we'll keep our eye on on all of That now Right here it says CZ binance that's the CEO of binance alleges that FTX paid News organizations 43 million for Publishing negative articles about Finance well I've been watching this since 2013 and And I we we have seen you talking about Paid advertising there has been a paid

Campaign from everywhere from Wall Street to Washington DC to New York you Name it They have it has been a paid campaign to For the public to hear nothing but Bitcoin ethereum Bitcoin ethereum and They also part of that was regulatory Capture against it against Ripple it's Very xrp and an attack every kind of Attack you can imagine from lawsuits to Pundits going on CNBC and talking down About xrp it has been a concerted effort We've watched it every step of the way And it's not just xrp it's also we've Seen them do it to cardano anything that They perceive as a threat to the Precious Bitcoin and ethereum These guys have it has been planned and Orchestrated from day one and I used to Just scratch my head about it now I know Better I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that it's been a Coordinated coordinated effort for years Thank you


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